Subway Surfers Kim: Outfit, Unlock, Gameplay & Age

Subway Surfers works consistently to improve the gaming experience. Character update is part of it. Subway Surfers Kim is a limited edition female character that was introduced in 2013 during the Sydney world tour event. Players can unlock her using keys and coins. You will get to see her in a unique cowgirl look here. Kim has a wealthy vibe of rich culture. She offers special abilities like Head Start, Super Sneaker, and Jetpack.

Key highlights:

  • Kim is a limited-edition female character introduced in 2013
  • You can take your score higher with the multiplier.
  • Kim comes with multiplier power-ups during Wild Wednesdays
  • To unlock her you need 95,000 coins.

Subway Surfers Kim

In this article, you will also get to know about her different appearance, unlock process steps, and special abilities. Learn more about the Subway Surfers character to get a better grip on the gameplay. Hover down and get to know more.

Overview of Kim as a Character

Subway Surfers Kim is a limited edition female character. She was first introduced during the Sydney word tour event back in 2013. Casual attire seems to be in play for every single outfit choice. She looks natural in both Hawaii and cowgirl appearances.

You have the chance to unlock the character using keys, and coins. Subway Surfers’ gameplay thrives on versatile cultural characters. Kim has a wealthy vibe of rich culture. Check out some more points down below about the character.

  • Kim is the second Subway Surfers character with a flip-flop.
  • You will have two different outfit options besides the original one – Dive and Coast outfit.
  • She was the second Subway Surfers female newcomer of 2013.

Kim’s Role In The Game

Kim presents herself in different shades for every single outfit. The energetic and sporty style will definitely amaze you with the gameplay. Her hairstyle also changes from time to time. She wears a diving mask in one paid outfit and a tan cowgirl hat in another one.


The casual attire gives a fun and playful vibe. Her appearance defines her as an attractive female character in the Subway Surfers gameplay. You’ll definitely want to check out her special power-ups and increase your dominance on the Subway Surfers run!

Get ready to cheer for Kim as she helps you run and score big on Subway Surfers.

  • Head Start:

The Head Start power-up is a game-changer! It gives you a burst of speed at the start of your run, making it easy to outrun the grumpy inspector and his dog.

Imagine yourself soaring past obstacles, collecting coins, and reaching new high scores effortlessly. It’s a lovely feeling to have that extra boost to start your run and make it a smooth and enjoyable experience!

  • Super Sneaker:

Introducing the Super Sneaker power-up, the ultimate tool for dominating the Subway Surfers game! This powerful boost will give you a special jumping power, allowing you to soar past obstacles and reach new heights. Imagine the thrill of effortlessly jumping over barriers and reaching new high scores. Don’t let barriers hold you back any longer.

  • Jetpack:

Kim, the adventurous Subway Surfers character, is now equipped with a powerful new tool – a jetpack! Fly through the skies, and make speedy progress on the Subway Surfers world. This exciting new power-up is sure to take Subway Surfers’ gameplay to new heights and make Kim the ultimate Subway Surfer.

How to Win in the Subway Surfers with Kim?

Subway Surfers is slightly different from any other game. Here, you can make an endless run. Making a good run is more than a win on Subway Surfers. You can continuously press Subway Surfers Kim’s character to make a better score.

Your main competition in the game is you. A network of trains and barriers is designed to slow you down. You can take use special abilities and power-ups to bypass them. Look through the following guideline and it will work out well to make the game easier for you.

1. Using Special Abilities Board

Special abilities boards give you a special experience and work perfectly fine to improve your Subway Surfers run. You can unlock any board and use it with the Subway Surfers Kim character. Let’s get to know some hoverboard abilities.

  • Super Speed Boards:

You are moving like a fast car using the super speed board in Subway Surfers. You will find them on the in-game store for coins or key purchases. Choose from Great White, Rocket, and Jazz board according to your preference.

  • Super Jump Boards:

You get a boost on your movement using super jump boards. Freestyle and Lumberjack hoverboards can make you jump high above the ground. The benefits of using the jump boards during the Subway Surfers run are endless.

  • Zap Sideways Boards:

You are in a situation where there is an increased number of trains incoming. You can avoid the close calls using the zap sideways boards. It is also one of the most amazing abilities of the Subway Surfers boards.

  • Go Low Boards:

You need to bend down for the low barriers. They can be challenging because you need to always time the rolling perfectly. Otherwise, your run is going to end. Make use of go-low boards and pass them without any hassle.


2. Special Power-Ups

You can think about it like a magic tool of the Subway Surfers gameplay. It gives you the pleasure to add special power to your character. But things can go south if you don’t know the right way to use them. Some of the special power-ups are mentioned underneath.

  • Jetpacks Power-Ups:

It takes you out of the ground trouble and gives you a fly time. Stay at the top and keep on collecting coins while the barriers are below you. Kim will definitely need the special power-up now and then,

  • Multiplier:

You can take your score higher with the multiplier. Kim comes with multiplier power-ups during Wild Wednesdays and Special Thursdays events many times. The scoreboard at the end of the run is one of the most important benchmarks for Surfers.

  • Super Sneakers and Pogo Stick Power-Ups:

Kim can use them to take a necessary long jump on the run. Both the power-ups play the same role in the gameplay. You can easily replace one of them with another one. But Super Sneakers power-up seems to be the most used one.

Kim’s Appearance

Subway Surfers Kim has an iconic Hawaii-style outfit. Her light brown hair shares an asymmetrical pattern. The green and blue gradient-tone sleeveless top comes with a white spiral wave mark at the center. She has tanned skin and a white flip-flop on her foot. The beloved character wears a seashell necklace and keeps the blue jeans folded.

She has lots of other accessories like hand bands, leg bands, and leaf earrings. You will also have the option to present her with a new look using the other two paid outfits. Get underneath and know more details about them.

Dive Outfit

The Dive outfit worn by Kim in Subway Surfers is a stylish and unique addition to her wardrobe. The outfit is completed by a scuba diving tank, adding a touch of realism to her character.

It has a great representation of Kim’s fearless and adventurous spirit, as she is ready to explore the depths of the ocean. The outfit has great attention to detail and costs 30 keys.

Coast Outfit

The coast outfit trade for a cowgirl appearance. The cowgirl hat paired well with the lavender shirt. Her flip-flop has also changed to cowgirl boots.

The red vest and cartridge belt make her more fashionable in appearance. You can experience the character for the cost of 25 keys.

How to Unlock Kim in Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers Kim is a dynamic character in the gameplay. She has returned to the game multiple times with coins and keys deal. The dollar deal was also active during the Peru world tour event. Standard methods to unlock the character are shared below.

1. Coin Purchase

  • Enter the Subway Surfers game and log in to your account.
  • Play the game for the 95,000 coins needed for Kim.
  • Go down and select the Subway Surfers store option.
  • Scroll down to the character section and search for Kim.
  • You are ready to complete the unlocking process by clicking on the green button.


2. Keys Purchase

  • Target the coins while you are on the run and store at least 99 of them.
  • Swipe inside the store and enter the character option.
  • Press the Kim character and lock it on the top screen.
  • Spend the required keys and complete your main objective here.


Subway Surfers Kim is a tanned teenage girl. You have the option to unlock additional outfits and change the appearance of the character.

I hope you already know almost everything about the special character. Share the new details with your gaming partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many characters wear flip-flops on Subway Surfers?

I’ve been playing Subway Surfers for a while now and as far as I know, there are only three characters that had flip-flop on. The name of the characters is Brody, Kim, and Edison. Kim is the only female character with flip-flops among them.

What is Subway Surfers Arabia graphics?

The Subway Surfers Arabia edition features vibrant and colorful Middle-Eastern-inspired graphics. The game takes place in an imaginary Arabian city, with detailed and realistic-looking architecture, such as minarets, domes, and colorful mosaics. Subway Surfers character Kim has Arabic graphics in play.

Who is the cowgirl character in Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers Kim is the first cowgirl in the game. She wears a hat and boots like a cowgirl. It is a paid outfit of the character and needs to be unlocked with keys. Sofia and Alba also have a cowgirl-like appearance in the Subway Surfers gameplay.

What is the age of Kim in Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers Kim was launched during the Sydney world tour event. As per the launch date, the age of the character is about to pass 10 years in April. Subway Surfers’ character has no real word presence.

Can you unlock Kim with keys?

The initial offering of Kim was only available for coins. Later on, keys and dollar deal was also activated for the character. You can collect 99 keys on Subway Surfers and use them to unlock the character.

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