Who is the red haired character in Subway Surfers?

The red-haired character in the popular mobile game Subway Surfers is named Bjarki. Bjarki is an Icelandic boy with bright red hair who serves as one of the main playable characters in Subway Surfers.

Bjarki’s Background

Some key facts about Bjarki:

  • Bjarki is from Iceland
  • He has bright red hair and freckles
  • His default outfit consists of:
    • Gray sweater
    • Brown pants
    • Pink boots
    • Purple and blue scarf
    • Red cap
  • He carries a sheep under his left arm
  • Bjarki was added to Subway Surfers in the Sydney update in March 2020

Bjarki’s red hair and Icelandic heritage make him stand out amongst the diverse cast of Subway Surfers characters. While little is known about his backstory, his fun-loving personality and stylish outfit have made him a quick fan favorite.

Bjarki’s Gameplay Role

As a playable character, Bjarki has the same abilities and gameplay as the other Subway Surfers characters. Players can select him before starting a run and then must tap/swipe to dodge obstacles and collect coins and powerups while escaping the Inspector and his dog.

Some key gameplay notes about selecting Bjarki:

  • Has no unique gameplay advantages/disadvantages compared to other characters
  • His red hair and sheep are very visually distinctive
  • His standard outfit is permanently locked – and cannot be changed
  • He can collect and use any powerups and hoverboards
  • Can be upgraded and leveled up over time to increase its multiplier

So in summary, choosing Bjarki does not affect Subway Surfers gameplay – he is just a cosmetic character choice. His unique design simply gives players a stylish new look as they take on high scores and challenges within the game.

Bjarki’s Popularity

Since his addition to the game in 2020, Bjarki has become one of the most popular and recognizable Subway Surfers characters. Here are some key reasons why fans love him:

  • His bright red hair makes him very visually distinctive
  • He’s the first character from Iceland, providing representation for this country
  • His default outfit has a cool, laidback aesthetic that fans enjoy
  • He fills a niche as the only character with a consistent animal companion (his sheep)
  • His name sounds cool and fits well with the other unusual character names

Bjarki has become particularly popular with:

  • Younger fans – his friendly design appeals to kids
  • Female fans – many find him cute or attractive
  • Icelandic fans – happy to have representation in the game

To quantify his popularity, Bjarki has been consistently ranking amongst the top 10-20 most-used Subway Surfers characters in recent years. This puts him in the upper echelon of fan favorites in the constantly growing character roster.

Why Bjarki Stands Out

What makes Bjarki unique compared to other Subway Surfers characters? Here are some of his standout qualities:

Visual Design

  • Bright red hair color
  • Casual cool outfit
  • Carries an adorable sheep


  • First Icelandic character
  • Increased diversity and representation


  • Cute, friendly, happy demeanor
  • Positive can-do attitude

Fan Reception

  • Very popular with younger players
  • Well-liked across multiple demographics
  • Provides an appealing alternative to more modern/hip character styles

In conclusion, with his distinctive look, Icelandic heritage, endearing sheep companion and ability to appeal to a wide spectrum of players, Bjarki has cemented himself as one of the standout stars in the ever-growing Subway Surfers universe.

Bjarki’s Default Outfit and Accessories

Here are more details about the specific components of Bjarki’s standard Subway Surfers outfit:


  • Gray sweater
  • Brown pants
  • Pink boots


  • Purple and blue striped scarf
  • Red cap
  • White sheep carried in the left arm

This casual but colorful outfit sums up Bjarki’s laidback free-spirited personality. The red cap mirrors his red hair, while the purple scarf adds some whimsical flair. And of course, his fluffy white sheep is the perfect cuddly companion!

Gray sweaterBaggy and comfortable looking sweater with a high collar
Brown pantsSimple brown pants that go down to his calves
Pink bootsBright pink mid-calf lace-up boots
Purple and blue scarfLong striped wool scarf in purple and light blue
Red capSimple red cap that matches his hair color
White sheepSmall fluffy white Icelandic sheep held under left arm

While this is Bjarki’s default permanent outfit, players can also dress him up in any of the unlockable outfits they collect within the game. But for many fans, his classic Icelandic casual-cool style can’t be beat!


In summary, Bjarki is the red-haired Icelandic boy character in Subway Surfers. Introduced in 2020, he quickly became a fan favorite due to his distinctive design, fun attitude, cute sheep companion, and distinction as the first playable Icelandic character.

His youthful funky visual aesthetic makes him stand out in the growing cast of diverse Surfers. Though he has no unique gameplay abilities, Bjarki’s popularity and cool charm solidify him as a defining character in the Subway Surfers universe. So for players looking for a stylish, laidback, and fun character to surf the subways you can’t go wrong with picking the lovable Icelandic dude Bjarki!

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