11 Best Minecraft Anarchy Server List 2023: (Join Safely!)

Minecraft has various kinds of servers and among them, the Anarchy server is one of the most popular servers because it has no rules and regulations for which a player has to worry about. There are also variations in anarchy server. So, here we are going to briefly discuss Minecraft Anarchy Server where you can find your desired question answer and satisfy yourself.

Minecraft Anarchy Server Details

Players created various kinds of servers in Minecraft and they have created them to check out others.

Like other mini-games in Minecraft, Servers  Anarchy is one of them which offers you some amazing fun.

All the anarchy servers in Minecraft offer some kind of anarchy game mood. There are no rules and regulations on these servers and there is also no authority to observe and control them.

what is an anarchy server in minecraft

Raiding and Looting on Anarchy servers

This phenomenon is very common in anarchy servers because it has no rules and regulations and also don’t have any authority to observe it. So any of the players can easily hunt you down and for this, you have to be very cautious and hide your personal information as much as possible because there is nobody to protect you from this.

Steps to join any Minecraft server

  • First, you have to load up Minecraft and then select Multiplayer.
  • And then select ” Add Server “.
  • Now you have to enter Server IP. and choose the server which you want.
  • Finally, press the button Join Server.

Best Anarchy Servers

There are lots of servers in Minecraft and among them, there are a few servers that became more popular among the players. They are listed below –

1. 2b2t

2b2t ( 2 tables 2 tools)  is the oldest and largest server of Minecraft which has no rules to follow so that it allows you to live in a dangerous world.

Survival in this game is tough. You may get hacked or get a death threat any time by other players. So the first step to secure yourself is to keep your personal Information secret as much as possible.

As it is the oldest and largest server of Minecraft, it has become more popular to its users as a result you have to wait for several hours in the queue while joining the server.

For more details, you can read our another article 2b2t which will give you more information.

Server IP: 2b2t.org

2. 9b9t

After the success and popularity of 2b2t, this 9b9t server came up with its extra facilities which is –

  • it gives you the fast working and quick responses feature which saves your time.
  • You are also able to get connected with your friends even though you are far away from the server.

Server IP: 9b9t.org

3. Mineland

It is considered the best server of Minecraft Anarchy Server because of its facilities. It offers you the opportunity to interact with many players as well as it has so many different moods and games which you can play. It runs so well and is consistently updated.

Server IP: fly.join-ml.com

4. Mine Time

It allows you total freedom so that you can do everything including hacking and mods. As it has no rules and boundaries so you can reap chaos or survive like other players.

anarchy servers minecraft

5. Purple Prison

This server has the best structure and scenery. It has no lagging problem, has various moods such as faction, parkour, anarchy, and many more. It also gives you the opportunity of frequent drop parties, custom rank-up rewards, and hundreds of plugins.

Server IP: purpleprison.org

6. Minewind

Currently, it is one of the long-lasting Anarchy servers within the world. This server always adds new content for its player. The Minecraft feature has no mods to interfere with your gameplay.

Server IP: play.minewind.com

7. YomNetwork

For its InfectedRPG DayZ mode, it is well known among the players. To survive in this game you have to fight against zombies and other players in such a world where you can make your own decision as anything can happen here.

Server IP: play.yomnetwork.ca

8. MineVille

It is always in the top position in PVP Minecraft servers because of its huge amount of mini-games so that players can find plenty of competition.

Server IP: mc.mineville.net

9. Bionic PVP Network

It has a featured game mod of randomizing anarchy because you have no idea where you have to spawn with the recourses.net

Server IP: buy.bionicpvp.net

10. Newwind

This server offers you many features with many fully custom plugins. As Minecraft

servers have no rules to follow but here, you have to follow ‘ NO HACKING ‘ rules which makes this server pretty much safe.

You can make your gameplay much better with the server’s facilities. It has the facilities of a trading system by which you can get many special items from other villages.

Server IP: play.newwindserver.com

11. StraightUpSurvival

In this server, players get more desperate to become the number one player in the Minecraft world. They can do anything to survive such as – raiding, grief, PvP, and save themselves from their enemies and zombies. Because it’s all about surviving against the enemies and it’s a do-or-die situation.

Server IP: straightupsurvival.net

Best Anarchy Servers


So, that’s all about Minecraft Anarchy Server. If you go through our whole article, you will be able to know the best Anarchy Servers of Minecraft. Do you still have any queries?  Please go through our Q/A section which will satisfy you.

The FAQs about Anarchy Servers Minecraft

Still, have any confusion? Readout these answers and get your desired answer.

Are anarchy servers fun?

Yes. As it has no rules to follow so the players can do whatever they want and they don’t need to worry about getting banned from the servers.

What anarchy server is the best?

Newwind is the oldest and the best anarchy server of Minecraft because it has a rule of ‘ NO HACKING ‘ which has to be followed by the players and that makes this server unique and safer for the players.

Are there servers like 2b2t?

Yes. It is the largest and oldest anarchy server.

Can you survive 2b2t without hacks?

No. As the Minecraft servers have no rules and authority to check the error so hacking, griefing are common.

Is 2b2t illegal?

Yes. The players do many illegal things such as – hacking, griefing, giving death threats to other players because this server has no rules to follow and the players can do whatever they want without the risk of getting banned. Which makes the survival of the other players tougher.

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