The 12 Untold Subway Surfers Tricks To Get (High Score)

Subway Surfers tricks state for a simple way to improve your gameplay. The running game is created with thousands of written codes. Bugs and glitches are pretty common on them. It allows you to figure out new tricks out of the book.

In this article, I am going to share some exciting Subway Surfers tips and tricks with you. You can use them and make the endless running game more fun for you. Let’s check underneath and get introduced to some new in-game tricks.

Subway Surfers Tips and Tricks To Set The High Score

No one can be found in the game arena who plays subway surfers does not want to level up their score. It’s a dream for every player to stay high on the leaderboard like me.

Now it’s time to do this remarkable score. Just do the all tricks mentioned here then you will see your progress in-game.

1. Upgrade the power-up items

Power Ups will always be the key to achieving what you desire from the endless running game. Five main power-ups are upgradeable and can be used accordingly.

Coins are needed for the upgrade and the price increase gradually. Power Ups that you can upgrade are:

  • Hoverboard
  • Jetpack
  • Super Sneaker
  • Coin Magnet
  • 2x Multiplier

2. Use your headstarts and score boosters

Score boosters multiply the player’s score by 5,6, or 7. It depends on the number of score boosters you can use. A player can take 3 score boosters at max.

A 2x multiplier is also a kind of score booster power-up for your need. You can only use them for a specific period of time. So, you need to be wise before you go for the score booster’s uses.

subway surfers boosters

On the other hand, Headstart makes you invisible in the game. You will fly through all the troubles without any hassle for a few seconds.

You can use them at the very beginning of the game or when you are facing a tough collision run all around.

3. Build Up Your Multiplier 

A multiplier will make your initial score multiplied by a huge number. At max, Subway Surfers allow a 104x multiplier on the game.

Combine power-ups like 2x Multiplier and Score Booster. It will make your score jump higher which you might have never achieved before.

4. Use two fingers to move

Using two fingers might seem silly at the first hit. You can easily play the game with one hand without any hassle. But if you want to improve your Subway Surfers gameplay then two-finger movements will be the key.

You will have a wider reach on the game and get better control of your run.

two fingers to move

5. Master the jump cancellation trick 

Jump cancellation is an important Subway Surfers trick to use in the gameplay. You might be in mid-air and suddenly see something valuable on the ground.

The trick is to swipe down and abort the jump early. It will help you to collect more valuable in-game items even when you are on the air.

6. Use The Best Move Combination

Playing combinations is part of the Subway Surfers’ tricks. You need to find the best gaming combination for improving gameplay.

It will always come in handy when you go for the tough runs. Some of the best move combinations for Subway Surfers are shared below.

  • Launch to the right on-air = Jump + Right/ Right + Right
  • Launch to the left on air = Jump + Left/ Left + Left
  • Cancel Jump and roll = Jump + Roll
  • Cancel Roll and Jump = Roll + Jump

7. Be Active On Action 

There is no time to relax on the Subway Surfers game. You always need to stay on swiping right and left. When you are on the jump, keep your eye forward for any coming obstacles.

Roll down quickly through the roll under obstacles. Besides, practice as often as you can and set a new record in your name.

8. Learn About The Powerup 

There are lots of power-ups in the game. Each one of them states different powers and abilities. Some of the power-ups like Coin Magnet, 2x Multiplier, Super Sneaker, and jetpack can be upgraded further.

Subway Surfers Power Ups

Learn when to use them and give you a better chance to make a big score. Let’s see when you should use them the most.

  • Coin Magnet: When there is an abundant supply of coins in your surrounding.
  • 2x Multiplier: When you have a higher score booster on use.
  • Pogo Stick and Super Sneaker: When you need to collect coins in the sky or want to get out of trouble.
  • Jetpack: When there is nothing much to collect from the ground and you want to zoom into the sky.
  • Hoverboard: When you need some extra protection on the run.
  • Headstart: When you need a good start from the very beginning of the game.

9. Know About All the Hoverboards 

Hoverboards give you stable power to run with protection for 30 seconds. Besides, you should also know about your boards as they come with additional abilities.

There are different boards with special powers. Some of them are mentioned underneath.

  • Bouncer = Add on Super Sneaker power-ups ability.
  • Lowrider = No need to roll under when in use.
  • Skull Fire = It will give you speed up and double jump power at the same time.
  • Teleporter = You can zap sideways and avoid all coming obstacles.
  • Windglider = It will glide you smoothly in the mid-air.

There are lots of boards with two powers. Some of them also have unique back trail power. It looks cool and gives you satisfaction on the run. Always check for available power-ups on hoverboards before you go for the deal.

10. Get The Coin Magnet 

Magnet power-ups give you some relief from the coin chase. You can now activate the magnet and attract all the surrounding coins without any hassle.

Subway Surfers Coins

Subway Surfers tricks are meant to fill up your in-game treasury. Grab the coin magnet power-ups and collect as many coins as you want.

11. Buy Characters from Past Events 

Subway Surfers’ tricks aim to give you a better deal. It will help you to save your in-game currency and use them for other needs.

Characters from past events always come in a discount price range. You should never buy Subway Surfers characters on the first day of launch. Wait for the best deal to be revealed.

12. Keep a cool head 

You need to make lots of instant decisions when playing the Subway Surfers game. The endless running game will bring in lots of close calls.

You always need to keep a cool head and try to focus on the game. Don’t take any unnecessary pressure. Go with the flow.

What Powerup Should You Use The Most?

Different power-ups can be used on Subway Surfers. Each one of them holds a special function for the characters. You should know the right time to use them.

Wasting power-ups will always be bad for your gameplay in the long run. Try to stick with the Subway Surfers tricks for power-ups.

Coin magnet and Jetpack are known to be great at the early stage of the game. 2x Multiplier is great when you need to make a big score. Super Sneakers and Pogo sticks can give you protection from the obstacles at the bottom.

Subway Surfers Tricks For Beginners

Subway Surfers’ tricks can be very useful for beginners. It is important for you to know the inside mechanism of the game.

By using these tips and tricks, you can pretty easily advance to the next level in your endless running game. This section will showcase some beginner-level tips and strategies for you.

1. Increase In-game Knowledge

You need to have a clear view of what every part of the game is used for. They should be automatically recorded on your mind so that you can execute them easily when needed.

Subway Surfers Tricks

Let’s get introduced to some main assets of the endless running game.

  • Character and Outfit: New characters are often introduced on Subway Surfers. You can style them with many different outfits as per your taste.
  • Coins: The main digital currency of the game and are shared in bulk numbers. You can use them to upgrade and buy new items.
  • Keys: Keys are the second Subway Surfers’ currency. They are used just like coins.
  • Boosters: They add new powers to your boards and other items. You can use them to extend your character run.
  • Hoverboards: Subway Surfers boards give you protection for 30 seconds and also can upgrade for additional time adjustment.
  • Jetpack: You can use it to fly in the sky and collect coins that were out of your reach.
  • Super Sneakers: It allows you to jump higher than usual. You can easily pass above the obstacles with it.
  • Coin Magnet: The Subway Surfers power activation will attract all the coins toward you. You don’t need to change lanes to collect coins anymore.

Subway Surfers regularly add new features and disable older ones. Try to keep updated about them.

2. Complete Missions

You will always have new missions to complete on Subway Surfers. Completing a mission will always give you additional rewards.

Subway Surfers Missions

You can use them to unlock new items for you. A few examples of Subway Surfers’ mission are shared below.

  • Collect 100 coins in a single run.
  • Use Super Sneaker on the run.
  • Dodge 15 obstacles in a single run

3. Participate in the Season Hunt

Subway Surfers tricks should always assist you to gather more in-game resources. In that sense, Season Hunt is the best opportunity for you.

The New World Tour event brings a new season hunt tier for you. You can complete each tier and get access to plenty of resources like keys, coins, power-ups, and more.

Subway Surfers Season Hunt

4. Stay on the High Ground

Try to stay at the top of the trains. It will keep you away from traps and give you access to an abundant supply of coins and keys.

Subway Surfers train

Use the Super Sneaker and take yourself up to the ground. Crashes often happen when you are on the low grounds.

5. Don’t Waste Your Coins

Collect as many coins as you can. They are the main assets in the Subway Surfers game. Never miss a coin when you are at a run.

Subway Surfers Coins

At least you should try. Don’t spend your coins on useless purchases. Try to calculate the benefit of each deal.

6. Upgrade the items

Getting new items from the Subway Surfers store is fun. But a better game trick is to upgrade your existing inventory.

Collect more coins and keys to upgrade your hoverboards. It will give you some extra survival protection on the endless run.

7. Collect More Free Stuff 

Lots of free stuff is distributed every single day on the endless running game. You need to check your daily missions and play to complete them.

Regular players will always get additional rewards in the game. Redeem them within the given time period. One of the major earning sources on Subway Surfers is watching advertisements.

You can earn more by watching the advert and they are all free of cost.

8. Save Your Keys

Coins are the major currency in the Subway Surfers game. But you will also need keys to unlock boards and characters. Most often upgrades require keys to complete. Never waste your keys and store them for the best deal.

9. Set Your Preferred Items 

You should not go for all the characters and hoverboards in the game. It will just be a waste of your coins and keys.

Select some of the characters and hoverboards for your gameplay based on their abilities. Keep on saving in-game currency and wait for the best deal.

10. Keep collecting coins

Coins are the most essential currencies in the Subway Surfers game. The best way to collect them is from the game. Besides, you can also collect them by completing missions.

Subway Surfers Coins

Check your mission bar every single day and keep on collecting coins. Coin Magnet

will also be great for the coin collection task.

Other Miscellaneous Tips

  • Complete the missions.
  • Go big on the season hunt.
  • Invest in the best hoverboards and characters.
  • Focus forward not on the lanes.
  • Always try to redeem daily rewards as quickly as you can.
  • Practice as often as you can.

Subway Surfers Jackpot Tricks

There is a pretty easy way to win a jackpot on Subway Surfers. You will get them on Mystery Boxes and Super Mystery Boxes.

This Subway surfer tricks moreover the same with a slight twist on the tail. Let’s check out the trick underneath.

  • Collect mystery boxes from the run and get hit by an obstacle.
  • Buy two more mystery boxes from the store. (1000 coins)
  • Open the collected mystery box.
  • After that, open one mystery box that you have purchased.
  • Open another mystery box and there is a huge chance for you to win a jackpot.

Subway Surfers Tips and Tricks APK

There is plenty of Subway Surfers tips and tricks app available on third-party sites. You can download them to try out new strategies to improve your gameplay. But most of them are faulty and do not bring much of a benefit to you.

Try to stick with trusted sites. Join Reddit groups related to Subway Surfers and that can help you immensely on your quest.

Some apk also offers free coins and keys in return. But using the wrong Subway Surfers hack version can get you banned.

How To Win at Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers is a never-ending game. None has seen the end of the gameplay. So what you called a winning run, depends on you.

But you can follow some useful Subway Surfers tips and tricks to improve your gameplay. Some of them are pointed down below.

  • Try to run at the top of the train.
  • Upgrade your hoverboards to the max level.
  • Use the score multiplier and take your score higher.
  • Keep keys on storage and save yourself when you get hit by an object.
  • Practice as much as you can.

Subway Surfers Tricks and Glitches

Subway Surfers glitches can give you extra advantages in the game. You can use them to make something special out of the book. But they are not always applicable and you should test them at your own risk.

  • Backward Run

It is rather a funny Subway Surfers tricks and glitches. You need to have a Headstart to do the trick. Die on the run before the game start.

Activate the Headstart right after your game character’s death. You might fly at the backward run.

  • Jetpack Jump

Take a jetpack and make a high jump. Right when the jetpack is out of fuel, swipe upward. The glitch will take you to mid-air and allow you to jump higher. You might also end up on top of a train.

  • Jetpack act like a Hoverboard

It is a crazy glitch that I have recently encountered. Run with a hoverboard and at the last second activate the jetpack.

It is the toughest part and needs a few tries before you get the actual shoot. On perfect execution of the trick, the jetpack will play the role of a hoverboard for you.

Subway Surfers Tricks For No Coin Challenge

Basically, you are adding an extra obstacle to the Subway Surfers with No Coin Challenge. Not only the trains, and divider obstacles but also the coins are now an obstacle for you.

You need to avoid them by all means to win the challenge. It is a tough and trendy challenge for Subway Surfers. A hoverboard is the main tool for this challenge.

Jump and stay away from all the coins and keys. It is your habit to collect coins in the game so that is also a major issue to take on.

Subway Surfers Coin Tricks

The Subway Surfers Mod app will be the best choice for you when you want unlimited coins in your inventory. The trick here is to download the Mod version of Subway Surfers and connect it to your account.

You might need to go through human verification task. In addition to coins, it will also give you an abundant collection of characters and keys.

All the main paid features of Subway Surfers will now be at your play. But stay cautious about the type of MOD version you are using.

How To Get Really Good at Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers is a time-eater running game. The popular game is played by millions of players all around the world.

How To Get Really Good at Subway Surfers

Are you looking to improve your gameplay? If the answer is affirmative then you should try out Subway Surfers tricks shared below and be good at the fast run.

  • Complete daily challenges first and get some easy rewards.
  • You can get Super Mystery Boxes for free if you play for five days consecutively.
  • Focus on increasing your multiplier before using them. (at least 30x)
  • Stay passionate and play the game as much as you can.

Subway Surfers Tricks XP

You can take advantage of Subway Surfers glitches and make your XP unlimited. But they only work one time out of ten attempts for most gamers.

You can also use the MOD version of Subway Surfers and make it possible. They will beat all the records and fill your XP with the max number.

But they are not officially recommended. The best way will be to use a multiplier like 30x and get plenty of XP for your need. You can collect different multipliers on the game when on the run.

Final Verdict

Subway Surfers tricks act as an easy method to advance on the endless running game. You will never get any certified Subway Surfers tips and tricks online.

Subway Surfers developers consistently search for bugs and solve them. Always try to keep updated on new tricks on Subway Surfers.

Do you know any Subway Surfers game tricks that are not shared here? Share them here and become a true companion of the gaming society.

I would love see get some feedback from you. Also never hesitate to ask for more details on any specific topic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you hack Subway Surfers?

There are plenty of hack Subway Surfers versions. The mod version will give you an unlimited supply of coins and keys.

You can use any boards and characters you like. The Subway Surfers Mod version work just like the real Subway Surfers gameplay.

Is Subway Surfers online?

You can play Subway Surfer online without any internet. But the gameplay data will not be recorded on the leaderboard.

Besides, online browsers can also be used for Subway Surfers gameplay. You don’t need to download the app for that.

How do you jump higher in Subway Surfers?

Hoverboards come with many additional benefits. Super jump is one of them. You can use them to jump higher than usual. Some boards are equipped with the ability and some need an upgrade to unlock the super jump feature.

How do you use a headstart in Subway Surfers?

There is a tap where your headstart is stored during the run. You can tap the headstart feature and start them anytime you want. It is one of the few features of the game that you can use right at the start of the gameplay.

What does the blue booster in Subway Surfers do?

Blue Booster in Subway Surfers is also known as the Score Booster. Mainly it is a multiplier that turned blue when you activate it.

It will multiply the main game score for you and allow you to create a higher number on the leaderboard.

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