Three games that are dominating the eSports realm right now

We know our site loves Minecraft, Coin Master, and the beloved Subway Surfer, but sometimes, it’s worth taking a few minutes to check out the world of esports. Gaming on its own has become a phenomenon: from games on phones to PCs and tablets, no matter who or where you are, the gaming vortex is at your fingertips.

For entry-level gamers, we tend to opt for things like Subway Surfer, as it’s easy, suitable for a variety of ages, and the technology and story behind it make it a quick blast of fun. But, for the more advanced gamers, it may be better to dabble in games that offer a little bit more competition. Take the likes of ultimate battle arena games and mix those with high-quality visuals, headsets, and tournaments, and you have, in effect, the esports space down to a T. In 2022 alone, the global esports market had hit a phenomenal 1.38 billion dollars, which includes the games themselves, the tournaments, and the events. Talk about a pricy net worth!

But what is eSports?

Esports refers to international or regional video game events that either professionals or newbies partake in to win prizes. You can play individually, or in teams, and you then compete against others in the hopes of getting your slice of the prize pool – and it’s not just the gamers that have fun either! International and global events that take place are a fantastic way to enjoy gaming from the sidelines. Spectators tune in and watch their favorite players fight against one another for the title of the year – and this has created a vast online world of betting too. While you watch, you can increase your investment in the games by placing a bet on the best esports betting site, or you can simply bet against your friends about who will come out on top. The bets are great fun and the prizes can be huge, so if you’re interested in plunging into this space, let’s check out the list of our top three esports games that are worth the watch this year.

1) Fortnite

One of the newer games in the esports world, Fortnite has catapulted into one of the biggest financially profitable games for anyone who plays. Created in 2017 by Epic Games, Fortnite allows you to play either single-player or in a team, and it is a free multiplayer platform for battle royale tournaments. To play, you choose from a wide selection of exciting “skins,” your avatar, and fight against 100 other players on the Fortnite Map. The weapon selection is huge, with real-life objects available for in-game tactics, but it’s not just the gameplay that we love…

When it comes to winning big, Fortnite is your thing. The Fortnite World Cup is held every year, and the prize pools are always lavishly exciting. Just the 2019 championships saw a huge amount on offer, $33.6 million, to be shared amongst the finalists – so if you fancy yourself a Fortnite pro, then we’d recommend you join in and fight for the title. 

2) Counter-Strike

While we gamer geeks love our Counter Strike Global Offensive, 2023 saw the welcoming of CS:2. Though it had plenty of initial bugs to fix, the game is still flourishing in the esports market – and to be honest, it’s almost as good as the previous version. The game is a multiplayer battle arena, where you choose to either be a terrorist or counter-terrorist, and fight till the end. It’s pretty similar to most battle royale games, but the visuals on the new editions are at new levels.

There are exciting maps, new weapons, and plenty more choices of avatars to pick from. And when it comes to tournaments? The famous teams who are renowned for being CS:GO champions have seen millions of dollars, and CS2 teams are likely to enjoy the same.  The PGL major Stockholm 2021 gave $1 million to the team NAVI, who were the winners for that year. That was also the most-watched CS:GO tournament ever.

3) DOTA 2

Defense of the Ancients has stood the test of time, and has cemented itself as a trailblazer in the realm of esports. Created in 2013 by Valve, the game was originally a Warcraft subsidiary but ended up being a stand-alone. The real-time strategy game involves plenty of strategic gameplay, and there are constantly new tactics being created to keep the game extra fun! You choose your avatar and battle in a five vs five clash to defend your ancient, which is the team base.

The DOTA 2 tournaments are on a completely different level from the other two games mentioned above. Currently in the global esports tournament winning rankings, DOTA 2 sits in places 1 to 7, for the years of The International 2015 – 2022. The game is huge, and the winnings are even better. The international 2021 had a prize pool of over $40 million, and with esports on a definite rise, this sum is only going to get bigger!

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