Subway Surfers Koral: Outfits, Age, and Gameplay (Unlocked!)

Subway Surfers Koral takes the non-human mermaid shape. She is a happy mermaid with a wave-like avatar. The character is relevant to marine life cultures. If you are looking for some new excitement on the endless running game then you should have a look at the full details.

You are going to find lots of new details about the Koral-mermaid character inside the article which you might have missed before. I have played with the character multiple times and also have some tips to share. Let’s slide underneath and reverse the view of the character for you entirely.

Overview of Koral as a Character

Koral is an exciting new character on Subway Surfers. You will find a mermaid appearance of the limited edition character. Subway Surfers Koral was unveiled for the players recently during the Mumbai edition world tour event.

Unlocking the character requires special event tokens. You should also know that it has only one outfit option. She is the only mermaid girl on the endless running game and has returned to the game multiple times.

  • Subway Surfers Koral is an ocean mermaid and the second fan-made character.
  • She has returned multiple times to Subway Surfers during world tour events.
  • The character was priced at $10 during the Greece & Cairo world tour event.

subway surfers koral

Koral’s Role In The Game

Koral collectively represents herself as a mermaid. The outfit gives her a fishtail and has fins on the head. The appearance of the character changes when it starts to run. It replaces the tail with real legs as I have seen on the Greece world tour event.

There has to be some specialty in the character. The mermaid appearances define the character role in Subway Surfers. Special power-ups can be taken into use and make the Koral play more beneficial for the endless run.

Super Sneaker: You are trying to bypass the low obstacles and desire to jump higher. Get a Super Sneaker power-up for the Koral character and easily ditch the barriers. It will also be useful to collect coins that were out of reach before.

Coin Magnet: You would enjoy the coin magnet power-up. It is actually an in-game coin attracter. Koral character can use it to collect more coins in a run. Fill up your Subway Surfers inventory and keep on unlocking more items from the store.

Jetpack: You want to change the order of the endless run and fly through the air. The code can be cracked with Subway Surfers jetpack power-ups. Collect them on the run and keep Subway Surfers Koral character out of trouble.

How to Win in the Subway Surfers with Koral

The Subway Surfers game is structured to stop you. Trains and obstacles will slow you down and the fat guard will catch you. That is the end of the story. But you can train yourself and do well in the endless run.

You need to be aware that Subway Surfers Koral can use special abilities and power-ups to make a top run. Train yourself to make the smoothest run even with Koral. Adapt to the best uses of the Subway Surfers game.

A.Using Special Abilities

It does not take a long time to adjust to the special abilities of the gameplay. I think you just need to be creative to extend your Subway Surfers run further. Some of the common move to win with special abilities is pointed underneath.

  • Super Speed Boards: Subway Surfers super speed boards can give you an experience of fast running down the tracks. You can get them from the store and use them during the endless run. Set a new high score with super speed boards like Great White, Rocket, Jazz, and others.
  • Super Jump Boards: You get high jump ability with the jump boards. Activate the jump board and get away from obstacles pretty easily. Get boards like Freestyle or Lumberjack and show your new skills to your game partners.
  • Zap Sideways Boards: You get fascinating fast-side zap ability here. Some boards come with these special powers and make you freely move through obstacles. Track a new agility with the Subway Surfers Koral character.
  • Go Low Boards: I find the low obstacles interesting as they test your low rolling skill. If you find the task difficult for you then you can play with the go-low boards. It will give you an escape route from the low obstacles without any effort.

B.Special Power-Ups

You need to approach the Subway Surfers power-ups properly with the Koral character. It will give you an absolute advantage on the endless run. You can get them sometimes from the store and sometimes during the run. Their magical benefit is shared below.

  • Jetpacks Power-Ups: It can be a game changer when you have a high traffic of obstacles. Handle the incoming obstacles from the top. You will literally fly above all of them. Besides, Koral can also use it to collect unreachable in-game currencies.
  • 2X Multiplier: You should be better at the gameplay when you are with your favorite character. You can combine it with power-ups like jetpack and maximize your opportunity to make a bigger score. Double up everything you get in the Subway Surfers run.
  • Super Sneakers and Pogo Stick Power-Ups: Power-ups like Super Sneakers and Pogo Stick do make the game more intense for you. Both the power-ups have the same jumping characters. In one, you are using sneaker and pogo stick on the other one.

How to Win in the Subway Surfers with Koral

Benefits Of Playing As Koral

Subway Surfers Koral can add an extra layer of excitement for you. The limited edition character can combine with power-ups and give you easy passes from the blocking obstacles. Play with the character and make a big score to keep on unlocking more items from the store.

Subway Surfers want to showcase a new theme and culture to the gameplay. Some of you might be happy when you see a mermaid character in the play. It is important to combine the best power-ups with the character for an additional benefit in the Subway Surfers run.

Koral’s Appearance

The Mumbai edition Subway Surfers character Koral covers the whole body in grayish-blue skins. The ocean wave hairdo is shaded in water reflection with a tiny green fish at the right side of the head. Her eyebrows and bottom eyeliners show a sky-blue touch. The head fins are purple and replaced the ears. So, you are not looking at a regular female character here rather than a half-human and half-fish fictional character.

Koral got a mermaid tail and it is part of the body. Besides, she is also the first Subway Surfers character to have scales on her hands and legs. The whole mermaid tail is grayish-blue with a touch of purple at the end. The sleeveless top is colored orange with wave border prints in pink. There are no other outfit options for the character.

How to unlock Koral in Subway Surfers?

The Koral deal was set for 25,000 event tokens. You can get her in two different methods. I will state a step-by-step guide for both processes. So, it will make the Koral unlock process easier for you. It is time to check them out in detail.

A.Event Token Purchase

  • Login to your Subway Surfers accounts and make the run.
  • Keep on collecting event tokens for the unlock process.
  • Visit the Subway Surfers store and reach the character option.
  • Look for the Koral character and unlock it by pressing the green button.

B.Real Dollar Purchase

  • Subway Surfers Koral has a real money price tag for some events.
  • Start connecting your card with the Subway Surfers shop.
  • Visit the in-game store and it will ask for $10 spending at max.
  • Pay it and get your Koral character.

How to unlock Koral in Subway Surfers


Subway Surfers Koral can fulfill your desire for a mermaid girl character in the gameplay. You already know almost all the details about the special ocean character. Let us know which character you want us to cover next.

I do wish to receive some feedback from you. Keep with us and stay updated about the gaming world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Subway Surfers characters have fins on their head?

There are now Subway Surfers characters with fins in the game. The first one was Noel and later on, Koral was introduced with the special fish feature. Koral is a mermaid while Noel is a green swamp monster.

Who has designed Subway Surfers Koral?

She is the second fan-made character in the game. The first fan-made character was Tankbot. The design of the Koral character was done by @Tenshigrace and wins the 9th birthday contest. The name of the character was actually ’Coral’ on the design, not ‘Koral’.

How many times Koral have returned to Subway Surfers?

Koral has been re-introduced to the endless running game multiple times. First, she returns during the Copenhagen world tour event twice. Next, you see her again at the Barcelona, Cairo, and Greece world tour events. The event token deal changes to a dollar deal later on.

Does Subway Surfers Koral have any animation?

You will see the Koral character smiling during the animation. Besides, there is another animation with a message. You will see her going mad when the boat litter garbage on the ocean. But there is no expression at all during the run.

What is the age of Koral in Subway Surfers?

You need to understand the borderline between the real and fictional worlds. Koral lives in the fictional world of Subway Surfers. She is around 1 year old in the gameplay. You should know that she does not have any real-world age.

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