Subway Surfers Events: 12 Most Popular Among The Participants

Subway Surfer developers consistently develop the game in order to improve the gaming experience. Kiloo and SYBO make sure it does not become boring gameplay for gamers. So, they often come with new Subway Surfers events.

The events give more exciting missions to the players and allow them to earn more coins and keys. Besides, some events also unlock new characters and outfits.

Let’s get to know some of the top Subway Surfer events underneath and double the fun of your gameplay.

All You Need To Know About Subway Surfers Events

From many events of Subway Surfers, we have discussed 12 events that are most popular among the participants.

1. Mega Jackpot Event

Subway Surfer has a regular jackpot event running all the time. Mega Jackpot is the updated version of it.

  • You will have more coins to earn from your mystery boxes collection.
  • The regular jackpots can reward you with 900,000 coins.
  • The mega Jackpot event reward can be around 1.5 million coins.

The event is reprogrammed every other Tuesday. Collect as many mystery boxes as possible to increase your chance to win the jackpot.

Subway Surfers Events

2. Super Mystery Box Mania

The event gets introduced in the Los Angles edition.

  • This Subway Surfer event allows players to collect Super Mystery Boxes.
  • You need to complete daily challenges in order to gain new super mystery boxes.
  • Besides, you can also follow along with the mission set and complete them for more super mystery boxes.

During the event, collecting the boxes get easier for you.

3. Mystery Mondays

Mystery Monday is a Subway Surfer event that occurs on Monday.

  • Super Mysterizer will come into your collection after participating in the event.
  • The uncertainty of the event gives more fun to the players.

It will not reward you with any specific reward number. You will get random rewards based on your luck.

4. Terrific Tuesday

Terrific Tuesday is just like the Wild Wednesday event. The only thing change here is the day of the event.

  • The event allows you to earn mega jackpots with your collected Mystery Boxes.
  • It runs only for a day and you need to stay in play to earn the rewards.

It was first introduced in the Los Angles edition just like many other events.

5. Subway Surfer World Tour Event

The Subway Surfer world tour event was first introduced in the 2013 edition.

  • It allows you to play with new outfits and characters alongside running on the new Subway Surfer theme.

The latest event was held on 8 August 2022 where the Greece edition theme was introduced. It comes with Moira Nikos’s character and Hooper Outfit. The hoverboard ‘Ssskater’ was also introduced at the event.

6. Special Thursday

Special Thursday adds a special facility for a character.

  • You will collect an additional bonus for the character mentioned in the event.
  • The character keeps on changing and so you also need to play with the new character that is on a bonus run.

As it starts on Thursday, It is called the Special Thursday event on Subway Surfer. It is not active now on gameplay.

7. Multiplier Bonus

The multiplier Bonus event replaced the super Thursday event.

  • You will get a score booster for a specific character during the event.
  • The character bonus is +3 for every character.
  • Subway Surfer keeps on shuffling the character on offer and making it more fun for you.

The Subway surfer event occurs on Wednesday and Thursday.


8. Wordy Weekend

The wordy Weekend event put words on your run.

  • You need to collect them when you are in the game.
  • They are letters of character and it allows you to earn a new character.
  • After successfully collecting all the letters of a character, you will receive a Super Mystery Boxes. It might have a character on it or not.

You need to continue collecting as many letters as possible to get your desired in-game character.

9. Hoverboard Tryouts

  • The hoverboard tryout event allows you to try a special hoverboard for 24 hours.
  • The player enjoys a special Daredevil, Bouncer, Lowrider, and Hot Rod hoverboard for free.

It was first introduced in the Moscow edition of the Subway Surfer. The event is discontinued by the Kiloo team but I would love to participate again in the game event.

10. Reappearance

Many in-game characters have been taken down from the gameplay. Subway Surfer often reintroduces them to the game.

  • The sale of the reappeared character continues for 24 hours or more.
  • You need to spend real money on this event to participate.

For example, you can take the name of Zombie Jake, Nike, Mina, Jay, Sun, and others. The last reappearance event was held back in 2014.

11. Sales

The sales event is my favorite one. You are going to get better deals on your purchase. Usually, they get introduced on big occasions like Black Friday, Christmas, and others.

  • You will see a drop in the price for both coin and key.
  • If you are looking to level up in the game in no time, then you should wait for this Subway Surfers event.

Subway Surfers Events coins

12. Season Hunts

Season hunt is the expanded version of the Weekly hunts.

  • Rather than collecting tokens for a single week, you will keep on collecting new tokens throughout the season.
  • The popular event will give you chance to win a new character and outfits.
  • Besides, you will also win coins, keys, and mystery boxes along the way.

Final Verdict

You already know about some of the top subway surfers’ events in the play. It will assist you well to improve your gameplay.

Every event has its own set of missions and rewards. Make sure you go through the whole event’s rules and regulations before you participate in it.

I hope this article has helped you to improve your Subway Surfer special event knowledge. Feel free to contact us for any additional info on events. Thank you for reading this far. Keep coming back for more in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do event coins do In Subway Surfer?

You can earn event coins on Subway Surfer. They are just like regular in-game coins. You can use them to unlock new characters, outfits, special prizes from the shop, and more. Basically, they are the real money on the running game.

How do you win the jackpot on Subway Surfer?

There are Subway Surfer mega jackpot events where you have the highest chance to win big. They offer more rewards in exchange for your collected boxes.

Keep playing the game and unbox as many mystery boxes as you can to win the jackpot.

Why does Subway Surfer close popular events?

It is true that many popular Subway Surfer events were replaced with other events. Sometimes fans are happy with the changes and sometimes not but they always blend well with the new challenges.

The Kiloo and SYBO team always try to keep the game fun and more engaging.

Does the Subway Surfer event offer a better deal on coin purchases?

You should keep an eye on the Subway Surfer Sales event if you are looking for a better coin deal. They often launch the event on big holidays.

Wait for your chance and get more coins at a cheaper price. Black Friday has always been the best time to shop on Subway Surfer.

How do you get a 1 million score on Subway Surfer?

You need to play the Subway Surfer game every single day. Try to complete all the available missions possible. Besides, also try to participate in the new events. It will boost your chance to score 1 million on Subway Surfer.

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