Subway Surfers Hoverboards – How To Unlock Them All?

Subway Surfers hoverboards come with new updates from time to time. Each hoverboard has different designated abilities for use.

Hoverboards work as a defensive tool in the running game. The game intensity increases by a good margin with the right boards in play.

There are lots of abilities to talk about. We took the initiative to let you know about some of the most popular hoverboards on the game.

It will definitely assist to beat your previous highest score. Hover downward and get to know more.

Subway Surfers Hoverboards Powers

Subway Surfers hoverboards give you an extra life when you are in a run. It stays active for 30 seconds and protects you from a sudden crush.

Subway Surfers Hoverboard

You can reuse the hoverboard again after a recharge period. Some hoverboards come with additional powers and they are mentioned below.

1. Speed Up

You can guess from the name that this ability will make the hoverboard run faster. It means you can cover a longer area in the 30 seconds cycle. There are six hoverboards with this power and I personally love the Hot Rod one.

2. Super Speed

Super Speed hoverboard power is exactly the same as the previous one. But this one is slightly faster than the Speed Up’s ability. Besides, it also increases the field view for you. Speed Up does not have a second feature on the play.

3. Double Jump

You can use a bounce shoe to jump in the Subway Surfers game. When you are in a jump, you can activate the hoverboard with a double jump and take a second jump. That’s why it is called the Double Jump hoverboard power.

4. Zap Sideways

The teleportation ability is seen on six Subway Surfers hoverboards. When you are in the Zap Sideways hoverboard, you can sideways all the obstacles in your lane. A hoverboard name Teleporter was introduced with this power.

5. Super Jump

Every character on the Subway Surfers game has the ability to jump. It uses the power to run above the low troubles. Super Jump power allows the character to jump higher than average. It will make the run more secure and safe.

6. Stay Low

The character will stay in a bend-down position when you ride on a hoverboard with the stay-low feature. Getting through the board obstacles in the middle of the road will be easier for you. You don’t need to roll down anymore.

7. Smooth Drift

Smooth Drift power makes a fascinating view for gamers. Magic Carpet was my favorite hoverboard with Smooth Drift ability. When you go for a jump in the mid-air, you will have a smooth and slow-motion encounter.

8. Trail

A unique trail stays behind when you have a hoverboard with trail power. There are different types of trails that are taken into use in the Subway Surfers game.

It is a form of celebration and gamers loved it. I prefer the nonstop egg trail on the Chicky hoverboard.

List of Subway Surfers All Hoverboards

Below is the full list of hoverboards. Where some are permanent and others are limited. But you can unlock them by following the tricks we have shared next.

Permanent Hoverboards

  • Big Kahuna: 65,000 coins
  • Bouncer: 280,000 coins ( Special Power: Super Jump )
  • Daredevil: 85,000 coins ( Special Power:  Surf Faster.)
  • Freestyler: 45,000 coins
  • Hoverboard: Starting board
  • Lowrider: 320,000 coins (Special Power:  Surf Faster.)
  • Lumberjack: 4,000 coins
  • Miami: 12,000 coins
  • Monster: 30,000 coins
  • Scoot: 35,000 coins
  • Skull Fire: 75,000 coins
  • Starboard: Free to anyone who downloads subway surfers
  • Superhero: 8,000 coins

Limited Hoverboards

  • Liberty (New York): 50,000 coins
  • Toucan (Rio): 50,000 coins
  • Egg Hunt (Rome): Collect 100 Easter Eggs to unlock
  • Kick-Off (Rome): 50,000 coins
  • Outback (Sydney): 50,000 coins
  • Fortune/Chicky (Tokyo): 50,000 coins
  • Cherry (Tokyo): 60 Japanese Keychains
  • Flamingo (Miami): 50,000 coins
  • Rose (Paris): 50,000 coins
  • Panda (Beijing): 50,000 coins
  • Teddy (Moscow): 50,000 coins
  • Pumpkin (New Orleans): 50,000 coins
  • Snowflake (London): 50,000 coins

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How To Unlock Subway Surfers All Hoverboards?

You can unlock all the Subway Surfers hoverboards with a single trick. But the main fun of the game will be gone. Still, if you are interested to unlock all Subway Surfers boards then check out the steps mentioned below.

  • Download the ‘board_inventory.json’ from a third-party site. It should have all the hoverboards unlocked.
  • Find out the directory where the game files are stored.
  • Paste the new ‘board_inventory.json’ on the folder and overwrite the existing one.
  • Relaunch the game.
  • You have successfully unlocked all the Subway Surfers hoverboards.

Best Hoverboards in Subway Surfers

I believe the best Subway Surfers hoverboards should give you the ability to score the highest score.

  • I find Monster board one of the best ones.
  • It has both Super Jump and Speed Up powers. Having two different abilities on a single hoverboard is great.
  • The green Frankenstein eyes also caught my attention. Speed Up and Super Jump was introduced on the Bangkok and Las Vegas update.

You also don’t need to spend much on the upgrades. In total, 30,000 coins are needed for hoverboard unlocking and 110 keys for power upgrades.

Subway Surfers Rarest Hoverboard

Subway Surfers hoverboard Windglider is the rarest one among many. You will need to spend around 360,000 coins on a single board. No other hoverboard is priced above it. It was introduced during the Tokyo update back in 2014.

The ability to Smooth Drift caught the eye of gamers. The smooth transaction on the gameplay truly put in a fascinating show.

Subway Surfers Rarest Hoverboard

Unfortunately, there is no other upgrade facility right now. But in the future, we might get some new outfits and powers to unlock.

Subway Surfers Jake Hoverboards

Jake is the first main character of the game. He was introduced at the launch period of the game. A free hoverboard is also rewarded to the new players with him. You can upgrade Jake Dark Outfit and Star Outfit.

Dark Outfit is free but the Star Outfit will definitely cost you some tokens. You can unlock different hoverboards and use them for Jake’s run. There is no limit on which hoverboard you can use with the first character of the game, Jake.

Subway Surfers Hoverboards In Real Life

There are no official Subway Surfers hoverboards in the sale. Subway Surfers is developed by Kiloo and SYBO. The main protagonist is on run from a guard. He tries to run straight at trains and save himself by shifting to different lanes.

You can get inspired and make your own Subway Surfers hoverboards in real life. They have some cool hoverboards on display. Each hoverboard represents different culture and celebration. Pick the favorite one for you.

Subway Surfers Hoverboards Tier List

Everyone has a different perspective when it comes to Subway Surfer’s hoverboards tier list. It is a process through which you rank your favorite boards.

I don’t know about your hoverboard tier list. Everyone has different criteria and board ranking methods for their list.

Some gamers care for the abilities of hoverboards, some look at the design and pattern on the board. I prefer the trail and board with abilities. It is often the same for most Subway Surfers players. There are some exceptional cases too.

What is Subway Surfers Brody Hoverboards

Brody is the second most expensive protagonist in the Subway Surfers game. The first place is held by Prince K. It was released back in 2012 and got new updates on Seoul and Mexico City events.

It is one of the few known characters that was introduced within the first year of the game.

In the Seoul update, Brody comes with the Bubblegum, Double Up, Super Jump, and a few other hoverboards. Mexico City World Tour event brings in the Prickly hoverboard. Pick out which you would love to use on your favorite character.

Final Verdict

Subway Surfers hoverboards mess around the trouble that comes your way. Smart abilities help you to progress further in a tough situation.

You can claim to know more about hoverboards than an average gamer as you are at the end of the article.

Gather Subway Surfers-related resources and improve your game every single day. You can unlock new hoverboards at ease now. Share the article with your near ones. Don’t forget to leave your valuable opinion for us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the point of hoverboards in Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers hoverboards position you on a safer side during the run. Once you get on a hoverboard, you will safe from a sudden crash for 30 seconds.

Recharge the hoverboard for five seconds and reuse it. Only use them when you are in a tough situation.

What’s the rarest hoverboard in Subway Surfers?

Windglider is one of the rarest hoverboards in the game. It marks the highest coin cost to unlock. Smooth Drift power comes with the hoverboard. A new update might get introduced in the upcoming World Tour events.

What hoverboards have smooth drift in Subway Surfers?

Twelve hoverboards have Smooth Drift power on the Subway Surfers game. The endless running game gives you mid-air slow and smooth moves. Orni and Magic Carpet are my two favorite smooth drift hoverboards.

Which is the fastest hoverboard in Subway Surfers?

Super Speed hoverboards are the fastest ones in the game. It also registers a wider view for you. Ten Super Speed hoverboards are introduced to the Subway Surfers game so far. Monster and Skull Fire are two amazing boards in the play.

What is the best hoverboard power on Subway Surfers?

Super Speed is the best hoverboard power when you went a quick escape from trouble. If you are not so good with speed then Super Jump can be the best power for you. But I love the trail hoverboard power for the amazing view.

How do you double jump on a hoverboard?

During your run, you will have obstacles that you need to ditch by jumping. On that jump, you can go for the double jump. This power is only applicable when you are already in a jump. You can also get the power on mystery boxes reward.

How do you use the hoverboard at Subway?

You use the hoverboard in Subway when you are in a tough run. Once you hover onto a board, you can swipe in a different direction to change lanes.

The hoverboard will be in use for 30 seconds after that you can recharge and reuse it.

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