What is Bingo Blitz VIP?

Bingo Blitz is a popular online bingo game available on Facebook, iOS, Android, and Kindle. Bingo Blitz VIP is a premium membership that gives players access to exclusive features and benefits not available to regular players.

Benefits of Becoming a Bingo Blitz VIP

Here are some of the key benefits of upgrading to Bingo Blitz VIP status:

  • More bingo cards per game: VIP members get more bingo cards per game, which gives you better odds of winning.
  • VIP rooms: Exclusive VIP bingo rooms only accessible to VIP members with higher payouts.
  • No ads: VIP play is completely ad-free, so you can enjoy uninterrupted games.
  • Exclusive VIP challenges: Complete special challenges only for VIP members to earn extra coins and rewards.
  • VIP customer support: Get faster, priority access to customer support if you ever need help.
  • Special sales and promotions: Access members-only sales and prize promotions.
bingo blitz vip benefits

In summary, becoming a VIP gives you a better bingo-playing experience, more rewards, and exclusive status in the game.

What Are the Different VIP Levels?

There are a few different tiers of VIP status:

  • Bronze VIP – The starter VIP level that still includes basic benefits like some ad removal and a few extra cards per game. Easy to attain.
  • Silver VIP – Mid-tier VIP level that includes increased benefits over Bronze. More extra cards per game, full ad removal, silver-exclusive bingo rooms.
  • Gold VIP – The highest standard VIP level before invite-only tiers. Includes the most benefits and access to exclusive gold member areas. Highest coins and cards per game bonuses.
  • Platinum & Diamond VIPs – Special invite-only upper tiers for extremely active Bingo Blitz players. Includes even more exclusive bingo rooms, promotions, and prizes.

So in summary: Bronze < Silver < Gold < Platinum < Diamond, with increasing exclusivity and rewards at each tier.

How to Become a Bingo Blitz VIP Member

Becoming a VIP member is easy and straightforward. Here are the basic steps:

Purchase a VIP Subscription

  • Navigate to the VIP tab in the Bingo Blitz app
  • Review available VIP subscription offers
  • Select your desired subscription term
    • Options range from 1 month to 12 months
  • Complete purchase via credit card, PayPal, etc.

Once purchased, VIP status is enabled immediately and you unlock access to VIP features.

Earn VIP Status Through Gameplay

  • Reach certain gameplay point thresholds
    • Accumulate points through:
      • Playing bingo
      • Completing challenges
      • Inviting friends
      • Making purchases
  • Points thresholds for each status:
    • Bronze: 5,000 gameplay points
    • Silver: 20,000 gameplay points
    • Gold: 60,000 gameplay points
  • This route takes longer but allows you to earn VIP “for free”

Get Invited to Platinum or Diamond Tiers

  • Platinum and Diamond tiers are by-invite only
  • They recognize the most active high-spending players
  • Keep playing actively and purchasing coins packages to get noticed
  • If qualified, Bingo Blitz will send you a special invitation

Key Tips & Strategies for New Bingo Blitz VIPs

Here are some top tips to get the most out of your new VIP status:

  • Take advantage of extra cards – Having more cards per game significantly increases your odds, so maximize them!
  • Play during jackpots – Shoot for jackpot games to take advantage of boosted payouts.
  • Focus on completing challenges – Challenges earn you a ton of extra coins. VIPs get access to more challenges!
  • Check for VIP-only sales – Watch for special discounted coin bundles and bonuses exclusive to VIPs.
  • Use auto-daub features – Auto-daub every card to never miss a possible win!
  • Participate in leagues – Leagues have great rewards and prizes. VIPs have their own leagues!
  • Link your account to social media – Connecting Facebook nets you free coins from friends!

Put these tips into practice along with the extra VIP perks and features to get the best experience playing Bingo Blitz!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about Bingo Blitz’s VIP program:

Does it cost money to become a VIP?

  • Yes, gaining instant VIP access requires purchasing a VIP subscription
  • However, you can eventually earn a free Bronze or Silver VIP status slowly through gameplay alone

What is the cost of a VIP subscription?

  • Price depends on length of subscription term purchased:
    • 1 month – $4.99/month
    • 3 months – $9.99 ($3.33/month)
    • 6 months – $19.99 ($3.33/month)
    • 12 months – Best value at $29.99 ($2.50/month)

Can I lose my VIP status?

  • Yes, VIP status must be maintained to retain benefits
  • The purchased subscription VIP will expire at the end of the term
  • Earned VIP can drop if you fall below the gameplay points requirement
  • So keep playing actively or repurchase subscriptions to maintain perks

Do I keep my benefits if I cancel and resubscribe?

  • If your purchased VIP subscription expires, you lose access to benefits
  • If you resubscribe later, benefits will be reinstated where they left off
  • So while benefits pause during any unsubscribed periods, progress remains intact

Can I become a Platinum/Diamond VIP by purchasing it?

  • No, the Platinum and Diamond’s tiers are invite-only
  • There is no way to purchase access to these top elite tiers
  • You must be recognized by Bingo Blitz through continuous high-tier play and spending

So in summary, becoming a Bingo Blitz VIP delivers some great gameplay advantages and exclusive rewards! Check out the different subscription options in the app and start enjoying the perks today.

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