Subway Surfers Review – Tips on Keeping Endless Running!!

Subway Surfers is a popular ‘run out the guard’ game. Even if you haven’t played it, you might have heard of it. People of all ages find the game attractive for their leisure time.

The never-ending running game keeps you engaged with character upgrades and new activities from time to time. The storyline of the game gives you a thrill in the gameplay.

Are you willing to play the game but don’t have a proper guideline? Well, you are in the right place then. I am going to discuss the right gameplay method, main features, drawbacks, and more in this Subway Surfers review.

You will see improvement in your gameplay after reading this article. Hover underneath and get to know what you are here for!

When Was Subway Surfer Released?

Subway Surfers is going to be a decade-old game after a few days. It was first officially launched on 20 September 2012.

The game was designed by SYBO and Kiloo takes care of the rest. The game followed the market after Temple Run’s success.

Subway Surfers Review

They had to face a lot of criticism for this. Subway Surfers game was successful to place a mark on the Temple Run kingdom of that time.

It has been dominating the arcade game industry since then. It remains the most downloaded game from 2017 to 2019.

Temple Run started to lose its popularity because of its dull graphics and lack of innovation. Subway Surfers has perfectly fulfilled the gap and made it one of the most downloaded games in the world.

About Subway Surfer

Subway Surfers is a fun endless running game. You need to run from the authority and gain more rewards. Fast gameplay and deep focus are required to level up on the game. Subway surfer gameplay details are presented in the table down below:

Name Subway Surfers
Released 20 September 2012
Latest Version 2.37.0
Genre Arcade
Created By Kiloo & SYBO
Age Limit 9+
Downloads 2.7 Billion +
Download Size 124 MB
Required Android 5.0 and above, iOS 8 or above
Review Star 4.4

Main Features Of Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers’ online game review will not be completed without discussing its main feature line. After reading the feature line of the game, you will get to know why the game is so popular among general gamers. Let’s get down for more details.

◼ Simple Control System

Subway Surfer often gets compared with Temple Run. But it is different when it comes to the control system of the game.

In Temple Run, a gyroscope has been taken into use for running movement. It makes it harder for the user to control it.

Subway Surfer team decided against gyroscope and gives players more control over the play. You just need to swipe in four directions and that’s all for the gameplay control.

◼ Cool Visual

Subway Surfer game has HD graphic themes for the one-direction game. It is developed on the Unity 3D game engine for a real-like experience.

You will first get the classic theme view on most Subway versions. In 2017, a new remix Hawaii theme was launched.

Miami, Mexico, Saint Petersburg, Venice Beach, Mumbai, Berlin, Hong Kong, and other themes follow along the way.

◼ Free Play

Subway Surfers does not ask for any fee to play the game. You can unlock most of the characters just by playing and collecting keys.

In-game coins will be taken into use for your progress and will not ask for any additional fee. Besides, you can also play the classic endless running game offline.

◼ New Mission and Reward

Subway Surfer gives you mission challenges to complete for rewards. Click on the top left corner of the game lobby and check your missions.

Features Of Subway Surfers

Every single player has different mission challenges. As you progress in the game, you will have a more attractive mission and rewards to complete.

◼ Real Life Subway Character Merchandise

Subway has an animated series recently launched. You will get to know the storyline of the game on the animated series.

Popular character merchandise is sold on their official website. It will allow you to connect more with your in-game character and have a deep view during the gaming hour.

◼ Global and Friend Leaderboard

Subway Surfers allow you to connect your Facebook account and play with your friends. The leaderboard will show the progress of each individual player.

Friend leaderboard will show your position among your friends. The global leaderboard covers the whole gaming community and shows your position.

◼ Game Event Fun

Subway Surfers event comes with many rewards for the participants. Weekend Fun, Weekend Champion, and Sales are some of the common events.

You will collect more with less effort on these events. Seasonal hunt was my favorite as it comes with rewards like limited characters, hoverboards, keys, mystery boxes, and more.

New events often get introduced with new themes and replace the old ones.

How To Play Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers is a user-friendly running game. You can compare it with Temple Run but with a better gameplay experience.

Subway Surfers team has decided against using gyroscope and makes it a more fun game to play. Your start with a character named Jake. A guard will follow you and you will try to stay ahead of him.

Barriers, bushes, lamp posts, large garbage bins, station lanes, pillars, and walls will act as obstacles to stop you. You need to dodge them and keep running.

Hitting any obstacle will slow you down and the guard will be caught you. You can still stay in a run after hitting an obstacle if you have keys. You will find them while you are running alongside the coins and words.

The gameplay has a simple swipe character control. You will swipe right or left to shift the lane. Swipe down to slide and swept up to jump the obstacles.

The character will gradually gain speed as you continue running. You can get hoverboard ride protection on the way. The game will continue in this fashion as long as you are not hit by an obstacle.

Different Characters in Subway Surfers

I played the game for a long time before I sit to write the subway surfers review. There are lots of diversified characters in the gameplay.

Each one of them looks different with its own benefits and stats level. You need to spend keys and money to unlock new characters. They are categorized into many different sections.

By gender, you can divide Subway Surfers characters into 4 different names –male, female, non-binary and unknown gender.

Each character can be unlocked with different items. You can use tokens, coins, keys, special methods, and even money as per required.

You will get the default Subway character without spending a single key. They will come with the game for free. It will be your free guy to run for you.

You can also call them the main character of the game. You will start with Jake with two different clothing options. As you continue playing the game, Tricky, Fresh, Spike, and Yutani will be unlocked.

You might also ask to give a premium fee for a few limited edition characters. 15 of my favorite Subway Surfers characters are pointed below:

  • Mina
  • Jake
  • Frank
  • Jia
  • Harumi
  • Tasha
  • Rex
  • Jenny
  • Rosa
  • Marco
  • Sofia
  • Brody
  • Salma
  • Tony

Subway Surfers Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Subway Surfers is a game that can take the stress out of the mind. It is more fun when you set a high score and beat your friends. A few tips and tricks for Subway Surfers can help to improve your gameplay. Some of them are shared underneath.

1. Stay above the Ground

Chances of your survival on the run increase when you are above the train. Trains keep on coming from three lanes back and forth. Get at the top of the train and try to dodge the train hit.

Use jumping tricks from one train to another and save you from the speedy train.

2. Speed Coin For Booster

You are hit by an obstacle and slowed down. The guard is very close to you. What are you going to do in this circumstance? Try the booster that you collect along the way.

It will speed up your run and save you from the guard. The booster time period can be extended using stored coins on your wallet.

3. Use Both Hands

Most of the players use a single hand for the swipe control. I also used to follow the trend. Later on, I start to use both hands and encounter a huge difference in my performance.

Try to place each hand on use. The left will take care of the left and upward swipe, and the right hand will attend to the right and downward swipe.

4. Hoverboards Protection

You are on a hoverboard and hit by an obstacle, the board will break but the run will continue. Keep the hoverboard on charge whenever you get a chance.

Subway Surfers hoverboard feature is a way to prolong your run. Whenever you find yourself trapped and going to be hit by a train, immediately use the hoverboard. It will save you from the crash and keep you in the game.

5. Use Keys On Important Run

You will collect keys on your way just like coins and boosters. Besides reviving a character, keys are also used on unlocking new rewards and more.

It is the best practice to avoid using them in the short run. Consecutive use of the keys will increase the spending and leave you with no option on the important run like beating the highest score.

Drawback On Subway Surfer Gameplay

I am not going to discuss only the positive things in Subway Surfers’ review. The classic running game has some serious drawbacks that you should know.

It will give you a clear picture of what the game is all about and what you can expect from it.

1. Boredom Gameplay

Subway Surfer is often considered an engaging game for gamers. But continues running for the same story is not a cup of tea for all.

Different Characters in Subway Surfers

I have gathered some Subway Surfers reviews on a bad note and most of them mark the storyline as boring. But most gamers express different opinions on the term.

2. Glitches and Bugs

Subway Surfer has lots of glitches and bugs to talk about. Most of them do not affect the game much and bring a smile to your face.

High jump with Jetpack, flying backward, and jetpack acting as hoverboard are some of the common glitches. My personal favorite is the infinite jetpack bug. Click headstart when you get hit by a train and see the magic.

3. In-game Ads

There are pop-up ads on the Subway Surfers game. You will see them pretty often and that creates a bad gaming impression.

Ads in my game stopped once I buy the double coin bonus. You can also try out some tricks to avoid in-game Subway Surfers ads.

Subway Surfers Parent Review

Subway Surfers is a non-violence and easy-to-play game for kids. It offers parental control features for children’s use. Kids above nine should be allowed to play the game.

I picked the age of 9 because kids below that should not be allowed to use even smartphones. It might distract them from real-life learning and also damage their eyesight.

Subway Surfers has removed in-game ads which are targeting kids. Besides, guardians can also secure in-app purchases and avoid any unwanted purchases by password protection.

The best practice here is to play with your kids and talk about the pop-up ads when it shows up. Let them know it is just a fun game and has no real-life implications.

Tail End

Subway Surfers can change your annoying time into a pleasant one. The game has something special that attracts people all over the world. The simplicity of the game interface often gets praised by regular gamers.

I hope the Subway Surfers review has helped you to know more about the arcade game. You can find more gaming information in our other articles. I invite you to check them out too. Thank you for being with us till the very last line.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Subway Surfers safe for kids?

Subway Surfer game’s simple design makes it a perfect choice for kids. The parent control function allows you to secure your kid’s in-app purchase and ad target. Kids above 9 can play the game under the surveillance of their parents.

Do Subway Surfers ever end?

No one has reached the end of the Subway Surfers. The game continues on a never-ending path. Doge the obstacle and keep on running.

The endless running trails are not meant to be completed. I have seen players with 2 billion points and yet to reach the end.

Is there Subway Surfer For PC?

Subway Surfers need an android emulator to run on PC. You can install the BlueStacks emulator and run it on your Windows or Mac PCs. The arcade game will deliver an immersive gaming experience just like your smartphone.

Who is Mike in Subway Surfers?

Mike is a male character that can be unlocked with 95k coins. The limited edition characters have additional Howl and Jogger outfits which need 30 keys each to unlock. It was first introduced in the Transylvania edition.

Who is the most expensive character in Subway Surfers?

Prince K is the most expensive character in Subway Surfers. The Arabian descent character has light dark skin with colorful outfits.

You will need around 980,000 coins to unlock the standard character. It was introduced a few months after the game launch.

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