Subway Surfers Lucy: How To Unlock (5 Steps)

Subway Surfers Lucy is probably the most stylish girl in the game. The character embraces a great punk look with two different outfit choices. I am going to share with you Lucy’s backstory, style, outfit, unlock process, and more in the article.

Once you go through the whole presentation, you will have a clear view of the punk star Lucy character. Every Subway Surfers character has a real-world connection. Let’s hover underneath and get to know more.

Who is Lucy in Subway Surfers?

In Subway Surfers, Lucy has been addressed as one of the main characters of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure-based animated series.

In this series, she plays the role of an Italian girl Trisha Una. The biggest show topper of the game looks stylish in her cool avatar. Many Gamers call her the Harley Queen of the Subway Surfers gameplay.


In the first year of Subway Surfers launch, 15 non-limited edition characters were introduced. Among them, Lucy is the most stylish girl by far.

She is also the cheapest character to unlock with coins. You will only need 7,000 coins for the task. Lucy is almost the female version of Jake and also has a similar running style.

How To unlock Lucy on Subway Surfers?

You need to spend coins, keys, or money in order to unlock characters on Subway Surfers. Like all other characters, Lucy Subway Surfers also has the same process of unlocking. The easiest way to unlock a character on Subway Surfers is shared below.

  1. Look for the ‘Me’ button at the bottom of the gameplay.
  2. Click on it and enter the Subway Surfers store.
  3. After that, you need to screen through all characters and find Lucy.
  4. Click on the unlock option and spend 7000 coins.
  5. You will now have Lucy on your outfit inventory for use.

What is Lucy’s style in Subway Surfers?

The main style of Lucy showcases an alternative subculture. She has a very distinctive taste in clothes, bracelets, boots, and others.

You’ll not find many similarities between her and other Subway Surfers characters. She is the main Punk of the endless running game.

The corset dress maintains the desired look. On her left hand, you will see a spike bracelet that symbolizes a powerful girl in the Subway Surfers gameplay.

Lucy Subway Surfers character shaved her hair from one side and swept the rest to the other end.

Subway Surfers Lucy Outfit

  • Goth Outfit

Lucy Subway Surfers takes on the Goth appearance with the Goth Outfit. It is a style symbol of rock music that originated from the Punk culture.

Their music lyrics often showcase a mystical and apocalyptical note. The dark eye makeup and red shade black outfit also represent the same culture.


The colorful hair and running style stays the same. You will need around 15 keys to unlock the character. The dark lipstick and red-black strap socks will also catch your attention.

Unlock the Goth outfit and gift a new outfit to people’s favorite Lucy from Subway Surfers.

  • Steam Outfit

Steam Outfit converted Lucy’s casual outfit to steampunk fashion. The musical style is from the science fiction genre. It is based on Victorian-era industrialism fashion.

Lucy Subway Surfers take on green goggles for her fashion. The clock hat presence shows the importance of time in industrialization. The dress changes to three color pattern.


The top stays white, while the corset stays black in a pinch of yellow. The bottom portion takes the green tone. Only the hair and bracelet look stays unchanged. You will need 25 keys to unlock the colorful outfit.

Backstory Of  Lucy in Subway Surfers 

Lucy is inspired by a fictional character. The Crow superhero character is played by Eric Draven and Lucy is believed to be the female version of him.

They have a similar makeup and look on the Subway Surfers gameplay, especially with the Goth outfits. She has also been cast as one of the main leads on JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure version of Subway Surfers.

The protagonist’s attire is also associated with punk music culture. The stylish girl Lucy’s backstory has no further description on the Subway Surfers game.

Subway Surfers Lucy and Jack

Subway Surfers Jake is known to be the main protagonist of the game. Lucy and Jake run in the same style during the gameplay.

Both of the characters were introduced during the first year of the game. You don’t need to spend any coins to unlock Jake and Lucy asks for only 7,000 coins.


The rockstar vibe Jack completes with colorful outfits. On the other hand, Lucy also takes on punk-style outfits. Gamers who love the style of their avatar can call on both characters. Who are you going to choose?

Subway Surfers Lucy and Spike

Spike and Lucy characters are the punk of the endless running game. There has been often rumor of a romantic relationship between Lucy and Spike. So far, I have seen no authentic source to confirm that.


Gamers also want them to come together and believe they will make a nice couple. Let’s see what Subway Surfers plan to do in the future.

The Mohawk-style male character needs 200 guitars tokens to unlock and the Lucy character only demands 7000 coins.

Final Verdict

Subway Surfers Lucy come under play at the very beginning of Subway Surfers. Later on, the Steam and Goth outfit has been launched with Subway Surfers world events. The punk style states for a cool vibe in the gameplay.

Following my interest in Subway Surfers’ character on gameplay, I have planned to write about other top characters of the endless running game too. You are invited to check our article on Jake and Yutani. Keep coming back for more updates shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is Lucy on Subway Surfers?

Lucy Subway Surfers was presented back in 2012. The standard character can be unlocked for only 7000 coins. Besides, the two outfits can be unlocked with 40 keys in total. It seems pretty easy and simple to unlock the punk-style character.

Is Lucy in the Subway Surfers now?

Lucy is not a limited edition character. So, the character is still available in the Subway Surfers store. Whenever you have 7000 coins, you can use them to unlock the character. New updates for Subway Surfers characters keep on coming.

How old is Lucy?

Lucy looks like a young girl in the game. The fictional character has been in play for more than 10 years. The Subway Surfers was launched in 2012 and Lucy was introduced within a few months. So, that is the real age of the Subway Surfers character Lucy.

Who chases you in Subway Surfers?

Ted Lutz chases you in Subway Surfers. He is popularly known as the Guard of the game. The train is under his surveillance and he also has a pet dog. He does not allow any trespasser on his territory and that is why he keeps on cashing Subway Surfers characters.

Is Lucy a limited edition character?

No, Lucy is not a limited-edition character in the game. You can unlock the punk character anytime you want. She is also marked as one of the cheapest to unlock. The standard character comes along with a Goth and Steam outfit.

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