Who is Pink in Subway Surfers?

Pink is one of the many colorful characters you can play as in the popular mobile game Subway Surfers. With her distinctive pink hair and punk rock style, Pink stands out among the diverse cast of Subway Surfers characters. But who exactly is Pink and what is her story?

An Overview of Pink

Pink is an African-Canadian girl with blue eyes and blonde hair with pink and cyan highlights. She has pink eyebrows, earrings, a skirt, cuffs, shoes, and a collar. Her outfit consists of:

  • A pink cropped top
  • A cyan sleeveless jacket
  • A pink and black checkerboard miniskirt
  • Pink socks
  • Black boots with pink laces

Some key facts about Pink:

  • Full Name: Penelope
  • Age: Believed to be in her late teens
  • Hometown: Toronto, Canada
  • Occupation: Subway Surfer

As a character, Pink has a stylish, punk rock-inspired look that makes her stand out among the diverse lineup of Subway Surfers characters. Her mix of blonde and neon pink hair gives her an edgy, rebellious vibe.

Pink’s Backstory

Not much is officially known about Pink’s background and how she became a subway surfer. However, some fans have theorized that:

  • She was a rebellious teen who often skipped school and snuck into the subway to hang out with friends.
  • She may have gotten caught doing graffiti in the subway once and had to make a daring escape, kickstarting her subway surfing adventures.
  • She enjoys the thrill and excitement of subway surfing and loves expressing her rebellious spirit through the illegal activity.

While these theories are unconfirmed, they help provide some possible context for Pink’s character and why she may have been drawn to surfing the subways. Her punk rock-inspired style suggests she has a bold, risk-taking personality and seeks adventure.

Pink’s Abilities and Gameplay

As a playable character in Subway Surfers, Pink has abilities similar to the other characters. Some key gameplay features when playing as Pink include:

  • Running – Pink can run, jump, roll, and grind along various terrains like trains, tracks, poles, rooftops, etc.
  • Dodging – She can dodge oncoming trains, barriers, tunnels and other obstacles.
  • Hoverboarding – She can ride a hoverboard for faster movement and to jump higher.
  • Power-ups – Pink can collect and use power-up items like coins, keys, super sneakers, score boosters, etc.

Pink has average running speed and maneuverability compared to other characters. She is a balanced option suitable for new players first learning the game. Her small size allows her to squeeze through narrow gaps between trains and other tight spaces.

Some players prefer Pink for her stylish punk look over maxing out high scores. She adds visual flair to the game.

Pink’s Importance to Subway Surfers

As one of the earliest playable characters in Subway Surfers, Pink has become an iconic part of the game’s identity. She has appeared in almost every iteration of the game across multiple platforms and updates over the years. Here are some key reasons why Pink remains a significant character:

  • Visual diversity – Pink’s bold hair and fashion help add more diverse representation to the cast.
  • Fan favorite – Many fans resonate with her punk, rebellious spirit and see her as a standout character.
  • Nostalgia appeal – Longtime players feel nostalgia when playing as Pink, one of the “classic” characters from early versions.
  • Defining style – Her neon pink hair has become a signature look closely associated with Subway Surfers.

While new characters are frequently added to Subway Surfers, Pink remains a constant presence. For many fans, Subway Surfers just wouldn’t feel complete without the chance to play as the pink-haired punk girl from Toronto.

Notable Appearances of Pink

Since first debuting in Subway Surfers in 2012, Pink has appeared in a number of notable game iterations and related media over the years:

  • Subway Surfers (mobile) – Pink appeared as one of the first 5 playable characters when the game launched on iOS and Android in 2012.
  • Subway Surfers (animation) – Pink appears as a main character in the Subway Surfers animated shorts from 2016-2017.
  • Subway Surfers World Tour – Pink is a playable character across all the real-world cities featured in the 2017 World Tour update.
  • Subway Surfers comics – Pink appears alongside other characters in the Mumbai-based digital comics launched in 2020.
  • Subway Surfers merch – Official Subway Surfers merchandise featuring Pink has included toys, apparel, accessories and more.
  • Collaborations – Pink has been included as a playable character in crossover events with brands like LINE Friends.

Part of Pink’s enduring appeal is due to her consistent presence across Subway Surfers adaptations and partnerships over the past decade.

What Sets Pink Apart?

While there are many playable characters to choose from in Subway Surfers, Pink stands out for a few key reasons:

  • Her rebellious punk style gives her attitude and edge lacking in some other characters.
  • Her neon hair and outfit makes her one of the most visually distinctive characters.
  • She provides some representation for subcultures like punk/alt scenes.
  • Her backstory as an underground graffiti artist is unique and intriguing.
  • Her classic status as an early character gives her nostalgic appeal.

For many players, Pink just has an undeniable cool factor and vibrancy that makes her a go-to character choice. Her sense of style aligns well with fans who appreciate punk rock culture.

Character Relationships

As a recurring character across Subway Surfers media, Pink has developed some notable relationships with other characters over the years:


  • Pink seems to have a mutual friendship and understanding with Frizzy, the guitar-playing busker. Both have alternative styles.
  • She gets along well with the streetwise Tricky and often tags along on his hi-jinks.
  • Pink is often seen chatting and laughing with Lucy, suggesting they share a close girl friendship.


  • There is something of a rivalry and clash of personalities between Pink and King. As an authority figure, he disapproves of her rebellious antics.

While not canon, these character dynamics help enrich the Subway Surfers world and give players a stronger sense of the characters’ personalities. Pink’s connections provide insights about her and her role among the crew.

Player Reception and Opinions of Pink

Fan reception of Pink has generally been very positive over the years. Here’s a quick overview of player opinions about her:

What players like:

  • Her unique style and visual design
  • Her rebellious/punk personality
  • Nostalgic association for longtime players
  • Cool trick animations while hoverboarding
  • Representation of alternative subcultures

What some players critique:

  • Her stats are average compared to newer characters
  • Some dislike her punk aesthetic and find her “trying too hard”
  • Her backstory is vague and lacks depth
  • She doesn’t add much new or innovative gameplay

Overall consensus:

  • A signature, classic Subway Surfers character
  • Her neon punk look is eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing
  • A good introductory character for new players

While tastes vary, Pink remains one of the most popular playable characters in Subway Surfers and a fan favorite for her iconic style.

The Future of Pink

As Subway Surfers continues to expand and evolve, what lies ahead for Pink?

  • More story and character development – The creators could flesh out her backstory more via animated shorts, comics, etc. Fans are eager to learn more about her origins.
  • Outfit variations – New costume versions like seasonally themed outfits help keep her look fresh while retaining her signature style.
  • Enhanced abilities – Upgrades like faster speed or higher jumps would improve her gameplay functionality.
  • Limited edition versions – Special collector’s edition Pinks, like “Neon Punk Pink” or “Graffiti Artist Pink” would have appeal.
  • Expanded brand collaborations – Potential partnerships with brands like Hot Topic align well with Pink’s pop/punk aesthetic.

After a decade as a Subway Surfers icon, Pink likely isn’t going anywhere. Her future looks bright and fans can expect to keep seeing her stylish visage tagging along on those daring subway runs for years to come.


With her standout neon hair, rebellious spirit, and punk rock vibe, Pink remains one of the most beloved playable characters in Subway Surfers a decade after first debuting. As an African-Canadian girl representing subcultures seldom featured in games, she adds diversity and flair to the lineup.

While details of her origins remain a mystery, fans have embraced Pink’s daring personality and iconic sense of style that shines through in the game. For many longtime players, Subway Surfers just wouldn’t feel right without the chance to grind some rails and outrun the inspectors as Pink.

Her future looks bright as Subway Surfers continues to evolve. One thing is certain – Pink will keep on rocking those colorful hairstyles and kicking up some attitude for many more years to come.

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