Ranking Doors Monsters in Roblox

The breakout horror game Doors in Roblox has taken the gaming world by storm, thanks in large part to its sheer variety of monsters that lurk behind each door. With 11 uniquely terrifying beasts to choose from, how do they stack up against each other in terms of scare factor? To settle this debate once and for all, I’ve developed a ranking system based on five key attributes:

Speed: How fast can they move to catch their prey? Stealth: What is their ability to hide and surprise? Attack Potency: How much damage can they inflict? Lore: How interesting and spine-chilling is their backstory? Creepiness: The overall dread and panic they invoke.

After extensive gameplay analysis, I assigned each monster a score in these categories. The final rankings are sure to inspire heated discussion, but first, let’s evaluate each of Doors’ infamous creatures.

Doors Monster Rankings

  1. Timothy the Easter Egg
timothy doors monster roblox

As an adorable Easter Egg hidden in plain sight, Timothy unsurprisingly scores at the bottom in all scare factor categories. However, dedicated fans have uncovered intriguing lore about the developer’s son inspiring Timothy’s inclusion.

  1. Jack, the Jumpscare

While Jack has an attack potency ranking of 0 since it cannot actually harm players, its sudden and unpredictable jump scares around corners put it higher on our list. That jarring face flashing on the screen is certainly shocking!

  1. Hide, the Stealthy Trap

What Hide lacks in speed, it makes up for in stealth. This monster punishes overly cautious players by lying in wait disguised as a hiding spot – quite a clever trick! While its mechanics are simple, Hide plays an important role in ramping up the tension.

  1. Screech, the Sound-Based Threat

With moderate speed and stealth allowing it to catch players off guard, Screech emits a deafening audio attack that assaults the ears. The psychological impact of that disorienting noise increases the creepiness factor.

  1. Eyes, the Watcher

Appearing frequently for constant danger, Eyes’ rapid movement and unsettling stare guiding their path towards the player adds major jumpscare potential. Those eyeballs zooming in elicit panic!

  1. Halt, the Powerful Giant

While extremely slow in speed, Halt makes up for mobility shortcomings with towering height and powerful smash attacks that eliminate players with one hit. Flickering lights signaling Halt’s arrival also ominously build suspense.

  1. Seek, the Trap Conjurer
trap roblox doors monster

With high movement speed and a tricky ability to summon obstructive hazards in the player’s path, Seek is a formidable foe. Lore connects it to Hide as a possible evolved form, hinting at an unsettling genetic mutation.

  1. Ambush, the Extremely Quick
ambush doors

Exchanging sheer speed for Rush’s role in the Hotel level, Ambush appears suddenly and zips toward players at a breakneck pace. Early designs portraying it as another Jack-like figure raise sinister implications about what twisted experiments spawned this monster…

  1. Rush, the Fast Attacker
rush roblox doors

As one of the fastest creatures in Doors combined with an absolutely lightless arena, Rush conjures gut-wrenching fright chasing players in the dark unknown. The rising musical score as it approaches through warped visuals makes Rush a top-tier threat.

  1. Figure, the Blindness Inducer
figure doors

Blindsiding players already on edge navigating pitch-black rooms, Figure creeps slowly but stealthily towards victims made helpless by vision removal and distorted audio disorientation. Introducing the nerve-wracking heartbeat minigame mechanic also innovates fresh panic.

  1. Glitch, the Ultimate Terror

As a monstrosity visually glitching with erratic speed tied to game instability itself, Glitch appropriately takes the top spot in our scare factor ranking through sheer attack potency. Its intriguing origin from a suffering test subject fused with forbidden A.I. earns bonus lore points too!

What do you think?

Let the debates begin! We invite the Doors community to suggest revisions to our ranking methodology and tier list. Does Figure’s blindness-induced helplessness outweigh Rush’s blistering speed of calming in darkness? Should Timothy maintain last place or do fans find its deceiving cuteness equally disturbing? Let us know!

Future hint

The developers have hinted at future content expanding the mythos behind these diabolical creatures. How their attributes and designs may evolve is fertile ground for speculation.

While Doors clearly prioritizes adrenaline-surging scares over nuanced storytelling, the artists behind each iconic terror should still receive appreciation for the nightmares they’ve conjured to horrify players with masterful and memorable results. Our goosebumps salute them all!

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