How To Find Coral Reef In Minecraft: (2 Simple Ways)

To find coral reefs in Minecraft, explore the ocean biome with a boat and look for aquamarine structures. Use Elytra wings for faster exploration. Alternatively, use specific seeds like 1194193358 (tropical island), 538502489 (coral reef spawn), or 1848996952 (village with nearby reef) on the Chunk Base website to locate reefs quickly.

Summarized steps:

  • Get a boat.
  • Find an ocean biome.
  • Look for colorful coral patches in shallow areas.
  • Consider using the Optifine mod for better visibility.
  • Explore underwater to find coral reefs and tropical fish.
  • Mark the location for future reference.

Remember to appreciate and protect coral reefs in the game.


Minecraft introduced new and exciting features to its oceans In 2018, including coral reef structures. These structures are difficult to find as they are located deep in the warm ocean. That’s why many players struggle to discover coral reefs in Minecraft. But if you’re eager to explore this unique biome and enjoy its exotic features, you’re in luck.

In this discussion, we’ll tell you the answer to common questions such as “How to find coral reef in Minecraft?“.

How To Find Coral Reef In Minecraft?

As we have already mentioned above, you will only be able to find the coral reef structure in the warm ocean biome. Now, you might ask, “What is the warm ocean biome?”. 

Well, the warm ocean is a variation of the normal ocean that has warm water and different colors. And, the distinct feature of a warm ocean is that its color gives a distinct vibe of a tropical environment. 

Now, you should also note that the coral reef structure is found surrounded by large bodies of warm water in the warm ocean biome. To be more specific, the coral reef structure will be surrounded by at least 32 blocks of lukewarm water from every direction.

There are only 2 ways to find this special structure in the Minecraft game:

  1. Exploring the ocean
  2. By planting coral reef seeds

Now, let’s see how you can easily find the coral reef structure in the Minecraft game in greater detail:

1. Finding Coral Reef By Exploring In The Ocean

  • If you want to explore the warm ocean biome and find the coral reef structure in the shortest amount of time, your best bet is to build a boat and explore the ocean on the boat.
  • While exploring, you may keep an eye out to look for a particular aquamarine structure with a bit of greenish and light blue tint.
  • Also, if you can get yourself elytra (the elytra is a pair of wings that can enable a player to fly around in the Minecraft game), you can easily fly and cover more ground in the least amount of time.

This way, you can explore and find the coral reef biome even faster. 

2. Finding Coral Reef By Seeds

Here, I will mention some seeds that you can use to order to find the coral reef structures very quickly. To use these seeds, you’ll have to copy and paste them to the Chunk Base website. After pasting the seeds on the chunk base website, you’ll be able to see on the map where you have to go in order to find the coral reef.

  • Tropical Island Seed: 1194193358

This is the seed that will lead you to a tropical island. 

Now, the tropical island itself does not contain the coral reef structure. But, you can find the coral reef around this tropical island if you spend a few minutes looking for it.

  • Tropical Island Seed (2): 538502489

By using this particular seed, you’ll spawn right next to a large coral reef structure. Also, you may notice some tropical fish around you as well (including dolphins and other ocean fishes),

  • Village Seed: 1848996952

The feature of this seed is that you can spawn into a civilian village using this seed. Also, you may see yourself spawned at a place with a sunken ship. Now, you can acquire some items from the village at first and then explore around in order to find the coral reef, which is in the close vicinity of this village.

What Is The Coral Reef In Minecraft?

The coral reef is a special structure that is only found in the warm ocean biomes. And, this structure is filled with colorful structures such as plants, tropical fish, corals, etc. Also, the coral you’ll find in this structure will be of various colors such as pink, red, purple, blue, yellow, etc.

Now, the coral reef is so well known in the Minecraft game because it is available in all the versions of the Minecraft game including the Bedrock edition, PS3, PS4, Java edition, Nintendo Switch edition, Xbox edition, etc.

Importance of Coral Reefs In Minecraft

Coral Reefs serve several important purposes in the gameplay. They are an integral part of the game and will provide you with exciting experiences. I am going to share with you some bullet points on the importance of Coral Reefs in Minecraft.

  • Coral Reefs bring biodiversity and aquatic ecosystems within the Minecraft gameplay.
  • It also enhances the visual appeal of Minecraft’s ocean.
  • They increase your chance of catching fish and you can eat them as a food source.
  • You can find blocks out there and use them for decoration.
  • Coral reefs in Minecraft may contain hidden treasure chests buried in the sand.

Tips for Finding Coral Reefs

Finding coral reefs in Minecraft is not always that easy. You need to have certain strategies to start locating them at ease. I am going to share here some tips which will make finding Minecraft coral reefs easier for you. Get underneath and check them out.

  • Coral reefs are found only in warm ocean biomes. Make sure you are exploring areas with warm ocean biomes.
  • You can also look for light blue water and a variety of tropical fish.
  • Start by exploring the coastline of the warm ocean biome. Shallow areas are always the best place for coral reef growth.
  • Coral reefs in Minecraft consist of different types of coral blocks and come in various shapes and colors. Keep an eye out for vibrant and brightly colored blocks.


What Are the Uses of Coral Reefs in Minecraft?

  • The main uses of coral reefs in Minecraft are decoration. They come in bright and vibrant shades. Besides, you will also find lots of unique shapes and blocks in Minecraft coral reefs.
  • You can use them to create an aesthetic appeal to structures and underwater landscapes.
  • The coral blocks also have a dye option and you can use them for terracotta, glass, and other blocks.
  • Besides, you can also craft them to create stunning aquariums or fish tanks.

Coral Reef’s sole purpose is to provide visually appealing design blocks for you.

Why Can’t I Find a Coral Reef in Minecraft?

You may be looking in the wrong biome for coral reefs in Minecraft. Only the water biome can grow coral reefs in their shallow water areas. Besides, you should also look for warm water and they hold the highest chance of growing coral reefs.

Besides, you are not going to find them in deep water. Go for the shallow water and colorful underwater view. Follow these steps and it will make it easier for you to find a coral reef in Minecraft. These are the main reasons why you can’t find a coral reef in this popular gameplay.

How Do You Catch Coral in Minecraft?

You can’t catch the coral in Minecraft. But you can mine them using a tool. I am going to share with you the whole process here. It will make things easier for you and you will find it easier to collect or catch coral in Minecraft. Let’s check them out.

Step-1: First, you need to locate the coral reef.

Step-2: Swim to the coral reefs that you want to collect.

Step-3: Use Silk Touch enchanted tool and mine the coral blocks.

Step-4: Some blocks will drop coral items.

Step-5: Swim over the dropped coral items and collect them.

Step-6: Repeat the process and keep on collecting coral.


Which Ocean Has Coral in Minecraft?

Coral reefs can be found in warm ocean biomes in Minecraft. These warm ocean biomes generate in the regular ocean, deep ocean, frozen ocean, and lukewarm ocean. So, you can enter any ocean and look for warm ocean biomes.

As I have said before, you should also look for light blue water and shallow areas. But you should also know that you are not going to find them in every warm water biome. Explore multiple ocean biomes and increase your chance of finding coral reefs in Minecraft.

The Types Of Corals That I Can Find In A Coral Reef?

In a coral reef, you’ll find multiple types of color blocks including:

  • blue-colored “tube” coral block,
  • pink-colored “brain” coral block,
  • purple-colored “bubble” coral block,
  • red-colored “fire” color block,
  • yellow-colored “horn” coral block, etc.

Also, you might find many types of coral fans including:

  • blue-colored “tube” coral fans,
  • pink-colored “brain” coral fans,
  • purple-colored “bubble” coral fans,
  • red-colored “fire” coral fans,
  • yellow-colored “horn” coral fans, etc.

In addition to that, there’s a high chance for you to find a total of 22 distinct types of tropical fish in the coral reef structure as well.

How Can I Mine Coral From Coral Reef In Minecraft?

Mining coral from the coral reef is not the same process as mining other objects from the land. 

More specifically, in order to mine coral from the coral reef, you will have to have a pickaxe that has been enchanted with Silk Touch. If you mine corals with this special type of pickaxe, you can easily mine the corals without them losing their color.

Remember, if you do not use a pickaxe that is silk enchanted, the coral you are mining will be dead and it will get gray in color. Also, note that if you bring the coral out of the water, it will stay alive for a few seconds, and then it will die as well.

So, never bring the corals out of the water if you want to use them alive with their colors intact.


How Can I Use Corals In Minecraft?

Corals are not an essential item to use in the game. Or, there’s nothing to make and build with corals. However, you can use them for decorative purposes.

Furthermore, they also have other miscellaneous purposes such as when you put a coral below a note block, they will produce a drum sound (which is very funny to see). 

Is It Possible To Grow Coral In Minecraft?

Yes, you can definitely grow coral in Minecraft. But, it’s a very risky and difficult job. To be more specific, if you want to grow corals, you’ll need to find Bone Meal and use it in the water of the warm ocean biomes. 

And, after doing that, you’ll also have to wait a few days in the game to see if the coral is growing or not.

Remember, being successful in growing corals is always dependent on luck. So, there’s no guarantee that you’ll succeed in growing coral every time you try to do so. 

Is It Possible To Make a Coral Reef In Minecraft?

No, it is most probably not possible. It’s because coral reefs are surrounded by a constant flow of warm saltwater. And, it is nearly impossible to artificially make such an environment for the coral reef to survive unless it naturally occurs. 

Moreover, you need to have sunlight reaching the corals while they are underwater. That means they have to be kept in shallow water as well. Also, the water needs to be somewhat transparent because the corals cannot grow very well in opaque water (the sunlight can’t penetrate through opaque water).

However, although we have said in the above discussion that it’s nearly impossible to make a coral reef in the Minecraft game, it does not hurt to try to do so right? So, go ahead and try making a coral reef yourself.

How To Find Coral Reef In Minecraft Bedrock?

In the bedrock edition of the Minecraft game, you’ll be able to find coral reefs if you look in the warm ocean biome. Remember, coral reefs have a slightly different color than the water bodies surrounding them. More specifically, you should see its light green and bluish aquamarine structure underwater when you’re flying around.

And, when you spot such a structure in the warm ocean, you can be 100% certain that that’s a coral reef structure. However, if you don’t have an option to fly, you can use a boat to roam around the ocean to find coral reefs.


How To Find Coral Reef In Minecraft Command?

The command for finding a coral reef in the Minecraft game is as below:

In order to teleport to a coral reef structure in the Minecraft game, you’ll have to use the teleport command so you can directly teleport to the coral reef. 

In order to do that, you have to press the F3, Fn, and F3 buttons all at once (for PC). Or, if you are using a Mac, you can press the Alt, Fn, and F3 buttons all at once.

Then, you’ll have to type in a command in the following format: 

  1. Press the “/” key on your keyboard, so that the command console opens.
  2. Then you can try a command such as:

teleport username X Y Z

Remember, here the “username” will have to be replaced by your own username. And, the “X”, “Y”, and “Z” letters will have to be replaced by the X coordinate, the Y coordinate, and the Z coordinate of the coral reef structure.

For example, you can type:

teleport boss123 5 78 -65″

Now, let’s go over the coral reef structure Coordinates in the Minecraft game:

  • Coral reef in shipwreck region: 411 57 -171
  • Coral reef in shipwreck origin number two: 35 53 -208
  • Going to leave in the desert village region: 71 64 854
  • Coral reef in the village region: 286 64 -915
  • Coral reef in the swamp biome region: -953 65 -492
  • Correlative in the shipwreck region number 3: -444 65 369
  • Coral reef in the village region number 2: -869 63 800

How To Find A Coral Reef In Minecraft PE?

The location of coral reefs in Minecraft PE is the same as in other versions of Minecraft (as we have already mentioned above). All you have to do is scour through the warm ocean biomes and avoid looking into the deep oceans. This way, it won’t take much longer for you to find a coral reef in the Minecraft Pocket Edition.


How To Find Coral Reef In Minecraft For Xbox?

If you want to find coral reefs in the Xbox edition of the Minecraft game, you will have to make a boat and explore through the warm ocean biome. As we have already mentioned in the above discussion, the coral reef will bear a light blue and greenish color.

Also, remember that coral reefs only spawn in shallow waters where the sunlight can reach. And, coral reefs are surrounded by large chunks of lukewarm water as well. So, if you want to find coral reefs really fast, keep these characteristics in mind and set out to look for the coral reef structure in your Xbox Minecraft game.

How To Find A Coral Reef In Minecraft Java?

Coral reefs are spawned in shallow waters in the warm ocean biome. So, if you can make a boat and explore through the warm ocean biomes, you will be able to find the coral reef in a short amount of time.  


Also, if you can be clever enough to obtain the Elytra wings (the Elytra wings) in the Minecraft game, you should have no problem flying around and covering a larger ground in a small amount of time. That way, you can find the coral reef structure in Minecraft Java at a faster rate.

How To Find Coral Reef In Minecraft Mac?

The default way of finding coral reefs in the Minecraft mag edition is to look in the warm ocean biome for the coral reef structures. As I have mentioned many times in the above discussion, coral reefs will have a light blueish and greenish color which will be very distinct from the surrounding water body.

So, if you can keep these distinct traits of coral reefs in mind and keep looking for a long time, you won’t have any problem finding the coral reef structure in the Minecraft map edition.

However, you can also directly spawn into the coral reef structure if you know the coordinates of the coral reefs. 

In order to do that, you have to press the Alt,Fn,F3 buttons in your Mac all at once. Then, you’ll have to press the “/” button in your keyboard and type a command such as below:

“teleport username X Y Z”

In this command, The “username” will have to be replaced by your own username and the XYZ letters will have to be replaced by the X coordinate, Y coordinate, and Z coordinate of the coral reef.

How To Find Coral Reef In Minecraft Mac

How To Find Coral Reef In Minecraft Switch?

In the Minecraft Switch edition, finding the coral reef structure can be done the same way as finding the coral reef structure in the Minecraft Java or PE edition. All you have to do is look in the warm water biome for a shallow watery region where there’s some sort of light blueish and greenish structure.

Once you can locate this shallow structure underwater of this characteristic, consider yourself lucky because you have just found the coral reef in the Minecraft switch edition.


The bottom line in this discussion is that corals are rare to find in the Minecraft game. However, if you are able to look for them in the right way, you will easily be able to find coral reefs in the warm ocean biomes.

But, now that we have already mentioned all the techniques for finding the coral reef here, you will have no problem finding it anymore. So, go ahead and use our techniques to find coral reefs in your Minecraft world. And, don’t forget to tell a friend as well!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is coral reef absent?

Coral reefs are not available in all biomes. You need to look for them in the warm ocean biomes. Still, there is no guarantee that you will find coral reefs in Minecraft. Keep on exploring different warm ocean biomes until you find a coral reef.

How long does coral spawn for?

Coral does not spawn on its own. They are generated and always stay in one single place. You can mine them to obtain coral blocks. Real-world coral spawn to survive but Minecraft world is different in this perspective.

Are coral reefs rare?

Yes, coral reefs are considered rare structures in Minecraft. It is truly difficult to find without the right tips. But if you know where to look for coral reefs, then it gets easier for you. They are commonly generated in warm water biomes.

Can you get coral with shears in Minecraft?

You cannot obtain coral blocks or coral items using shears. Coral blocks can only be collected by mining them directly with Silk Touch enchanted tool. You can follow the same process even for the dead corals. Find and mine coral as many as you want.

Why do corals spawn at night in Minecraft?

Corals do not spawn at night in Minecraft. You are mismatching the real-world coral reefs with Minecraft here. Corals in Minecraft are not influenced by the day or night time. Once they are generated, they do not have the ability to spawn on their own.

How can I keep the coral reef alive in Minecraft?

The first and foremost requirement for any coral reef to stay alive in the Minecraft world is the presence of warm ocean water and sunlight. That means you have to keep your coral reefs underwater in a transparent watery religion (it’s because opaque water does not permit the sunlight to reach the coral reef).

Can I get coral reefs extracted without Silk Touch?

No, if you want to acquire coral reef blocks or coral fans with their native colors unharmed, you must enhance your pickaxe with Silk Touch. And, without Silk Touch, it’s impossible to extract coral reefs. 

If you try to extract coral reef blocks without enhancing your pickaxe with a Silk touch, you will only end up having a dead coral reef with a dull gray color.

Is it possible to grow coral in a fish tank in Minecraft?

Yes, you may be able to grow corals in a fish tank if it’s large enough to have ample space for growth. Also, the coral must be able to receive sunlight through the water. That means the water will also have to be very transparent as well. On top of that, if you want your corals to grow fast, you have to fill the fish tank with warm ocean water.

Is it possible to revive the dead coral in the Minecraft game?

No, once a coral is dead, it is not possible to revive it back. However, if you have ample knowledge of why a coral dies, you might be able to prevent its death before it dies.

Namely, if a coral is out of the water for a long time, it will die. Also, if the coral is put in cold water, it will die very quickly as well.

Is it possible to keep corals as pets?

Yes, it is definitely possible to keep corals as your pets. But, in order to do that, you’ll have to build a saltwater tank that will contain warm water from the ocean. Also, you have to make sure that the saltwater tank is exposed to sunlight.

On top of that, once you put the corals in the saltwater tank, you have to make sure that they are never pulled out of there (because corals promptly die when they are out of the water).

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