Yutani Subway Surfers: Unlock The Gadget Master (5 Steps)

Yutani Subway Surfers is considered one of the main characters of the endless running game. The claim is proven with the SYBO TV’s animated series.

In this article, we are going to share with you full details of the character including unlock process, backstory, outfit choices, and many more things.

The craze of Subway Surfers’ characters increased immensely with the latest animated series episodes.

Everyone wants to know more about them. In your quest to know about Subway Surfers’ character Yutani, you can hover underneath and get to gather more details.

Who is Yutani Subway Surfers?

Yutani is a Subway Surfers character who loves to do new science projects. The tech genius girl is great at wild imagination.

Complex machines in her yard also describe what she truly is! The alien suits represent a girl from another world.

Her friends also believe in the same story. Yutani’s full name is Yutani Rodman. The family name is adapted from his foster father.

Yutani Subway Surfers

Out of 9 characters, Yutani is one who has counterpart characters. They are known as festive Yutani and Pride Yutani.

Besides, it is the first Subway Surfers character to wear a suit. Alien praiser and tech enthusiasts love the Yutani Subway Surfers character.

How To Unlock Yutani?

You will need a special token to unlock Yutani in Subway Surfers. She is one of the hardest characters to get a hand on.

You need to have at least 500 spaceship tokens for Yutani Subway Surfers. The following steps can assist you to unlock Yutani from the Subway Surfers store.

  1. Log in to your Subway Surfers account.
  2. Collect 500 spaceship tokens.
  3. Visit the Subway Surfers in-game store.
  4. Choose the character option and find Yutani.
  5. Unlock the character.

Subway Surfers Yutani Gadget Outfit

Yutani has two different outfit options. Once you get one by default and another one needs to be unlocked.

The gadget outfit needs 250 spaceships tokens to unlock. More about the outfit options of Yutani is shared underneath.

  • Default Outfit

The main character’s outfit comes in an alien suit. The green suit has two antennas at the top with four arms. The upper two arms are real and the other two are just part of the outfit.

  • Gadget Outfit

In the next outfit, Yutani reveals herself as a girl. She has short hair with a double bun hairstyle. Alongside a pink shirt and skirt, she has an overall colorful outfit. The gadget backpack shows two magnetic arms at the top.

Yutani’s Appearance On The Series

Subway Surfers animated series shows Yutani as a girl who does not know any hoverboard tricks. In her quest to learn hoverboarding, she developed the magnetic hoverboard of Subway Surfers.

She has personal bots who work at her command and She is planning to launch a satellite that will be able to manipulate the weather.

Yutani's Appearance

She just loves science and always live streams her work. Mully Rodman is shown as her adopted father in the animated series.

The outfit in the animated series looks a little different too. I will say not as tight as the gameplay.  Players were unaware of his gender and that was cleared on the TV series.

She has a crush on Jake according to the animated series but she is not dating him. She is one of the main characters of the Subway Surfers animated series.

The Backstory of Yutani

Yutani is a tech girl under the mask. With the gadget outfit, she revealed herself as a suntanned girl with two bunny hairstyles.

Her backstory often gets associated with Weyland-Yutani Corp from Alien VS Predators movies.  She is dating Bob The Blob.

Mully Rodman adopted her and she often referred him to the animated series episodes. She loves to discover new things and that is what defines her in the Subway Surfers gameplay.

Final Verdict

Yutani Subway Surfers feature an Alien theme character. Space and science lovers should check out this character.

The Tech enthusiast girl looks better with the gadget outfit. If you have spaceship tokens, you should definitely unlock it.

Let me know which character you want me to cover next. Our goal is to reduce your trouble with gameplay and assist you to make better scores.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Yutani a girl or a boy?

At first encounter, it is hard to recognize Yutani’s gender. The character hides behind a green suit. The animated series Subway Surfers revealed the gender of Yutani. She is a girl in the game.

How old is Yutani?

Yutani is one of the first characters of the Subway Surfers game. She was launched on 24th May 2012. After that, almost a decade passed. Based on the information, her game age is 10 years plus.

Who is Yutani dating on Subway Surfers?

Yutani has a clear crash on Jack as per the animated series. Both of them have a friendly relationship and she does not want to ruin that. She has a date and his name is Bob The Blob.

How do I unlock Yutani?

Just like any other character, Yutani follows the same unlocking process. Look for the appeared character list on the Subway Surfers store. Select Yutani and unlock it by spending 500 spaceship tokens.

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