Who is the kid in Subway Surfers?

The main character that you play as in the popular mobile game Subway Surfers is a young boy named Jake. Jake is depicted as a rebellious teenager who enjoys painting graffiti and skateboarding around town.

Jake’s Appearance

Jake has a stylish and casual look fitting for a trendy skateboarder. Some of the key elements of Jake’s appearance include:

  • Light blue denim vest – This sleeveless denim vest is left open and worn over Jake’s other layers.
  • White hoodie – Jake wears an oversized white hoodie sweatshirt with the hood down.
  • Red t-shirt – Underneath his hoodie, Jake sports a bright red short sleeve t-shirt.
  • Red cap – Jake is always wearing his bright red cap turned backwards. His cap has the words “Sub Surf” on it in homage to the Subway Surfers game.
  • Green and red shoes – On his feet Jake wears chunky skater shoes in green and red shades.
  • Light blue jeans – Jake wears loose fitting light wash jeans.
  • Backpack – Jake wears a simple gray backpack to hold his skating gear.

So in summary, Jake rocks a casual mix of denim, hoodies, graphic tees, and skater shoes as he dashes around the city. His color palette sticks to primary colors like red, blue, white and green. This look matches Jake’s urban, hip hop inspired roots within the Subway Surfers world.

Jake’s Backstory

According to the backstory created for Subway Surfers, Jake is a teenage boy living in a fictional city modeled after New York City. Based on clues provided in the game, Jake seems to be depicted as around 15-17 years old. Some key facts about Jake’s narrative within Subway Surfers include:

  • He was raised by his mother who is an accordion player.
  • He loves to surf the trains, which refers to the rebellious act of jumping between the roofs of subway carriages as the train moves forward.
  • Jake has received in trouble in the past for graffitiing alongside his friends.
  • In the opening of Subway Surfers, Jake is caught spray painting graffiti on a metro train.
  • When a grouchy security inspector catches him in the act, Jake makes a run for it. This kicks off the events of the Subway Surfers game.
  • Jake dashes through the Subway to escape the inspector and his dog. He grabs coins, keys, and other powerups along the way.
  • As he runs, Jake uses his skateboard and parkour abilities to avoid oncoming trains and obstacles.

So in summary, Jake’s character is portrayed as a smart but rebellious teen who finds himself on an epic escape across the city after vandalizing metro property. His courage, quick reflexes, and skills make him well equipped for the escape adventure.

Jake’s Personality and Skills

Based on cutscenes and descriptions of Jake’s backstory, some key personality traits and skills emerge:

Personality Traits

  • Rebellious – Jake has a rebellious, punk attitude. He’s not afraid to break rules like illegally spray painting trains.
  • Cool – Jake is depicted as a cool teen with his iconic street style and skateboarder persona.
  • Courageous – It takes courage for Jake to attempt daring stunts like grinding trains and escaping the authorities.
  • Playful – Jake seems to have a playful spirit, seeing the city as his playground.
  • Artistic – Jake’s interest in graffiti and hip hop culture points to his artistic side.

Skills and Abilities

  • Skateboarding – Jake is an excellent skateboarder, able to grind rails and execute tricks.
  • Parkour – Jake can quickly navigate the city using his parkour skills to jump, roll, and flip off of obstacles.
  • Quick reflexes – Jake has lightning quick reflexes which helps him react instantly to oncoming trains and barriers.
  • Agility – His slim and agile physique helps Jake maneuver through tight spaces.
  • Speed – Jake can sprint incredibly fast in order to stay ahead of the inspector.
  • Graffiti art – Jake is talented at graffiti art, even if his works are illegal.

So Jake has the perfect mixture of rebelliousness, skills, and courage to make him well-suited as the Subway Surfers protagonist. His lively personality and flashy moves help bring excitement to the gameplay.

History and Creation

Subway Surfers launched in 2012 and was created by the Denmark based development studios Kiloo and SYBO Games. It became an immediate App Store hit, praised for its addictive gameplay and “endless runner” mechanics.

The creative team looked towards other titles in the genre like Temple Run for inspiration when designing the 3D environments and gameplay style. By collecting coins and avoiding hazards, players try to run as far as they can before crashing.

Early concept sketches and renderings reveal Jake was conceived as this hip, young graffiti artist to match the urban street vibe. His animations and poses were carefully designed to be energetic yet realistic during skating sequences.

Over the years, Subway Surfers has expanded with new characters and locations. But Jake remains the main playable protagonist for players to control in the core World Tour locations. His classic outfit is instantly recognizable by fans worldwide.

Voice Actors

Given that Subway Surfers has very limited dialogue, Jake does not have an official voice actor attributed to his character. The only verbal sounds Jake utters in the game are occasional grunts and yelling noises when he crashes or gets caught by the inspector.

For the Subway Surfers animated shorts and trailers which feature more voice acting, Jake is voiced by Antony Lund. Antony is a Canadian actor who has contributed voice work to various animated projects over the years.

So while Jake doesn’t have a major voice actor role, Antony Lund has helped fill in some of Jake’s character personality during web shorts and promotions for Subway Surfers. Jake’s voice fits his cool, teenage persona shown throughout the game.

Popularity and Impact

As the default playable character, Jake has grown extremely popular alongside Subway Surfers to become one of the most recognizable mobile game characters. Certain elements of his design feel nostalgic today, reminding fans of classic skater styles from the early 2000s.

Some signs of Jake’s popularity and cultural impact include:

  • Becoming the “face” of Subway Surfers, featured prominently on app icons and promotional art
  • His stylized outfits and skater persona inspiring real world clothing and costume ideas
  • Fan art and cosplay of Jake at gaming conventions and meetups
  • Appearing in various merchandise like toys, apparel, and accessories over the years

So while Subway Surfers includes many playable characters now, Jake remains its most iconic star. His daring stunts and playful attitude help make the game world feel more alive and rebellious.

Relationships with Other Characters

As the main protagonist of Subway Surfers, Jake interacts with various supporting characters throughout the game. Some of his key relationships include:

The Inspector

  • Jake is constantly on the run from the stubborn, authoritative Inspector and his police dog. This no nonsense cop remains determined to catch Jake and put a stop to his graffiti antics.

Jake’s Friends

  • Jake seems to have a loyal posse of friends, likely other artistic teens who enjoy graffiti art and skating. They sometimes appear in cutscenes, cheering Jake on.


  • Lucy is a teen computer whiz who gives Jake hoverboard upgrades and other technology to evade the inspector in style. She seems to be Jake’s closest ally.


  • Fresh is an emerging graffiti artist like Jake. The two are friendly rivals who encourage each other in the illegal art of subway tagging.

So while Jake is a bit of a rebellious loner, he still has a network of friends who support him on his endless escape as long as he provides them with free spray paint. Jake’s relationships add backstory and social connections to his illegal antics.


In summary, Jake is the quintessential Subway Surfers protagonist. His mix of skater punk attitude and agile athletic abilities make him the perfect character to dash through the treacherous subway lines evading the authorities.

Jake’s iconic streetwear style, energetic personality, graffiti artist backstory, and everlasting coolness have made him instantly recognizable and beloved to fans worldwide since Subway Surfers first launched. He will likely continue featuring as the franchise’s star as future updates roll out.

So whether he’s effortlessly jumping subway trains or narrowly missing the inspector’s grasping hands, Jake brings plenty of style, skills, and rebellious spirit to this legendary mobile game. Jake’s refused to be caught for over a decade now, and thanks to his growing fame, his epic escape adventures won’t be ending anytime soon.

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