Subway Surfers World Tour: All Fan Favorite List (Full Guide)

Subway Surfers World Tour gives you passes to run around the world on your favorite endless running game. The main heritage spot of a specific country is showcased in the game theme. The Subway Surfers World Tour Series has been progressing for many years.

The next World Tour event is going to happen in Greece. It will be launched in August and Sybo has already teased it on the official YouTube handle. More exclusive details about the running game World Tour are shared underneath.

Subway Surfers World Tour List 2023

In 2022, Subway Surfers visited 11 different cities. They have introduced new characters and outfits for them. Special hoverboards and upgrades are also in use. More about the list of in-game World Tours is shared underneath.

Subway Surfers World Tour

1. Cairo

Cairo was the first World Tour of 2022. It was launched on 10th January. Festive Frank comes with the Anubis Outfit. The Cairo girl Jasmine and Hasina was also introduced. Atomic Tile and Scarab hoverboard was in play.

2. Lunar New Year

Next in the line is the Lunar New Year World Tour. Tiger and Mala were the main characters and the red Lunar Outfit was showcased. A limited edition Lunar Tiger hoverboard was introduced with a cost margin of 300 keys.

3. Barcelona

Barcelona-themed Subway Surfers game World Tour Series dress Roberto in a Cules outfit. The character Charlie was first introduced in Barcelona.

Mosaic Stallion and Astronave hoverboard was in play. Astronave is the third new hoverboard of the year after Atomic Tile and Lunar Tiger.

4. Vancouver

We got the Subway Surfers Vancouver World Tour on March 14. New character Pink was introduced alongside Zayn wearing the Stealth outfit. Spring hoverboard justified the name well with its cherry blossom flower petals look.

5. Oxford

In April 2022, you get two new themes from Subway Surfers. The first one is the oxford theme with the character George and Rolls Rabbit hoverboard. Both character and hoverboard were relaunched on the running game.

6. Monaco

Monaco introduced the new character Dummy and the new hoverboard Crash Test. Roberto and Philip were also on display. No new outfit was introduced. Speeder resembles the Formula 1 look on the Subway Surfers hoverboard.

7. Copenhagen

Copenhagen World Tour took place on the 10th birthday of Subway Surfers. Character Super Runner Jack has been introduced alongside old characters Freya, Lana, and Trym.

Subway Surfers World Tour Copenhagen

A special 10th Birthday hoverboard was also introduced. This is the third time Subway Surfers celebrate their birthday with a new hoverboard.

8. Francisco

Two new characters were launched on the San Francisco – Pride and Miss Maia. The 143rd edition also debuts the Trickster hoverboard.

The update is openly supported LGBTQ+ with its rainbow tokens. No rectangular train was in play for the San Francisco theme.

9. Iceland

Subway Surfers planned to introduce a cold place update on the summer season. It was released in June 2022. Super Runner Fresh was the new character alongside a frosty outfit for Clementine.

The update did not want smooth because of bugs and that has delayed the release on iOS devices.

10. Subway City

Subway Surfers City update is based on their animated series. You will see a Burger King character on the theme which is a result of collaboration between the two brands.

Super Runner Yutani was another new character of Subway City. Sandwiches were the main tokens of the update.

11. Greece

Greece update is the latest and 146th edition of the game. This is the second time Greece introduction to the Subway Surfers game.

As with others, new characters Moira and Hooper outfit debut on the theme. The Skater hoverboard is the latest inclusion on the update.

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Some World Tour Special Mentions

I want to talk about some of my favorite Subway Surfers World Tour updates. They have something new which has inspired me to stay connected to the game for a longer period of time. I hope you will like them too.

1. Houston

Houston update marks the return of the limited character Alba in the game. The update comes in April 2021 with Saturns Season Hunt items.

Multiplier Bonus was first introduced with the remix World Tour series. Shuttle theme new hoverboard represents the space journey.

2. Paris

Paris update on the Subway Surfers game World Tour has been released six times. Character Coco has been reintroduced to the update again and again.

It also has brought new characters like Alexandre, Parkour Rin, Jester’s outfit, and others. Hoverboards called Paint Palette, Sweetheart, Stay Low, Speed Up and others were also new for the running game.

3. Beijing

Subway Surfers World Tour series Beijing brings a new outfit for Rin in the 2020 updates. Rin is the first character of Chinese origin.

New characters like Monkbot, Liu, Sun, and Ming were also issued for the first time. Aero, Panda, Dragon, and Scroll are some limited-edition hoverboards for the Beijing tour update.

Subway Surfers has been placed on the Beijing theme more than once.

4. Bangkok

Bangkok update has been on the running game many times. Jia, Noon, Siam outfit, Unicorn outfit, Lion, and Bubble Trail hoverboard surfaced with the new updates.

The last Bangkok update comes in April 2019 without any new characters, outfits, or hoverboards.

Subway Surfers World Tour Bangkok

5. Singapore

Singapore is known for its hospitality. The Maeko character takes on the Hostess outfit. It represents the warm hospitability of the country.

You need to spend real money to buy the character. The special update also launched a new Retro Wave hoverboard.

6. Atlanta

Atlanta update comes into play in the first month of 2019. Alicia was the new Latino character with golden headphones, necklaces, and shoes.

The hoverboard Scratchy comes in a black record design and ‘A’ is marked at the center.

7. London

Buddy’s limited edition character comes with the sunny outfit on the London update. It is based on the Summer season of the city.

Snowflake hoverboard was only 25,000 coins during the London update. Now, it cost around double the price.

Some Upcoming World Tour Update

Subway Surfers is yet to cover some major cities on the World Tour series. I am eagerly waiting for them just like you. Some of my desired ones are listed below alongside the fan-favorite for the upcoming updates on Subway Surfers.

  • Japan
  • Jakarta
  • Poland
  • Turkey
  • Delhi
  • Kyiv

Final Verdict

Subway Surfers World Tour comes with new characters and updates. It tries to connect gamers from all around the world. The World Series has kept the game fun and far from single-theme boredom, unlike other running games.

Don’t forget to share what is your favorite update on the Subway Surfers game. You can also mention which city themes are you waiting to see next.

Many more upcoming updates are on the line and we all are eagerly waiting for them. Stay with us for more updates shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Subway Surfers still on World Tour?

Yes. Subway Surfers World Tour started in the 2013 Edition with the New York update. It is almost a decade since the game and the World Tour continue to date.

In August 2022, the 146th update was launched on the Greece theme. There is no clear deadline for how long the World Tour Series will continue.

Do Subway Surfers support LGBT groups on World Tour?

San Francisco State was popular for its LGBT group support. Subway Surfers recently launched a San Francisco update and there they show their support for the LGTB group rights. The rainbow token was used in the event.

What was the first Subway Surfers World Tour?

Subway Surfers World Tour was based in New York City. Besides, it is also the first update to be placed in the USA.

One new character and a new hoverboard were introduced. The third limited character Tony was the new inclusion alongside the iconic statue of liberty printed hoverboard.

What was the first World Tour of Subway Surfers to be placed in Asia?

Subway Surfers World Tour Tokyo was the first update on Asia.

It was released on 19th May 2014. Edison’s character was introduced with the Urban outfit. The Banana hoverboard was also new and cost around 50,000 coins.

When was the character Koral introduced on Subway Surfers?

The Koral character was introduced in the Subway Surfers World Tour Mumbai edition.

You would need around 25000 Mumbai update tokens to unlock it. She has a mermaid tail and a colorful upper body. It is a fan-made character for the Indian edition.

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