How to Find Enderman in Minecraft (The Quick Way)

Because of its uniqueness and specialty people are searching for a way how to find Enderman in Minecraft. An Enderman in Minecraft is a neutral mob. It can do some tasks that other mobs can not perform. It can move the blocks by picking them up.

Also, it is very difficult to kill the Enderman in Minecraft. Because of all of these benefits players want to have it but sometimes they don’t get it because of the lack of knowledge of Enderman in Minecraft.

If someone knows the proper ways and steps of finding it, then he/she will not face many troubles and difficulties to get it. Here in this write-up, we are going to discuss all the possible ways and techniques of finding it, how it works, and many more. Hope it will guide you perfectly and make the best use of your time.

What is Enderman

In Minecraft, Enderman is a special, unique, and neutral mob. It has some qualities which make it unique from others. It can move the blocks anywhere by picking them up.

Also, it has teleportation power. All other Minecraft mobs don’t have this special quality. This Enderman is a passive mob towards others and loves to stay alone but they can attack when they are provoked.

How to Find Enderman in Minecraft

Where They Spawn

These endermans spawn everywhere in Minecraft and you can not control their spawning. They spawn in groups which are normally 2 in number but in the overworld, the number of groups of spawning enderman is 4. They generally spawn at night or during the day if the light level is 7 or less.

How to Find Enderman in Minecraft (Easy Steps)

To find Enderman in Minecraft –

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  • First, you need to go to the places where there is a possibility of getting it. They are common in the places of the Warped Forest biome and End Islands.
  • Then build a structure of 20 blocks high from which you will be able to see the whole area. The shapes of the blocks are rectangular and 11×11 in order. The structure’s blocks have the width of one block and length of four blocks. This structure will help you to go from the bottom to the top at one step and makes your finding process of enderman easier.
  • After finding any Enderman kills them with the sword. They will immediately spawn and produce Enderman. Keep repeating this process and you will be able to get more of it. But before spawning, you have to make sure of the security of the area as anything can happen. Also for spawning the mobs, the area should be dark, so have some extra armor to the spawning point.
  • Also, you can make an enderman farm by using the ender pearls. You can collect these pearls by killing the mobs with a sword.


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How to Find Enderman Easily

To find Enderman in Minecraft easily, you have to look for a biome that has a light level of 7 or less or you can find it enormously in the end biome. Also, you can call the enderman by using a cheat or spawn egg.

How to Find Enderman in the Overworld

In Minecraft, it is easy to find Enderman in the overworld as they have a home in the overworld. To find this Enderman in the overworld, build a platform from which you will be able to see far distances. The platform may be 20 blocks high and the shapes are rectangular and the order of it should be 11×11. Then look over the area to find some enderman.      

How to Find Enderman in the overworld

Where to Find Enderman in Minecraft

As enderman spawn in the light level of 7 or less, you can find it here. Or you can find it in the overworld biomes, warp forest biomes, or in the end islands. These places have high chances of getting Enderman in Minecraft.

When Enderman in Minecraft Teleports

This mob in Minecraft has teleportation power and it teleports when it doesn’t find any dry area. This Enderman can be harmed by water, fire, lava, splash bottles, and rain. Teleportation also occurs when there is suffocation, poison, or wither problem.

How to Find Enderman in Minecraft (Xbox, Bedrock)

Search them in those places where they spawn commonly. They spawn on solid and turbid blocks. During the night, it will spawn. It will also spawn in the daytime but the light level must be 7 or less. This Enderman is mostly found in the overworld and in the end biomes. So go there and get some endermen.

How to Find Endermen in the Nether

In nether, Enderman can be found in the warped forest biomes and in the end. Also, it can be found in soul sand valleys but the chances of getting it from there are low because the spawning rate of Enderman in this region is very low.                                                                              

How to Find a White Enderman

In Minecraft, the white enderman has quite different characteristics than the regular enderman. It normally attacks the players even if the players don’t look in their eyes or provoke them. It also can walk on the water.

How to Find Enderman in the nether

Like enderman, you can find it mostly in the overworld or on any solid surface which has three empty spaces above. Also, you can find them in a place that has a light level of 7 or less as they spawn in this light level.

How to Find a Baby Enderman

This new type of enderman in Minecraft can be found in Enchanted Island. This new type of Enderman also has different characteristics than the regular one. They can steal the player’s items and can not teleport. Also, they will call your relatives if they are attacked by you.


So, the summary of this whole write-up is – if you want to find the Enderman in Minecraft then go to the places where they are usually spawned and commonly found and the chances of getting this in Minecraft are in the overworld and the end biomes.

Hope you have gone through this whole article and found your answers on how to find Enderman in Minecraft and some details of it. 

The FAQs about Enderman in Minecraft

Here we have arranged some important question answers which are frequently asked by the players. Read out these.

Can I tame Emderman in Minecraft? 

Taming the enderman is quite difficult especially if you are in the survival mode in Minecraft, it is not possible to tame them. But in other versions of Minecraft, you can tame them.

Is the Enderman dangerous?

Yes. They are dangerous sometimes as they can attack you when they are provoked and also have the ability of teleportation. But in general, they are not hostile mobs.

Which power makes them different from other mobs in Minecraft? 

Teleportation power makes them different from other mobs in Minecraft. They can move so fast in the blink of an eye that they can also pick up the blocks and move them from here to there.

How should I defend myself from the attacks of Enderman?

The best way of defending yourself from the attack of the players is to go to the place where there are three blocks. Because they can not spawn in such a small place that has only three blocks.

What are Endermen scared of?

Endermen are scared of water and the mobs named endermites. It is hostile towards these endermites within 64 blocks.                                                                                                                                                                                

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