How To Find Coal In Minecraft: Best Places To Look (3 Ways!)

Do you want to take your game of Minecraft to the next level? Having coal in your inventory is the key to winning – but how do you find it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our guide to know how to find coal in Minecraft. Grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get started!

Coal is a highly useful substance in Minecraft, used to light torches or burn the furnace. Having a good supply of coal in your inventory can give you the edge you need to win the game.

We’ve put together all the information you need. so you can get ahead of the game. Don’t miss out – read through this guide to the end and you’ll never be short of coal again!

What Does Coal Do In Minecraft?

Coal is a natural substance found in the Minecraft game that can be mined with any type of pickaxe. The main purpose of coal is that it can be used to craft torches or burn furnaces. Furthermore, you can also trade coal with certain villagers as well.

Now, if you use coal as fuel in the furnace, one piece of coal will be able to keep the furnace burning for about 80 seconds. In the meantime, you’ll be able to smelt up to 8 items in the furnace. So, it goes without saying that coal is highly useful in Minecraft.

How To Find Coal In Minecraft

Moreover, using coal as a fuel is highly beneficial because coal lasts a long time, compared to other types of fuels such as wood blocks or wood planks.

To be exact, coal can provide up to 5 times more burning capability compared to other generic fuels.

How To Find Coal In Minecraft? (3 Simple Ways)

In the Minecraft game, there is no specific location where coal can be found with 100% certainty. Rather, you can randomly find coal all over the map of the Minecraft game. 

But, there are some places where there is a very high possibility of finding coal. Also, some techniques let the user get ahold of coal ores faster in the Minecraft game. 

For your convenience, we have listed down all the useful techniques for finding coal:

A) Exploring Around In Certain Places

To help you out in the process of finding coal, we’ll systematically list down the places where you can find coal:

1. Underground Caves

Stone caves are one of the most probable areas where you can find coal. In fact, coal is generally abundant in stone caves. So, if you are able to find any cave underground, you can just go ahead and start mining coal in the cave. 

To mine coal in the caves, you can use any type of pickaxe such as a wood pickaxe, iron pickaxe, golden pickaxe, diamond pickaxe, stone pickaxe, etc. 

However, if you can enchant your pickaxe with Efficiency or Fortune, you will be able to do a large amount of mining in a very short time. So, you’ll earn more blocks of coal at a faster rate.

2. Stone Ravines

Steps to Find Coal in Ravines:

Step 1: Find a Ravine
Find a ravine that is generated in a stone biome. Ravines are deep and narrow trenches that are naturally dug in the ground.

Step 2: Land on the Ravine Bed
Be careful not to fall from the edges of the ravine. Find a way to carefully land on the ravine bed.

Step 3: Dig into the Ravine Walls
Start digging in the ravine walls to find coals.

Step 4: Enhance Your Pickaxe
Enhance your pickaxe with Efficiency or Fortune to increase your mining productivity.

Step 5: Collect the Coals
Collect the coals and use them as fuel for furnaces, or as a component of certain recipes.

3. Mountain Elevations

Another way of easily finding coal in the Minecraft game is to look for coal ores in mountainous elevations. For example, if you want to quickly find coal to mine, you can go to the Stony Peak biome and look in the mountains.

Now, it is not possible to determine where exactly you may be able to find coal ores in the mountains. But, it’s to be noted that coal is not that rare to find. 

So, if you are patient enough to explore a few mountain biomes, you will surely hit the jackpot (coal mining sites) with 100% certainty. 

B) Strip Mining Underground

If you don’t want to explore too much, you can just dig in the ground in a mountainous biome to find coal ores. In order to find coal ores this way, you’ll have to utilize the strip mining technique. 

But, before you start strip mining, you must remember to enhance your pickaxe with Fortune/Efficiency. Furthermore, it’s better if you use an iron or diamond pickaxe to mine coal. This way you’ll be able to mine very fast (without putting on much effort).

C) Hunting Treasure Chests

If the above-mentioned procedures do not suit you, you can also find coal by hunting treasure chests.

I. Igloos

  • Look for treasure chests in igloos.
  • Explore the Snowy Tundra or Snowy Taiga biome.
  • There is a high chance of finding coal (about 75%).

II. Dungeons

  • Look for treasure chests in underground dungeons.
  • There is a high chance of finding coal (about 30%).

III. Woodland Mansions

  • Look for treasure chests in woodland mansions.
  • Explore the Forest biome or Dark Forest Heel biome.
  • There is a high chance of finding up to 4 stacks of coal in each woodland mansion.

IV. Abandoned Mineshafts

  • Look for coal in abandoned mineshafts.
  • There is a high chance of finding coal (about 35%).
  • It is highly probable that you will be able to find up to 3 stacks of coal in each mineshaft.

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What is the Best Level/Height to Find Coal Ore?

To find coal ore in Minecraft, you can search for it at any level between 0 and 128 blocks above the bottom of the game world, but it is most commonly found at levels 8-12. You will need to use a pickaxe to mine for coal ore, which can be obtained by crafting a pickaxe using diamonds and then using it to mine for coal ore by breaking blocks of stone. The exact level at which coal ore can be found may vary slightly depending on the game world’s seed and any mods or custom terrain generation settings that are in use.

How to Use Coal in Minecraft?

Coal is a valuable resource in Minecraft that can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are some ways to use coal in the game:

1. Crafting

Coal can be used to craft various items, such as torches and powered rails for minecarts. To craft with coal, open your inventory and select the crafting table. Place the coal in the crafting grid and combine it with other materials to create the desired item.

2. Fuel

Coal can be used as fuel for furnaces, blast furnaces, and smokers. To use coal as fuel, place it in the fuel slot of the furnace and add the items you want to smelt or cook in the top slot. The coal will burn for a certain amount of time, depending on the type of furnace and the recipe being used.

3. Trading

You can trade coal with villagers for other items or resources. To trade, right-click on a villager and select the trade option. You will be presented with a list of items that the villager is willing to trade, and you can select the items you want to offer in exchange.

4. Fire charges

Coal can be used to create fire charges, which can be used to ignite TNT or other flammable blocks. To craft a fire charge, place coal and gunpowder in the crafting grid, along with an empty glass bottle.

5. Charcoal

Charcoal is an alternative to coal that can be used for all the same purposes. It is made by smelting wood in a furnace, and it has the same burning time as coal.

By using coal and charcoal wisely, you can make the most of these valuable resources in Minecraft. Remember to always have a supply of coal or charcoal on hand to fuel your furnaces and craft the items you need.

How To Find Coal In Minecraft Pocket Edition?

In the Minecraft Pocket edition, you’ll be able to find coal by following the below-mentioned techniques:

1. Looking For Coal Ores

The most efficient way of mining coal in the Minecraft Pocket edition is to look for coal ores belowground. To be more specific, you should look for coal ores between 5 to 16 blocks below the ground level.

Now, to do that, you also have to know how to recognize coal ores underground, right? Well, when you dig and explore the underground levels of a mountain, you’ll be able to spot black and gray spots below ground that will have a very distinct appearance from its surrounding blocks. These are coal ore blocks.

2. Mining The Coal Ores

Now that you have found the coal ores in the Minecraft Pocket edition, it’s time to start mining it. Mining coal is very easy in the Minecraft Pocket edition.

  • Tap and hold on to the coal ore.
  • Continue to mine until your inventory is full of coal ore blocks.

Remember, coal is an extremely useful element in the Minecraft world. So, don’t forget to take advantage of them every once in a while.

How To Find Coal In Minecraft Xbox?

In the Minecraft Xbox edition, 

  • Coal mines can be found in mountain elevations or underground caves.
  • Coal ores can also be found underground through strip mining.

Now, there is no specific location where you will surely find coal.

How To Find Coal on Minecraft pc

But, one thing to note here is that coal is not a very rare element to find in the Minecraft Xbox edition. If you are careful to look around while exploring mountain peaks or stony biomes, you’ll surely find coal.

When you spot coal ores in the ground or the mountains (they look like blackish spots which are very distinct in appearance from their surrounding blocks), all you have to do is equip your pickaxe and start hitting the coal blocks to mine them. 

[Note: coal can be mined with any type of pickaxe be it wood pickaxe, Iron pickaxe, diamond pickaxe, etc.]

How To Find Coal In Minecraft Survival Mode?

The only way to find coal in the Minecraft survival mode is to look in the mountainous grounds or underground caves for coal ores. If you are able to locate one or two coal ores, you can use your pickaxe to mine the coal ores. Follow the steps to get coal:

1. Look for Coal Ore Blocks:

Coal ore can be found underground in most biomes in the Overworld. It is usually found close to the bedrock layer of the world, often near lava, so it is best to explore caves to get to this layer.

2. Dig For Coal Ore:

Once you have identified the layer of coal ore, start digging. The coal ore blocks will usually be in patches of up to four blocks so make sure to break them all.

3. Collect the Coal Ore:

Once you have broken all the coal ore blocks, collect the pieces. Each piece gives you one coal.

4. Craft Coal into Charcoal:

Coal can be crafted into charcoal, which is a type of fuel for furnaces.

  • Craft charcoal by placing one coal block in the center of the crafting grid surrounded by four wooden planks to yield four pieces of charcoal.
  • Use coal ores to make torches or as fuel to burn furnaces in survival mode.
  • Coal is a highly useful item in survival mode as one block of coal can easily keep the furnace going for about 80 seconds.

How To Find Coal In Minecraft Ps4?

The technique of finding coal in the Minecraft PS4 is the same as in other versions of the Minecraft game. All you have to do is pick a pickaxe and find a coal ore to mine. Finding coal ores is very easy in the Minecraft PS4 edition as well.

All you have to do is:

  • Explore stony mountain biomes and Stoney ravines for coal ore.
  • Look in underground caves for coal ore.
  • Hit a block of coal ore with your pickaxe to add it to your inventory.

So, in order to increase your quantity of coal ore blocks, you have to continue finding coal ores and hitting them with your pickaxe. 

Now, it’s better if your pick is enhanced with Fortune or efficiency. It’s because Fortune /Efficiency increases the number of coal blocks that you can get by mining.

 How To Find Coal On Minecraft PC?

In the PC version of the Minecraft game, if you want to add coal to your inventory, you have to find coal ores. To do that,

  • Pinpoint your current location
  • Use the “/locatebiome” command to find your nearby stony mountain biome
  • Go to the stony mountain biome to find coal ores
  • Remember, coal ores are found everywhere in the Minecraft PC edition

However, it is much easier to find coal ores in a stony landscape. Once you are in a stony mountain biome, all you have to do is start searching underground, or in the stony ravines.

You can use strip mining methods for finding coal ores in the least amount of time. Or, you can also go to underground caves which spawn naturally. Underground caves can also have a huge reservoir of coal blocks.

Minecraft: How To Find Coal For A Torch?

If you want to make torches in the Minecraft game, you have to first find coal ores to mine. Once you locate the coal ores and mine the coal blocks, you can use your crafting menu to make torches with them.

Steps for Crafting a Torch:

  • Find a stony mountain biome, ravine, or underground cave to look for coal ores.
  • Do strip mining in a stony landscape if you are not successful in finding coal ores.
  • Hit the foundation blocks of coal ores with a pickaxe and add them to your inventory.
  • Acquire a stick from nearby trees.
  • Place a stick and a block of coal in the crafting menu to make a torch.
  • Move the torch to your inventory for later use.

How To Find Coal Blocks In Minecraft?

In order to get your hands on coal blocks in the Minecraft game, you first have to find coal ores. Then, you can put the coal ores in your crafting menu to make coal blocks.

Therefore, if you want to get coal blocks in the Minecraft game, you can look for coal ores in stony or mountainous landscapes. The highest chance of finding coal ores is in the stony mountain peaks or stony ravines. Or, you may also find coal ores in stony underground caves as well. 

How To Find Coal Blocks In Minecraft

After finding the coal ores, you have to use your pickaxe to hit the coal ores. Then, the coal ores will be added to your inventory. After that, you can open up your crafting menu and place 9 pieces of coal ores on the crafting table. 

Once you place the coal ores on the crafting table, you instantly get one block of coal in your inventory. You can use coal block later on to make torches, or you may also use it as fuel on your furnace.


As you can see from the above discussion, mining or finding coal is not a very hard task in the Minecraft game. But, if you want to be proficient in mining and hoarding coals, you have to have some technical know-how. 

And, that’s why we have provided all the info that you need to know about finding coal in the above subsections. Now, all that there’s left to do is for you to utilize the information that we have provided above. So, we bid you the best of luck in this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really difficult to find coal in the Minecraft game?

No, absolutely not. Coal ores are one of the most commonly spawned ore items in the Minecraft game. However, in order to find goals you have to be good at exploration. For example, you explore mountain elevations or Stoney ravens to easily find coal ores. 

How deep down in the ground can I find coal oars?

In the Minecraft game, coal ores are found between 4 to 16 levels below the ground (most probably). However, you may also find coal ores much deeper into the ground as well. 

In addition to that, since Minecraft version 1.18, you can also find lots of coal ores in mountain elevations as well.

What is the alternative to coal in the Minecraft game?

The one and only alternative to coal in the Minecraft game is charcoal. You can make charcoal very easily by smelting wood. 

Also, you can use charcoal to make torches or as fuel in the furnace. Either way, in the Minecraft game, charcoal is a very good alternative to the naturally spawned coals.

How to increase the production of coal mining in Minecraft?

In order to mine a huge chunk of coal in a very short time, you may use powerful pickaxes such as a diamond pickaxe or a golden pickaxe. This way, you can mine very quickly and increase your chance of finding coal ores.

On top of that, you may also enhance your pickaxe with Fortune or Efficiency to increase mining productivity. For example, if you use Fortune or Efficiency to enhance your pickaxe, the number of coal drops will be increased by 4x.

Can you make coal in Minecraft?

No, unfortunately, you can’t make coal yourself in the Minecraft game. It’s because it’s a naturally spawned material. So, you have to find it in nature and mine it. After mining the coal ores, you can craft coal ores into coal blocks for later use.

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