Subway Surfers Power-Ups: How To Upgrade (Complete Guide)

Subway Surfers power-ups are certain in-game abilities. It gives you different power during the run. Some of them will make you jump higher while some will help you to double your score.

During the gameplay, they will be distributed on different train lanes. Go through the lane where they are distributed and collect them on your inventory.

Some of them can also be purchased from the in-game store. You also need them to complete certain missions. More about them is shared underneath.

What Are The Power-Ups of Subway Surfers?

Power-ups in Subway Surfers are special abilities for the in-game characters. This power can be used to extend your run on the game.

Subway Surfers Season Hunt

Every power work in its special way. It makes the game more fun and glamorous for gamers. Some of the Subway Surfers power-ups can be upgraded up to 6 scales for increasing certain abilities.

More about them is shared underneath.

1. Hoverboard (upgradable)

Each hoverboard comes with a unique design and a different cost margin. You will need in-game coins, keys, or tokens to purchase them. Their function is to keep you alive for around 30 seconds until you get hit by an obstacle.

Subway Surfers Boards

Some of them also bring in additional power-ups with them. You can add extra survival times for hoverboards by upgrading them. Coins are needed in order to achieve higher survival protection on a hoverboard.

2. Super Mysterizer (not upgradable)

Subway Surfers has new events every single day. Mystery Sunday is one of them and there you can get the Super Mysterizer.

The power-up is entirely different from any other abilities in the endless running game.  Originally, they do not possess any special power but rather than works as a power transformation feature.

You will have four transformation options with the Super Mysterizer – Hoverboard, Double Coins, +10 Multiplier, and Double Jump. It first appeared at the New York world tour event in 2014.

3. Super Sneakers (upgradable)

Super Sneakers’ power-ups function is to give you super jump ability. You can wear them and jump higher than normal.

It will assist you to collect more coins in the air and also make it easier for you to dodge the rolling obstacles.

Besides, the coin and keys under the shoe will also get caught. The shoe sole acts like a magnet here. You can combine the power of Jetpack and Super Sneaker and double all the coins that you collect during that period.

It is believed to be a glitch in the game. You can also use it as a bouncer board by combining Super sneakers and hoverboards together. A small tip never jumps with Super Sneaker power-up when running near the bridge.

4. Pogo Stick (Not Upgradable)

Pogo Stick is also called the Power Jumper. It is one of the four power-ups in the game which can’t be upgraded. You can easily match it with the Super Sneaker.

Both of the power-ups allow you to make a higher jump. But Pogo Stick can jump higher than the Super Sneaker powers.

You can lend on a train top or rooftop after the jump. Unlike Jetpack, you can swipe down anytime and collects rewards at the bottom. It is fun to jump and dodge the coming obstacles.

5. Mystery Box (not upgradable)

Subway Surfers Mystery Box is different from the rest of the power-ups. They have no special power but rather hold special prizes for the characters.

You can collect them while on the run or buy them from the shop by spending 500 coins.

There are also a few other forms of Mystery Boxes like the Super Mystery Box, Mini Mystery Box, and the Token Box. Super mystery Boxes can only be collected during special events and can’t be purchased from the shop.

6. Score Booster (not upgradable)

Score Booster is directly connected with the Mystery Boxes and Super Mystery Boxes power-ups. Luckily gamers can get Score boosters from these boxes.

The Subway Surfers power-up was first introduced during the Rio World Tour Event.  You can combine 3 score boosters and 2x multiplier to 104x your score at max.

If you plan to make a better score in the game, you need to use the score booster and 2X multiplier together. It can also be purchased for 3000 coins from the in-game shop.

7. Headstart (not upgradable)

The former Mega Headstart has been renamed as the Headstart power-ups. You can make a better start with this special Subway Surfers power-up.

It can be collected from the store for 2000 coins. Get a better start on the endless run.

Mystery Boxes, Super Mystery Boxes, Weekly Hunt, and Season Hunt also bring in an abundant collection of Headstart on the endless running game. A single headstart can be used 3 times since the Cairo World Tour event.

8. Jetpack (Upgradable)

Jetpack is one of the coolest Subway Surfers power-ups in the game. It leaves behind a red and green trail when in use. The power-ups are meant to give you an immunity flight and make you invisible in the sky.

You can’t collect coins at the bottom when you are using Jetpack. Besides, hoverboards and jumping abilities also get deactivated.

Try to use a score multiplier before you activate the jetpack. It will increase the multiplier for a temporary period of time.

9. Coin Magnet (Upgradable)

Coin Magnet power-up makes justice to its name. It functions like a magnet for the coins and attracts every coin around without any afford.

You can use the Coin Magnet Power-Ups to collect more coins while running through an abundant supply of coins.

It will assist you to collect more coins and increase your inventory. You need to have coin magnet power-ups in order to make a big score.

You can only collect them when you are on the run. No mystery boxes will reward you with coin magnet power-ups.

10. 2x Multiplier (Upgradable)

Power Ups are essential to make a big run on the game. A 2x multiplier can double your existing multiplier and make you go big on the scoreboard.

You can obtain them during the endless run. Break your old record and make a new one.   You might see some difference with the name when on the tracks.

It uses the x2 sign on the game run rather than the 2x sign. You can associate the power-up with other multipliers and achieve a decent score in no time.

There are plenty of power-ups that get added to the game in every single event update and some are also removed from the list.

How Long Do Power-Ups Last in Subway Surfers?

The Subway Surfers power-ups last for 30 seconds long. You can only use the ability for the given period. Four main power-ups can be upgraded.

  • Coin Magnet
  • 2X Multiplier
  • Jetpack
  • Super Sneaker

Each one of them can be upgraded up to six scales. The upgrades will add 5 seconds extra to the powers.

You can almost double the time duration by following the max upgrade. The cost margin of the power-up upgrades is shown below.

  • First Upgrade = 500 coins
  • Second Upgrade = 1000 coins
  • Third Upgrade = 3000 Coins
  • Fourth Upgrade = 10,000 Coins
  • Fifth Upgrade = 60,000 coins

How To Upgrade Power-ups in Subway Surfers

You can’t upgrade all of the power-ups but on a scale of 6 four of them can be upgraded. They are Coin Magnet, Jetpack, Super Sneaker, and 2X Multiplier. Each upgrade increases their duration by 5 seconds.


  • Open Subway Surfers
  • At the bottom right on the main screen TAP on the shop icon.
  • Scroll down to the upgrade section then tap the desired update.
  • Enter buy to purchase the upgrade for the noted coin amount.

Subway Surfers Power-Ups Not Working (Solution)

Subway Surfers Powers Ups might not work for many reasons. You can try out some solutions to get rid of this issue. Some of the common practices to solve the power-ups not working problem are shared underneath.

  • Upgrade the Game

You might be using an old version of Subway Surfers. The activity on the game is not viable with a new power update. You should immediately go for the available upgrade check. Upgrade the game if needed.

  • Scale Up the Power Ups

Subway Surfers often show up glitches on the first scale of power-ups. You need to try out upgrading the power-ups to a second scale or further. It might solve the problem for you. Otherwise, you need to check out the next solution.

  • Know Your Limit

In general, most power-ups are collected when you are in the run. You can’t use the same power-ups for unlimited times on the Subway Surfers game.

There is a limitation on your use and that makes your think creatively. When you are out of power-ups, look for more during the run.

Subway Surfers Power Ups Disabled

Subway Surfers’ creative team always tries to keep the fun of the game intact for the players. Old power-ups are often disabled and introduced a new ones in their place.

So far, I have seen eight Subway Surfers power-ups on the game.

  • Seven of them are still in the gameplay
  • Only Headstart power-ups are disabled. It was available after the Rio theme update.

Using the Headstart, you can zoom into the sky for 30 seconds and avoid all types of obstacles. It was replaced by the Mega Headstart power-ups.

Subway Surfers Powerups Tier Lists 

I have a new tier list for the Subway Surfers power-ups. They are classified into four different tiers based on their function and ability.

S+ or Extra Special Tier seats at the top and A tier are the last ones. Still, each one of them is significant for different circumstances.

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to the tier list. So, you can differ from my choices. I have listed 9 power-ups on my Subway Surfers power-ups tier list. Let’s see the tier list for the main nine power-ups in the game.

S+ Tier

  • Score Booster: It has the ability to increase the multiplier.
  • Pogo Stick: It will assist you to jump higher than average.
  • Coin Magnet: It will attract coins like a magnet.
  • Hoverboards: It will act as a board and save you for 30 seconds.

S Tier 

  • 2X Multiplier: It will double the existing multiplier.
  • Jetpack: It will zoom into the sky and get invisible from the obstacles.

A+ Tier 

  • Super Mysterizer: It will transform into four different random items.
  • Super Sneaker: it will also let you jump higher but less than the Pogo Stick.

A Tier 

Headstart: It will give you an advantage at the start.

Subway Surfers Power Ups Banana

Hoverboards are also a kind of power-up for the game. Banana is one of the popular hoverboards on the Subway Surfers game.

Subway Surfers Power Ups Banana

It was introduced during the Sao Paulo World Tour event. The unlock cost of the board is 50,000 coins.

Just like any other Subway Surfers power-ups,

  • It also has a 30 seconds special power.
  • It will protect you from all types of crashes for at least 30 seconds.

No power upgrades are available on the banana guy board.

Subway Surfers Power Ups Pricing

Subway Surfers power-ups are often collected on the run. You can actually buy only the Score Booster and that will cost around 3000 coins.

Headstart power-up was also at the same pricing but no longer available on the game.

The main spending for Subway Surfers power-ups will be done on upgrades. Let’s check out the list of power-up pricing on Subway Surfers.

  • Coin Magnet = Not Purchasable (collectible)
  • 2X Multiplier = Not Purchasable (collectible)
  • Super Sneakers = Not Purchasable (collectible)
  • Pogo Stick = Not Purchasable (collectible)
  • Super Mysterizer = Not Purchasable (collectible)
  • Headstart = 3000 coins
  • Score Booster = 3000 coins

Subway Surfers Power Ups Quiz

Learning power-ups can give you an edge over your opponents in the Subway Surfers game. You can test your Subway Surfers power-ups knowledge by taking quizzes.

  • There are lots of third-party apps and websites that allow you to do that.
  • Take as many quizzes as you can.

Sometimes, a little missed calculation on the use of power-ups can end your long run.

Hold on to them as long as you can and use them at the right time. Check out different power-up quizzes and test your skills.

Subway Surfers Power Ups Drugs

There are five options when it comes to the Subway Surfers’ power-ups drugs. Each one of them unlocks different powers during the Subway Surfers’ endless running.

The names of the five power-ups are – 2X Multiplier, Jetpack, Coin Magnet, Super Sneaker, and Pogo Stick. They are called the power-ups drugs on the Subway Surfers gameplay as they unlock special power for the characters.

Missions on Subway Surfers often get associated with power-ups drugs. You might need to use 2-3 power-ups in a run to complete a mission.

Just like in professional sports, drugs are taken to unlock the full potential of a sportsman. Some power-ups are illegal to use in real-world sports.

But in Subway Surfers, you can legally use the power-ups drugs during the gameplay.

Subway Surfers Power-Ups Exercise

You don’t need any special exercise for using Subway Surfers power-ups. You can start using them with just a tab on the screen.

But mind training is needed for the best use of the power-ups. Try different power-ups and figure out the right one for you.

Play as often as you can with the power-ups. Power-ups are needed to make a better score. The best player will never miss a coin during the run.

The only way to do it is by using power-ups in-game exercises. As many say, practice makes you perfect.

Your character run will be better with regular power-up exercises. You will know the right time to use them in the game.

Wasting power-ups can reduce your Subway Surfers game enjoyment. Try to stick with certain power-ups in certain circumstances. You can only learn that from frequent power-up exercises.

Subway Surfers Power-Ups For Project Management

Subway Surfers has chosen the Unity game engine for project management. The game is run by co-developers Kiloo and SYBO.

You can run the game on almost all devices. Power Ups are part of the endless running game and they are special powers for the Subway Surfers characters.

The most downloaded game uses one of the best project management options by choosing Unity. Subway Surfers is constantly evolving and new power-ups might come in the future.

Time will tell what the Subway Surfers management team has kept reserved for us. The game is one of a kind and makes time fly for the players.

Final Verdict

Subway Surfers power-ups are a new way to discover the endless running game. It adds up a new dimension to the game and helps you to extend your long run.

You already know more than average gamers when it comes to power-ups.

Share your queries and let us deliver you the best points. I am working full-time to deliver you quality content and more.

Share the article with your friends and family. I also invite you to check out other articles and get more command over the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

How do you make power-ups longer in Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers power-ups will last for 30 seconds in general. You can make power-ups last longer with upgrades.

Each upgrade will cost your coins and add 5 more seconds to the power-ups. In total, you can extend the power-ups run for 55 seconds at the sixth scale.

What does the blue power-up in Subway Surfers do?

Blue power-ups on Subway Surfers are also called the Score Booster. You need to spend 3000 coins to acquire one Score Booster.

You can also get it for free on the Weekly Hunts. It becomes a multiplier for your score by 5, 6, or even 7 for one run.

How do I activate score Booster?

You need to visit the in-game store and purchase the Score Booster. Click on the buy button and it will cost you around 3000 coins.

You need to use the specific power-up as wisely as possible. Activate the power-ups in your run and multiply the score by five or more.

What is a power jumper in Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers filled the sky with coins. You can’t get to it from the land. You need to use the power jumper and jump higher than average. Power jumper power-ups allow you to collect more coins while on the run.

What is the best power-up in Subway Surfers?

I have always found Coin Magnet as a great power-up advantage. A multiplier is also great when you want to make a great score on the run.

You can’t always tell which one is the best power-up in Subway Surfers. Every one of them is unique and beneficial for a better Subway Surfers run.

What does the 2X power-up mean in Subway Surfers?

2X power-up means that it would double the multiplier for you. If you are using a 5X score booster, you will get 10X with the 2X power-up.

You can’t buy them from the store rather then you need to collect them during the run or events.

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