Subway Surfers Brody: Outfits, Age, Tricks and Gameplay

Subway Surfers Brody inspires you with a new handsome character. He is a blonde guy with cool outfits. The character showcases a lifeguard style and gives three different outfit options. You will get to know more about them in the article.

Besides, I will also share the character’s unique in-depth details and the entire unlocking process. It is always better to have a good collection of Subway Surfers characters. You will get a new mission to chase here. Let’s dive deeper into the main section.

Overview of Brody as a Character

Brody is a blonde character in the Subway Surfers gameplay. The character has a hefty price tag of 350,000 coins. His lifeguard appearance looks lively and can make you excited on the endless run. Unlike others, it is not released during a world tour event.

It was introduced in the gameplay at the very beginning of the actual launch. Alongside the original outfit, you will have the option to unlock posh and chill outfits for keys. Investigate more about the character down below.

  • Subway Surfers Brody is the second most expensive character in the gameplay.
  • Posh and Chill’s outfits cost around 35 and 70 keys respectively.
  • He is the first character to wear flip-flops on Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers Brody

Brody’s Role In The Game

Brody’s fashion represents a lifeguard look. The tough guy style does really amaze you on the gameplay. His glass is placed on the top with the original outfit. It comes down to the eye in other paid outfit options.

The casual attire gives a vacation vibe. His appearance defines him as an attractive male character in the Subway Surfers plays. You can note down some special power-ups and increase your dominance on the Subway Surfers run.

  • Super Sneaker: You are not going to get hours of support here. But it will give you a special jumping power sometimes. The barriers force will not be able to stop you when you are on the high ground. Reach places that were hard to reach before.
  • Coin Magnet: The power-up treats you with lots of coin collection in a short time frame. Activate it and get more in-game currency with Brody. You need to make sure that you make use of the Coin Magnet at the right time.
  • Jetpack: It adds a backpack on Brody and acts as a jetpack. You will float in the air and fly through all the Subway Surfers’ obstacles. Subway Surfers Brody will make promising progress with this special power-up.

How to Win in the Subway Surfers with Brody

You always play the Subway Surfers game against the odd. You will find trains, billboards, and barriers to cut short your run. Every Subway Surfers character has a common playing pattern and follows the same winning strategies.

I would admit that it is hard to win in Subway Surfers without the assistance of special abilities and power-ups. Spend more game time with the Subway Surfers Brody character and find it easier to make an incredible endless run.

1. Using Special Abilities Board

Special abilities are some sort of luxury of the Subway Surfers gameplay. Most often they are associated with the board collection and are slightly different from the regular power-ups. Look down and find the right special abilities board for your need.

  • Super Speed Boards: Imagine yourself running down the tracks, wind in your hair, and the thrill of speed coursing through your veins. These boards, such as the Great White, Rocket, and Jazz, can be purchased from the store and assist you in the endless run. You’ll have a better chance to set new high scores in no time, leaving your friends and rivals in the dust.
  • Super Jump Boards: You get a wing with this special ability. Activate them, and outsmart all the Subway Surfers’ obstacles. The Freestyle or Lumberjack boards are choices you’ll love. You can make a marvelous run with them and earn more in-game coins in Subway Surfers
  • Zap Sideways Boards: The freedom of movement as you zap swiftly sideways, deftly avoiding obstacles in your path. Certain boards possess this special power, granting you the ability to move with such agility and grace. A true wizard of the Subway Surfers.
  • Go Low Boards: The low obstacles present an interesting challenge for players, as they test one’s ability to execute a low rolling maneuver. However, for those who may find this task difficult, the implementation of the “go-low” boards offers a viable solution. These boards allow an escape route from low obstacles without the need for extensive effort.

2. Special Power-Ups

Power-ups can give you the great pleasure of playing the game more smoothly. You can get a step ahead on your run using these special abilities. Some of the common Subway Surfers power-ups detail are shared underneath.

  • Jetpacks Power-Ups: This power-up allows players to literally fly above the obstacles, effectively handling the incoming obstacles from the top. The Subway Surfers character Brody takes you closer to the unreachable coins. It is becoming a staple strategy in the Subway Surfers community.
  • 2X Multiplier: Get ready to take on new challenges in the game. Take it to the next level by combining Subway Surfers Brody characters with power-ups like the 2X Multiplier. You’ll be unstoppable on the scoreboard.
  • Super Sneakers and Pogo Stick Power-Ups: Utilizing power-ups such as the Super Sneakers and Pogo Stick can greatly enhance the overall gameplay. You got the right to jump on Subway Surfers with them. You can use a pogo stick or sneaker to get a more dynamic and thrilling experience.

How to Win in the Subway Surfers with Brody

Benefits Of Playing As Brody  

Subway Surfers Brody leads you on the gameplay with power-ups and special abilities. The standard edition character is not limited and available with in-game coins. I think the character is more about mental encouragement.

If you like a lifeguard who we all do then you can feel more confident on the Subway Surfers run with Brody. It does not matter much whom you choose as the main character for the run. You will get the same benefits just like any other character.

Brody’s Appearance

Subway Surfers Brody stands out in a young lifeguard original outfit. He dresses in a stylish deep blue swim shirt with red shorts. The sides of the shorts are marked in yellow. The casual yet fashionable look makes him a likable character among surfers.  Shark’s tooth necklace makes a great accessory and is the perfect combination with the outfit.

Brody’s original outfit also has black sunglasses at the top of the head. His blonde hair completes the shine of the character. Pair of blue flip-flops is seen on all three outfit options. You get the freedom to choose from default, Posh, and Chill outfits once you have unlocked them. More about them is shared below.

1. Posh Outfit

The outfit features a sleek, tailored black swim shirt, with brown shorts. It gives you a casual look and feels. Finally, he put black sunglasses back on his eyes. The Subway Surfers’ posh outfit is perfect for players who want to make a statement in the game and show off their sense of style. You will need 35 keys to unlock the Pose outfit.

2. Chill Outfit

The handsome Brody now adds a headband with the ‘V’ sign. He gets back to his original outfit shorts and a sleeveless shirt. The only difference is the shorts’ white side seams. The black sunglass shade now transforms into pink. The depth of the characters is visible on the colorful beads necklace with a big green peace sign on it. Just like the character, it is one of the most expensive Subway Surfers outfits and costs around 70 keys.

How to unlock Brody in Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers Brody needs to be unlocked with coins. The standard character is available in the store for 350,000 coins. Besides, the 99 Keys deal was activated during the Venice Beach world tour event. Let’s check both processes step by step.

1. Coin Purchase

  • Launch the game and log in to your Subway Surfers account.
  • Go for the long run and collect coins. You are going to need a lot of them.
  • Enter the Subway Surfers store and search for the Brody character.
  • Click the green button at the bottom and unlock the character.

2. Keys Purchase

  • You need to collect the keys now.
  • Make your way inside the game and check the store.
  • Go to the character section and select Brody.
  • It is the moment when you complete the unlock process.

How to unlock Brody in Subway Surfers


Subway Surfers Brody is a bold character in the gameplay. He doesn’t give up and keeps you on the endless run. I have already told you almost everything that you need to know about the character. Do you have something to say?

Share them down below. Keep coming back for more shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the special abilities of the Brody character in Subway Surfers?

There is no special ability of the Brody character in Subway Surfers. But you can activate the hoverboard and power-ups for a short period. The main goal here is to extend the run and collect as many in-game currencies as you can.

Can Brody be used in Subway Surfers tournaments?

Subway Surfers has different rules for every single tournament. In some tournaments, Brody may be available as a playable character, while in others he may not be. Additionally, some tournaments may have rules that limit the characters that can be used. It is best to check the specific rules of the tournament you are interested in to see if Brody can be used.

Does Subway Surfers Brody have animation?

You will see a special Brody animation during the original outfit. His blonde hair flies backward because of the wind. But the animation was cut off for the Posh and Chill outfit. No other animation is active for the character.

Who is the second most expensive character in Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers Brody is the second most expensive character in the endless running game. The top of the board is taken by Price K which is triple the price of Brody. It is based on the in-game coin characters of Subway Surfers.

How many blonde boys are there in Subway Surfers?

There are six blonde boys in the Subway Surfers gameplay. The names of the male characters are Brody, Nick, Dylan, Hugo, Philip, and Alexandre. All of them have blonde hair with a stylish appearance on the endless run.

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