Subway Surfers Boombot: Outfits, Age, and Gameplay

Subway Surfers Boombot is a robotic theme character. It is different from other characters in many different aspects. The human look of the Subway Surfers characters is pretty common. But Boombot is totally different and brings on a bot appearance.

You will also get to know additional details about it inside the article inside. I will show how easily you can unlock the character from the store. Keep on learning about in-game characters and consistently improve your gameplay. Let’s hover down to the main section.

Overview of Boombot as a Character

Boombot is a non-limited edition character in Subway Surfers and was revealed on 31st May 2018. The robot has no locked outfits. You need to play only with the original one. But you will find some limited edition counterparts of the character.

Boombot can’t be unlocked with coins and keys. You need to make a real money purchase from the Subway Surfers store in order to unlock it. You can compare the character with Tagbot Subway Surfers characters.

  • Subway Surfers Boombot has three limited edition counterparts – Pridebot, Spacebot, and Gingerbot
  • It is that only Subway Surfers’ core crew character that needs real money to unlock.
  • The bot is the 17th Subway Surfers non-limited character on the endless running game.

Subway Surfers Boombot

Boombot’s Role In The Game

Boombot has a robotic-style appearance just like the Tagbot. The outfit seems like floating robot parts. According to the release date, the age of the Subway Surfers character is around three years plus. If you love robot-style characters then you can unlock the special character with a single money purchase in the in-game store.

Subway Surfers Boombot was not introduced with any special powers in the play. But the character can use in-game power-ups and play an important role to extend your endless run. It is time for us to check some special power-ups that you can use with the character.

1. Super Sneaker:

This type of power-up in the game gives Boombot enhanced jumping abilities. With the Super Sneakers, the character is able to jump higher and farther, making it easier to avoid obstacles and collect coins. The Super Sneakers power-up is especially useful for players who want to get a high score or complete a difficult level.

2. Jetpack:

The character can fly through the air using the jetpack. This power-up gives the character the ability to soar over obstacles and collect coins more easily. Jetpack is a great tool for players looking to get a high score or complete a challenging level. It can also be used to discover hidden areas and secret pathways.

3. Coin Magnet:

Coin Magnet is a power-up in the game that attracts coins toward the character. This power-up is especially useful for players looking to collect a large number of coins in a short amount of time. The Coin Magnet is a powerful tool that can help Boombot players boost their score and unlock new characters and items.

How to Win in the Subway Surfers with Boombot

I am guessing that you are ready to make the endless run using Subway Surfers Boombot character. Every character imitates the same run but the appearance is different. The advantage here is mental rather than anything else.

You can make a top run with Boombot like the rest of the characters. But it will be better for you if you know some simple tricks. I am going to show you some common ways through which you can win big with the robotic character.

1. Using Special Abilities

Subway Surfers Boombot characters can take use of special abilities in the game and make the winning bet easier for you. You can follow through with them down below and make a better move on the run. Check them out with brief details.

  • Super Speed Boards: The Subway Surfers Super Speed Board is a power-up in the game that gives the player’s character a boost of speed. This power-up is useful for players looking to complete levels quickly or outrun their pursuers. When activated, the Super Speed Board Great White, Rocket, Crash Test, and Jazz will give the character a burst of speed, allowing them to run faster and jump farther.
  • Super Jump Boards: The Super Jump Board allows the player to reach new heights and access areas that were previously out of reach. Freestyle and Lumberjack jump board is especially useful in levels with many gaps or obstacles, as it allows the player to easily clear them and keep running.
  • Zap Sideways Boards: Zap Board will allow the character to zap and destroy any obstacles in their way, making it easier to keep running. The Zap Board is a powerful tool that can help players get a high score and progress through the game more quickly. It is especially useful in levels with many obstacles or tight spaces, as it allows the player to clear a path and move more freely.
  • Go Low Boards: Low power board is a power-up that allows the Boombot’s character to duck and slide under obstacles. When activated, the Go Low Board will allow the character to crouch and make it easier to keep running. Lumberjack board and Kahuna board are good examples of it.

2. Special Power-Ups

You have many other special Subway Surfers power-ups to play with. You can collect them in the endless run and also available on the in-game store. Besides, some of them are also upgradable for additional benefits. Let’s check them out.

  • Jetpacks Power-Ups: The power keeps the Subway Surfers Boombot out of trouble. It takes you on the high ground and gives trouble-free passes. You can use it to collect coins from the sky which is occasionally out of reach.
  • 2X Multiplier: Subway Surfers Boombot can double the number of coins and keys for a certain period of time. It allows players to progress faster in the game by earning more rewards. Surfers must try to collect as many coins and keys as possible by completing missions and challenges to take advantage of the increased rewards.
  • Super Sneakers and Pogo Stick Power-Ups: Super Sneakers take you to the high land by using a jumping shoe. On the other hand, you jump on a pogo stick and reach a higher end. Both of the power-ups can be used to avoid coming obstacles and save the run.

How to Win in the Subway Surfers with Boombot

Benefits Of Playing As Boombot  

Subway Surfers Boombot is a member of the special core crew of the gameplay. The non-limited edition character appears in a total golden shade look. The bouncing Boombox plays the role of a bot here. Gamers who love robots will love the character.

The main benefit here is that you are playing with your favorite character. You will feel more connected to the game and that will lead to a great Subway Surfers run. Add on special power-ups and have a top run on the endless running game.

Boombot’s Appearance

Subway Surfers Boombot does not come with any extra outfits. You can only play with the original one. The name of the character comes from the floating Boombox at the top. The rest of the body is textured in a golden shade with some splash of dark tone. The floating body, leg, and head are something unique in the character. It is also known as the golden robot in the gameplay.

Even though there is only one outfit, it has three different limited edition counterparts. The appearance is almost the same as Boombot with a slight change on some sides. Let’s hover down and get to know more about them.

1. Pridebot

It shares the pride view of the gameplay. Pride Surfer will feel more connected with it. The only change in appearance is a rainbow shade splash. Rest remains the same and you just need 300 Event tokens to unlock the limited edition bot character.

2. Spacebot

You will see a special red and white robot here. It was launched during the space station event and looks like a space bot. The eye tone changes to cyan and the rest remain just like the original one. The counterpart character needs real money to unlock it.

3. Gingerbot

You are looking at a gingerbread character. The eyes are now replaced with jelly beans. The hand and legs also have jelly beans decoration. The character has a unique outline of foster. The Gingerbot character has been introduced into the game recently.

How to unlock Boombot in Subway Surfers?

How to unlock Boombot in Subway Surfers

You can’t unlock the Subway Surfers Boombot character in a regular way. It is not available with keys or coins. You need to make a dollar purchase from the store in order to unlock the character. Besides, there is also a redemption code option. Let’s check out both methods.

1. In-Game Purchase

  • Attach your card with the Subway Surfers and make sure you have some dollars to purchase.
  • Make a purchase from the store in a regular fashion.
  • The character will be unlocked without any additional cost.

2. Redeem Code

  • It is only applicable if you haven’t used the redemption code before.
  • Get a redeem code and visit the unlock option.
  • Use the code and you will get the Boombot character as a bonus.


You have the full details about Subway Surfers Boombot character. The updates of Subway Surfers character keep on coming so be aware of that. I would try to keep the article updated in the coming days.

Collect the robotic character and increase your Subway Surfers bot character inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Subway Surfers Boombox counterpart characters are there?

Subway Surfers often introduce new characters in the gameplay. Boombox does not have any additional outfits but you will be glad to know that it has three counterpart characters. The names of the characters are Pridebot, Spacebot, and Gingerbot.

Who is known as the Golden Bot of Subway Surfers?

Boombot is known as the golden bot of Subway Surfers. It is named for its body color. You will see an intense golden appearance on the Subway Surfers character. You can say it is just wrapped in a golden shade.

Can you unlock the Subway Surfers character with keys?

You will be able to unlock most of the Subway Surfers characters with coins and keys. But there are exceptional characters like Boombot who need real money spending. You can also unlock new characters from events and missions.

Who are the counterpart characters of Boombot?

There are around three counterpart limited edition characters of Boombot. Each one of them keeps the character’s main appearance intact with slight changes. The names of the characters are Pridebot, Spacebot, and Gingerbot.

How many characters are robots in Subway Surfers?

There are nine robot characters in Subway Surfers. Except for Frankette, every robot character’s name end with the word bot. The name of the robot characters is Boombot, Tagbot, Rabbot, Monkbot, Tankbot, Spacebot, Pridebot, Gingerbot, and Frankette.

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