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Welcome to the ultimate guide on Subway Surfers Zoe!

Zoe is one of the main characters in the popular mobile game Subway Surfers, and she plays an important role in the game’s story and gameplay. So if you are a Subway Surfers fan, You must be interested to know about her.

Well, In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about Zoe, including her backstory, abilities, and how to unlock her in the game. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran, this guide will provide you with valuable information on how to use Zoe to your advantage and achieve high scores in Subway Surfers.

So, let’s dive in and learn everything there is to know about this beloved character.

Who Is Subway Surfers Zoe?

In Subway Surfers, Zoe is one of the main characters that you can play. She is a teenage zombie girl who, despite her nonchalant look, is always up for a new challenge.

  • She is known for her pink and purple hair, as well as her trendy clothing and accessories.
  • Although she is a zombie, her fashion sense is pretty modern.

In the game, you will control Zoe as she runs on the subway tracks, dodging obstacles and collecting coins and power-ups.

As you progress through the game, you will also learn more about Zoe’s backstory and personality.

  • She is a dedicated surfer who loves the thrill of the ride and is always on the look for new adventures.
  • She is also a kind and loyal friend who is always there to help out her fellow Subway Surfers.

As you play as Zoe, you will be able to take advantage of her unique abilities and power-ups.

  • For example, she also has many special power-ups that allow her to run faster and jump higher, which can help to reach new high scores.

Overall, Zoe is a fun and exciting character to play in Subway Surfers. Although she’s a zombie and doesn’t have an exciting look on her face, with her unique abilities and style, she is sure to keep you entertained and challenged as you run through the subway tracks.

Subway Surfers Zoe

 Zoe’s Backstory In Subway Surfer

There’s nothing much known about the past life of Zoe in Subway Surfers. However, we know what she does now.

In Subway Surfers, you play as a zombie graffiti artist named Zoe. The game begins with you and your friends caught by the inspector and his dog while you were applying graffiti to a subway train. To escape, you must run along the tracks, dodging obstacles and collecting coins.

  • Zoe is a determined and adventurous zombie girl, who loves to express herself through street art.
  • She is a master of the spray can and always carries it with her.
  • Her favorite place to paint is the subway, where she can showcase her art to the whole city.

As you progress through the game, you’ll have the chance to unlock new characters, boards, and power-ups. Along the way, you’ll also encounter different environments, such as train yards, tunnels, and city streets.

Each environment presents its own unique challenges, but with Zoe’s skill and quick thinking, you’ll be able to overcome them all. As you collect coins, you can use them to purchase new items for Zoe.

  • Zoe is one of the unique characters in Subway Surfers, as she is the only female zombie featured in Subway Surfers.
  • Her character is not limited, unlike Zombie Jake.
  • An interesting fact is that one of her actions (visible on the “character selection page” in Subway Surfers) is a direct reference to the actions performed by the zombies in the well-known music video “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. Moreover, even her animation is called “Thriller” in Subway Surfers.
  • Among the female characters, she is the second on the list of most expensive characters to unlock in Subway Surfers, with Ella being the first.
  • As of the Monaco 2022 update, Zoe has a +3 Multiplier Bonus.
  • It’s worth noting that the first two letters of her name (“Z” and “O”) and the last letter of her name (the letter “E”) are from the word “Zombie”.

How To Unlock Zoe In Subway Surfers?

In-Game Purchases

You basically need to spend 120,000 coins in Subway Surfers to unlock Zoe. Plus, it’s also notable that Zoe is not a limited character. So you can unlock her anytime in any season of the Subway Surfers game.

You can Unlock her using the coins you earn while playing the game to purchase Zoe. To do this, you will need to

  • go to the in-game store
  • and select the “Characters” section.
  • Here you will find a list of all available characters, including Zoe. You can then use the coins you have earned to purchase her.

Special Events

You don’t need to participate in any special event to unlock Subway Surfers Zoe. As already mentioned above, Zoe is not a limited character in the Subway Surfers game. So you can unlock her just simply by spending coins in any season of the game.

However, you will get a +3 multiplier bonus with Zoe in Subway Surfers Monaco during the Multiplier Bonus event. So if you want to get some extra bonuses when unlocking Zoe, unlock her in Subway Surfers Monaco and get a +3 Multiplier Bonus.

Zoe’s Appearance

The default outfit appearance

  • The default of Zoe in Subway Surfers features her with choppy-looking, short purple-colored hair and purple-colored eyebrows.
  • She has a light-green-colored skin complexion and milky white-gray-colored eyes.
  • Her clothing includes a red checkered patterned shirt that is tied up above her waist.
  • She also puts on blue-colored shorts, black-colored leggings, and red-colored cowboy boots. Her entire attire is reminiscent of a cowgirl’s.

The Curly Outfit appearance

In the Rome edition of the game, Zoe received her first alternate outfit, the Curly Outfit, which costs 15 KEYS.

  • Her hair changes to a curly style, long patterned, and blonde-colored.
  • She dons a purple-colored headband, and her shirt becomes dark-purple-colored.
  • A nametag-like symbol is visible on the left breast of her shirt.
  • Starting from the New York 2015 edition, she wears red-colored lipstick in this outfit.

Subway Surfers Zoe Curly Outfit

The Biker outfit appearance

In the São Paulo edition of the game, she gets the Biker Outfit. This costs about 25 KEYS.

  • This new costume causes her clothes to change to black and more punk-like.
  • Additionally, she wears a black-colored full-head helmet with a purple-colored visor and a flame-like marking on both sides.

Subway Surfers Zoe Biker outfit

Zoe’s Role In Subway Surfers

Zoe as a Popular Character

  • Zoe is considered to be a popular character in Subway Surfers among players.
  • She is one of the main characters in the game and her unique abilities and style make her a fan favorite.
  • Additionally, her backstory and personality as a dedicated surfer who loves the thrill of the ride and are always looking for new adventures that make players connect with her.

Many players enjoy playing as her and unlocking her special abilities and power-ups. As a result, many players consider her as a valuable addition to the game.

Zoe’s Impact on Gameplay:

In Subway Surfers, each character has their own unique abilities and power-ups that can impact gameplay and so does Zoe.

  • Her abilities and power-ups can provide players with an extra edge and help them achieve higher scores.
  • For example, Zoe’s special hoverboard allows her to glide over obstacles and collect coins more easily. This can make it easier for players to navigate through the game and earn more points.
  • Her special power-up allows her to run faster and jump higher, which can help players reach new high scores and increase their chances of outrunning the inspector and his dog.

In addition to these abilities and power-ups, Zoe has her own unique style and personality, which can also impact your gameplay. You may enjoy playing as Zoe more because you connect with her personality or style.

Overall, Subway Surfers Zoe can have a significant impact on gameplay through their unique abilities and power-ups. She provides a different playing experience that is only unique to her.

Strategies To Level Up With Zoe

Strategies To Level Up With Zoe

A.Tips and Tricks for Using Zoe

Here are some tips and tricks for playing with Zoe in Subway Surfers:

  • If you’re playing as Zoe, use the special power-up that allows her to run faster and jump higher at the right moment to increase your chances of outrunning the inspector and his dog.
  • Try to collect as many coins as possible. Coins can be used to purchase new characters, boards, and power-ups in the game.
  • Look out for the daily challenges, they give you a chance to earn bonuses and keys.
  • Use the power-ups wisely, they can help you to go further in the game. For example, the coin magnet and multiplier power-ups can help you collect more coins and increase your score.
  • Try to jump, slide and dodge obstacles in a strategic way, it can help you to stay alive longer and increase your score.
  • Take advantage of the weekly events and tournaments, they give you an opportunity to earn special prizes and rewards.
  • Keep an eye out for the mystery boxes, they can contain valuable bonuses and power-ups that can help you in the game.

By following these tips and tricks, you will be able to play more effectively and efficiently with any character in Subway Surfers (including Zoe). And, these will also increase your chances of achieving high scores and unlocking new characters and power-ups

B.Benefits of Using Zoe

If Zoe is your favorite character in Subway Surfers, there are several benefits to playing with her:

  • Increased motivation: When you enjoy playing as Zoe, you may feel more motivated to play the game and keep trying to reach new high scores.
  • Familiarity: By playing with Zoe, you become familiar with her abilities and power-ups. This allows you to use her more effectively and efficiently while playing.
  • Personal connection: Playing with Zoe can create a personal connection with the game. It can make the experience more enjoyable and satisfying for you.
  • Style and personality: Zoe has a unique style and personality that you may enjoy. Playing as she may allow you to embody that style and personality in the game.
  • Better performances: When you feel comfortable and familiar with a character, you tend to perform better with them, as you are able to use their abilities and power-ups more effectively.
  • Achieving goals: Setting goals and working towards unlocking Zoe in the game can be a fun and rewarding experience.
  • Special events: Some events in the game may feature Zoe as the main character, this can make the event more enjoyable for you. And, it can also increase your chances of unlocking special rewards.

In essence, playing with Zoe in Subway Surfers can make the game more enjoyable, and satisfying, and increase your chances of achieving high scores by unlocking new characters and power-ups.

Zoe Role In Subway Surfers

Zoe’s Availability on Other Platforms

Availability of Subway Surfers on Mobile Devices

Zoe is available on mobile devices. Subway Surfers is a mobile game that is available for both iOS and Android devices. So, you can download the game from the App Store or Google Play Store and play as Zoe on your mobile devices.

The game is free to download and play, but it does include in-app purchases that allow you to purchase additional coins, keys, and characters. You can also purchase a Subway Surfers World Tour Pass on your mobile device, which gives you access to special events, bonuses, and rewards

Availability of Zoe on Different Platforms

You can play Subway Surfers on both iOS and Android devices as it’s primarily available as a mobile game.

However, you also have the option to play it on other platforms such as PC, tablets and laptops. To play the game on your PC, you can use an Android emulator, such as BlueStacks, Nox, or LDPlayer, which allows you to run mobile apps on your computer.

By using these emulators, you can mimic the functionality of an Android device on your computer, and play the game including characters like Zoe on your PC.

It’s important to note that the gameplay experience may differ from playing on a mobile device, as the touch controls are replaced with keyboard and mouse controls. But all the characters, abilities, and power-ups that are available in the mobile version should be available on the PC version as well.

In summary, while Zoe is primarily available on mobile devices, you can also play her on other platforms such as PC through an Android emulator.

Final Words

To conclude, you as a player can unlock and play as the popular and beloved character Subway Surfers Zoe anytime.

So, are you ready to take on the Subway Surfers with Zoe? Unlock her now and experience the thrill of gliding over obstacles and collecting coins with her unique abilities and power-ups.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to play as the adventurous and dedicated surfer, and see how her style and personality can enhance your gameplay experience. Download Subway Surfers now and start playing with Zoe!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zoe’s age in Subway Surfers?

It is not specified what Zoe’s age is in Subway Surfers, but she is depicted as a teenager. The game does not provide a specific age for any of its characters.

However, as a player, you can imagine that Zoe is a teenager. (She’s most likely to be an adult teenager because her appearance is highly reminiscent of a young adult).

What is Zoe’s height in Subway Surfers?

We can estimate that Zoe’s height in Subway Surfers is somewhere between 5’4″ to 5’9″ based on her character design and comparison to other characters in the game.

However, it should be noted that the game does not provide specific measurements for any of its characters and the height of the characters does not affect the gameplay in any way.

What is Zoe’s relationship status in Subway Surfers?

It is not specified what Zoe’s relationship status is in Subway Surfers. The game does not provide information about the characters’ personal lives or relationships.

But, we can safely estimate that she is single because we haven’t seen any character being shipped with her by the fans or the developers.

Is Zoe really a dead zombie in Subway Surfers?

In Subway Surfers, Zoe is depicted as a zombie, which means she is a reanimated corpse and is dead. However, it is important to note that this is just part of the fantasy and fiction of the game, and it should not be taken as a literal representation of real-life zombies.

Which country is Zoe from in Subway Surfers?

It is not specified which country Zoe is from in Subway Surfers. The game does not provide information about the characters’ origins or backgrounds.

But, since Zoe is not a limited character only available in the Subway Surfers world tour series, it is likely that she is from the same country as Jake is from, the United States.

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