How To Join 2b2t Minecraft Server: (Step-by-Step Guide)

2 builders 2 tools (2b2t) is one of the oldest servers of Minecraft and also one of the longest-running Minecraft servers. It encourages survival gameplay. But it seems difficult to connect with the server for the first-timers. So if you are looking forward to knowing the guide for How to join 2b2t then please read out this whole article. We are going to tell you the whole procedure of joining and some tricks and further more details.

What is 2b2t?

2 builders 2 tools ( 2b2t) is one of the oldest anarchy servers of Minecraft which was established in December 2010. It encourages its players’ vanilla survival gameplay with PVP.

This server has no rules and is known as the worst Minecraft server. The founder of this server is anonymous. But the name Hausemaster which is formerly known as housemaster or house is the name given to the ownership of 2b2t.

How to survive on 2b2t

How To Join 2b2t?

You have to follow some steps for joining its server. However, sometimes the server shows down because a large number of players joined at a time.

The steps you should follow to join 2b2t are –

  • First, you have to visit their Minecraft website.
  • Then you have to get Minecraft.
  • Click on the Java edition.
  • You have to pay some money which they show you on the screen.
  • Download wizard.
  • After installation, launch the Minecraft launcher.
  • Then go to installation > select 1.12.2 version > click on play button > select multiplayer.
  • Then press on ” add server ” > type the IP address on the search bar > press search > and then select 2b2t from the list of the servers.
  • And at last, you have to wait about 12 hours in the queue.
  • If you have a good position in the queue then you can enter the 2b2t server.

Details of 2b2t

Initial release December 2010
Owner n12jnidan23
Status online
Players 726/1
Version 1.16.4
Rank 453
Uptime 92%
Last Check 16 minute(s) ago
Country United States
Types AnarchyPvEPvPSurvival

 Does Hausemaster Still Own 2b2t?

The one who came up with the idea of making 2b2t was Hausemaster.

Status: Account deleted, manager’s server.

Approx. Joined: December 2010.

Identity –  

Type: Owner.

Alt. Accounts: deleted_account (bradpitt_69).

Culture of 2b2t 

The culture of this server is very devastating. In this server, players have to keep their personal information secret as much as they can for their survival.

Sometimes the other players behave unfriendly towards the new players. And the open chat on the server often contains spam, useless talking, trolling as well as death threats.

So the main key of a player is – don’t trust anyone on this server and as well as don’t click any spam link.

Is It Safe To Play on 2b2t? 

As 2b2t has no rules and regulations so you may have the chance to get hacked by other players. And the hackers won’t be banned from the game so it has a high risk of getting hacked.

So the best way to get rid of this problem is to keep your personal information hidden as much as possible. Don’t tell anything about you to any random people and don’t click any link. Thus the way you may keep yourself safe from getting hacked by the players.

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Is 2b2t Toxic?

From Its establishment to now it has brought no change to its server. It has many safety and privacy issues which they don’t fix then and now. And it’s also called the Worst Minecraft Server because of its chaos and malfunction. On the other hand, one has to wait for several hours in the queue which is very disappointing.

Reception of 2b2t 

2b2t is one of the oldest and worst servers of Minecraft and some people claim it’s Minecraft’s most obscene server. In June 2012, Craig Pearson of PCGamesN said that it is the most offensive server of Minecraft and that children should keep away from this.

Is it safe to play on 2b2t

Although this server isn’t safe for players’ lives also because players may get death threats from other players. So keep your personal information as secret as possible.

How To Survive on 2b2t?

Survival is one of the hardest things for gamers because it is one of the most competitive servers of Minecraft. If the players would like to deal with this competition they can play without any backdoor tools which makes the game more fun.


So, this is all about 2b2t. Now you will be able to join the server and play games from this by reading this write-up. But if you have any confusion about any section, please go through our FAQ section to clear your confusion.

The FAQs about the 2b2t Minecraft Server 

Get your desired answer from this segment and satisfy yourself.

Do I need a VPN for 2b2t?

No, you don’t need VPN unless your target is to become the next Fit/BarrenDome/SalC1/TheCampingRusher/AntVenom/Jared2013/Sato86 which are the players of this game.

Why is the queue so long in 2b2t?

This is because of the popularity of the server. Sometimes it may take 12 hours or more depending upon the situation.

Is 2b2t that bad? 

As the server has no rules and regulations, the players have the chance of abusing, spamming, and threatening the new players. And those players don’t even get banned. So it is very disturbing, disgraceful, and self-destroying.

Can I join 2b2t on the switch?

No, you can only join 2b2t with the specific version of Minecraft which is running by the server.

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