Subway Surfers Freya: Age, Outfit, And Gameplay Strategy!

Subway Surfers Freya is a young woman with a distinctive appearance. She has blonde hair, and blue eyes, and wears a pink hoodie with jeans. She can be unlocked in the game by collecting a certain number of coins, keys, and event tokens.


  • Freya can be unlocked for 95,000 coins
  • The second limited character of 2017
  • She is the fourth European character
  • Her amazing outfits can be unlocked with 30 keys each
  • Freya takes on a teen Danish appearance

You will get to know here about her unique appearance, the best power-ups, boards match, and more. Besides, a step-by-step guide to unlocking the European character is also shared. Let’s check them out in full detail.

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Overview of Freya as a Character

Subway Surfers Freya was introduced during the Copenhagen world tour event. The lively character can be unlocked for 95,000 coins only. Besides, the spotlight also needs to shade on the Viking and Winter Magic outfits.

She belongs to the Viking world and is often associated with the Nordic goddess Freyja. You will have the option to unlock the character with coins, keys, and real money as she has returned to the game multiple times.

  • Freya represents herself as an opera singer in every single outfit.
  • She is the second limited edition character of 2017.
  • Freya is the fourth European character in the gameplay

Freya’s Role In The Game

Subway Surfers Freya seems like a young opera singer to me. Her amazing outfits can be unlocked for 30 keys each. Not much change is visible in her hairstyles. The Viking warrior-style outfit adds more mystery to the character.

The winter magic outfit presents her with a witch hat. Altogether she seems like a mysterious character in the gameplay. Vikings fans would love the female character and should keep her in the collection. The mysterious character gets more fun playing with power-ups.

Let’s check out some perfect match power-ups for Freya.

Head Start: Unlock the ultimate Subway Surfers experience with Head Start. Get a flying start at the very beginning of the game. Outsmart obstacles, collect coins and power-ups and boost your score to new heights.

Super Sneaker: Step up your Subway Surfers game with a jumping power-up. Outrun the inspector and his dog with lightning-fast speed. Jump over obstacles with ease and collect coins and keys like never before.

Jetpack: Make Freya fly on the Subway Surfers gameplay. Jetpack will give you the ultimate combination of speed and style. The rainbow trail of jetpack will make you fall for it. Outrun all your in-game obstacles on the ground.

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How to Win in the Subway Surfers with Freya?

Subway Surfers designed an endless run game for you. Once you start the run, you can keep on going for hours. But there will be obstacles and ingoing rains to stop you. Your main aim is to avoid them and keep on running.

Besides, the story of running from the fat inspector is also there. You need to put together a big score and beat all your previous ones. To make it a big win, you need to know about special ability boards and power-ups use.

Let’s check them out.

1. Using Special Abilities Board

Subway Surfers Freya’s character needs to utilize well the special abilities board in play. Besides, each board will give 30 seconds of protection and can be extended with updates. Learn about the board’s abilities and use them accordingly.

  • Super Speed or Speed Up Boards: You will pass at high speed with the super speed boards. Sign in to this board when you need to move fast. Some common speeds up boards are Daredevil, Bass Blaster, Chicky, Crash Test, Rocket, etc.
  • Super Jump Boards: You get jump power with these special ability boards. It can be a happening option for low-ground obstacles. Some common super jump boards are Bouncer, Freestyler, Jingles, Maple Leaf, Jazz, etc.
  • Zap Sideways Boards: Resolve your obstacles and troubles with the sideway ability. You can alter your path anytime when you are in a close call. Some common zap sideways boards are Superhero, Teleporter, Tumi, Phantom, Scoot, etc.
  • Stay Low Boards: Back-to-back low obstacles are common. They are hard to avoid but you can make it easier with the stay-low boards. Some common stay-low boards are Lowrider, Big Kahuna, and Lumberjack.

2. Special Power-Ups

Power-ups are the top features of the game. Without them, the endless running game is going to be dull. Subway Surfers Freya can take things back in hand with some power-ups. Let’s check them out in the section underneath.

  • Jetpacks Power-Ups: It is recommended when you are in high-traffic obstacles. This type of power-up gives you fly time and keeps you secure for a short period. Outreach additional rewards for you.
  • Multiplier: Increase your overall score number and beat your own records. Basically, you are multiplying your initial score here. There is no way that you can make a world-class high score without multiplier power-ups.
  • Super Sneakers and Pogo Stick Power-Ups: Give some rest to the boring endless run. Freya can now jump with the super sneaker and pogo sticks power-ups. Both Subway Surfers power-ups have the same characteristics.


Freya’s Appearance

Subway Surfers Freya takes on a teen Danish appearance. The white European girl has blonde hair with small braids. She is known for her navy leather jacket and black boots. The light blue sweater also lights up well with the navy zigzag straps.

Her blue eyes and orange-pink combination lipstick will definitely catch your attention. As you play the game, you will be able to collect keys and use them to unlock Freya’s Viking and Winter Magic outfits. Purchase them and represent the white teen girl character in a new shade.

Vikings Outfit

Vikings is one of the paid outfit choices for Freya. It is inspired by traditional Viking clothing. She put on a metal Viking helmet with two white wings. The main dress code here is a combination of green and gold. You will see gold medallions all over her dress and even her boots are golden in color. The cost of the character is 30 keys.

Winter Magic Outfit

The winter magic outfit brings back the combination of white and red. Her witch pointy hat top is shaded in red and yellow. The bottom is black and white with extended features at the back. Her long tang top places a gold medal at the neck and at the end of the sleeves. Even her black blurry boots place gold coins on the sideline. Unlock the outfit for the same price as the Vikings outfit.

How To Unlock Freya in Subway Surfers?

The same unlocking process repeats for most of the Subway Surfers characters. You can either buy the character with coins or keys. The limited edition character has returned to the game multiple times even with a dollar deal. Two different processes to unlock the character are shared step-by-step underneath.

1. Coin Purchase

  • Gather up some Subway Surfers coins needed to make the purchase.
  • Slide down and enter the in-game store.
  • Select the character section and check the Freya character.
  • Spend 95,000 coins to purchase her.

2. Keys Purchase

  • You get a 60 keys deal during the St. Petersburg world tour event.
  • Buy or collect the keys from the Subway Surfers gameplay.
  • Pick the character store and select the Freya character.
  • Spend the required keys and welcome Freya to your Subway Surfers character inventory.



Subway Surfers Freya brings back the traditional Vikings appearance. You can unlock the character with coins, keys, and dollars. I tried to answer all your queries related to the special Subway Surfers character. Let us know what else you want us to cover next.

Don’t forget to share the details with your Subway Surfers game partners. Keep coming back for more updates shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many European characters are in Subway Surfers?

There are around seven European characters in Subway Surfers. The names of the characters are Coco, Alex, Jolien, Freya, Nina, Bonnie, and Moira. Coco is the first European girl among them and Moira is the last one.

Can you Buy Subway Surfers Freya with dollars?

Freya’s re-sale deal was active with dollars a couple of times. The first real money deal comes during the Seoul World Tour event and the next time it comes during the North Pole world tour event. Alongside coins, the keys purchase function was also available for the character.

Does Freya have any special powers in Subway Surfers?

In the game, Subway Surfers, Freya is one of the playable characters that can be unlocked and used by the player. She does not have any special powers or abilities that differentiate her from the other characters in the game. The player can collect coins and power-ups while running on the subway tracks and avoiding obstacles to score points.

What is the age of Freya in Subway Surfers?

The age of Freya, a character in the game Subway Surfers, is not specified in the game or in any official materials related to it. The game developers have not released any information about the ages or backgrounds of the characters in the game. But she was released on the game back in 2017. Based on that her age is around 5 years in the game world.

Who is the Subway Surfers character, Freya?

Freya is a teenage Danish girl on the endless run. She is also a Viking and winter season special character with her paid outfits. You can get the character for 95,000 coins only and the two paid outfit is going to cost you 60 keys in total.

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