Subway Surfers Jolien: Outfits, Age, and Gameplay (Unlocked!)

Subway Surfers is a popular game among game world surfers. To keep the versatility alive in the game, Subway Surfers often introduce new characters and outfits. Subway Surfers Jolien is one of the coolest female characters in the endless running game.

She is available in the game for a limited time. But don’t get panicked because she keeps returning to the gameplay. I am going to share full inside details about the characters right here. Read further down and get to know more.

Overview of Jolien as a Character

Subway Surfers Jolien is a limited edition character in the gameplay. She was unveiled on the endless running game during the Amsterdam world tour event. The stylish girl appearance of Jolien has two outfits option alongside the original one.

Besides, it also falls close to being one of the most expensive characters on Subway Surfers. You will need around 95,000 coins in order to unlock the character. Both outfits represent her in a rare appearance slightly apart from the previous options.

  • Jolien was the first character release of the year 2017.
  • Unlike other characters, she holds a phone in her right hand.
  • She is believed to be the third female Subway Surfers character from Europe.

Subway Surfers Jolien

Jolien’s Role In The Game

Jolien has a European-style appearance. She is a reference to the European teenage girl’s lifestyle. It is assumed that she is around 15-16 years old. Surfers love her character and desire to unlock her as soon as possible.

The limited edition character does not have any special powers. She is a simple Subway Surfers character just like others. But you can use special power-ups for the characters and boost their ability. Let’s check out some power-up abilities for the character.

  • Super Sneaker: Subway Surfers Jolien character can go for the high jump using the special power-up. You can also use it and stay out of trouble for a couple of seconds. Avoid tough obstacles with a single jump and extend further your run.
  • Jetpack: It is a go-high power-up for Jolien. You can use this special ability when you are in deep trouble. Take on the jetpack power-up and get out of trouble in no time. Besides, it also leaves behind a beautiful trail.
  • Coin Magnet: You run in the game to make a better score and collect more in-game currency. Coin Magnet power-ups can assist you to collect coins from every single lane without any hassle. Increase your inventory when you run with Jolien.

How to Win in the Subway Surfers with Jolien

Is Jolien your favorite character on Subway Surfers? Well, when you care for something, you always get additional benefits when you have them by your side. Your favorite character can make you feel more comfortable in the game and improve your gameplay along the way.

You can make the highest score with Jolien if you know the right way to do so. I am going to show you some common tricks that you can try on and win big with the Subway Surfers Jolien character. Let’s hover down to the main section.

A. Using Special Abilities

Every Subway Surfers character comes with special abilities. It can go sideways, jump higher and move fast using special abilities. You need to make proper use of them in order to win in the Subway Surfers with Jolien.

  • Super Speed Boards: There are lots of hoverboard options on Subway Surfers. You need to go with boards like Great White, Rocket, Crash Test, Jazz, and others for super fast speed. It will be beneficial for you to outrun the guard and bypass the obstacles pretty easily.
  • Super Jump Boards: Boards like Freestyler and Lumberjack can make you jump higher than usual. You no longer need to roll down to avoid low obstacles. You can just run over them using this special ability. It will definitely make the game more fun and simple for you.
  • Zap Sideways Boards: Your special abilities come from the hoverboard. You can take on special boards that can teleport from one side to the other. Jolien can utilize these special abilities and extend the run further. It will be a great treat to make a new high score with your favorite character.
  • Go Low Boards: Besides having high jump ability. Lumberjack hoverboard can also get very low. Big Kahuna is also one of them. You need to stay low for some obstacles. As long have these boards by your side, you no longer need to worry about low obstacles.

B. Special Power-Ups

Next on the list are the special power-ups. They can be collected or purchased from the store. Jolien needs to make great use of the power-ups in order to make a big run in Subway Surfers. I am going to mention some common power-ups that can be used for Jolien in Subway Surfers.

  • Jetpacks Power-Ups: Do you want to get out of trouble for a few seconds? Well, jetpacks can do the work for you. You can collect them while on the run and use them to stay out of all troubles on land. It is like a time-out from the game and restarts fresh.
  • 2X Multiplier: Jolien needs to win at everything. You play the game to make a big score. A multiplier can be great to make your dream score come true. You can connect multiple multiplier power-ups and make a big score even with a short run. Score Booster and Coin Magnet power-ups can be used for the same reason.
  • Super Sneakers and Pogo Stick Power-Ups: Both power-ups can be used to jump higher than usual. Super Sneakers can give you jumping ability higher than train compartments. On the other hand, Pogo Sticks give you a single high jump. Stay out of trouble and save the run.

How to Win in the Subway Surfers with Jolien

Benefits Of Playing As Jolien

Subway Surfers characters always come with great benefits. You will always find new cultural theme characters to play with. Subway Surfers Jolien represents a European culture fancy teenage girl. Players from Europe will feel more connected with the stylish character.

Besides, every teenage girl will feel confident with the character. She has three different outfit options. Change them up and find the right one for you. Jolien is a limited edition character so having it unlocked will always be beneficial for your in-game inventory.

Jolien’s Appearance

Subway Surfers Jolien appears in an urban style look or the original outfit. Her side-parted hair is shaded in a magenta and pink mix. She wears a green scarf with a blue top. Her short jeans are folded upward. The long blue socks come with casual converses. The brown crossbody bag lays on the right side. She seems to be holding a phone.

Her facial feature and look stays seem for all the other outfits. You will be glad to know that you can unlock two more outfits for the urban-style girl. Do you want to know more about paid outfits? Let’s slide down for more details.

Florist Outfit

She adds a large hat for the new florist outfit. You will need additional 30 keys in order to unlock the character. The colorful flower dressing appears right at the top of the hat. She seems to be a female gardener and her purse also changes to a pouch. Green gloves and working green shoes add with the blue dungarees. She still has the phone in hand and her hair tone remains the same.

Spring Outfit

She tied her new hair from the back. The yellow long overcoat matches the red accents. Her brown belt and colorful bracelet complete the new look. The light green legging and brown boots have done justice to her appearance. You will also need 30 keys to unlock the outfit.

Jolien’s Appearance

How to unlock Jolien in Subway Surfers?

You can unlock Subway Surfers Jolien character in many different ways. In-game purchases can be done through coins and also she has appeared with the key deal during special events. I will show you both the process of unlocking the character.

A. In-Game Purchase

  • Play and collect 95,000 coins. You can also purchase the coin from the store.
  • You can also collect keys and unlock her during the Oxford and Copenhagen events.
  • Once you have enough coins or keys. You can unlock the character from the in-game store.

B. Special Events

  • She has returned during Peru, Cairo, Mumbai, and Zurich Wild Wednesday events.
  • She costs around 80 keys during the Oxford world tour special event and 99 keys for the Birthday Bonanza event.
  • The unlocking process still needs to be completed from the in-game store.


You already know lots of new things about the Subway Surfers Jolien character. It is time for you to check out the character in real time. Unlock the character and test it out on the endless run.

Start collecting Subway Surfers coins and get prepared to unlock Jolien.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which characters hold the phone (camera) in Subway Surfers?

You will not find many characters holding their phone in Subway Surfers. Jamie was the first character that holds a camera in his hand. Later on, Jolien comes with a real phone in his hand for the very first time in the endless running game.

Who was the first newcomer to Subway Surfers in 2017?

Every year Subway Surfers introduce lots of different new characters. In 2017, the first new character of the endless game is Jolien. She has also been reintroduced multiple times in the gameplay.

Can you unlock the Subway Surfers character with keys?

You will need 95,000 coins to unlock the character. But the limited edition character was available for some time with keys during special world events. It cost 80 keys and 99 keys during Oxford and Copenhagen world tour events respectively.

Who is the first female character in Subway Surfers from Europe?

There are only around 6 females in Subway Surfers from Europe. Coco is the first one and Alex is the second one. Subway Surfers Jolien is the third on the list. The last European girl in Subway Surfers is Moira.

Is there any animation for Subway Surfers Jolien?

Jolien comes with a new animation in the gameplay. But you will not get it on the default option. You need to unlock the Spring outfit in order to see the animation. The Top Gun animation runs for Jolien when you first unlock the Spring outfit with keys.

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