Subway Surfers Tricky: Uncovering Her Relationship With Jake

Tricky is the second most important character in the Subway Surfers game. So, you have to know about Tricky in order to have fun in the Subway Surfers game.

In short, Tricky, in the Subway Surfers game, seems to be an energetic teenage female who wears glasses, tank tops, and jeans. She also has blonde colored hair that is styled in a “pigtail” manner.

Are you interested to know more about her? Head down below, where we have prepared a detailed guide on this character. 

Subway Surfers Tricky Outfit And Appearance

Tricky wears glasses, a white colored tank top, Becky’s jeans of blue color, and a belt of black color. She also has blonde colored hair that is styled in a “pigtail” manner. Plus, her eyes are green, and her shoes resemble shoes of Jake (she has green and white colored sneakers). 


There are multiple variants of the character “Tricky”, such as Elf Tricky, Festive Tricky, Pride Tricky, or Super Runner Tricky. These variants have different outfits than the default character.

Generally, Tricky also has two special outfits: A heart outfit and Camo Outfit. Let’s get to know how she looks in the outfits below.

Tricky in Heart outfit:

Tricky does not have any glasses in her Heart outfit, but she wears earrings of turquoise color. She’s also seen to be wearing a cap and a white colored crop top that has a “heart” logo on it.


In this outfit, her trouser has a different color: it’s purple. She also dons bracelets on her wrists. Unlike before, Tricky this time wears purple lipstick.

  • This outfit costs 150 Hats to be unlocked

Tricky in Camo outfit:

The distinctive feature of her Camo outfit is that she wears dark color shades. Plus, she also wears a pale brown colored crop top and camo trousers. She also wears white sneakers in this outfit, and her beanie is of a darker shade in this outfit.

  • This outfit costs 300 Hats to be unlocked. 


Subway Surfers Tricky Counterparts

The character Tricky in the Subway surfer game has many counterparts:

  • Elf Tricky
  • Festive Tricky
  • Pride Tricky
  • Super Runner Tricky

Now, let’s get to know in detail about these counterparts below.

Subway Surfers Elf Tricky:

Subway Surfers Elf Tricky is a special edition of the character Tricky that is available in Subway Surfers Holiday Edition. You can unlock this character for 95,000 gold coins. As this is a limited character, it’s not always available in all editions of the Subway Surfers game.

Elf Tricky is always available in Christmas editions of the Subway Surfers game. This character has the appearance of an elf, and she also dons a Santa Claus hat. 


She still has her original shoes and glasses in this character’s outfit. However, she wears red and white colored striped leggings, which are very different from her usual outfit. 

Elf Tricky has two outfits; an Ice outfit and a Candy outfit. In the Ice outfit, she is seen to be wearing a turquoise-colored Elf suit along with a hood, blue-colored shorts, and blue sneakers.

In the Candy outfit, Elf Tricky wears red gloves and a pink crown. Plus, she also has a Christmas cane on the top portion of the crown. 

Subway Surfers Festive Tricky:

Festive Tricky is a limited-time female character that is mainly available in Subway Surfers St. Petersburg. You can unlock her by spending 60 Keys.


This character has the same appearance as the usual character Tricky, but she wears a red colored tank top that has long sleeves. 

She also wears a black colored belt and red colored Becky jeans. On her feet, she has red and green-colored sneakers. 

Subway Surfers Pride Tricky:

Pride Tricky is also a very limited character. You can unlock her by spending 15,000 purple Event Coins. She’s exclusively available in the Subway Surfers Chang’an edition. 


Pride Tricky has the same appearance as the usual character “Tricky”. But, she has a pink colored beanie and a purple colored cropped tank. She also has rainbow-colored baggy jeans, along with green-colored shoes.

Subway Surfers Super Runner Tricky:

Super Runner Tricky is a super exclusive counterpart of the character “Tricky“, that is especially available in Subway Surfers San Francisco. In order to unlock this character, you have to complete all five levels of the Super Runners Stages.

This character does not have any unlockable additional outfits. However, her outfit is drastically different than the usual Tricky. 


This character wears golden-colored earrings along with a black colored face mask. She also has golden-colored spikes on her shoulders that are connected to each other by a golden chain.

She dons a white colored shirt with grey-colored-sleeved gloves. And she also wears a very special-looking Golden colored belt with an aqua-blue colored gem in it. 

Moreover, she has black pants and rocket boots that are of sky blue and metallic grey colored mash. The most unique feature of this character is that she emits aqua and yellow-colored smoke from high rocket boots. 

Her hairstyle is also extremely unique; she has a sporty hairstyle. Her hairstyle is somewhat similar to a “side part shaved haircut”. 

Subway Surfers Tricky: Key Information

You will have to spend 3 Hats to unlock Tricky. Tricky is always available in all Subway Surfers versions.

  • She was first introduced to this game in May 2012
  • Her real name is likely to be “Beatrice Fairchild” and her parents are named Robert Gideon and Mrs. Fairchild.
  • She, along with Jake, was the first character available in the Subway Surfers game
  • She and Jake were also the first ones to get extra outfits.
  • Tricky always appears on the loading screen of the Subway Surfers game along with Jake
  • Other than Jake, Tricky is the cheapest character that can be unlocked in the Subway Surfers game. You can practically unlock her by playing the game for one or two hours.
  • We know, from the animated series of the Subway Surfers game, that she is from a very wealthy family. However, she acts like a street kid and lives her life by her own rules.
  • It’s notable that she is the first female character in the Subway Surfers game.
  • Tricky has many counterpart characters such as Festive Tricky, Pride Tricky, Super Runner Tricky, Elf Tricky, etc.

Subway Surfers Tricky And Jake Relationship

In the Subway Surfers game, the relationship between Tricky and Jake is somewhat unknown. The developers of the game have not yet revealed what exactly are these two to each other. 

However, it’s certain that they’re really good friends.

Since the release of the game in 2012, these two characters have been together in every adventure and mission. So, we can conclude that they are really good friends in real life.

Subway Surfers Tricky And Jake Relationship

It’s unclear whether there is chemistry between them or not. But, we can surely hope that there is. Why? Well, it’s because there’s a lot of similarity between Jake and Tricky. 

For instance, both of these characters are daring, adventurous, cool and funny.

Plus, if you look at their appearances, both of them give off a funky vibe. Moreover, their shoes look exactly the same as well. So, it’s safe to say that these two are in a good friendship. Hopefully, it can someday turn into a relationship.

Subway Surfers Tricky Age

Like all other characters in the Subway Surfers game, the age of Tricky is not revealed to the fans. The developers of the game have not disclosed the real age of this character (or any other character for that matter).

Now, does this mean we cannot estimate how old Tricky is? Of course not. 

From her appearance and outlook, we can estimate that Tricky is a teenager. And, she is likely to be a legal adult as well. So, we can guess that her age is around 18 to 19.

Subway Surfers Tricky And Zoe’s Relationship 

Zoe, in Subway Surfers, is a female character that has a zombie-like appearance. She has purple-colored hair and purple-colored eyebrows. She also wears a red checkered shirt that is tied up right above her waistline. 

Plus, she also dons blue jeans shorts with black colored leggings. She additionally wears cowboy boots of red color that give her the attire of cowgirl.

Now, what’s her relationship with Tricky? Well, Zoe and Zombie Jake are the only two characters in the Subway Surfers game that are actual zombies. That’s why the fans of this game mistakenly think that Zoe is the zombie version of Tricky.

Subway Surfers Tricky And Zoe Relationship

But, in reality, Zoe and Tricky are different characters. Therefore, there’s no relationship between Zoe and Tricky whatsoever. 

While Tricky is a very cheap character that can be unlocked with 3 Hats, Zoe is a very expensive one. You would need to spend 1,20,000 gold coins to unlock this character. 

Moreover, she has two additional outfits (Biker outfit and Curly outfit). These additional outfits cost 25 keys and 15 keys respectively.

Subway Surfers Tricky Unlimited Coins

Some players are interested in downloading a Subway Surfers Mod APK, which lets them enjoy unlimited coins, keys, etc. 

However, not all mod versions of the Subway Surfers have all the characters in the game unlocked. So, the players often can’t play with Tricky in some mod versions.

Therefore, people look for Subway Surfers mod with unlimited coins that has the Tricky character unlocked.

Lucky for you, we have provided a download link to the Subway Surfers Mod APK that lets you have unlimited coins, and it also has the character Tricky unlocked. 

Not only that, all the characters are unlocked in the mod we have mentioned below.

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Consequently, your browser will start the download of the mod APK of the Subway Surfers that have all the characters unlocked (including Tricky).

Now, do you want to know how to manually download the Subway Surfers Mod APK that has the characters Tricky unlocked? 

Follow the steps below:

  • 1. Simply navigate to on your browser and initiate a search with the following term “Subway Surfers mod APK all characters unlocked”.
  • 2. In the search results, Google will offer you many download links for downloading the mod APK of the Subway Surfers game.
  • 3. So, navigate through the links Google provides in the search result. 

Eventually, you’ll be able to download the Subway Surfers Mod APK with unlimited coins and the character Tricky unlocked.

Subway Surfers Tricky And Frizzy Relationship

Ella (previously known as Frizzy) is a female character in the Subway Surfers game. Her relationship with Tricky is nothing special. Both of them are good friends and they have the same energetic vibe.

Ella and Tricky are two female characters that female fans love very much. Therefore, people sometimes assume that there is a special bond between the character Tricky and Ella (AKA Frizzy). 

Subway Surfers Tricky And Frizzy Relationship

However, Ella and Tricky are only good friends and they have no other relationships whatsoever. 

Now, are you curious to know why the name Frizzy was changed to Ella?

Well, the character Ella has curly-styled hair. On the other hand, the meaning of the word “Frizzy” in English is ‘curly or crimped”. 

So, the developers of the Subway Surfers game thought that it was not good manners to name a character based on her hair characteristics. 

Therefore, they changed her name from Frizzy to Ella.

Final Takeaway

Tricky is a cute and cool female character in the Subway Surfers game. Those who play with this character get an energetic vibe of a girl who is independent, optimistic, bright and daring.

So, Tricky doesn’t only encourage the female fans of the Subway Surfers game, but she’s also a role model for other fans as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At this point, let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Subway Surfers Tricky.

Does Tricky belong to the LGBTQ community?

The character Tricky is a straight character. However, her counterpart Pride Tricky is a person who belongs to the LGBTQ community.

Is Tricky Jake’s girlfriend?

It’s not confirmed whether Tricky and Jake are in a relationship. What we know is that there are very good friends. So, we cannot say for sure that Tricky is Jake’s girlfriend.

How tall is Tricky in Subway Surfers?

Like any other character in the subway surfers game, the physical specifications of Tricky are also not revealed. However, from her physical appearance of Tricky, we can assume that she has a moderate height. So, her height might be anything between 5’3″ to 5’8″.

Will there be any more counterparts of Tricky in Subway Surfers?

The character Tricky already has many counterparts such as Super Runner Tricky, Festive Tricky, Pride Tricky and Elf Tricky. Therefore, we can assume that more counterparts of this character will be released in the future. 

What is the body weight of Tricky in Subway Surfers?

The body weight of Tricky in the Subway Surfers is not known. However, from the physical appearance, we can see Tricky is a very slim and fit character. So, it’s safe to assume that she has a moderate weight (anything between 110lb to 150lb).

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