Subway Surfers Discord Update Failed? (Fix With 3 Simple Steps!)

Subway Surfers discord is live and you can join them anytime. Discord is a chatting platform that is specially designed for gamers. You can join Subway Surfers’ official discord and chat with your fellow community.

You can share your game progress or simply ask about the new updates. People often come here to talk about tips and tricks on Subway Surfers game. More about the Subway Surfer new discord account will be shared underneath.

More about Subway Surfer Discord

Subway Surfers joined the Discord server back in 2020. Anyone can join the server by following the link mentioned here. Subway Surfers is a popular game and there is many other Subway Surfer discord account out there.

Subway Surfers Discord

The official discord server of Subway Surfers has around 429k members. No other related discord account is as big as this one. It can be the easiest way for you to identify the real Subway Surfer discord account.

Can You Get Banned on Subway Surfers’ Official Discord?

You need to follow the Subway Surfers discord rules when you join the community. You can’t share spam links or use curse words in the chat room. Every member needs to respect others’ privacy on the discord server.

Once you get banned on the Subway Surfer discord, there is no other way for you to get back in. You need to be cautious about your action.

A full set of rules will come in front of you once you accept the Discord invite. Read them carefully and act accordingly.

Subway Surfer Discord Update Failed (Way to Fix It)

Discord update fail might occur to most of the big accounts not only to the Subway Surfers account. There might be some bugs that are causing the issue.

I have figured out three different methods through which you can fix your Subway Surfer discord update fail.

Fix-1: Disable the windows firewall

There might be an update on your windows device that has added new blockage for other apps. You can simply search for a firewall on the setting and disable the domain network.

Also, close the private network firewall. After that, check back your discord. If it gets back to normal then you already know what is causing the problem.

Fix-2: Rename the update fail

Your new update will create a file on the folder. Close the discord app and double-check on the task manager. Get to the ‘AppData’ folder and search for the Discord file. There you will find your updated file. Rename it and check if it is causing the problem.

Fix-3: Clear Discord Cache

You will find the Discord cache in the same ‘AppData’ folder. Select the ‘roaming’ option and click the Discord folder. There you will find the recorded cache. Select all the files and clear them. I hope it will solve the Subway Surfer update failure for you.

Subway Surfer Discord Update Failed

Final Verdict

You can know more about the gameplay by joining the Subway Surfer discord server. It will keep you updated about the new events, tournaments, and upcoming challenges.

If you are playing the game on regular basis then you need to be part of the official community.

Share your game experience with other players and get feedback. No matter how good you are there is always something new to learn.

I hope you find this article helpful, so don’t forget to share it with your gaming partners. Keep connected with us for more gaming information shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to join Subway Surfer discord?

Click on the link. It will tag you to the discord dashboard. If you don’t have an account, then sign up with your personal details.

You will get an ‘accept invite’ bar to click. You will immediately get access to the official Subway Surfer discord server.

Is it safe to join Subway Surfer discord?

Subway Surfer’s official discord account is absolutely safe. All types of scams are discouraged on the platform. You should also play by the rule in order to stay connected with the Subway Surfers official discord community.

What age is suitable for Subway Surfer discord?

Subway Surfers allow kids above 13 to play the game. The same rules are applied to the discord server. Anyone who is above 13 can join the community at any given time. Kids who are below that age are restricted from all other discord activities.

Are discord game servers secure?

Discord game server chats are not totally secure. Even the private streams are not end-to-end encrypted. You should not share any sensitive personal details in your chat rooms. Data breaches are possible but there are very few till date.

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