How To Find Food in Minecraft Fast (10 Best Ways)

Minecraft is a survival game and for surviving, players need food to eat. It will help them to restore their health and also help them to survive. Otherwise, they will die because of starvation. That’s why players are searching for the term “how to find food in Minecraft” but there are no good resources on the web.

Here in this write-up, we are going to discuss the importance of food, how to find them, and many more things. So, stay with us.

Food in Minecraft

Food is important in Minecraft for a long time survival in the game. There are options for meat and vegetation. 40 types of food are available in this game.

These foods are also craftable and you can craft them when you understand the basics. But finding food is difficult. When the player is out of their base they need to find food otherwise they may die without food because of starvation.

How To Find Food in Minecraft

How to Find Food in Minecraft

There are a few ways from which you can get food in Minecraft. They are –

●  Killing Meat Animals

If you want to eat meat, you have to kill animals such as – cows, chickens, fish like – salmon, cod, etc. After killing the animal, it will drop meat.

You can eat the raw meat but sometimes this raw meat, especially the chicken, will cause food poisoning which will make your hunger bar green and consume quickly.

To avoid this, you can cook meat or you can kill them with fire so that they will drop the cooked meat. It will be safer and good than raw meat as it has more saturation and more ability to restore hunger bars.

For cooking, you will need a furnace that you can craft from the crafting table. For fuel, you can use coal or wood.

●   Looting a Village

From villages, there is a high chance of getting food as it offers many sources of food that depends on the biomes. Most of them have hay bales that can be crafted into wheat, then bread. The equation will be –

1 Hay Bale = 9 Wheat = 3 Bread = 15 ( Hunger (icon).png × 7.5) food points). Some villages don’t have bales, instead of bales, they have melons or pumpkins.

You should cook them to get better nourishment. As we said before, for cooking, you will need a furnace smoker or a campfire. A village farm has 25% wheat, carrots, and potatoes but on average a single village farm has 19 crops per farm whereas the large one has 38.

●   Looting Shipwrecks

Shipwreck is the destroyed sunken ships that lie underwater. In the front of the ship (named bow), the supply chest has plenty of food. From this shipwreck, you won’t go with empty hands, you can have at least wheat from which you can make bread.

●   Foraging

Players can get various types of foods from the landscape by foraging and it depends on the biomes which you passed through. But you should not get mushroom stew as it is not so good food and doesn’t fill up the hunger bar but fill the saturation.

●   Fishing

You can go fishing in the river or ocean if you want to eat that. For fishing, you will need a fishing rod out of three sticks which you can craft from a crafting table.

Then go to the river for fishing. Clownfish and salmon can be eaten as raw fish but you can’t eat puffer fish as raw fish because it causes food poisoning like raw chicken meat and also causes nausea. So it is better and safe to eat them after cooking.

●   From Leaves

Oak leaves of the oak trees will drop apples while cutting or players can break the leaf to gain apples.

●   From Taiga Biome

Players can get access to sweet berries when they spawn near this taiga biome. These sweet berries are not so strong but they have an immense food source.

●   From Caves

There is a high chance of getting food from the caves or from under the trees. And from this place, you can get mushrooms. They are brown or red in color and can be found anywhere.

●   From The Jungle

From the jungle, you can get melon blocks which can be broken and turned into melon slices which can turn into seeds if they are unused. These melons are also a weak source of food.

●   Chest Loot

By looting the chest players can get rotten meat which is the very least valued food item in Minecraft. Most of the time players get it after killing the animals. It is less valued in the game because it causes nausea and food poisoning.

Importance of Food in Minecraft

Food is very important for players in  Minecraft. It will restore and regenerate the health of the players which will help them to survive the game. Also, food will help to gain the oxygen level up to 20 points which help the players to run without eating for so long.

Important Bars in Minecraft

There are two important bars for which players understand when they need to eat food. One is – the hunger bar and the second one is – the saturation bar.

  • Hunger bar: This hunger bar is the parameter for determining the player’s hunger. When it is full, it means the player doesn’t need to eat food but when it is less full, it means your player is hungry and needs food to eat. It is important to fill the hunger bar as much as possible for better survival.
  • Saturation bar: This saturation bar has 20 points and players always have to fill it as much as possible. Because it plays an important role and players can run for a long time without food if this saturation bar is full enough. It is always hidden from the players.

How to find food seeds in Minecraft

What Are the Best Food Items in Minecraft?

The parameter of determining the best food in Minecraft is their healing stats of health and other potential benefits. Some of them are listed below with the benefits –

  • Apple: It restores the 20% health of the player within three seconds.
  • Bread: 100% health of the player is restored within 30 seconds by this food.
  • Pork chops: It regenerates 50% health of a player over 10 seconds.
  • Melon: It heals 75% health of a player within 15 seconds.
  • Cooked Salmon: In 8 seconds, it will restore 35% of a player’s health.
  • Sweet berries: 20% regeneration of health in 8 seconds is occurred by this food as well as it gives five seconds of swiftness.
  • Tropical fish: In 2 seconds, it will restore 20% health of a player as well as 10% total oxygen of a player.
  • Chorus fruit: 30% regeneration of health occurred in just one second.

How to Display Food in Minecraft

The process of displaying or placing the food in Minecraft varies from edition to edition. The process is –

  • In Java Edition (PC/Mac): For java edition (PC/Mac), players need to right-click on the block.
  • Pocket Edition (PE): Just tap on the block.
  • In Xbox 360 and Xbox One: For this edition, you need to go to the Xbox controller and click on the LT button.
  • PS3 and PS4: In this edition, the process of placing food is quite similar to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Just you need to press the L2 button from the PS controller.
  • In Wii U: Go to the gamepad and click on the ZL button.
  • In Nintendo Switch: Just click the ZL button from the controller.
  • Windows 10 and education edition: Directly go to the block and click on it.

How to Find Food Seeds in Minecraft

To get a seed in Minecraft, players need to do some work which are –

  • First, they have to find an area where grass and tall grass lie.
  • And then break the grass which will give you seeds after breaking.
  • Collect the seeds.

That’s it. After collecting the seeds you can reproduce the food again with the help of the seeds.                        

How to Spawn in Food in Minecraft

For spawning food items in Minecraft, there is a command which will help its player to spawn quickly. And the command is –

 /give <Player> <Item> <Amount>.

How to Find Food in Minecraft Biomes

Players can get food from biomes by which they passed. From the taiga biome, they can get access to sweet berries as they spawn in this biome and this has an immense source of food.

How to find food in Minecraft biomes

On the other hand, if you are always hungry, then the Swamp biome will be good for you. As it provides a guaranteed source of food as well as a huge portion of mushrooms. Also, you can fish in the biomes and for this, you will need a fishing rod and water sources like – river or ocean.

How to Find Food in Minecraft Bedrock

In Minecraft bedrock edition, finding the process of food is exactly the same which we have explained above. Hope you read this.

How to Find Food in Minecraft Nether

In the Nether, finding food is quite difficult but there are some ways to find food here.

They are –

  • From Mushroom Stew: It is a good option for finding food and both types of mushrooms are available here.
  • From Zombified Piglins: From this, players can have rotten flesh. But there is a problem, you have to fight with all the zombies though you want to fight with one. But you have to keep a safe distance while fighting.
  • From Hollins: Hoglins are the hostile animal from which players can get meat. They spawn in the crimson forest biome and are the best source of naturally occurring food in Minecraft. About 2-4 pork chops will be dropped from these hoglins. You can cook these pork chops which will be the best food in the game.
  • From Bastion Remnants: This bastion remnant is a source of food that contains a chest and this chest has pork, golden carrots, and golden carrots.


This is all about how to find food in Minecraft. Hope this will help you to find food. Also, we have arranged a FAQ segment as usual for helping you more regarding this topic.

The FAQs about Food in Minecraft

Read and learn more from this question.

What is the best source of naturally occurring food in Minecraft? 

Hoglins are the best source of naturally occurring food in Minecraft Nether which is found in the crimson forest biome.

Which is the hostile source of food?

Hoglins are a hostile source of food.

What are the best foods for beginners?

Steak is the best food for beginners because it is easy to make from a piece of raw beef cooking.

How much pumpkin seed will you get from a pumpkin?

You can get 4 pumpkin seeds from a pumpkin.

How do you pick up meat in Minecraft?

Picking up meat in Minecraft is very easy. You just have to walk over it and the meat will automatically add to your inventory.

What is the fastest way to get food in Minecraft? 

The fastest way to get food in Minecraft is using commands. And the command of getting food is – /give <Player> <Item> <Amount>.

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