Subway Surfers Boards: 10 Most Favorite of All Time (Updated)

Subway Surfers boards act as a savior of the game. You can call it an extra lifeline against the blocks on train lanes. In this article, we are going to investigate different types of Subway Surfers hoverboards and talk about their abilities.

I will try to classify them into different groups based on their cost, and abilities. It will make your board selection easier for you and assist you to make the right decision during the running. Let’s hover underneath and get to know more.

How Many Boards Are in Subway Surfers?

So far Subway Surfers has introduced around 156 hoverboards to the game. Every one of them is different from the other.

I will try to show you different types of hoverboards based on their abilities and cost margin. You will have a clear view of the whole collection of Subway Surfers boards.

1. Free Hoverboards

In the Subway Surfers boards list, there are only a few free hoverboards for new runners. You will get one when you start the game.

You don’t need to spend any coins or money to get the free hoverboards. From time to time new missions are introduced for unlocking a free hoverboard.

Subway Surfers Boards

For example, Starboard on Subway Surfers is gifted when you open your first mystery boxes. It has special abilities like Double Jump and Star Trail in use.

On the 8th Anniversary and 9th Anniversary, a new hoverboard was gifted to all the active players.

2. Subway Surfers Boards Without Abilities

All the Subway Surfers board does not come with a special ability. Boards like Liberty, Touchan, or Kick-Off have no special abilities. But you will get the 30 seconds crash protection just like any other hoverboard in the game. Some other hoverboards without abilities are pointed out below.

  • Outback
  • Kitty
  • Cherry
  • Flamingo
  • Rose
  • Dragon
  • Teddy
  • Pumpkin
  • Snowflake
  • Bengal
  • Bubblegum
  • Prickly
  • Moose
  • Banana
  • Cruiser
  • Croc and many more

3. Subway Surfers Limited Boards

Limited-edition boards on Subway Surfers are only available for a certain period of time. Liberty was the first limited hoverboard of the running game.

It was introduced during the Subway Surfers World Tour New York event. Later on, most of the new hoverboards are marked as limited edition. Some of my favorite limited Subway Surfers hoverboards are shared below.

  • Dragon
  • Jingles
  • Bengal
  • Roller
  • Old Dusty
  • Birdie
  • Ray
  • Ukulele and many more

4. Subway Surfers Real Money Boards

Most of the Subway Surfers boards can be purchased using keys, tokens, or coins. But there are some special hoverboards that you will need to spend real money to acquire them.

To be more specific, the number is around 16 hoverboards. The hexed hoverboard was the first of its kind. It was introduced at the Transylvania World Tour event.

Another special hoverboard for real money is the ‘4th of July’. It celebrates the Independent Day of the US. Fourteen other real money hoverboards are mentioned below.

  • Bass Blaster
  • Rocket
  • Fire Dragon
  • Diablo
  • Stallion
  • Leaf
  • Retro Wave
  • Spaceship
  • Jazz
  • Aero
  • Endeavor
  • Secret Society
  • Bunny
  • Ginger
  • Boom

5. Subway Surfers Smooth Drift Boards

Hoverboards with Smooth Drift make the glide less jumpy. Subway Surfers jumping and landing transactions get slower.

There are around 12 Subway Surfers hoverboards with smooth drift abilities. Great White was the first hoverboard with smooth drift.

But the older Big Kahuna can be upgraded for 60 keys and unlock the ability. Some other Smooth Drift hoverboards are listed below.

  • Magic Carpet
  • Orni
  • Sunset
  • Wayfarer
  • Windglider
  • Leaf
  • Aero
  • Maple Leaf
  • Scarab
  • Boombastic

6. Subway Surfers Trail Boards

You can guess from the name what trail boards are. It leaves a unique trail when in use. Every trail hoverboard is unique and leaves behind a unique pattern.

Subway Surfers Trail Boards

In count, there is around 18 trails hoverboard. Star Trail was first introduced with Starboard. Some other trail boards are mentioned below.

  • Sunset
  • Chicky
  • Groovy
  • Jingles
  • Old Dusty
  • Rocket
  • 4Th Of July
  • Bass Blaster
  • Spark Trail
  • Music Trail
  • Horseshoe Trail and many more

7. Subway Surfers Speed Up Board

Speed Up boards ability was introduced at the very beginning of the game. There are two types of the speed boost in hoverboards – Speed Up and Super Speed.

Super Speed is slightly faster than the Speed Up boards. Besides, they also increase the field view for you. Some of my favorite Speed Up boards are pointed out below.

  • Daredevil
  • Chicky
  • Monster
  • Rocket
  • Scoot
  • Speeder
  • Scarab
  • Jazz
  • Bass Blaster

8. Subway Surfers Zap Sideways

There are very few Subway Surfers boards with zap sideways ability. It is a kind of teleportation that activates when the runner changes the lane.

The hoverboard also protects you from the coming obstacles in the running lane. It was first introduced back in 2014 with the Teleporter board. Five other Zap Sideways hoverboards are pointed below.

  • Superhero
  • Tumi
  • Phantom
  • Scoot
  • Mag-Neat-O

9. Subway Surfers Bounce Boards

When it comes to bounce boards, you need to talk about the Super Jump and Double Jump boards. These are the abilities that allow you to bounce on the game just like the jumping show.

The Bouncer board brings the Super Jump into play. Afterward, the double jump was introduced with the Freestyler. Let’s have a look at some of the hoverboards that can jump higher than normal.

  • Jingles
  • Trickster
  • Magic Carpet
  • Monster
  • Superhero
  • Maple Leaf
  • Jazz
  • Bass Blaster
  • Stallion
  • Starboard
  • Lumberjack
  • Freestyler
  • Skull Fire

10. Subway Surfers Lowrider Boards

Subway Surfers have obstacles that you need to roll down. Lowrider boards keep you low and pass you through low obstacles without a rolling function.

Lowrider was launched in 2012 with the new stay-low ability. Only two other hoverboards have the same function in use.

  • Big Kahuna
  • Lumberjack

Subway Surfer’s Fastest Boards

Subway Surfers’ fastest boards have a special ability in use. I have already talked about the Speed Up boards but they are not the best when it comes to speed. Super Speed is the best hoverboard that you can call for top speed.

Scoot and Skull Fire hoverboards are the true beast when it comes to speed. The Skull Fire will cost around 75,000 coins and Scoot will be 35,000 coins respectively. The fastest hoverboards on the Subway Surfers make the game more competitive.

Subway Surfers Monster Boards

Whenever I heard the name Subway Surfers Monster board, the two-eyed hoverboard come into view. It has no special abilities but you can upgrade it with 50 keys for Speed Up.

Later on, another upgrade of 55 keys was introduced for Super Jump. The green Frankenstein monster eye board appearance was first gets launched back in 2013.

The two upgrades were introduced during Bangkok and Las Vagas World Tour Event. It will cost you around 30,000 coins to get this scary Subway Surfers board.

Subway Surfers Freestyle Boards

There is a special holiday edition Subway Surfers freestyle board in play. It has no abilities at the initial stage and costs around 45,000.

The freestyle board is one of the few early boards in play. Yellow and red patches are attached with two shoes.

Subway Surfers Freestyle Boards

Double Jump abilities come around on the London update. Later on, the Seoul update brings the Super Jump facility.

The color pattern of the board stays the same but there are some changes in the look. Freestyle lovers would love the hoverboard.

Subway Surfers Daredevil Board

The rocket shape Subway Surfers Daredevil board comes with a speed-up ability. It was introduced during the Rio World Tour event in 2013. You would need 85,000 coins to unlock the original hoverboard.

You can guess from the name about the main characteristics of the board. It will go faster than regular hoverboards as soon as you activate it.

But the side wobble is not available. The hoverboard is directly inspired by the Marvel character Daredevil.

Subway Surfers Cherry Board

The limited edition Cherry board is the seventh of its kind. You can’t unlock the board with regular coins and keys. 60 Japanese Keychains are needed to acquire the beautiful hoverboard. The cherry blossom seats right in the middle of the skateboard.

It is one of the few Japanese editions of hoverboards on the game. Right now, it is not available on the in-game marketplace.

It has reappeared in the Subway Surfers many times. Last time, it appears on the Bali Livestream with a promo code.

Subway Surfers Chicky Board

Chicky was a new hoverboard during the Rome world tour event. Egg Hunt event egg token was needed for the limited edition hoverboard. You will need 100 eggs to unlock it and 60 keys to upgrade for the Feather Trail.

110 Subway Surfers keys are needed for the Speed Up upgrade. The updates were introduced during the Prague World Tour event.

It was the first Subway Surfers board that needed token collection for unlocking. It has reappeared many times in the running game with a real money deal.

Subway Surfers Cloud Board

There are mainly three boards that represent cloud shapes on the Subway Surfers game. Thunderbolt is the first one and needs 50,000 coins to unlock.

It was introduced during the Greece event and comes with zero unlockable upgrades.

The second cloud shape hoverboard is called Sweetheart. It will cost you around $2.99 being the first valentine’s day hoverboard release from Subway Surfers.

Color Cloud is the last cloud board with Speed Up and Color Splash upgradable abilities.

Subway Surfers Bamboo Boards

SYBO has released many videos with bamboo boards. Finally, the bamboo pattern board was introduced in 2021. Every Subway Surfers World Tour event brings a new hoverboard and outfit.

The Copenhagen update first showcases the bamboo shape hoverboard. It looks just like a regular bamboo tree.

The limited hoverboard has no special abilities and also does not come with any unlockable upgrades. It is often associated with one of the Chinese version boards on Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers Birthday Boards

Subway Surfers often celebrate their Birthdays with new hoverboards. Besides, they have also celebrated US Independent day with a new hoverboard. The 8th birthday hoverboard was distributed for free among gamers.

This incident occurs on the 8th Anniversary of the Subway Surfers. The 9th Anniversary of the game also brings a new hoverboard.

This one was also distributed for free in celebration. It happens during the Copenhagen World Tour event.

Subway Surfers Skull FireBoards

The World Tour New York event was wild. Four new boards were introduced at that time with the Skull Fire one. The first burst print gives a deadly look to the hoverboard.

During the release, it has no abilities to go for. But things change on the next updates.

Double Jump and Speed Up abilities were introduced on the Seoul and Mumbai update respectively. You need to speed keys for the upgrades.

A side fire pattern comes into view with the Double Jump upgrade. Speed Up upgrade adds a new fire booster at the front.

Subway Surfers Chrome Boards

The chrome Subway Surfers board appears in a pink car theme from the 1950s. It was released during the Havana World Tour event. The limited edition hoverboard cost around 50,000 coins and has no special abilities in use.

Besides, it also does not have any upgrade function. Those who love classic cars will definitely fall for the charming hoverboard design.

Like all the other hoverboards, it will also save you from crashing for 30 seconds. Recharge for 5 seconds and reuse.

Subway Surfers Aero Boards

Subway Surfers board Aero needs a real money deal. You can’t pay coins or tokens for the board. $2.99 real cash is needed to unlock the limited edition hoverboard.

Subway Surfers Aero Boards

It comes with a special ability of Smooth Drift and Speed Up during the Beijing event. You will need to spend 100 keys and 80 keys for Speed Up and Smooth Drift updates respectively.

The ring-shaped hoverboard brings in tech design. It is the sixth Chinese edition hoverboard on the Subway Surfers gameplay.

Subway Surfers Boards Abilities

Subway Surfers boards save you from sudden crashes for 30 seconds. You can have other abilities by upgrading the hoverboard.

Some will also have prepacked abilities with the boards. All the abilities that you can get on Subway Surfers are listed below.

  • Speed Up & Super Speed

These abilities will increase the speed of your hoverboards. It will make you run faster than normal. Super Speed is slightly faster than the Speed Up option and also increases the field view for you.

  • Double Jump

It is basically a second jump ability. You can call for a second jump when you have the hoverboard activated on the first jump. Sometimes, the facility is also distributed with the Mystery Boxes.

  • Zap Sideways

This hoverboard ability is known for its teleportation function. When you are on a hoverboard with a zap sideways ability, you can change the lane for a teleportation function. You will be protected from all the obstacles when you use the Zap Sideways feature.

  • Stay Low

Block obstacles on the lane and demand to roll under them. Stay low hoverboard will give you relief from the task. You can roll underneath any trails without doing anything.

  • Trail

Trail ability on Subway Surfers boards is my favorite one. They leave behind a unique trail when in the run. It can be flowers, eggs, snowflakes, bubbles, dust, or any other things.

Final Verdict

Subway Surfers boards blast you through all the obstacles and give you full protection for 30 seconds. Every one of them is unique and has its own design pattern. You will need to spend coins, tokens, or keys to unlock them.

Some might even need real money to have them in your inventory. I hope you already know about the Subway Surfers hoverboards’ main themes. More new updates about the Subway Surfers are coming soon. Stay with us and keep updated about the gaming world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many boards are in Subway Surfers?

Around 156 boards were introduced to the Subway Surfers game. But the game has 20 hoverboards that you can collect now. The abilities and cost of the hoverboard will depend on your preference.

What is the rarest board in Subway Surfers?

Windglider is one of the rarest hoverboards in the game. It was released during the Tokyo update of the Subway Surfers game. It is also the expensive one with the cost of 360,000 coins. Smooth Drift ability comes with the hoverboard.

How do you get boards in Subway Surfers?

You can buy them by spending your collected Subway Surfers coins. Besides, some of them will ask for keys or event tokens. Rear hoverboards need to be purchased using real money. Free hoverboards can be unlocked by completing missions.

What is the best board upgrade in Subway Surfers?

Monster board is the best upgrade in Subway Surfers. The hoverboard is upgradeable with Speed Up and Super Jump.

You are getting the high speed and bounce ability on the same Subway Surfers board. The total update is going to cost you 105 keys.

What is the most expensive hoverboard in Subway Surfers?

Windglider is the most expensive hoverboard when it comes to coin-based boards. But when it comes to real money boards, Hexed, Retro Wave, Jazz, Aero, and Dialo boards are the most expensive ones. All of them cost around $3.99.

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