Subway Surfers Characters: How To Unlock (A Complete Guide)

The Subway Surfers game, it’s just not itself without its special characters, right? Yes, we all know that character JAKE from the Subway Surfers game. This is the character that we start the game with.

But, as you progress through the game, you get to unlock many more characters such as Tricky, Fresh, Spike, Frank, Ella, King, Lucy, Ninja,  Tagbot, Tasha, Zoe, Brody, and many others.

Now, if you don’t know about these characters, you should know about them right now because they’re the main fun of the game. Luckily for you, we have provided a detailed guide on these special characters right below.

So, scroll below and jump onto the core of our fun discussion right now.

What Is Subway Surfers Character

A character is a playable object in subway surfers by which players can play the running game. There are two types of characters available in the game. One is limited characters and the others are non-limited characters.

Limited characters are not available at all times, they are available for a limited period of time and players have to purchase them within that period.

Non-limited characters are available for always and players can purchase them at any time. Some characters have many types of outfits that change their appearance. You can know deeply about them in this article. Hopefully, see you at the end.

All You Need To Know About Subway Surfers Characters

Some of the characters are considered valuable by the players. Know about some characters that play important roles in this game.

1. Jake

  • JAKE is the leading character in the Subway Surfers game.
  • When you play the game for the first time, you start the game with this default character.
  • Jake is a teenager / young adult who has a very confident and reckless appearance.

As Jake starts the Subway Surfers game, he is the main mascot of this game.

  • Plus, Jake is also extremely charming and restless in nature.

As a result, players who play with this character also get inspired into playing the game in an enthusiastic and lively way.

  • Among all the characters in the Subway Surfers game, Jake is said to be the smartest, most creative, and bravest one.
  • For instance, Jake is always on the look for something new and cool.
  • In addition to that, Jake is also a street artist.

More specifically, he paints various graffitis on the walls of the subways and streets as an expression of his passion for art.


Making street art is also the reason why the police chase him in this game. So, you could say that Jake is willing to be chased by police rather than giving up his passion (street art). We have a detailed article on jake. check it out.

2. Frank

Frank gives a glimpse in the first few episodes of the Subway Surfers series. He comes with his default outfit on the animated series. By his look and movement, you can say that he is the main antagonist of the Subway Surfers show.

I love the way he crosses the train lane without any fear. He has a hit list and Jake is crossed on it. In the 11th episode, Frank gets more screen time. He walks mysteriously with his tech gadget and a creepy sound plays in the background.

Frank has two different choices when it comes to outfit selection.

  • Clown Outfit
  • Tiger Outfit


Both the new character outfit keeps the old black suit and shoes. Changes are done to the briefcase and mask. The clown outfit was introduced during the New Orlando world tour event.

It gets a clown mask and red flower on hand instead of the black suitcase. You need to spend around 40,000 coins to unlock the character. Read full guide about the character.

3. zombie jake

Zombie Jake in Subway Surfers is the only limited character that reappeared in the game. The popularity of the rare Jake variant is immense among regular gamers. Everyone wants to have the character on their inventory.

Zombie Jack was first introduced during Halloween 2020 event and it was available for only 95,000 coins. Right now, you need to spend around 4.99 bucks to get the character.

zombie jake

The Features of The Zombie jake Character:

  • In the Subway Surfers game, he and Zoe are only the Zombie characters.
  • He is a boy and the first limited character to reappear in the game.
  • He is the first Halloween character.
  • Zombie is the first jack variation, the Second is Festive Jake, the Third is Pride Jake and the fourth is Super Runner Jake.

Want to know more about zombie jake? We have detailed guidelines here.

4. Yutani

Yutani is a Subway Surfers character who loves to do new science projects. The tech genius girl is great at wild imagination.

Complex machines in her yard also describe what she truly is! The alien suits represent a girl from another world.


Her friends also believe in the same story. Yutani’s full name is Yutani Rodman. The family name is adapted from his foster father.

  • Out of 9 characters, Yutani is one who has counterpart characters.
  • They are known as festive Yutani and Pride Yutani.
  • Besides, it is the first Subway Surfers character to wear a suit. Alien praiser and tech enthusiasts love the Yutani Subway Surfers character.
  • You need to have at least 500 spaceship tokens for Yutani Subway Surfers.

Dig into deep the character here.

5. Lucy

In Subway Surfers, Lucy has been addressed as one of the main characters of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure-based animated series.

In this series, she plays the role of an Italian girl Trisha Una. The biggest show topper of the game looks stylish in her cool avatar. Many Gamers call her the Harley Queen of the Subway Surfers gameplay.


In the first year of Subway Surfers’ launch, 15 non-limited edition characters were introduced. Among them, Lucy is the most stylish girl by far.

  • She is also the cheapest character to unlock with coins.
  • You will only need 7,000 coins for the task.
  • Lucy is almost the female version of Jake and also has a similar running style.

Get full details on the character here.

6. Bob the Blob

Bob the Blob is one of the most expensive characters in the endless running game. You will not get the character for free.

It requires event tokens to unlock the Bob the Blob Subway Surfers character. Simple steps to get Bob the Blob in Subway Surfers are shared below.

  • Play Subway Surfers and collect 30,000 event tokens.
  • Once you have enough tokens in Subway Surfers inventory, visit the in-game store at the right bottom corner.
  • Scroll and search for the Bob the Blob character.
  • Open it and click on the green button to purchase.
  • You need to spend 30,000 event tokens and it will be marked as ‘own’ afterward.
  • Go to the character dashboard and select Bob the Blob for play.
  • You have successfully unlocked Bob the Blob in Subway Surfers.

Bob the Blob

7. Fresh

Fresh Subway Surfers character journey starts from the very beginning of the game. The standard character represents a music festival on the endless game.


A funky cap and a radio is his companion. He has been cast in the animated series and is also known as Fresh Harper. You would need 50 Fresh Stereos tokens to unlock the character. Unlock more about the mysterious character Fresh.

8. Tricky

Tricky is a brainy surfer in the gameplay. She is a dancer and knows lots of cool hoverboard tricks. She has two additional outfit options and all of them require hat tokens to unlock.


Heart Outfit (150 hat tokens) and Camo Outfit (300 hat tokens). She is the cheapest character to unlock in the gameplay. You will only need 3 hat tokens. Know in-depth about her in his article.

9. Prince K

Prince K is an Arabic kid and needs around 980,000 coins to unlock. It is marked as the most expensive standard character in the gameplay.

Prince K

He wears a robe and represents middle-east culture. Shine and Jag outfits will cost 100 keys and 280 keys respectively. King and Prince K are the only royal characters of Subway Surfers.

10. Ninja

The white belt black Ninja character sounds like a perfect entertaining Subway Surfers character. A black belt white Ninja outfit is also there which is called the Yang Outfit.


The standard character takes 20,000 coins to unlock. The flame outfit adds a special flame sign on the ninja cap and shorts. Noon, Sun, and Brandon are the other Martial Arts characters in the game.

11. King

King is the first royal figure in the Subway Surfers game. The characters got two new outfits for Christmas and Halloween celebrations.


The fat king character requires 80,000 coins to unlock. ‘I am #1’ is written on both his Default and Royal outfit. The crown of the King was missing from the Count Outfit and also has vampire’s teeth. Here is detailed information about this kid’s character.

12. Spike

Spike character takes a Mohawk wave at the top with red edges. Later on, he loses his Mohawk for the rock outfit. The hair spikes return with the Punk Outfit.


The character outfit revolves around music genres. Don’t be surprised if you see Spike’s outfit associated with other music forms in the future.

13. Tagbot

Tagbot takes a robotic appearance in the game. The cheap character has a round face with a hat at the top. Toy and Space outfits will cost you around 15 and 25 keys respectively.


The space outfit was introduced during the New York World Tour event. Fun fact, it was the first purchasable Subway Surfers character that has received additional outfits.

14. Miss Maia

Gamers received Miss Maia during the San Francisco event. You can actually unlock the character with the ‘MissMaiaGP’ promo code (not available). She cares for her safety and wears knee pads and a gas mask.

Miss Maia

The yellow hoodie and magenta touch hairs look a perfect match for the character. She has been one of the main casts of the Subway Surfers animation.

15. Harumi

Harumi is a limited edition Subway Surfers character. The Tokyo girl shines on the game with Meow outfit and Fury outfit.


The Meow or Cat outfit transforms her face just like a cat. Bob and double bun hairdo make her a cute teen girl in the gameplay. You need to spend 95,000 coins to unlock the character.

16. Tasha

Blonde Tasha’s non-limited character defines style in a new way. It actually has a cheer outfit with a purple pompom.

Besides, she also has a GYM outfit for 25 keys. Basically, it is representing a slim and fit girl in the gameplay. You would need 30,000 coins to unlock the character and comes with an additional +5 Multiplier power-up.


17. Alex

The ninth limited edition character Alex was introduced during the Moscow World Tour event. Her Techno outfit was also introduced during another Moscow event.


She loves to dance and is also dressed like a dancer. The colorful character will need 95,000 coins to unlock the Subway Surfers game.

18. Mina

Mina is a Seoul girl with a brown tone. Her black messy hair and casual outfit make her a cool teenager. Robo outfit adds on a red makeup glass. She is a musical girl and it is also shown in her Pop Outfit.


Both outfits will cost 30 keys to unlock. She has also reappeared in the game during New York and Lunar New Year events and become the first female character to reappear in the endless running game.

19. Jenny

Jenny Subway Surfers focus on a party girl look. She also has an outfit called the party outfit which can be unlocked with 30 keys. On the other hand, the pixel outfit will also cost the same.


She is one of the few characters on the Subway Surfers game that resemble US culture. Jenny was first introduced back in the 2016 San Francisco event.

20. Coco

Coco is known for being the first European girl in the game. No other limited character has a +5 multiplier on the Subway Surfers.


The unlockable character has a cost margin of 95,000 coins. Her clothes showcase French culture with both Art and Jester outfits. The Joker’s makeup of the character is also very symbolic. Read a complete guide on coco.

21. Sun

Sun is an exclusive Subway Surfers character. He is the first Asian male character in the game. You can associate him with Ninja’s character for his Martial Arts decoration.


The traditional Chinese makeup put him side by side with Chinese tradition. The same look was intact for both Spot and Rogue outfits.

22. Jolien

Well-mannered Jolien came into play during the Amsterdam event in 2016. Surfers got another female character from Europe. She was reintroduced during the Oxford World Tour and demands 99 keys to unlock.


A smartphone in her hand showcases her as a modern girl. Florist and Spring Outfit of Jolien can be unlocked anytime with 30 keys each.

23. Boombot

You might have guessed from the name that it is a bot-themed character. You don’t need any coins or keys to unlock the character.


Spend real money on the in-game store and the character will be unlocked automatically. A boombox is his head and colored in gold all over the body. It is one of the few non-limited characters which have only one outfit.

24. Koral

Koral was drawn by Subway Surfers fan @Tensigrace. Later on, the Subway Surfers character concept art was adopted by the main gameplay. The character was released during the Mumbai edition of 2021 and requires 25k event tokens to unlock.


During her return on Birthday Bonanza, you need to spend real dollars for the purchase. The mermaid Subway Surfers girl only has one outfit.

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Subway Surfers Characters List

Approximately, Subway Surfers has 140+ characters that can be unlocked and played. Some of the characters are limited edition features and some of the characters can be unlocked by anyone, anytime.

So, do you want to know about these characters? Let’s get to know the names of these characters below:

  1. Jake
  2. Tricky
  3. Spike
  4. Fresh
  5. Ella
  6. Yutani
  7. frank
  8. Tagbot
  9. Ninja
  10. King
  11. Lucy
  12. Prince K
  13. Brody
  14. Zoe
  15. Tasha
  16. Elf
  17. Tricky
  18. Tony
  19. Zombie Jake
  20. Kim
  21. Roberto
  22. Harumi
  23. Carmen
  24. Alex
  25. Coco
  26. Sun
  27. Nick
  28. Jamie
  29. Eddy
  30. Rosa
  31. Olivia
  32. Jay
  33. Mina
  34. Jasmine
  35. Edison
  36. Wayne
  37. Noor
  38. Buddy
  39. Dino Rex
  40. Izzy
  41. Nikos
  42. Amira
  43. Mike
  44. Marco
  45. Zuri
  46. Garo
  47. Jenny
  48. Carlos
  49. Aina
  50. Lauren
  51. Gia
  52. Ramona
  53. Bjarki
  54. Malik
  55. Phillip
  56. Jolien
  57. Diego
  58. Lee
  59. Freya
  60. Salma
  61. Z.
  62. Sophia
  63. Manny
  64. Nikolai
  65. Brandon
  66. Boombot
  67. Scarlet
  68. Nina
  69. Hugo
  70. Miss Maia
  71. Alicia
  72. Rabbot
  73. Mei
  74. Ace
  75. Rin
  76. Kareem
  77. Mimi
  78. Amy
  79. Maeko
  80. Festive Fresh
  81. Alba
  82. Ming
  83. Monkbot
  84. Liu
  85. Jack
  86. Callum
  87. Odell
  88. Lamar
  89. Tom
  90. Dak
  91. Tankbot
  92. Patrick
  93. Cathy
  94. Sequon
  95. Andy
  96. Morgan
  97. Festive jake
  98. Noel
  99. Festive Frank
  100. Festive Tricky
  101. Festive Yutani
  102. Festive Spike
  103. Rat
  104. Spacebot
  105. Frankette
  106. Ox
  107. Qin
  108. Zayn
  109. Hou
  110. Lana
  111. Buzz
  112. Darryl
  113. Bonnie
  114. Trym
  115. Pride Jake
  116. Pride Bot
  117. Pride Spike
  118. Pride Tricky
  119. Pride Fresh
  120. Pride Spike
  121. Alexandre Pride
  122. Yutani Parkour
  123. Rin
  124. Akira
  125. Taha
  126. Bob The Blob
  127. Cleo
  128. Koral
  129. Clementine
  130. Maia
  131. Gingerbot
  132. Phoenix
  133. Charlie
  134. Hasina
  135. Pink
  136. Tiger
  137. Super Runner Jake
  138. George
  139. Super Runner Tricky
  140. Dummy
  141. Pride Miss Maia
  142. Super Runner Yutani
  143. The Burger King
  144. Super Runner Fresh
  145. Zi Hao
  146. Fantasma
  147. Moira
  148. Alia

As you can see, the character list in the Subway Surfers game is a quite long one.

However, a long character list means that the game developers care about their players and are working constantly to add new features to the game. So, go ahead, play, and unlock these characters one by one.

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Subway Surfers Character By Categories

The above list is the all characters available in subway surfers at this time. But it is difficult to identify the character’s gender and other things for beginners even for regular players ever. So, you can identify easily from the list below. And let us know which category should be added to the list other than.

Free Characters

  1. Jake
  2. Gingerbot
  3. Dino

Boy Characters

  1. Ace
  2. Alexandre
  3. Andy
  4. Bjarki
  5. Brandon
  6. Brody
  7. Buzz
  8. Carlos
  9. Dak
  10. Darryl
  11. Diego
  12. Dylan
  13. E.Z.
  14. Eddy
  15. Edison
  16. Fantasma
  17. Festive Frank
  18. Festive Fresh
  19. Festive Jake
  20. Festive Spike
  21. Frank
  22. Fresh
  23. George
  24. Guard
  25. Hou
  26. Hugo
  27. Izzy
  28. Jack
  29. Jake
  30. Jamie
  31. Jaro
  32. Jay
  33. Kareem
  34. King
  35. Lamar
  36. Lee
  37. Malik
  38. Manny
  39. Marco
  40. Mike
  41. Nick
  42. Nicolai
  43. Nikos
  44. Ninja
  45. Noel
  46. Odell
  47. Patrick
  48. Philip
  49. Phoenix
  50. Pride Fresh
  51. Pride Jake
  52. Pride Spike
  53. Prince K
  54. Qin
  55. Rat
  56. Rex
  57. Roberto
  58. Saquon
  59. Spike
  60. Sun
  61. Super Runner Fresh
  62. Super Runner Jake
  63. Taha
  64. The Burger King
  65. Tom
  66. Tony
  67. Trym
  68. Wayne
  69. Zayn
  70. Zi Hao
  71. Zombie Jake

Girl Characters

  1. Aina
  2. Alba
  3. Alex
  4. Alia
  5. Alicia
  6. Amira
  7. Amy
  8. Bonnie
  9. Carmen
  10. Cathy
  11. Clementine
  12. Cleo
  13. Coco
  14. Connie Bressler
  15. Elf Tricky
  16. Ella
  17. Festive Tricky
  18. Festive Yutani
  19. Freya
  20. Harumi
  21. Hasina
  22. Jasmine
  23. Jenny
  24. Jia
  25. Jolien
  26. Kim
  27. Lana
  28. Lauren
  29. Liu
  30. Lucy
  31. Maeko
  32. Mala
  33. Mei
  34. Mimi
  35. Mina
  36. Ming
  37. Miss Maia
  38. Moira
  39. Morgan
  40. Nina
  41. Noon
  42. Olivia
  43. Parkour Rin
  44. Pink
  45. Pride Miss Maia
  46. Rabbot
  47. Ramona
  48. Rin
  49. Rosa
  50. Salma
  51. Scarlett
  52. Sofia
  53. Song Yi
  54. Super Runner Tricky
  55. Super Runner Yutani
  56. Tasha
  57. Tricky
  58. Yutani
  59. Zoe
  60. Zuri

Limited Characters

  1. Tony
  2. Roberto
  3. Nick
  4. Sun
  5. Jay
  6. Edison
  7. Wayne
  8. Rex
  9. Izzy
  10. Marco
  11. Nikos
  12. Jaro
  13. Carlos
  14. Bjarki
  15. Philip
  16. Lee
  17. Diego
  18. EZ
  19. E.Z.
  20. Dylan
  21. Brandon
  22. Hugo
  23. Kareem
  24. Jack
  25. Dak
  26. Lamar
  27. Tom
  28. Odell
  29. Patrick
  30. Saquon
  31. Andy
  32. Zayn
  33. Darryl
  34. Buzz
  35. Trym
  36. Pride Jake
  37. Pride Fresh
  38. Pride Spike
  39. Pride Frank
  40. Alexandre
  41. Akira
  42. Taha
  43. Phoenix
  44. Super Runner Jake
  45. Super Runner Fresh
  46. The Burger King
  47. Zi Hao

Halloween Characters

  1. Zombie Jake
  2. Eddy
  3. Mike
  4. Manny
  5. Scarlett
  6. Cathy
  7. Morgan
  8. Noel
  9. Fantasma

Holiday Characters

  1. Elf Tricky
  2. Jamie
  3. Buddy
  4. Malik
  5. Nicolai
  6. Festive Fresh
  7. Festive Jake
  8. Festive Tricky
  9. FestiveSpike
  10. Festive Frank
  11. Festive Yutani
  12. Clementine
  13. Gingerbot

Fan Made Character

  1. Tankbot
  2. Koral
  3. Bob the Blob

Asian Characters

  1. Ace
  2. Akira
  3. Alexandre
  4. Alia
  5. Amira
  6. Andy
  7. Brandon
  8. Harumi
  9. Hou
  10. Jay
  11. Jia
  12. Kareem
  13. Koral
  14. Lee
  15. Liu
  16. Maeko
  17. Mei
  18. Mina
  19. Ming
  20. Monkbot
  21. Noon
  22. Ox
  23. Pride Frank
  24. Pride Fresh
  25. Pride Jake
  26. Pride Spike
  27. Pride Tricky
  28. Pride Yutani
  29. Pridebot
  30. Qin
  31. Rat
  32. Rin
  33. Song Yi
  34. Sun
  35. Tiger
  36. Zi Hao

Subway Surfers Characters Unlock

All the characters in Subway Surfers are not unlocked by default. Rather, you will only start the game with the only character “JAKE”. Then, you’ll have to unlock all other characters by playing the game over a long time.

For example, there are some characters that you can unlock just by collecting coins. You can unlock

  • Frank for 40,000 coins,
  • Ella for 150,000 coins,
  • King for 80,000 coins,
  • Lucy for 7,000 coins,
  • Ninja for 20,000 coins,
  • Tagbot 12,000 coins,
  • Tasha for 30,000 coins,
  • Prince K for 980,000 coins,

and many more.

On the other hand, some characters are not unlockable by simply earning coins. Rather, you may have to achieve some special items to unlock them.

For instance, you can unlock

  • Tricky by achieving 3 Tricky’s hats,
  • Fresh by achieving 50 Fresh’s stereo,
  • Spike by achieving 200 spik’s guitars,
  • Yutani by achieving 500 Yutani’s UFOs,

and many more.

Now, there are some other characters as well that can only be unlocked by earning keys in the Subway Surfers game. Although finding keys is a bit difficult in the Subway Surfers game, it’s not impossible to do so.

You can unlock the character

  • Kareem by earning 60 keys,
  • Lamar by 50 keys,
  • Patrick by 50 keys,
  • Cathy by 60 keys,

and many more.

Finally, you can also unlock some Subway Surfers game characters by spending real money. Yes, you may have to spend real money to unlock some rare characters in the Subway Surfers game.

For example, You can unlock the character

  • Amy by spending 6.99 USD,
  • Monkbot for 2.99 USD,
  • Liu for 2.99 USD,
  • Festive Frank for 2.99 USD,
  • Mystic Spike for 2.99 USD

and many more.

Subway Surfers Characters Ages

The Subway Surfers game is full of interesting game characters. In total, there are more than 140 playable game characters. But, what is their age?

Well, most game characters in the Subway Surfers game are between 14 to 19 years old. That means Subway Surfers characters are mostly teenagers.

For example, the main character that starts the game (Jake) is a teenager. Along with him, other characters such as Tricky, Fresh, Spike, Yutany, etc are also teenagers.

However, some game characters are young adults as well. But, the number of young adults as game characters in this game is very small.

In fact, there’s no way to pinpoint which characters are young adults and which characters are teenagers. According to our speculation,  the characters of Freya, Aina, Brandon, etc are young adults. Their age is estimated to be around 20 to 25.

Lastly, there are also some characters in the Subway Surfers game who are not humanoid. For example, Tagbot, Boombot, zombie characters, and other robot characters are not humanite. So, their age cannot be determined.

Subway Surfers Characters In Real Life

The Subway Surfers characters are all fictional characters. So, there are no real-life versions of these game characters.

However, some players are very much enthusiastic about these game characters and they have decided to cosplay these characters.

Therefore, you might see a lot of cosplayers that are playing the Subway Surfers game characters such as Jake, Tricky, Fresh, Spike, Ella, etc.

For instance, you can check out this video showing a lot of Subway Surfers characters in real-life implementation.

Subway Surfers Christmas Characters

Subway Surfers release different themes in different seasons. For example, on Christmas Eve, the Subway Surfers developers released a game with new characters with Christmas themes. Along with it, the old characters are also decorated with Christmas themes as well.

Below, you’ll find the list of Christmas characters in the Subway Surfers game that has been sighted so far:

  • Buddy
  • Elf Tricky
  • Clementine
  • Festive Frank
  • Choo Choo
  • Festive Josh
  • Festive Tricky
  • Festive Fresh
  • Festive Spike
  • Freya
  • Gingerbot
  • Malik
  • Ginger Boom
  • Nicolai
  • Rudy, etc

Subway Surfers Christmas Characters

As you can see, in the Subway Surfers game, there are quite a lot of characters that have a Christmas theme.

In order to play the Subway Surfers game with these characters, you’ll have to wait until Christmas Eve, when the game releases itself with a Christmas theme.

Subway Surfers’ Best Characters

The Subway Surfers game has over 140 characters in the game. Among them, the best character is Jake, who is the default character in this game.

Jake is the best of all characters. It’s because you don’t need to earn any coins, keys, special items, or spend any money to unlock this character. You get this character for free when you start this game.

So, according to our preference, Jake is indeed the best character in the Subway Surfers game.

Other than Jake, we consider the below-mentioned character to be the best among all the characters of the Subway Surfers game:

  • Tricky
  • Fresh
  • king
  • Spike
  • Lucy
  • Tasha
  • Prince k
  • Ella
  • Yutani

Subway Surfers Characters Special Powers

The characters in the Subway Surfers game perform at the same level. That means whichever character you choose in the Subway Surfers game, will always perform the same. Therefore, the Subway Surfers characters have no special powers.

In order to advance in the game very fast, you have to collect multiple boost-ups and bonuses. And, you also have to know how to play the game very well.

So, playing with a certain character in the Subway Surfers game will not give you any upper edge at all. Rather, whichever character you choose, you will perform the same as long as your game skills are the same.

But, if you manage to improve your game skills, you will do good in the game with any character.

So, the bottom line is that the Subway Surfers game characters have no special powers that can help you survive in the Subway Surfers game. Rather, the characters in the Subway Surfers game are there only for motivating purposes.

For instance, if you find a character to be a bit similar to yourself, you might find more comfort in playing the game. Or, if a particular character in the Subway Surfers game has a physical resemblance to any person you like, you will feel more joy when you win in this game with that character.

So, when playing the Subway Surfers game, you have to keep in mind that playing the game with a particular character will not grant you any special power. Rather, you can choose a particular character to make the game more fun.

What Is The Rarest Subway Surfers Character?

Although you can unlock almost any character if you have enough coins in the Subway Surfers game, some characters are really hard to get.

For instance,

  • Zombie Jake,
  • Monkbot,
  • Elf Tricky,
  • Zombie Fresh,
  • Rabbot

are the rarest characters in the Subway Surfers game.

zombie jake

These characters are super rare because these characters are only available seasonally. So, it doesn’t matter how many coins you have or how much money you spend, you will only be able to unlock these characters in their particular seasons.

Subway Surfers Chinese Characters

The Subway Surfers is a global game. So, it has characters from all regions of the globe. Likewise, it has some characters from China as well.

So, if you are interested to know about Subway Surfers Chinese characters, here’s the list of characters that have a resemblance of Chinese characters:

  • Alexandre
  • Brandon
  • Ace
  • Hou
  • Amy
  • Liu
  • Lee
  • Ming
  • Maeko
  • Mimi
  • Monkbot
  • Ox
  • Parkour
  • Rin
  • Rat
  • Sun
  • Qin
  • Zi hou, etc.


As you can see, there are quite a lot of characters who have a resemblance of Chinese origin.

Subway Surfers’ Upcoming Characters

The characters that have been introduced to the Subway Surfers game have been listed above. Other than the characters we mentioned above, there’s no news of the debut of any new character (as of October 2022).

However, we might get to see new characters getting introduced in the Subway Surfers game in 2023. Up until then, there’s no news on Subway Surfers’ upcoming characters.

Subway Surfers Characters Ranked

There’s no official ranking for the characters in the Subway Surfers game. It’s because no character in the Subway Surfers game has any special ability or power. So, all the characters are equal in terms of capability.

However, you could rank the characters based on your personal preference. Meaning, you can rank the characters based on your preference for physical appearance, the character’s confidence level, and dressing sense, etc.

For you, we have listed 10 characters of the Subway Surfers game from number one to number 10.

  • Jake
  • Tricky
  • Fresh
  • King
  • Spike
  • Lucy
  • Tasha
  • Prince k
  • Ella
  • Yutani

This particular list is constructed based on our preference for physical appearance. So, our ranking might be different from the character’s ranking from other sources. You can also make your custom list of the Subway Surfers characters ranked.

Subway Surfers Character Dossier

The Subway Surfers character dossier is an animated mini-series that shows the lives of the Subway Surfers characters In animation.

This mini-series was released in September 2018 and it has 7 episodes based on the 7 main characters of the Subway Surfers game.

The name of the episodes and their release date has been given below:

  • Beatrice – released on September 5th, 2018
  • Maurice – released on September 19th, 2018
  • Yutani – released on October 3rd, 2018
  • Fresh – relation October 17th, 2018
  • Frank – released on October 31, 2018
  • Ted – released on November 14th, 2018
  • Jake – released on November 28th, 2018

Want to watch these episodes from the animated mini-series? Check out this link and watch them right now.

Subway Surfers’ Most Expensive Characters

Among all the characters in the Subway Surfers game, PRINCE K is the most expensive character. It’s because you will need to spend 980,000 coins to unlock this character.

Prince K

Now, in terms of the requirement of spending real money, there are some other characters as well that cost a lot. For example, the character Ace, Amy, and Mimi require you to spend 6.99 USD for unlocking.

So, they are some of the most expensive characters in the Subway Surfers game.

Subway Surfers’ New Characters

The Subway Surfers game introduces many new characters each year. As of 2022, the below-listed characters are the new characters in the Subway Surfers game:

  • Pink
  • Tiger
  • Pride Miss Maia
  • Dummy
  • Super Runner Jake
  • George
  • Hasina
  • Charlie


As you can see from the above discussion, the Subway Surfers characters are diverse, wide-ranging, and fun to play with. Each character has its own distinct physical appearance and personal appeal.

So, go ahead and pick a particular character of your choosing and enjoy the game as much as you can. Best of luck to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this subsection, check out some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Subway Surfers characters:

How many characters are in Subway Surfers

As of 2022, there are a total of 149 characters in the Subway Surfers game.

Which Subway Surfers character is the best?

There’s no official best character in the Subway Surfers game. However, when it comes to choosing a particular character as the best, most people choose “Jake” over all other characters.

How old are Subway Surfers characters?

The exact age of Subway Surfers characters is unknown. However, looking at the physical appearance of these characters, we can estimate that they are mostly teenagers or young adults.

Who is Jake’s girlfriend in Subway Surfers?

Officially, there’s no information available on who’s Jake’s girlfriend in the Subway Surfers game. However the fans of the Subway Surfers game ship the character Jake and Tricky together.

So, it won’t be wrong to say that Tricky might be Jake’s girlfriend.

Which is the fastest character in Subway Surfers?

No character in the Subway Surfers game is faster than other characters. Rather, the running speed for all characters is the same. So, whichever character you play with, you end up having the same speed.

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