How To Find Ghast in Minecraft (5 Best Ways!!)

Ghast in Minecraft was first introduced to the Halloween update 0.12.1 and is a hostile mob that throws detonating fireballs at the players. It looks like a large jellyfish that floats. Although this ghast is a hostile mob, it has some benefits. That’s why players are eager to know how to find ghast in Minecraft in spite of knowing that finding it is difficult.

So, get ready to go through this article where we will discuss all about ghast and show you the right and simple path to find it which you may not have known.

What Are Ghasts in Minecraft

In Minecraft, a ghast is a kind of ghost-like flying hostile, annoying, and the second-largest mob which throws fireballs at the players when attacked.

How To Find Ghast in Minecraft

It will cause 15-31 hearts of damage. They can float all around the biomes. The appearance of this ghast is like a large jellyfish and they can spawn naturally.

How To Find Ghast in Minecraft (Best Ways)

As ghast in Minecraft is a floating mob, it will float from one place to another. So finding it is quite difficult but still, there are some ways of finding it which are –

1. Spawning

There is a chance of getting this rare ghast in Minecraft to spawn them. If you spawn the ghast you will be able to get enough number of it. For spawning, it will need a space of the width of 5×5 blocks and a height of 4 blocks.

2. Searching

There is a chance of getting ghast from the cave with a low ceiling as it can be trapped here or you can find it from a small cave where it can’t move.

3. From the nether biome

The Nether biome is the place from where there has a chance of getting ghast. Go to the nether portal if you aren’t in the nether and it will take you to the overworld as well as to the nether.

So that you can easily roam around the biome and can find ghast. There are also other biomes from which you can ghast, they are –

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  • Basalt Deltas
  • Nether Wastes
  • Soul Sand Valley.


4. By fishing

For fishing, first, you need to pull your ghast into the minecart as a result the fishing of ghast will be easy for the players (i.e which is considered the trickiest part).

Because the mobs will sit to the minecart when they touch it. But for pulling the ghast into the minecart, you have to use your fishing pole.

You also have to be careful about the minecart as he ghast may blow it up, you need to keep more than one minecart.

5. By hearing the crying noise

These ghasts have their individual nature which is – their occasional crying and their sound of crying can be heard from a long distance (i.e up to 80 blocks).

So, if you are near this mob, you can hear the crying noise and find them by following their noise from where exactly it comes from.

6. Summon a ghast

If you find it too difficult to find a ghast, you can call upon or summon a ghast. A spawn egg can be used for this.

Benefits of Ghast

Ghasts are useful as it drops ghast tears while it is killed. Ghast tears are very useful in gathering potions such as creating the base potion, Mundane Potion, and most importantly the regeneration potions which are very important.

Also, it can be used in crafting items.

Benefits of Ghast

Behavior of ghast

Ghast can float all around the nether and make crying noises with closed mouths and eyes. This crying noise can be heard from about 80 blocks away. This is their common nature.

Hostility level Hostile mobs
Health points 10 health points
Where to find Nether Wastes, Soul Sand Valley, Basalt Deltas
Weapon None
Attack method Shoots fireballs
Drops 0-1 Ghast Tear; 0-2 Gunpowder
Experience points 10 experience points

The killing of Ghast

When the ghasts comes near to the players, they can kill ghast with the arc as they are very fast to get back in the air or can exchange the fireballs back towards it.

Once they are killed, they will drop ghast tears which are useful. But to kill this ghast, players have to strike 10 points of damage as it contains 5 hearts for health and each heart has 2 health points.

Supported Platforms

Here is the list of Minecraft editions in which ghasts are available –

Platform Supported versions
Java Edition (Pc/Mac) Yes
Pocket Edition (PE) Yes. ( 0.12.1)
Xbox 360 Yes
Xbox one Yes
PS3 Yes
PS4 Yes
Wii U Yes
Nintendo Switch Yes
Windows 10 Edition Yes
Education Edition Yes

How To Find Ghasts in The Nether

In nether, ghasts are floating all around. So find a place where they spawn. They normally spawn in the 5×5 block space. Also, they spawn in the basalt deltas, the nether wastes, and the valley of soul sand.

How To Find Ghasts in The Nether

All these places are in the nether. So, finding them isn’t that difficult in the nether version. If you are not in the nether,  then build a portal that takes you to the Nether.                                                                                          

How To Spawn Proof Ghasts

If you want to stop the spawn of the mobs, then just simply increase the light levels by placing the torch. That’s the simple way to spawn proof ghasts.   

How To Find The Black Ghast

Black ghast is found in the nether and also in the version of 1.12.2. So if you want to find the black ghast, you must play in these versions.                                                                   

How to disable ghasts in Minecraft

To disable the ghast in Minecraft, players can use “/gamerule doMobSpawning false” in the chat box but sometimes it may disable the other friendly mobs, so you have to be careful about that.


So, the final grip is to go to the nether biome and roam all around where it spawns mostly. Hope you have found proper instructions about how to find ghast in Minecraft after reading this write-up.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ghast

Read out these answers to the question which are mostly asked by the players or may be helpful for you to gather more information.

How often does Ghasts spawn?

The spawning rate in a different edition of Minecraft is different. In bedrock edition, it takes much time. On the other hand, in bedrock edition, it takes 5 to 10 seconds.

Can you tame a ghast in Minecraft?

Yes. You can tame ghast in Minecraft. But for this, you should have a ghast saddle and place that on the ghast. As a result, you can control the movement of the ghast.

Also, you can use the ghast controller by which you can control this ghast as well as the shooting of fireballs.

What blocks can a ghast not break?

Ghasts can not break the blocks which are ghast-proof. And the block which has blast resistance of 26 or higher, cannot be broken by the ghast.

How do you protect yourself from Ghasts?

The best way to protect yourself from the ghast is to stop their spawning in your room of the nether house. To stop spawning them, you need to make the block transparent with the light of a torch.

Or, you can hide inside any glass tunnel as they can not see through glass.

Is there any command for Minecraft ghast?

Yes, there is a command by which you can call the ghast and that is – /summon.

Can Ghasts see-through glass?

No. They can not see through the glass but can destroy the glass. So it is safe for someone if they hide inside any glass tunnel for saving themselves from the attack of ghasts.

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