How To Get Apples In Minecraft: (4 Quickest & Easiest Way)

In Minecraft, An apple is a basic food item that is favorite to the players and helps them to maintain good health. Though It’s a favorite food item of the players, they can’t make it with a crafting table or furnace.

They need to find and collect this item in the game. But obtaining apples varies from level to level. Here we are going to explain briefly about how to get apples in Minecraft and every detail of it. So, stay with us.

What is Apple and Golden Apple?

An apple is a common and basic food for the players in Minecraft which allows you to have healthy and nourished health. Though the nourishment value is low.

The nourishment value of golden apples and enchanted golden apples are claimed as supernatural and they are difficult to collect, especially the enchanted ones.

how to get apples in minecraft

As you can’t make apples from the craft table or furnace, you have to gather them from the game. The process of getting these apples is varied from the first level to the last updated version.

As compared to all other foods in the game, the amount of restoration of hunger bars is high in a golden apple. A Golden apple can restore 2 hunger bar slots and 9.6 hunger saturation.

It also can restore your life for 4 sec which is equivalent to 2 hearts.

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How To Get Apple in Minecraft 

Apples are claimed as an uncommon item in Minecraft because it’s not that easy to find. Players have to go through many steps for getting the apples and for this, you have to know all the necessary steps.

So that, you will be able to get the apples without any difficulty. Here are some steps which you have to follow for getting the apples –

  • Find an oak tree

First, you have to find an oak tree in the garden for the apples because there are various kinds of trees available in Minecraft but only oak trees grow apples. It is mostly like our real-life experience.

  • Hold an axe

After finding the oak tree, you have to chop it with your axe to grab the apples from the tree.

  • Chop down the oak tree

To get the apples more easily, you have to chop down the trees and make it short so that you can pick the apples with your hands.

  • Pick up the apples

After chopping the trees, you have to take all your apples before it disappears and take it to your inventory which will help you to have further usage of the apples.

2. Trade with farmer villagers 

A farmer villager owns four apples up for trade and this transaction is available 16 times. On the 17th time, players have to wait for the villagers to work on the job block.

Players of the Java edition get 66.7% chance of getting apples and bedrock players to get only 50% chance of getting it.

3. By looting chests 

You can also have apples in your chest by looting and the chances of getting up to 5 apples from a village in the plain are 74.2% both in Java and Bedrock and have 59.8% chance in weaponsmith’s chest. You can also get apples from stronghold chests.

4. Break leaves with fortune enchantment

You can get apples by breaking the leaves of oak trees with the help of a fortune enchantment tool. It will drop apples after breaking the leaves but the possibility of getting apples is very low in this case.

Acquiring golden apples in Minecraft 

The golden apple is another form of apple and the chances of getting it is a bit higher than normal apples. There are almost 30 apples across the map and you have to collect them.

There are many ways of getting it. Which are –

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  • Crafting: You can have an apple from crafting and for this, you have to place the apple in the center slot of the crafting table and surround it with gold bars.
  • Looting: You can also gather golden apples from looting chests and the chances of getting it is –
  • Igloo chest (100%)
  • Mineshaft chest (28.2%)
  • Desert temple chest (23.5%)


How To Use Apple

Apples are not as useful as in Minecraft like golden apples because it only gives 4 food points and 2.4 saturation restored. But the Golden apple is much more useful and this golden one can be made from this apple and 8 golden ingots by placing them on a crafting table.

Place the apple in the center of the crafting table surrounded by 8 gold ingots. Finally, it will give you one golden apple which has great healing power, also it gives the players bonuses such as – Regeneration II for 5 seconds, and Absorption for 2 minutes.

To cure the zombie villagers this golden apple can be used. For breeding horses, a golden apple is needed which will help them

How To Grow Apples in Minecraft 

For planting an apple tree,

  • First craft the apple seeds or you may get seeds from the apple while eating and then dig into the ground.
  • After that, seeds are planted; to cover up the portion of the tree using a shovel.
  • Finally, you will get an apple tree from the seeds. These trees can spawn generally in any biome and it gives different woods.

There is also a chance of planting golden and enchanted apple trees. The chances ratio of planting golden and enchanted apples is 1 / 5: 1/10. Seeds of golden apples can be crafted with gold ingots. This apple tree will fall off the apple when it is ready to eat.

How To Farm Apples in Minecraft 

The farming process of golden apples is very boring. However, hoes are the best way to farm apples. As it doesn’t drop leaves so much, the chances of getting apples are low. For better chances of dropping apples, you can use a fortune-enchanted hoe.

golden apples in minecraft

Other hands, you have to grow an oak tree from the seeds of the apple and you can have apples from the oak tree or from their leaves or wood. You can cut them and break their leaves to get golden apples.

How To Eat Apples in Minecraft

To eat apples in Minecraft is very simple.

  • At first, players need to shift the apple to the Hotbar from the food inventory.
  • After that, tap/right-click and hold.
  • The left trigger can be used on the controller if you are in the console.

That’s it. You will see yourself eating the apple.


Also you can just place the apple on the ground and eat it as a cake. It may have 8 slices and you have to click to the left to eat it. Each slice will heal your health in case it is a golden apple.

Apples Mod Minecraft 

There are many apple mods in Minecraft and among them, More Apples 1.15.2/1.12.2 is one of them, which allows the players to have more Apple and apple sauces and thus will help them to get new and varied effects. These effects can be applied to both characters and many other objects such as – boats, arrows, books, chests, etc.


This is all about how to get apples in Minecraft. I hope this article will help you to know about the procedure of getting apples and give you more information and tricks to get them.

The FAQs about Apple in Minecraft 

If you still can’t satisfy yourself then please go through our Q/A segment and satisfy yourself with the desired answer.

Do all the trees drop apples?

No. Only oak and dark oak trees grow and drop apples. And the chance of getting apples from oak trees is 25% and 60% from dark oak trees.

Do villagers give apples?

Yes. The farmer villagers sell apples.

Do golden apples give fire resistance? 

Yes. Enchanted Golden Apple provides fire resistance.

How do you make a golden apple? 

For making a golden apple, you have to place your apple in the middle of the (3×3) craft table surrounded by 8 gold bars.

Does any villager sell golden apples?

No. The villagers trade foods and other things except for enchanted golden apples because it’s very rare and hard to find.

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