Unlocking the Secrets of Subway Surfers Coco: Complete Guide

You might know Coco from the popular game Subway Surfers. She is a talented artist who loves to do mime art in the city of Paris. Along with her friends, she tries to outrun the grumpy inspector and his pet dog in the subway surfers game.

Coco is always up for an adventure and loves to have fun. That’s why she is an interesting character and everyone loves her. Thus, we have prepared a full guide on Subway Surfers Coco.

So, If you want to know more about Coco and her adventures in Subway Surfers, be sure to read the rest of this article. You’ll learn about her personality, and how she helps her friends outrun the inspector.

Therefore, keep reading below!

Who is Subway Surfers Coco?

In the Subway Surfers game, players control a character as they run through a city subway track, collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. Coco is one of the characters that players can choose to play as. She is a teen character in Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers Coco

  • She is also an extremely limited character exclusively available in Subway Surfers Paris.
  • Coco was released as a limited character in 2013 and you can unlock her by spending 95,000 Gold Coins.

One of the cool things about Coco is that players in Subway Surfers can customize Coco’s appearance by changing outfits.

  • Coco’s default outfit gives her the appearance of a mime artist.
  • However, aside from her default outfits she also has two more additional outfits as well (Art Outfit and Jester Outfit).
  • Coco is the second character to have come from Europe
  • She’s also the first-ever female character who is European
  • No matter what outfit she wears, Coco always keeps her mime makeup
  • Coco was first said to be released as the character “Chloe”, but she was then changed to “Coco”.

Coco’s Appearance and Abilities

To know Coco in person you have to know about her appearance and her abilities. So, let’s find out how she looks and how she is in person.

A. Coco’s physical appearance

Coco is a Parisian teenager with a mime-like appearance.

  • She has navy-blue colored hair that reaches her shoulders, green-colored eyes, and dons a red-colored beret.
  • Coco also wears traditional mime makeup and a black-and-white colored striped-patterned shirt known as a “marinière” (in french spoken-language) that exposes her stomach.
  • Plus, her outfit is completed with brown suspenders, black tights, black shoes, and a red neckerchief around her neck

Appearance in her Art Outfit:

Subway Surfers Coco Art Outfit

Coco’s Art Outfit is only unlockable in Subway Surfers Paris edition.

  • This outfit will cost you 30 Keys to unlock.

When Coco is in this particular outfit, you will notice that the beret she was wearing is now black.

In addition to that,

  • now her shirt is plain-white and she has her sleeves (both left and right) partially rolled up.
  • Plus, it’s also noticeable that she is now keeping a paintbrush stacked on her ear (the left one).
  • Coco also dons an apron of blue-gray color, which is fully stained with 3 paint colors (yellow, green, and pink).
  • Along with it, she also carries black-colored tights on her legs and black-colored shoes on her feet.

Another noticeable thing is that Coco doesn’t have the “apron” effect when she is running in the subway. Plus, it’s obvious in this outfit that she is a painter. So, she has gotten the stains on her apron by doing paintings.

Appearance in her Jester Outfit:

The Subway Surfers Paris edition will also let you have another outfit for Coco; the Jester Outfit.

Subway Surfers Coco Jester Outfit

  • This outfit also costs 30 keys for unlocking it.

In this outfit, Coco does not wear a beret.

  • Instead, you will see her wearing a white-colored hat of dune-cap style, which is very tall.
  • Her hat has two purple-colored balls in the middle position and on the top position.

In the jester outfit, Coco has her hair styled in a different pattern as well.

  • More specifically, you’ll see her hair is shaped like a “cone” on the two sides of her head.
  • However, we can also say that her hair is styled in a “pigtail” pattern.

Along with it, she also dons a joker outfit, which is decorated with many colors.

  • Her joker outfit has two buttons of black color in the middle position.
  • Finally, she also wears black-colored pants with her joker outfit and brown-colored shoes.

Why is Coco so popular in Subway Surfers?

You may find Coco popular in Subway Surfers because she is a fun and likable character in the game. Many people enjoy playing with Coco and appreciate her unique personality and style.

  • Moreover, we know Coco for her skills and abilities in the game, which can help players progress and achieve higher scores.
  • Additionally, Coco’s appearance and outfits are often admired by players, adding to her popularity in Subway Surfers.

Overall, Coco’s combination of gameplay abilities, attractive appearance, and charming personality make her a popular character in the game.

Subway Surfers Coco: Her Background

As you may already know, Coco is a special character in the popular mobile game Subway Surfers. In the game’s fictional universe,

  • Coco is a talented young mime artist who loves to perform in the streets of Paris.
  • Plus, she is a member of the Subway Surfers crew, a group of friends who go on adventures together and try to outrun the grumpy policeman and his loyal pet doggy.
  • Despite the dangers they face, Coco remains optimistic and always tries to find beauty in the world around her.
  • In her free time, she stays busy creating new mime artwork or spending time with her friends.

Note: Aside from her lifestyle and friend circle, there’s not much information available about Coco and her background story.

Coco’s Character and Her Role in the Subway Surfers Game

Coco is a fan-favorite character in Subway Surfers. She is a stylish and artful mime artist who dreams of one day becoming an international street artist.

She loves to express her creativity through her mime art and has become known for her bold use of colors as a part of her costume.

Coco’s role in the game

  • When playing Subway Surfers as Coco, you can use her to jump up and down obstacles.
  • Plus, she has the ability to attain power-ups and boosts, allowing her to avoid obstacles with ease. Her unique moves and vibrant style make her a great choice for those who want to show off their skills.
  • As a limited character in Subway Surfers, Coco has access to loads of awesome power-ups, such as the Super Sneakers and Jetpack.

The Super Sneakers give her a temporary speed boost, while the Jetpack lets her take to the skies!

  • With items like these two in hand, Coco can outrun any pursuers and reach new heights on the leaderboard.
  • Whether it’s in the Subway or on the high-score leaderboard, Coco is always ready to make her mark in the Subway Surfers game.
  • Not only that, but she’s also a daring character who loves to take risks, and you can be sure she won’t let anything stand in her way!

Benefits of Coco Character

Playing with Coco in Subway Surfers can bring a variety of benefits. For one, Coco can provide a sense of companionship and friendship as you play through the game together.

However, she also brings the below-mentioned benefits as well.

A. Special Powers

Using Coco’s abilities can make the game more enjoyable and help you achieve higher scores. Here’s how you can do it:

Cocos role in the game

  • Coco has unique abilities that can help you progress through the game more easily, such as the ability to double jump (with hoverboards) over obstacles.
  • You can use power-ups to give coco special abilities that can help you avoid obstacles and collect coins in Subway Surfers.
  • Some examples of power-ups include the Jetpack, which allows you to fly over obstacles, and the Super Sneakers, which give you a speed boost.
  • You can also use the Coin Magnet power-up to attract coins to coco, making it easier to collect them as you run.
  • Another useful power-up is the Score Booster, which multiplies your score for a short period of time.
  • There is also the Pogo Stick power-up, which allows you to bounce over obstacles and collect coins as you go.
  • The Super Mystery Box power-up is a randomly generated power-up that can give you one of a variety of different abilities.
  • The Multiplier power-up increases your score multiplier for a short period of time, allowing you to rack up points more quickly.
  • The Coin Rush power-up fills the screen with coins, giving you the chance to collect as many as possible in a short amount of time.
  • The Super Jackpot power-up is a rare power-up that can give you a massive score boost.
  • Another power-up available in Subway Surfers is the 2x Multiplier, which doubles your score multiplier for a limited time.
  • The Head Start power-up gives you a boost at the beginning of a run, allowing you to get off to a fast start and collect coins more easily.
  • The Score Spike power-up increases your score multiplier by a large amount for a short time, allowing you to rack up points quickly.
  • The Score Bonus power-up gives you a one-time bonus to your score at the end of a run.
  • The Hoverboard power-up allows you to ride a hoverboard over obstacles and gaps, making it easier to avoid them.

Using a combination of these power-ups and special abilities with coco can help you achieve higher scores in Subway Surfers so you can progress through the game more quickly.

B. Rewards

There isn’t any reward specifically for playing with Coco in Subway Surfers. However, you can get many rewards (both physical and mental) when Playing with Coco in Subway Surfers.

  • As you play Subway Surfers with Coco, you will earn rewards for completing various challenges and tasks. These rewards can include coins, which can be used to purchase new characters, hoverboards, and other power-ups.
  • You will also earn keys, which can be used to continue your game after you have crashed or been caught by the police officer.
  • In addition to these rewards, you may also earn special outfits for Coco by completing special events or missions. These rewards will help you progress through the game and make it more fun and exciting to play.
  • Moreover, you may experience a sense of accomplishment and progress as you unlock more characters and power-ups by playing with Coco.
  • The excitement of chasing high scores and competing with friends can also provide a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment.
  • Additionally, the fast-paced and action-packed gameplay of Subway Surfers with Coco can provide a feeling of adrenaline and exhilaration.
  • Overall, playing Subway Surfers with different Coco can offer a range of mental rewards that contribute to the overall enjoyment of the game.

Strategies for Subways Surfers with Coco

You can boost your progress in the Subway Surfers game with Coco if you follow some basic strategies (as mentioned below).

A. Scoring Strategies

As you play Subway Surfers with Coco, there are several strategies that you can use to increase your score.

  • One strategy is to collect as many coins and other items as possible during your run.
  • You can also earn a score multiplier by stringing together multiple combos in a row without crashing or being caught. To do this, you can try to avoid crashing into obstacles and hopping between the tracks to avoid oncoming trains.
  • Additionally, you can use power-ups such as the Coin Magnet and the Jetpack to help you collect more coins and avoid obstacles.
  • Finally, you can try to complete missions and daily challenges to earn extra coins and other rewards that can help boost your score.

Here are a few more tips for scoring high in Subway Surfers with Coco:

  • Survive more

Your main goal should be to keep your character running for as long as possible, as this will give you more opportunities to collect coins and other items.

  • Utilize hoverboards

Hoverboards can help you avoid crashing into obstacles, and some of them even have special abilities that can help you collect more coins or avoid obstacles.

Strategies for Subways Surfers with Coco

  • Upgrade your characters and power-ups

As you progress through the game, you can use the coins that you earn to upgrade your characters’ features (including Coco’s) and power-ups. This will make them more effective and help you score higher.

  • Play during special events

Subway Surfers often holds special events that offer unique challenges and rewards. These events can be a great opportunity to earn extra coins and other rewards that can help boost your score.

  • Use the Subway Surfers World Tour to your advantage

Each stop on the Subway Surfers World Tour introduces a new city with its own unique theme and challenges. Familiarizing yourself with the layout of each city theme can help you learn where to find valuable items and how to avoid obstacles.

  • Play with your friends

You can connect with friends through Facebook or Google Play and compete against each other on the leaderboards. You can also team up with friends to earn special rewards and bonuses. Use this multiplayer feature to motivate yourself to play more.

  • Take breaks

Playing Subway Surfers for long periods of time can lead to fatigue, which can affect your performance. Taking breaks can help you stay fresh and focused, which can improve your score.

B. Power-Up Strategies

Although we have already spoken about power-ups that you can use with Coco and Subway Surfers above, there’s much more to know about them. So, let’s get to know some strategies for using power-ups effectively:

  • Use the Coin Magnet to your advantage

The Coin Magnet power-up attracts coins and other items toward you, making it easier to collect them as you run. You can use the Coin Magnet to quickly gather coins and boost your score.

  • Save the Jetpack for difficult situations

The Jetpack power-up allows you to fly over obstacles and reach areas that are normally out of reach. You can use the Jetpack to avoid crashing into obstacles or to collect hard-to-reach coins.

However, the Jetpack has limited fuel, so it’s best to save it for when you really need it.

  • Use the Super Sneakers to your advantage

The Super Sneakers power-up gives you a temporary speed boost, which can help you outrun the inspector and his pet doggy.

You can use the Super Sneakers to make quick escapes or to catch up to friends on the leaderboards.

  • Use the Multiplier to boost your score

The Multiplier power-up increases your score in many folds, which can help you earn more points for each coin that you collect.

Use the Multiplier to boost your score and climb the leaderboards.

  • Use the Pogo Stick to reach new heights

The Pogo Stick power-up allows you to bounce on top of obstacles and reach new areas of the game. You can use the Pogo Stick to collect coins and other items that are out of reach or to avoid crashing into obstacles.

  • Use the Super Mystery Box wisely

The Super Mystery Box power-up gives you a random assortment of power-ups, which can be useful in a variety of situations.

Subway Surfers Power Ups Banana

You can use the Super Mystery Box when you are in need of a specific power-up or when you want to try out a new one.

  • Use the Score Booster wisely

The Score Booster power-up increases the value of each coin that you collect for a short period of time.

However, the Score Booster only lasts for a short time, so it’s best to use it when you are in a particularly good run and are able to collect a lot of coins.

  • Use the Head Start to get a head start

The Head Start power-up gives you a small boost at the beginning of your run. You can use the Head Start to get a head start on the police officer behind you and his dog.

  • Use the Super Head Start to get a big head start

The Super Head Start power-up gives you a larger boost at the beginning of your run. So, use the Super Head Start to get a big head start on the inspector chasing after you.

How to Obtain Coco in Subway Surfers?

A. Unlocking Coco in the game

In order to unlock Coco in the Subway Surfers game, you simply have to play the Subway Surfers Paris edition and earn 95,000 Gold Coins. Then, you can spend these coins to unlock Coco anytime.

B. Cost and availability of Coco

As I’ve already mentioned, the general cost for unlocking Coco is 95,000 Gold Coins.

  • However, you can also unlock Coco in the Wild Wednesday event in Subway Surfers Los Angeles, Subway Surfers Arabia, Subway Surfers Shanghai, Subway Surfers Venice, Subway Surfers Zurich, and Subway Surfers Cambridge.
  • She is also unlockable in Subway Surfers Berlin for 40 Keys.
  • Coco is further available in Subway Surfers Las Vegas, where she can be unlocked for 50,000 Gold Coins.
  • Coco is also available in Subway Surfers Copenhagen for 99,000 Gold Coins in the Birthday Bonanza event
  • Lastly, you can also buy Coco in Subway Surfers Barcelona for 100,000 Gold Coins.


In summary, Coco is a beloved character in the popular mobile game, Subway Surfers. With her unique abilities, stylish appearance, and energetic personality, Coco adds a lot of flair and fun to the game.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, Coco is sure to add an extra level of excitement to your Subway Surfers experience.

So, are you ready for an exciting run through the city subways? Play Subway Surfers with Coco now!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I unlock Coco’s additional outfits for free in Subway Surfers?

Yes, it is possible to unlock Coco’s Art Outfit for free in Subway Surfers by completing missions and earning Keys. But, it will likely take some time and effort. Alternatively, you can purchase the Art Outfit with real money if you want to unlock it more quickly.

Can I customize Coco’s appearance in Subway Surfers?

Yes, you can customize Coco’s appearance in Subway Surfers by purchasing new outfits and accessories for her. These items can be purchased with coins that you earn while playing the game, or with real money.

Is Coco a good character to use in Subway Surfers? 

Yes, Coco, as a character, is a good choice. In fact,  she is a super popular choice for many players in Subway Surfers, thanks to her unique and stylish appearance. However, whether or not she is the best character for you will depend on your personal playstyle and preferences.

What is Coco’s age in Subway Surfers?

The developers have not specified in the Subway Surfers game how old Coco is. All we know about her is that she is a talented teen artist and one of the main characters in the game.

So, it is up to the player to decide how old they think Coco is based on her appearance and personality.

Does Coco have a boyfriend in Subway Surfers?

There is no information in the game or in any official materials about Coco having a boyfriend in Subway Surfers. The game does not delve into the personal relationships of its characters and focuses instead on the characters’ adventures as they run from the inspector and his dog.

As such, it is not possible to say whether or not Coco has a boyfriend in the game.

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