How To Get a Trident in Minecraft Fast (3 Best Method!)

“Are you looking for a powerful weapon to add to your arsenal in Minecraft? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll show you how to get a trident, including where to find them in the game world, how to craft them with materials, and how to trade them with villagers. Plus, we’ll give you some tips on how to increase your chances of finding a trident and how to enchant it for even more power. Don’t miss out on this valuable weapon – learn how to get a trident in Minecraft today!”

What is Trident in Minecraft?

The Trident is a powerful weapon in Minecraft that allows players to deal significant damage to their enemies, both in close combat and from a distance. Not only it is a useful tool for fighting mobs and players, but it also has unique abilities like the ability to be thrown and return to the player when enchanted with Loyalty.

You can use it in underwater battles. As underwater battles and fighting with aquatic animals are very difficult and you can’t use a bow in this so it’s become really very tough.

how to get a trident in minecraft

But trident makes this thing easy for the players. It helps the players to catch fish, allows the players to access those mobs ( animals) which are difficult to catch, and helps them to fight against the aquatic mobs.

It can cause huge damage to the aquatic mobs during the fights with enclosing V Enchantment. Trident is used in both melee and ranged combat.

How To Get a Trident in Minecraft? (3 Method)

Method – 1: Finding tridents in naturally generated structures

One way to obtain a trident is by finding its naturally generated structures in the game world. This includes searching underwater ruins, where tridents have a higher chance of spawning.

Method – 2: Crafting a trident with materials and a crafting table

Another option is to craft a trident using materials such as sticks, iron ingots, and prismarine shards. You will need a crafting table to combine these materials and create a trident.

Method – 3: Trading with villagers for a trident

Another method for obtaining a trident is by trading with villagers. Villagers are NPC characters that can be found in villages and will trade a variety of items with players, including tridents. Keep in mind that the exact trades available will depend on the profession of the villager and the level of the player’s reputation with them.

Possibility of Getting Trident in Various Editions?

Minecraft has recently added a trident in their aquatic update (Java Edition 1.13). As we said before, you can’t craft a trident so you have to acquire it from the hands of dead drowned mobs.

For this, you have to defeat them in the underwater battle. And then they may drop their trident but the chance is very low in this case which is approximately about 8.5%.

A drowned is an underwater zombie which holds a trident in its hands.

In The Pocket Edition

However, in the pocket edition, there is a low chance of dropping the trident from drowning. So, the best way is to attack the drowned and snatch away their tridents. For this, you have to –

  • Search for a water body.
  • Head underwater and search for enemies named drowned. You can find them spawning in oceans or rivers. As the river has a smaller amount of water than the ocean, the chances of getting drawn is higher here.
  • They spawn with tridents in their hands. You have to attack and kill them as much as possible until they drop their tridents.

In The Java Edition

In Java Edition, the chances of getting a trident are a little bit higher than in the pocket edition which is about 15% and about 25% drowned holding a trident. With looting enchantment, you can increase your chances. You have an 8.5% chance of looting it from the drowned. The normal chance of dropping a trident is 11% and with the Looting Enchantment the chance will increase by 2% at every level and it’s up to about 17%

When the mobs throw it toward you and somehow miss it, you can’t pick it up. But you can pick it up from the ground when another player throws it.

But a looted trident has random durability which you can improve or repair by combining two tridents.

Tips for Getting a Trident

Here are some tips for getting a trident in Minecraft:

  • Search underwater ruins to increase your chances of finding a trident.
  • Enchant your trident with the Impaling enchantment to increase its damage against aquatic mobs.
  • Use the Loyalty enchantment to make the trident return to your hand after it is thrown.
  • Try trading with villagers for a trident, as they may have one available for trade.
  • Craft a trident using materials such as sticks, iron ingots, and prismarine shards.

How To Make Trident Farm

A trident farm is a mechanism that allows players to obtain tridents in Minecraft efficiently and reliably. There are a few different ways to build a trident farm, depending on the resources and materials available to you. Here are the steps for building a basic trident farm:

  • Find an underwater ruin or structure that generates tridents. These structures can be found by searching the ocean floor or by using a map that shows underwater structures.
  • Build a platform around the structure, making sure to leave a few blocks of air above it. This will allow mobs to spawn and drop tridents when they are killed.
  • Set up a mob spawning trap by surrounding the platform with mob spawner blocks. These blocks will spawn mobs, which will drop tridents when they are killed.
  • Add a hopper system to collect the tridents as they are dropped by the mobs. This can be done by placing hoppers under the platform and connecting them to a chest or other container.
  • Add a Redstone clock to keep the mob spawner blocks active and spawning mobs continuously. This can be done by using Redstone repeaters and Redstone dust to create a looping circuit.
  • Use a weapon or tool to kill the mobs and collect the tridents that are dropped. You can use a sword, bow, or other melee or ranged weapon to kill the mobs.

With this basic trident farm setup, you should be able to collect tridents fairly quickly and efficiently. You can customize and expand the farm as needed, depending on your resources and the size of the farm you want to build.

How To Make an Enchanted Trident

To make an enchanted trident in Minecraft, you will need to use an enchanting table and some Lapis Lazuli. Here’s how to make an enchanted trident:

  • Find an enchanting table and place it on the ground.
  • Place the trident that you want to enchant in the first slot of the enchanting table.
  • Add Lapis Lazuli to the second slot of the enchanting table. The amount of Lapis Lazuli you need will depend on the level of enchantment you want to apply.
  • Select the enchantment that you want to apply to the trident from the list of available enchantments.
  • If the enchanting process is successful, the enchanted trident will appear in the output slot on the right side of the enchanting table.

minecraft trident

Keep in mind that the enchantments available and the level of the enchantments will depend on the level of the enchanting table and the Lapis Lazuli used. You can increase the level of the enchanting table by surrounding it with bookshelves. Also, you can increase the level of the enchantments by using more Lapis Lazuli.

How To Repair a Trident in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, players can repair their trident by combining it with another trident or with materials that have the same durability as the trident. Here’s how to repair a trident in Minecraft:

  • Open your inventory and select the damaged trident that you want to repair.
  • In the crafting grid, place the damaged trident in the center slot and either another trident or the materials that you want to use to repair it in the surrounding slots.
  • The game will show you the resulting repaired trident in the output slot on the right side of the crafting grid.
  • If you want to repair the trident, move it to your inventory. If you don’t want to repair it, you can cancel the crafting by pressing the “Escape” key or clicking the “X” button in the top right corner of the crafting grid.

Keep in mind that repairing a trident with another trident will result in a trident with the same durability as the repaired trident while repairing it with materials will result in a trident with full durability. Additionally, the repair materials or trident used in the repair process will not be returned to the player’s inventory.

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Points After Attacking With Trident 

Trident is a very powerful and incredible weapon used in Minecraft. It has a high attack speed of 1.1 and after a successful standard attack, you will get 9 points of damage while a critical attack can gain 13 points of damage. And the ranged attack will give you 8 points.

Trident Minecraft Mod 

There are many mods in Minecraft trident, among them Transcending Trident Mod 1.16.5/1.15.2 is one which makes the use of Riptide enchantment more useful.

Normally, Riptide enchantment allows the players to fly with the tridents during rain or snowfall but this Transcending Trident Mod 1.16.5/1.15.2 allows you to hold the bucket in your hand, and then Riptide enchantment will work.

You don’t need to wait for rain or snowfall anymore. Even these mods will increase the power of your Riptide and give the opportunity to the players to launch it very quickly and far away.

Some popular mods that add the trident include the following:

  • The Tridents mod adds new trident weapons to the game, including enchanted versions that have different abilities and effects.
  • The More Tridents mod adds even more trident options to the game, with a variety of enchantments and abilities to choose from.
  • The Tridents Reborn mod adds a new trident crafting system to the game, allowing players to craft tridents with different materials and enchantments.
  • The Trident Enchantments mod adds new enchantments that can be applied to tridents, including effects like extra damage, knockback, and the ability to shoot lightning bolts.


In conclusion, there are several ways to obtain a trident in Minecraft, including finding it in naturally generated structures, crafting it with materials, or trading it with villagers. With its impressive damage and unique abilities, the trident is a valuable weapon for any player to have in their arsenal. So, these are some of the ways you can get a trident in Minecraft. still, If you still have any confusion then you can read out our Q/A segment.

The FAQs About Trident 

Go through our Q/A segment and satisfy yourself with your desired answer.

Can you get a trident without a drowned?

No. Because a drowned is an underwater zombie which holds a trident in their hands.

Can you get a trident from fishing?

No. Because you can’t craft a trident and you have to acquire it from the hands of dead drowned mobs (animals. e.g. turtles, fishes, etc.)

How do you fly with the trident?

By using the Riptide Enchanted Tridents players can fly during the rain or snowfall.

Why can I not throw my trident with Riptide?

If you aren’t underwater or it is raining then you won’t be able to throw your trident with Riptide Enchant.

Are villagers afraid of drowning?

No. The villagers protect their villages from the attack of nighttime mobs but if their village sits on the water they can’t avoid the drowns. Even these drowns will help them to collect more tridents.

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