How To Find Dogs in Minecraft [Fast & Easy Steps!!]

There is a question why maximum people want to know how to find dogs in Minecraft. Does it have any advantages? The answer is yes. The Dog gives you some wonderful support while playing the game.

It is one of the most popular mobs to the players for having its good companionship while playing the game lonely. It attacks the mob which is dangerous for the players. Also, helps to complete the missions like feeding, breeding, and taming and it protects from enemies’ attacks.

As we all know that Minecraft is a survival game and to sustain in this game players have to be tricky and smart. Dogs help them to survive as well as save them from hostile mobs. But finding them is the main task.

So, explore the article to know how to find this precious animal in Minecraft.

Dogs in Minecraft 

Dogs in Minecraft are such friendly, useful and trustworthy, loyal animals. It also helps its players to complete various tasks. Players need to tame a wolf to obtain a dog. These dogs are very conscious and protective of their masters. They will attack the hostile mobs which try to attack their master and protect them.

how to find dogs in Minecraft

How To Find Dogs in Minecraft

Finding dogs in Minecraft isn’t that hard. But you will not find them directly as a dog. You will find them as a wolf and then you have to tame them to make a dog.

For finding, all you have to do is to explore the biomes as they spawn in every forest biome. But there is a biome in which it will not spawn and that is the flower biome. In this flower forest biome, rabbits and bees are spawned mostly. Primarily the taiga biomes (taiga, cold taiga, cold taiga M, and the mega taiga) is the one where you can find wolves ( i.e you can turn them into your dog by taming).

How To Tame Dogs in Minecraft

After finding the dog, players can tame it as a pet dog which will follow the instructions of its master. The taming process isn’t that hard. All you have to do is to feed them what they love. Normally dogs love to eat bones and meat. So feed them these foods and that’s it. Now It has been tamed and will follow your instructions.

How to Find Your Lost Dog in Minecraft Pe

There is a map named The lost dog which helps the players to find their lost dogs. In this map, players have to go on a journey from which they can find their lost dog. This map has several floating islands and you have to find rescue keys to enter this island. There are four rescue keys and after finding this, players will be able to find their lost dogs.

How To Find Dogs in Minecraft PE

There is nothing special and different about finding dogs in Minecraft PE. Just roam around the world and find forest biomes where you can get the wolves. You can find them in their natural habitats, on the other hand, you can use a cheat or use a spawn egg to call them. After taming and spawning them, you will get the tamed dog which will follow your instructions.                                                                      

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Where Can You Find Dogs in Minecraft

There are chances of finding a dog in the forest biomes. Especially in the taiga biomes which have super tall trees covered with snow. You can find the dogs eight in numbers or one in number from the biomes.                             

How To Find Dogs in Minecraft Bedrock

Players can find dogs in Minecraft where these dogs are spawned. In Minecraft bedrock edition, they are mostly spawned above the grass blocks, dirt, coarse dirt, or podzol in forests, taigas, groves, old-growth taigas, and snowy taigas. So one can have the chance of getting dogs in these areas.    

How To Find Dogs in Minecraft Bedrock

How To Find Wild Dogs in Minecraft?

Wild dogs can be found in the swamp biome near the beaches. You have to explore the biomes and find dogs.              

How To Find Dogs in Minecraft Command

Players can also use commands to call the dogs as this command will help them to save their time instead of finding the dog here and there. The command which players can use is – /summon wolf.            For example, if you have a wolf (which you can turn into a dog after taming) named Rover then the command will be –

/summon wolf ~ ~ ~ {CustomName:Rover}                                                                     

How To Find Dogs in Minecraft Creative Mode

In Minecraft creative mode, dogs spawn in the Forest, Taiga, Mega Taiga, Cold Taiga, and Cold Taiga M biomes. So, players have the chance of getting dogs from these biomes. So, explore these biomes.

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Advantages Of Having Dogs in Minecraft

There are many advantages to having dogs in Minecraft. The advantages of dogs are –

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  • It helps the player to survive in the game by protecting its master from other hostile mobs.
  • They can attack mobs that may harm their master.
  • They are also playful and loyal to their master.


Above all, it will help you to make your journey in Minecraft more smooth and easy.


Now anyone can say why dogs are very demanding and why everyone wants to find this dog in Minecraft, what are the advantages of it, how to find dogs in Minecraft, the benefits of dogs, taming process, etc. Hope this guide is worth your time if you went through this whole write-up.

The FAQs about Dogs in Minecraft

We have arranged this FAQ segment to clarify more about this article.

Are there black dogs in Minecraft?

Yes. There are black dogs in Minecraft which represent a hostile creatures. The reason for dogs turning into black is a lighting glitch and this has to happen when the dog is wet. These black dogs become invisible when attacked.

How do you understand that your dog is tamed?

You can understand that your dog is tamed by seeing the color of its collar of it. The collar will turn red when the dog is tamed.

Can I name my dog in Minecraft? 

Yes. You can name your dog in Minecraft. For this, you will need a nameplate which you can find by looting the chests such as woodland mansions, dungeons, temples, etc. Or it can be obtained from the librarian villagers by trading and fishing.

Is there a limit to how many dogs you can tame in Minecraft?

No. There is no limited number of dogs you can tame in Minecraft. You can tame one or more dogs whatever you want.

Does your dog follow you everywhere Minecraft?

Yes. Dogs can follow you everywhere in Minecraft. But if they are commanded to sit, they will not follow you anymore.

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