How to Find Fossils in Minecraft (4 Easiest Way!!)

Among the rarest blocks in Minecraft, the fossil block is one of them. Finding them is quite difficult. So, all the members of the game are eager to know how to find fossils in Minecraft. If you are searching for easy ways to find it then you have come to the right place where we will give you the proper and easy solution so that you don’t need to go here and there for queries about it. Which will also be worth saving your time.

Fossils in Minecraft

Fossils in Minecraft are the rarest block and a good source of bones which produce naturally in Minecraft and have many variants. It first appeared in  Update 1.1. 3. These fossils are made with various blocks of bones which have the size of a giant animal’s skull, ribcage, or spinal cord or they can also be made of Coal ore blocks completely.

Types of Fossil

In Minecraft, players can get two types of fossils such as – spines and skulls. Skulls and spines also have 4 different types of bones with 4 petrified variants. Instead of bone blocks, these petrified variants contain coal and diamond ores. The color of it is completely white in most cases.

How to Find Fossils in Minecraft Nether 

How to Find Fossils in Minecraft

Fossils in Minecraft can be found underground in the deserts, swamps, and their variants and it produces about 15 to 20 blocks deep from the ground but in y coordinates, it will be 40 to 49.

Here are some easy steps by which players can find the fossil the steps are –

●   Finding in the deserts and biomes

As fossils are underground structures, people can get them from the deserts and biomes named swamp. After going to the desert or biomes they just have to dig as it is buried underground.

●   Outcrops

An outcrop is a place where old rocks are manifested by people’s digging and by wind and water erosion. It is a good place to find fossils. This chunk of rock has a 1/64 chance of containing a fossil which is very low.

●   Branch Mining

Branch Mining is the process in which players dig down about 20 blocks in the desert or swamp when they find a flat section among them. But while digging, players have to keep proper space as the width of the fossil is five blocks. This branch of mining is considered the best way to find fossils.

●   TNT Mining

This TNT mining is another way of finding fossils but players need to be more serious, focused, and careful while using this method as it is dangerous sometimes. It can blow up the players with all of his things.

How to Identify Fossils in Minecraft

As it is a very rare structure, it is sometimes difficult to find. Also, it is difficult to identify them because of their un-Impressive appearance. But there is also a way of identifying them. Fossils are the sources of bone blocks and if any player finds any bone blocks they can claim them as a fossil. As a result, players don’t miss any fossils on their way of exploring the world.

Uses of fossils

Honestly speaking, there are no such significant uses or benefits of fossils in the Minecraft world. Players are eager to collect it because of its rareness and maybe to act cool towards other players. You can also have bones by killing the mobs, so there is no specialty for it in the Minecraft world.

How to Find Fossils in Minecraft (bedrock, pe)

Go to the places where fossils are naturally produced such as deserts and swamp biomes and dig about 15-24 Blocks underground (y coordinates 40-49). And the probable chance of getting fossils is about 1 in 64 percent.

How to Find Fossils in Minecraft Nether 

How to Find Fossils in Minecraft Nether 

Like a fossil, the Nether fossil is also a structure of bone blocks that generate in the underground of the Minecraft world. This fossil of nether can be found in the biome named Soul Sand Valley which is in the nether dimension.      

Types of The Nether Fossils

In the Nether, there are 14 types of fossils which vary from each other. Some of them are simple in structure and consist of 5 bone blocks. On the other hand, the complex structure of fossils consists of 21 bone blocks.

The names of Nether fossils are –

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  • Vertical Sternum – consists of 12 bone blocks.
  • Horizontal Sternum – consists of 10 bone blocks.
  • Partial Small Rib Cage – consists of 6 bone blocks.
  • Partial Small Rib Cage – consists of 6 bone blocks.
  • One Mediu Rib – consists of 5 bone blocks.
  • Large Rib Cage – consists of 21 bone blocks.
  • Three Large Ribs – consists of 18 bone blocks.
  • One Large Rib – consists of 6 bone blocks.
  • Three Medium Ribs – consists of 15 bone blocks.
  • One Tall Rib – consists of 8 bone blocks.
  • Horizontal Sternum – consists of 12 bone blocks.
  • Medium Rib Cage – consists of 11 bone blocks.
  • Three Large Ribs – consists of 17 bone blocks.
  • Large Rib Cage – consists of 21 bone blocks.


How to Find Fossils in Minecraft Command

Don’t want to follow these lengthy steps and save your valuable time? Then there is also an option for you by which you can get the fossils so easily in just one action. Just put a command which is – /locate fossils. That’s it.


So, the key point about how to find fossils in Minecraft is –

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  • Go to the desert or biomes and dig it because the fossils generate underground.
  • Use the mining process to get it.
  • Or you can search in the outcrops.
  • But the chances of getting fossil is very low, which is 1/64 percent


That’s it. Hope after reading this whole article you get the proper grip which will help you to find the fossils and save your valuable time.

The FAQs about Fossils in Minecraft

Here are some answers to the questions which are mostly asked by the people.

Can you locate fossils in Minecraft? 

Yes. You can locate fossils in Minecraft in those areas where it spawns. Those areas are the deserts, swamps, swamps hills, and desert hills. Also, there is a quiet chance of locating the fossil around coal.           

How rare is finding a fossil in Minecraft? 

This fossil structure is very rare in Minecraft and players have a very low chance of getting it and the probable chance of getting it is 1/64 percent.

Why is finding fossils rare in Minecraft?                          

Fossil is a rare block in Minecraft because it consumes and destroys quickly after death.   

 Where do fossils spawn in Minecraft?

Fossils spawn naturally in the underground on the overworld desserts and swamp biomes. Also spawn in the desert lakes, swamp hills, desert hills, etc.

Can fossils be destroyed? 

Yes. Fossils can be destroyed. Destroying process is done by melting. Also can be destroyed when it is moved, crushed, or eroded.

How do you know if a rock is a fossil?

As fossils turn into rocks, coal over time, there is a chance of getting fossils from the rocks. If the rock is heavy then this rock is a fossil. And the normal rocks are light in weight.

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