Who is the best character in Subway Surfers?

Mina is the best character in Subway Surfers in 2023.

Subway Surfers is an extremely popular endless-running mobile game that was first released in 2012. Over the years, many colorful and unique characters have been introduced to keep the game exciting. With new characters being added all the time in 2023, there is an ongoing debate among fans about who the best Subway Surfers character is. After carefully considering all of the options, it’s clear that Mina stands out above the rest.

Who is Mina?

Mina was first added to Subway Surfers in 2020. She has a sporty and energetic personality reflected in her athletic outfit. Mina has quickly become a fan favorite for the following reasons:

Positive Attitude

Mina always has a big smile on her face when you play as her. She clearly loves life and brings an upbeat energy to the game. No matter how many times you crash, Mina keeps running with enthusiasm. Her positivity is infectious and makes the gameplay more fun.

Cool Hoverboard

Mina’s hoverboard has a sleek black and teal design with a wavy pattern. It’s one of the coolest-looking hoverboards in Subway Surfers and matches Mina’s sporty style. The smooth animations as she grinds and jumps make this hoverboard stylish in motion as well.

Unique Accessories

Accessories help characters stand out and Mina has some of the most distinctive ones. The blue cap she wears backward adds flair while her transparent teal necklace and bracelets complement her outfit. Small details like her double nose piercings give Mina a sense of youthful rebellion.

Why Mina is the Best Character

When comparing all the different Subway Surfers characters in 2023, Mina clearly stands out as the best for several reasons:


Some characters feel smoother and more responsive to control than others. Mina’s animations as she runs, jumps, rolls, and boards are extremely fluid. Her movements are fun and satisfying. This makes gameplay with Mina feel seamless.

Character Design

Mina’s sporty outfit reflects her energetic personality. The mix of casual athleticwear with stylish accessories demonstrates effortless cool. Her short blue hair and copper-brown skin tone give her a unique and memorable look.


Many Subway Surfers characters have backstories that are revealed through animated shorts. Mina shows her bold and adventurous spirit as she spray paints graffiti and evades security guards. This fun-loving rule breaker is a compelling character.


Looking at fan polls and discussions online, Mina is consistently ranked as a favorite character. Her exciting design and smooth animations have clearly resonated with the Subway Surfers community.

Unique Abilities

Some other characters like Dino and Yutani have supernatural abilities. While Mina doesn’t have powers, her impressive athletic skills like jumping, flipping, and grinding make her abilities stand out in their own right.

Other Top Characters

While Mina is the best, here are some other standout Subway Surfers characters in 2023:


This laidback surfer dude is iconic for the series. His surfboard hoverboard and chill personality make him fun to play.


With her alien pet Credy, Yutani brings unique sci-fi abilities like a jetpack and tractor beam.


As a rollerblading graffiti artist, Fresh has an eye-catching design and smooth animation.

Zombie Jake

The undead version of the main character Jake is a crazy addition, especially around Halloween.


With her infectious enthusiasm, awesome hoverboard, unique accessories, satisfying playability, memorable design, compelling backstory, and widespread popularity, Mina is undoubtedly the best Subway Surfers character in 2023. She exemplifies everything that makes this endless runner so enjoyable. Mina’s high energy athleticism combined with her cool style and rebellious spirit make her a standout. So next time you play Subway Surfers, be sure to choose Mina and have an awesome time surfing those subways.

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