How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft PS4? (Our 4-Steps)

If you are a Minecraft player on PS4, you already know how precious diamonds are in the Minecraft game, don’t you?. Well, they are immensely precious. That’s why, in the internet forums, people frequently ask “how to find diamonds in Minecraft PS4?“.  

Now, the reason why it is quite difficult to find diamonds in the Minecraft game is that diamonds are only found in the lowest depth of Earth in the Minecraft game (between the 15th and 60th layer into the ground). 

Although diamonds are difficult to find, they are the key material to mining other precious resources such as obsidian and ancient debris. So, players fight each other with the utmost zeal to gain diamonds in the Minecraft game. 

However, if you know the right trick on how to find diamonds in Minecraft, you won’t have to go through such trouble.

All you have to do is read this discussion till the end. Here, we have laid down all the easy methods of getting diamonds in Minecraft. So, we can guarantee that your time here will not be a waste.

How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft PS4 [4 Easy Steps]

Using the methods we have mentioned below, you can easily find diamonds in Minecraft PS4. However, you can also use these methods to collect diamonds in any other versions of Minecraft as well. So, go ahead and take a brief look at them.

how to find diamonds in minecraft ps4

Step-1: Branch Mining By Digging Underground

Digging underground and mining diamonds is by far the safest and easiest trick for finding diamonds in Minecraft.

So, go ahead and follow the below 7 steps sequentially (and find diamonds):

  • 1. Getting Ready For Brunch Mining

Want to know what branch mining is? It’s the activity of digging in the direction of the Y coordinate (between 15 and -60). Now, if you want to do brunch mining, you have to set up a home base and start digging a 2×2 mining tunnel in the horizontal directions (both directions).

Consequently, as you cover more ground by digging and extending the tunnel, your chances of finding diamonds will be higher. Also, you have to have a furnace to be able to smelt the ores you find on the path (ores such as iron and gold).

And, for brunch mining, there are a bunch of other things that you have to have prepared as well:

Table for crafting

a crafting table will help you achieve higher speed in crafting different items and building more tools as you dig through a tunnel.

Strong doors

you also need to have doors in order to be safe from monsters. If you make doors with 6 wood planks, you can rest assured that the monsters won’t be able to enter your home when you are asleep.

Numerous wood logs

you have to remember here that you won’t find any wood logs in the mining zone underground. So, you have to collect many wood logs before you start digging and mining. 

If you have wood logs, you can easily create different tools and items in the process of mining. Therefore, we suggest that you collect at least 64 wood logs and then start mining.

A functional map (for PS4 and PE )

in order to create a map for you, you’ll need to have at least 8 pieces of paper and a compass. Why is that? It’s because the map can easily track your coordinates and give you updated information on your location as you dig deeper into the ground.

Meat and food

collecting raw meat is an easy way to keep away from hunger and maintain a full health bar. 

  • 2. Dig Deeper Into The Depth Of Up To 16 Blocks

You need to remember that diamonds are easy to come by in between the Y coordinates 15 and -60 (most commonly found in between the 16th and the -57th layer). That’s why, as you dig deeper, you have to constantly check your Y coordinate on the map. 

  • 3. Creating A Home Base

In order to be able to constantly dig and find diamonds from the ground, you’ll have to set up a home base that has at least 5×5 block space. So, go ahead and create your home base and place all the necessary items such as a table, a bed, chests, torches, furnaces, etc.

  • 4. Creating The Main Tunnel

As we have mentioned before, in order to find diamonds, you’ll have to dig multiple tunnels in a horizontal fashion. That’s why, firstly, you’ll need to make the main tunnel and extend other branch tunnels from that main tunnel. 

Now, when you make your main channel, make sure that the tunnel is at least 20 blocks in length and 2 blocks in width. And, be sure to keep torches at the main points of the tunnel, so you don’t get lost while walking in the tunnel.

  • 5. Create A Branch Tunnel (On The Left Or Right Side Of Your Main Tunnel)

Once you have created your main tunnel, now, it’s time to make branches on the left or right side of the main tunnel. The branch tunnels can be created with a length of 20 blocks and a width of 2 blocks.

  • 6. Dig Smaller Branches From The Branch Tunnels

Once you have created branch tunnels from the main tunnel, you’ll have to create smaller branch tunnels and cover more area in mining.

  • 7. Looking For Items And Mining Diamonds

As you dig through the ground and make multiple branch tunnels, you are sure to find some collectible items. So, don’t forget to collect everything that you find during the time of digging. 

Also, don’t forget to examine the ceiling and the floor of the tunnel at the same time.

Now, if you keep repeating the above steps and covering more grounds, you are sure to get lots of diamonds. So, keep digging and expanding your main tunnel and keep covering more and more ground every day. As a result, you’ll be the owner of a huge chunk of diamonds in no time.

Step-2: Exploring Caves

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of digging and mining, you can take advantage of natural caves to find diamond ores. Sometimes caves contain abundant deposits of diamond ores.

So, go ahead and scour through all the caves that you find. And, even if you find lava in caves, apply water to it with a water bucket and make your way through the caves to find diamonds.

how to find diamonds in minecraft

Step-3: Staircase Mining

If you don’t like the method of brunch mining, you can go ahead and use the staircase mining method to look for diamonds underground. In this method, you have to dig underground and make a staircase in the process of digging. 

As you go underground at a 45° angle, you leave a staircase at your back, so you can easily come back to the upper surface anytime. Now, once you have dug into the ground and made a staircase, keep digging horizontally and covering more ground until you find diamonds.

Luckily, even if you get bored during the time of digging, you can easily come out of the mine by jumping through the staircases. Easy, right?

Staircase Mining in minecraft

Step-4: Examining Chests From Abandoned Mineshafts / Villages

If you are fortunate enough, you can also find diamonds from chests in abandoned mineshafts. Or, you can examine chests from villages as well. Although this method doesn’t guarantee you to find diamonds, it is one of the most commonly used methods by expert players.

How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft Fast and Easy?

Although digging into the ground is a common way of finding diamonds in Minecraft, it is not something that everyone likes to do. That’s why we have pinpointed some chest and loot locations that you can explore to find diamonds fast and easily.

The best thing about these loot chests is that they are easy to find, and you won’t have to go through much trouble to collect diamonds from them. 

Below, you’ll find a list of loot chests where you may find diamonds (if you are lucky). So, take a look at the chests and find diamonds from these locations without bothering to dig into the ground:

[su_list icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#50ff17″]

  • Village chests
  • End city chests
  • Desert temple chests
  • Buried treasure
  • Shipwreck treasure
  • Mineshafts
  • Fortress chests


How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft PE?

As we have already discussed above, diamonds are the best materials to make weapons and armory in Minecraft. That’s why people wholeheartedly want to find diamonds in Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition).

That’s also why, for you, we have listed down some of the best locations where you can easily find diamonds in the Minecraft PE version:

●   Utilizing Seeds

One of the best methods of getting lots of diamonds in Minecraft PE is by planting seeds to get diamonds. When you plant seeds, they naturally create a huge chunk of diamonds. 

But, where can you find the seeds? Well, you have to look thoroughly into village chests or inside shipwrecks to find them.

●   Exploring Caves

It’s worth mentioning that caves are one of the most common areas where diamonds are found in Minecraft. That’s why whenever you find a cave, do not forget to fully explore it.

In addition to that, you can also dig and expand the cave to find more diamonds.

●   Scouring Through Ravines

Ravines are also the kind of place where you can frequently find diamonds. But, how do you recognize a ravine? Well, just remember that ravines are just like caves without any ceiling. Also, ravines tend to be wider and deeper than caves. So, you shouldn’t have any problem recognizing a ravine when you see it.

Ravines in minecraft

●   Exploring The Lower Levels

If you have tried the above methods, you can also dig into the ground and explore the Y-axis levels of 5 to 12. Or, you can go even deeper and explore below the 16th (Y-axis) level as well. 

Now, you should note here that, because diamonds are easily exploitable from underground exploration, digging and exploring underground is one of the most common methods of finding diamonds.

●   Maximize Fortune

One of the most efficient tricks of getting extra diamonds in the Minecraft game is using pickaxes that are enchanted with fortune. The bonus effect of using fortune is that, when you have a pickaxe enchanted with fortune, the number of diamonds you get from the ores is much higher.

How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft (Coordinates)?

The best coordinates where you can find diamonds in Minecraft is below the Y coordinate of 15. But, since Minecraft 1.18 release, you can also find lots of diamonds between Y coordinate levels 16 and – 64. Especially, if you look between -53 and -59, you have the most chance of finding abundant diamonds.

Now, if you are using the Java version of the Minecraft game, you can easily get your current XYZ coordinates by pressing the “F3” key.

On the other hand, if you are using the Bedrock version, you can easily turn the “Show Coordinate” option on from the “World Options” menu.

How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft Using Clay?

If you want to find diamonds in the Minecraft game using clay patches, you can do so by locating square-shaped clay patches. 

Below, let’s see in detail how you can easily find the diamonds in the Minecraft game using clay:

[su_list icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#50ff17″]

  • First off, I should tell you that this particular method of finding diamonds is only tested on Minecraft 1.17 version. 

Therefore, we cannot say for sure that you will be able to find diamonds using this method in other versions as well. However, it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

  • Now, in Minecraft 1.17, you have to locate a square-shaped clay patch.
  • After that, you will have to find the center of the clay patch. There, you will have to make a hole leading deep into the ground.
  • Next, you should hop into the hole that you just made and move 3 blocks in the positive Z direction.
  • At this point, if you look around and explore, you’ll find diamonds embedded in the ground.


How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft Xbox?

The method of earning free diamonds in the Minecraft Xbox is the same as we have mentioned in the above subsection. 

So, if you want to find diamonds in the Minecraft Xbox, you may download either the Minecraft Bedrock or Minecraft Java version on your Xbox. Then, you can use the methods we have already discussed above to get free diamonds.

How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft PS3?

The Minecraft game on the PS4 and the PS3 gaming console runs on the same server. As a result, you can find the diamonds in the Minecraft PS3 platform by using the same techniques as the PS4 platform. 

Therefore, if you employ the techniques of finding diamonds that we have mentioned in the upper section of this discussion, you’ll be able to successfully mine-free diamonds in Minecraft PS3 as well.

how to find diamonds in minecraft ps3

How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft iPad?

In order to play Minecraft on an iPad and find diamonds, you’ll have to download the Minecraft game from the Apple app store. Now, you may choose to play on either Bedrock, Pocket Edition, or the Java version server.

Then, you will be able to find diamonds if you look below level 15 in the Y coordinate. To be more specific, since Minecraft 1.18 release, diamonds can be frequently found between 15 to -60 Y-axis levels. So, go ahead and look for diamonds in these coordinates.

The Takeaway

Essentially, the most efficient way to find diamonds in the Minecraft game is to look for diamonds in Y-axis levels between 15 and -60. 

However, you may also find diamonds on the surface worlds without digging into the ground. But, that entirely depends on your luck.

Lastly, now that you have gone through this discussion and got a solid grip on how to find diamonds in the Minecraft game, you should have no problem finding the abundance of diamonds hiding in the Minecraft worlds. For that, we bid you the best of luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the same trick to find diamonds on all device platforms?

Yes, since Minecraft has the same map and the same server for all device platforms such as mobile, computer, Linux, consoles, Raspberry Pi, etc, you can use the same tricks (as we have discussed the above sections) to find diamonds in all device platforms.

What is the simplest way of finding diamonds in the Minecraft game?

The most obvious and simplest way of finding diamonds in Minecraft games is to look for almonds in temples and mineshafts. Also, you should look into the treasure chests of these places as well. That way, you may easily find diamonds without going through the trouble of digging into the ground.

What kind of pickaxe should I use to dig diamonds?

In Minecraft, diamonds are only mined by pickaxes that are made of iron or above materials. That means you cannot use a wooden pickaxe to mine diamonds.

Is it possible to find diamonds above the Y coordinate 15 levels?

No, since the release of Minecraft 1.18, diamonds are only spawned between Y coordinate level 16 and -64. Therefore, even if you look with all your effort in the Y coordinates above level 15, there’s no chance of finding diamonds there.

Will I face any danger while digging for diamonds underground?

Yes, unfortunately,  you might find monsters coming your way at night when you are digging underground for diamonds. Also, you can hit the ceiling of lava caves at any time. As a result, you can get injured by falling on the lava.

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