Minecraft Anarchy Servers Like 2b2t

2b2t is one of the most famous and longest-running Minecraft anarchy servers. Launched in December 2010, 2b2t has cultivated a legendary reputation in the Minecraft community for its complete lack of rules, hacks, exploits, and chaos.

However, as one of the oldest anarchy servers, 2b2t can suffer from long queue times, aged infrastructure, and a lack of updates. Luckily, there are other similar Minecraft anarchy servers that can offer a comparable gameplay experience.

Here are some of the top Minecraft anarchy servers to check out if you’re looking for alternatives to 2b2t.

What is a Minecraft Anarchy Server?

A Minecraft anarchy server is a multiplayer server with virtually no rules, no admin intervention, and no chat filters. This means:

  • No Bans – Hacking, cheating, and griefing are allowed. Players can only be banned for doxxing.
  • No Map Resets – The server map persists over time. Old builds and terrain stay as-is.
  • No Plugins – No land claiming or grief protection plugins. Players fend for themselves.
  • No Censorship – No chat filters. Say whatever you want.

Anarchy servers aim to recreate the lawlessness and freedom of anarchy in Minecraft form. Your only limits are the technical capabilities of Minecraft itself.

Why Play on An Anarchy Server?

For Minecraft veterans looking for a true sandbox experience, anarchy servers provide some key benefits:

  • True Freedom – Do anything you want with no repercussions. Full PVP and raiding.
  • Technical Challenge – Heavily modded clients and hacked clients are the norm. Anarchy servers push Minecraft to its limits.
  • Persistent World – See years of change and history built up on one map. Impressive monuments and terrain.
  • Drama and Politics – Anarchy servers breed drama, factions, politics, and conflict. Exciting emergent gameplay.

However, anarchy gameplay can be extremely hostile and unforgiving for new players. You may want to hone your technical PVP skills first.

Notable Anarchy Servers


  • IP: Constantiam.net
  • Created: October 2018
  • Key Facts: More relaxed, community-focused alternative to 2b2t. Recent map reset in 2021. Average 100 players online.

Constantiam brands itself as a more civilized anarchy experience than 2b2t while still retaining the core anarchy experience. The community discourages excessive new player killing and has constructed impressive collaborative builds. Constantiam has a resource world to help players acquire gear as well as a museum world showcasing server history and lore. Overall, Constantiam offers a somewhat more welcoming version of anarchy Minecraft.


  • IP: 9b9t.com
  • Created: July 2019
  • Key Facts: One of the largest and most popular anarchy servers. Weekly updates and never resets map. Impressive community creations.

Billed as an “improved version of 2b2t”, 9b9t is one of the more populated Minecraft anarchy servers with an average of 500 players online. The server features quality of life improvements like higher view distance and a death counter while still remaining truly anarchic with no rules. The world features lavish bases, terrain landmarks, and a nether highway system that new players can benefit from. However, queue times can still be an issue on 9b9t during peak hours.


  • IP: anarchia.net
  • Created: September 2020
  • Key Facts: Focus on quality gameplay performance. Higher view distance and entity speed. Never wipes the map. Shorter queue times than 2b2t.

Anarchia is a newer anarchy server that has quickly grown an active player base of griefers and regulars. The admin team focuses on technical performance allowing for greater view distance and faster gameplay. Many 2b2t players have migrated to Anarchia due to its stability, faster queue, and cross-compatibility with 2b2t clients. The current map has been active for over 2 years accumulating extensive terrain changes and bases. Overall, Anarchia is a solid choice if you prioritize performance and smooth anarchy gameplay.

What to Expect on An Anarchy Server

Anarchy servers can be a major departure from typical Minecraft multiplayer experiences. Here’s what to expect when you join an anarchy server:

  • Getting killed repeatedly – Spawn camping and repeated killing of new players is common. Respawn far away and gear up.
  • Seeing offensive/shocking things – No chat censorship. Swastikas, slurs, and shocking builds are abundant.
  • Losing all your stuff – Your belongings can be looted when you die. Don’t carry valuables before gearing up.
  • Spending time gearing up – Gather resources, acquire hacked clients, get weapons and armor. This can take days of playtime.
  • Travelling extremely far out – Server cores are hellscapes. Travel millions of blocks out to find good base spots.
  • Difficult terrain navigation – The world will be chaotic and difficult to traverse. Using nether portals is key.

Anarchy servers provide the ultimate sandbox experience, but require an adjusted mindset and approach to Minecraft. Come prepared for the reality of lawlessness and minimal structure. Embrace self-reliance, ingenuity and vigilance.

Tips for Thriving on Anarchy Servers

Succeeding on anarchy servers requires dedication and specialized knowledge. Here are some tips:

  • Use hacked clients – Clients like Impact, Future, and Wurst provide critical hacks and exploits. Use Baritone for automated travel.
  • Gear up and get stacks – Obtain full sets of enchanted netherite gear, golden apples, and shulker boxes full of supplies before venturing far.
  • Learn to PVP – Get proficient at combat, crystal PVP, and combating hacks. Anarchy is ruthless.
  • Travel in the millions – Don’t settle too close to spawn or nether highways. Get millions of blocks out.
  • Build secret bases – Use obscure locations, bedrock roof, or end islands. Hide your valuables in shulker stashes.
  • Make allies – Join Discord groups and faction up with trustworthy teammates for collaboration, trading and protection.
  • Scout and document – Explore the world and document locations and events. Knowledge is power on anarchy servers.

Approaching anarchy servers with the right mindset and habits will allow you to succeed despite the difficulty and chaos. Play cautiously but fearlessly.

Major Anarchy Server Bases

The most impressive builds on anarchy servers are the lavish bases constructed by groups of players. Here are some of the most notorious bases across different anarchy servers:

Spawn Masons on 2b2t

The Spawn Masons constructed massive structures at 2b2t’s spawn point, most notably the giant lava walls and their namesake spawn mason lodge. The sheer scale of building directly at chaotic spawn is a testament to 2b2t player dedication.

Valley of Wheat on 2b2t

One of 2b2t’s most griefed and rebuilt locations. The Valley has taken many forms, from a lava cast, to a field of wheat, to a glass crater. The Valley exemplifies the cyclical nature of construction and destruction on anarchy servers.

Empire’s Edge on Constantiam

A huge medieval castle and village were built in the outer End by the Empire faction on Constantiam. Features custom terrain, mob spawners, automated farms, and extensive world editing. Stands as one of Constantiam’s most ambitious builds.

Holy Tree on 9b9t

A massive oak tree on 9b9t has become a major gathering place and build site. Players have constructed tree houses, spaceships, and pixel art across its expansive canopy. The Holy Tree is an iconic snapshot of 9b9t history.

Valley of Potatos on Anarchia

A sprawling agricultural settlement on Anarchia known for its massive potato farms. Constructed by the legendary jared2013, the Valley of Potatos serves as a major food source for the server community.

These builds represent the potential for a lasting collaborative legacy on anarchy servers, however temporary they may be.

Finding the Right Anarchy Server

Choosing the right anarchy server comes down to your priorities as a player. Consider what matters most:

  • Server Size – Bigger servers have more players but longer queues. Smaller servers offer tighter communities.
  • Map Age – Older maps have extensive history but also excess destruction. Newer maps offer room for fresh exploration and creation.
  • Difficulty – Some servers cater to new players. Others offer a more hardcore, unforgiving experience.
  • Community Vibe – Each server culture varies in levels of collaboration, chatting, friendliness, etc.
  • Special Features – Some servers boast special game modes, resource worlds, expanded capabilities.

Weigh what gameplay experience and community suits you best. Trying out multiple anarchy servers can help you determine your favorite.

Anarchy Alternatives in Minecraft

If the ruthless nature of anarchy servers doesn’t appeal to you, but you enjoy the freedom and creativity they provide, consider these Minecraft alternatives:

  • Creative Servers – servers focused purely on building, free supplies, no survival necessity
  • Semi-Anarchy – Servers with some basic anti-griefing and raiding protections enabled
  • Hacked Clients on Singleplayer – Solo sandbox play with hacked clients enabled for exploits
  • Technical SMP Servers – Servers centered on technical redstone and farms, not griefing
  • Minigame Servers – Servers with PVP minigames that don’t impact long-term progression

Minecraft offers near-endless possibilities for sandbox play even beyond full anarchy. Find servers and game modes that allow you to play the way you enjoy most.

The Allure of Anarchy Minecraft

At their core, anarchy servers attempt to maximize player freedom and minimize limitations. They represent Minecraft in its most raw and unadulterated form. With their lawlessness comes genuine risk and reward, unmatched creativity, and player-driven emergent gameplay.

Anarchy servers will always hold appeal for those seeking the ultimate sandbox experience despite their notorious difficulty and toxicity. For veteran Minecraft players bored of the typical multiplayer formula, delving into the chaotic worlds of anarchy can provide thrilling new challenges and liberation.

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