How to Get Free Chips on WSOP

World Series of Poker (WSOP) is one of the most popular poker games available on mobile devices. The game allows you to play poker with players from around the world and participate in exciting tournaments.

But like most mobile games, WSOP uses an in-game currency called chips to allow you to participate in games and tournaments. You can buy chips using real money, but the game also gives out free chips through various means. This article will provide tips and tricks on how to get WSOP free chips legally and easily.

Why You Want Free Chips

Here are some key reasons why getting free chips is important in WSOP:

  • Play more games – Chips allow you to participate in cash games and tournaments. More chips means you can play more before having to buy more.
  • Try out higher stakes – Free chips allow you to try out games at higher stakes without risking real money. This helps improve your skills.
  • Avoid spending money – You can enjoy WSOP for free if you get enough free chips. This allows you to save real money.
  • Speed up progress – Getting free chips can help you progress faster in the game and unlock new tables and tournaments.

Ways to Get Free Chips

Here are the top methods you can use to get free chips in WSOP:

Daily Bonus

  • WSOP gives out a free daily bonus to players
  • The amount varies from 800 chips to 15,000 chips
  • You just need to login and claim it every day

Hourly Bonus

  • You can claim a small hourly bonus in WSOP
  • Typical amounts are 100-200 chips
  • Claim it as often as possible to maximize free chips

Complete Daily Challenges

  • WSOP has a set of daily challenges for players
  • These involve winning a certain number of games, getting a particular hand, etc
  • Completing these gives you decent chip rewards

Participate in Promotions

  • WSOP frequently runs promo events and contests
  • These often have free chip prizes or rewards
  • Actively participate in any events to try and win chips
  • Linking your Facebook account earns you a one-time reward
  • Usually the rewards are between 200,000 – 1 million free chips
  • Make sure to claim this reward as it is very substantial

Invite Friends

  • You can invite friends to play WSOP via Facebook
  • For every friend that joins through your invite and plays a game, you get free chips
  • The usual reward per friend is around 50,000 chips

Watch Advertisement Videos

  • WSOP lets you watch short video ads to earn chips
  • Each video is around 30 seconds and earns you about 400 chips
  • Max out the number of videos you can watch each day

Participate in Surveys

  • WSOP sometimes offers surveys to fill out
  • These involve answering a few questions about the game
  • Upon completion you get free chip rewards, usually around 50,000 chips

Follow WSOP Social Media

  • Follow WSOP’s social media pages on Facebook and Twitter
  • They give out chip reward codes on their pages frequently
  • Enter these codes in the game’s store to redeem free chips

Referral Codes

  • Use referral codes from major WSOP fan sites and chip sellers
  • These codes reward existing players with free chips
  • Popular sites include and

Level Up Faster

  • As you level up in WSOP, you are rewarded with free chips
  • Make sure to play actively and frequently to level up faster
  • Higher levels give you increasingly more chips

Tips to Maximize Free Chips

Follow these tips to get the most out of free chip sources:

  • Claim all daily and hourly bonuses regularly
  • Complete all daily challenges, even small ones
  • Play actively to level up faster and get level-up rewards
  • Participate in every event and promotion WSOP puts on
  • Use all available chip codes from different sources
  • Watch the maximum number of video ads allowed per day
  • Check for surveys periodically and complete them for rewards
  • Invite as many friends as possible by sharing your invite code
  • Follow WSOP social pages and redeem all chip codes posted
  • Use a referral code when installing to get a new player bonus

Common Chip Codes

Here are some commonly working WSOP free chip codes:

WSOPFB500K500,000 Chips
WSOPTIKTOK200K200,000 Chips

Check for updated and new codes on WSOP fan forums and chip sites.

Avoid Chip Generators and Hacks

While searching for WSOP free chips, you may come across chip generators and hacking tools. Avoid these at all costs. Using any form of cheat or hack is strictly against WSOP rules and will get your account permanently banned if caught. Only use legitimate means mentioned in this article to get free chips safely.


Getting free chips in WSOP allows you to enjoy the game more without having to spend too much real money. Use the tips and resources outlined in this article to get chips legally and easily. Just be patient and persistent with the methods outlined above to build up a healthy stack over time. With enough free chips, you can participate in games and tournaments in WSOP for free.

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