Subway Surfers vs Temple Run: Which Is Better? (Experts Say)

Subway Surfers vs Temple Run both are endless running games. Each gameplay places an antagonist in the scene to make the game look realistic.

Temple Run tried to reduce the feature line gap with Subway Surfers by introducing Temple Run 2.

But we will only focus on the first version of Temple Run in this article. We will also talk about the new trend Minions-based running game.

After reading this article, you will have a clear view of the gameplay. Let’s hover underneath and get to know more.

[su_heading style=”modern-2-dark” size=”26″ align=”left”]Subway Surfers VS Temple Run VS Minion Rush  [/su_heading]

Despicable Me: Minions Rush, Subway Surfers and Temple Run all are endless running games with different themes and missions. We are going to find out which one provides the best gameplay. Slide down and get to know more.

Subway Surfers

  • Subway Surfers gives you different scenarios and hoverboard collections. The incoming trains are your obstacles and you need to avoid them by all means.
  • Choose your favorite character based on your preference and start collecting coins. You will follow a one-way path.
  • New themes often get introduced to the game with additional characters. It is a little more difficult to level up in comparison to Minions Rush. Jetpack, super jump shoe, and events are all fun elements in the game.

Subway Surfers vs Temple Run

You can explore more about the subway surfer game review in this article. Also, you will get tips and tricks on how to keep endless running in this game.

Temple Run

  • Temple Run was the first of its kind. You will get to run around a bunch of old buildings and monuments. Its graphic is more dramatic than the other two running games.
  • The characters also look more realistic. But there is a definite lacking of features and mission excitement. Even being the first of its kind, Temple Run falls short of its popularity.

temple run

Game Developer Release Date Offline Main Theme Main Character Main Villain
Subway Surfers Kiloo & SYBO 23 May 2012 Yes Dodge The Train Jake Bressler Grumpy Inspector
Temple Run Imangi Studios 4 August 2011 Yes Ancient Relic Average Explorer Demonic Monkey
Minion Rush Gameloft 10 June 2013 Yes Happy & Guru Minions & Guru Vector Perkins

Minion Rush

  • Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a game connected to the Minion movies. You will have different minions to select for your run.
  • Bananas will be collected instead of coins on the run. Different types of obstacles will try to stop you and your main goal here is to avoid them by all means.
  • Minion Rush is the latest release of the three and has a reverse run excitement. Rockets, powerups, and unicorn climbing are exceptional features of the gameplay.

In wrap-up, I want to say all of the three games are of the same kind. The difference is mainly in the theme and features.

Minion Rush

Some still like the old temple run and some try to stick with the newest running game available. Let us know what you would like to try in your leisure time.

[su_heading style=”modern-2-dark” size=”26″ align=”left”]What is better Temple Run or Subway Surfers?[/su_heading]

  • Subway Surfers vs Temple Run offers different kinds of chill for gamers. Temple Run seems to be better on graphics and Subway Surfers is smoother on control. Gyroscope is not used on Subway Surfers which makes it easier to play on.
  • If you love challenging missions and more features, then you should go with the Subway Surfers. It happens to create more engaging gameplay time.
  • Temple is more of a classic running game choice. They boss the vintage surrounding with a real-like soundtrack in the background.

Depending on players, Subway Surfers and Temple Run both can satisfy your lazy game time need.

[su_heading style=”modern-2-dark” size=”26″ align=”left”]Subway Surfers VS Temple Run Free Unblocked[/su_heading]

  • You can unblock most of the characters on Subway Surfers for free. You just need to spend coins, keys, and events coins that you earn through running.
  • Try to participate in as many events as possible. Keep on storing coins and keys as you progress on the gameplay.
  • Wait for the best deal and unlock the expensive characters at the right time. Temple Run is some sort of similar and free for all gamers.

Temple run gives you coins as a reward through which you can unlock powerups, utilities, and characters.

[su_heading style=”modern-2-dark” size=”26″ align=”left”]Subway Surfers VS Temple Run Highest Score[/su_heading]

Subway Surfers is played by millions of people every single day. Three billion people have already downloaded the game from app stores within a decade. The highest run of the game also touches a billion marks.

  • Harshal Gavali is known to have the highest score in the game. He has around 2,147,483,647 points.
  • The second top is almost 147 million short of him which is held by Karim Mayur. It seems like a hard task to beat the top score.

You need to play consistently and try to follow the best technique possible to get even close to the top run. If you are new to the Subway Surfers game, you can target the top 10% rather than going for the top.

Even with that score, you will be at a phenomenal level in the Subway Surfers game.

You should not compare Subway Surfers vs Temple Run’s high score. Temple Run is more open to earning points.

  • The highest score on the game is around 9, 223, 372, 036 billion-plus.

It is the highest score that a Temple Run board can record. The leaderboard can’t count further from here. The player might have cheated to reach the top but we will never know.

[su_heading style=”modern-2-dark” size=”26″ align=”left”]Subway Surfers VS Temple Run In Real Life[/su_heading]

There is a story that says Subway Surfers is developed in memory of a lost child. A boy was playing around the train tracks and an accident takes him away from the Earth. The father of that kid developed the game in the memory of his child.

I have done some fact check and find no connection to the story with the Subway Surfers game. The same tagline is true for the Temple Run game.

Subway Surfers vs Temple Run in real life has no existence. You can play them anytime on your smart devices. But I can’t say what metaverse is going to bring in the future.

[su_heading style=”modern-2-dark” size=”26″ align=”left”]Final Verdict[/su_heading]

Subway Surfers vs Temple Run gameplay does not require much of a skillset or experience to enjoy. Just try to avoid the incoming obstacles and keep on earning points. Both the games are identical but have a totally different storyline.

The difference is also clearly visible in the surroundings and controls. Temple Run is more of an adventure while Subway Surfers is a police case. Pick the most appealing running game for you. Be with us for more updates shortly.

[su_heading style=”modern-2-dark” size=”26″ align=”left”]Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)[/su_heading]

Is Temple Run Copy Of Subway Surfers?

None of them is a copy of each other.

Subway Surfers was released after Temple Run. They are game of the same genre but has different storyline, characters, and graphic in play. Temple Run 2 is recently released with more features.

Why is Subway Surfers more popular than Temple Run?

Temple Run has very less features in comparison to Subway Surfers. The urban look of the Subway Surfers game seems eye-catching.

Kids love the graphic and simple control system. These things make Subway Surfers more popular than Temple Run.

Why is Subway Surfers more engaging?

Players find both Subway Surfers and Temple Run engaging. You might spend hours on the running games and lose the track of time.

But Subway Surfers is truly more smooth and more futuristic in gameplay. That might make you think of Subway Surfers as a more engaging option.

Are Subway Surfers addictive?

Subway Surfers can be addictive.

Subway Surfers has better features and urban graphics than Temple Run. You will have more control on hand as it does not use a gyroscope.

Once you start playing the game, it will gradually increase the pace of the run and make the game more challenging.

Does Subway Surfer ever end?

No one has reached the end of Subway Surfers. The game keeps on expanding. An inspector will chase you with his dog and your job here is to run away from him. Dough the trains and keep on collecting coins on your endless run.

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