How To Find Cats in Minecraft With These (3 Easy Steps)

To find cats in Minecraft, first, search for a village with beds. Once you’ve found a village, gather raw fish or raw salmon. Approach the ocelot and feed it the raw fish or raw salmon until it becomes tamed and transforms into a cat. Keep patient and remember to not attack the ocelot during this process. Once you’ve gained the trust of the cat, you can enjoy its company as your faithful companion in the game.


  • Cats give companionship during gameplay.
  • They help to keep your structures safe.
  • They can catch small creatures like rabbits and provide resources.
  • Cats can be bred to produce cute kittens.

Cats in Minecraft is a passive mob that helps its player in many ways and is found in villages and swamp huts. But finding it is sometimes difficult or you can not find it if you are playing in the old version of Minecraft. It was added to the updated version of Minecraft. Here in this article, we are going to discuss how to find cats in Minecraft.


How to Find Cats in Minecraft [3 Steps]

For getting cats in Minecraft, the first thing is – you have to find them from a village, then tame them, and finally breed them.

●   Step 1: Find cats in villages

For finding cats, go to a village of at least one villager and four beds. As cats spawn in each bed, you have the chance of getting it from around the beds. There are about 10 cats per village. Or you can find them in a swamp hut or witch huts. In the witch hunt, there are black cats.

●   Step 2: Tame Minecraft cats

To tame the stray cat, you just need to hold their food in your hand like raw salmon or codfish as they do not eat tropical fish. The cat will come close to you but you have to stay still until it comes close to you. A heart will appear above the head of the cat which has a collar.

Until the heart disappears, you need to feed it. Once it has been tamed, the cat’s heart above its head will disappear and gain a collar which means it has been tamed, and then it will follow your instructions.

●   Step 3: Breed cats in Minecraft

The breeding process of cats in Minecraft is so easy. You just feed the two tamed cats which you want to breed, after feeding them raw fish, a kitten of the same color as Its parent will spawn. So if you want to have all colors of cats, you should roam around the whole village and breed them as they will make duplicates of their parents.

What Is a Cat in Minecraft?

As we said before, a cat is a passive mob in Minecraft that is tameable, nonhostile, and will help the players in many ways. Like – it will guard against the creepers.

If the players tame the cat it will also follow their instructions. In the older version of Minecraft, players have to tame an ocelot to get the regular cat but in the new version of Minecraft, it has been changed.

Now players can have the cats from the villages and witch hunts.

How to find cats in Minecraft

Where to Find Cats in Minecraft

A cat spawns in a village that has a minimum of one villager and four beds. So the first thing for finding a cat is to locate a village or a swamp hut. In each village’s bed, a cat will spawn (up to 10) which means it will have a variety in color and players can choose any of them.

There are also witch huts from which players can get black cats. The higher chance of finding cats from villages or places is –

  • Savanna Villages
  • Taiga Villages
  • Plains Villages
  • Desert Villages
  • Witch Huts

Why Should You Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

Cats are a great companion in the Minecraft gameplay. You can take them when traveling inside a dangerous zone. A friendly cat will always be at your side no matter where you go. You will often encounter creepers when roaming a village. A cat has the ability to scare away creepers.

This special quality makes them very useful in Minecraft. You can also use them as a guard in your Minecraft place. Besides, it also does not need much feeding. Whenever the cat will take damage, you can just feed it raw salmon or cod. They will be ready to scare away creepers on your road in no time.

Benefits Of Taming A Cat In Minecraft

Taming a cat in Minecraft brings in lots of benefits for you. New opportunities will open up in the gameplay. Some hostile mobs will start to stay far from you. A few benefits of taming a cat in Minecraft are shared below.

  • Cats share Rabbit’s foot, Rabbit Hide, String, Rotten Flesh, Feathers, or Raw Chicken upon waking up from sleep.
  • Even the most feared mob creepers are scared of your tamed cat.
  • Flying hostile mobs Phantom will no longer prey on you because of your pet.
  • They are adorable little things with defensive properties.

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

You need to feed the wild animals in order to tame them. There are very few animals that you can actually tame in Minecraft. Fortunately, the cat is also one of them. Step by step guide to tame a cat in Minecraft is shared below.

  1. First, you need to collect cat food. Raw cod and raw salmon are their favorites.
  2. Once you have collected the food, it is time to search for the cat in villages.
  3. Find the cat and stand still in front of it before feeding it. Make sure it does not run away.
  4. Give it raw cod or raw salmon to eat.
  5. The cat will eat the food and turn into your tame pet.

Food Needed to Tame a Cat

You will need raw cod or raw salmon to tame a cat in Minecraft. Raw Fish is now converted to Raw Cod after the Aquatic update. Cat loves fish and we all know that. You need to find and gather cod if you are planning to make a new pet.

Besides, you can also kill in-game salmon for the same function. Find a cat and take the raw cod or raw salmon in your hand. Aim to feed them and turn the cat into your pet. No other food will work to tame a Minecraft cat.


Tips and Tricks For Taming Cats

Taming cats in Minecraft is not so easy. Cats are scared of humans and they will always run away from you. I am going to share here some tips and tricks which will make the task easier for you. Let’s check them out.

  • Try getting to the closest point and make sure the cat does not notice you.
  • Aim and keep shooting to feed the cat.
  • Continue the feeding process until the heart sign arrive.
  • Try to corner the cat in blocks.
  • Go for the heavy press while the cat looks back at you while running away.

Cat Behavior In Minecraft

Cats are friendly mobs in Minecraft gameplay. The passive mob can be tamed and will follow you as a pet. They are also known to scare away hostile mobs for certain blocks. When you have a cat as a companion, you will be more secure on your Minecraft journey.

Besides, they also do not take any damage from falls. You don’t need to take extra care of your cats. They will never retaliate against you no matter what you do. Besides, you can also command them to stay back when you want.

Understanding Ocelots And Taming

An ocelot’s behavior is just like a cat’s. You can find them in jungle biomes. Just like cats, they will also scare creepers and phantoms far from you. But you can’t tame an ocelot. They are not meant to be your pet. You can feed raw cod or raw salmon to gain their trust.

Once you gain trust, they may start following you. Breeding Ocelots need to be done like a fox. Sneak from the back and feed them until they are in love mode. Once they transform into love mode, baby Ocelots will come out within a few seconds.

Identifying the Ideal Biomes For Cat Spawning

Cats spawn in almost all biomes. You are going to find cats spawning on Plains, Desert, Taiga, Meadow, and Savanna biomes. There are some specific requirements for your cat to spawn on biomes.

  • The village needs to have at least 5 claimed beds and the block number needs to be 48.
  • Maximum 4 cats can spawn within this area of (97 x 17 x 97).

These things are important to keep in check for breeding and taking cats out with you. If you do everything right, then the cat will spawn without any hesitation.

How to Breed Cats in Minecraft?

Cats love raw fish. You need to make use of raw fish in order to breed cats. It will help to trigger the breeding stage among cats. I am going to share here the whole process for you. Let’s check them out in full detail.

  • Tame Two Cats:

Look for stray cats in villages and feed them. You can also try that with ocelots as cats are known to be a variant of ocelot. Keep in mind that it may take multiple attempts to tame them.

  • Feed and Love Mode:

Place the two cats in one place and feed raw fish or raw cod. Keep feeding the cats until they enter “love mode”. You will see a heart sign above their head.

  • Wait For the Breeding:

Once the cats are in love mode, they will move toward each other. They will breed and the number of kittens produced can vary. A baby cat will spawn within a few seconds.


Minecraft Cat Breeding Colors

There are lots of different types of cats in Minecraft. Different types of cats can breed together and produce different eye colors and skin tones. Cat’s breeding colors are often random. Still, some common Minecraft cat-breeding skin tones and eye colors are shared below.

Name Skin Tone Eye Color
Red Tabby  Orange, or White Green
Jellie  Gray, or White  Greenish Gray
Persian  Creamy  Blue
Ragdoll  White, or Amber  Blue
British Shorthair  Silver  Yellow
Calico  Orange, White, or Brown  Yellow, or Blue
Black  Black  Orange
Siamese  White, or Brown  Blue
Tuxedo  Black, or White  Green
Tabby  Brown or White  Yellow

Why Can’t I Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

There are a few reasons why you can’t tame a cat in Minecraft. Taming a cat has some basic rules in place. You need to follow them in order to convert them into your game companion. Some common reasons why you can’t tame a cat in Minecraft are shared underneath.

  • You might be after an Ocelot. They might look like a cat but they are not.
  • Cats are scared of you. Try to approach the cat as slowly as you can.
  • You are using the wrong type of food. Cats can only be tame with raw salmon or cod.

Why Can’t I Find Any Cats in Minecraft?

Cats in Minecraft are not so rare. You can find them in almost every other village. But you might be doing something wrong and that is why you can’t find any cats in Minecraft. A few common reasons why you are not finding any cats in Minecraft are shared below.

  • You are searching in the wrong biomes. Cats are mostly found near villages.
  • The game is switched to the easy mode. You will encounter very few cats in this mode.
  • You need at least one villager and four beds for cats. You will have lots of variants to choose from in there.

Types of Cats in Minecraft

There are 11 different types of cats available in Minecraft. The fur pattern is also different from each other. Here is the list of 11 different types of cats with their name and color available in Minecraft –

  • Black (black with orange eyes)
  • British Shorthair (silver with yellow eyes)
  • Calico (white, dark brown, and orange with blue and yellow eyes)
  • Jellie (gray and white with gray-green eyes)
  • Persian (creamy with blue eyes and flat faces)
  • Ragdoll (white and soft amber with blue eyes)
  • Red (orange and white with green eyes)
  • Siamese (white and pale brown with blue eyes)
  • Tabby (brown and white with yellow eyes)
  • Tuxedo (black and white with green eyes)
  • White (white with light blue and yellow eyes)


What Do Cats Do in Minecraft

Cats in Minecraft aren’t only cute mobs, they also help their players survive in the game. It can scare ghosts and creepers away. It has to be the ghost that tries to chase the players means it tries to save players. But tame cats will follow your instructions but stray one don’t. There is a difference between them. These are –

Stray Cat

The stray cat in Minecraft is the untamed one. They can chase after and are able to attack rabbits, baby turtles, and chickens as a matter of safety for the player. This attack will happen at a distance of up to 15 blocks. These cats don’t remain constant in one place, they explore the whole village and spawn.

Tamed Cat

The tamed cat is the kind of cat in Minecraft that will follow your instructions after taming.  They will not sit and remain to explore around you until you tell them to sit. They often sit on the furnace, chests bed food, or may sleep with you on the bed.

It sometimes brings you gifts in the morning when you are sleeping. These gifts include rabbit’s foot and rabbit’s hide, string, rotten flesh, feathers, raw chicken, and phantom membranes. Cats can be tamed by holding raw fish such as salmon or codes in your hands. Hold it until they come close to you. That’s it.

How to Find Cats in Minecraft Java Edition

Like all other editions in Minecraft, the java edition also has the same procedure for finding cats. Players can roam around the villages and the huts for the cats as cats spawn in these areas. But there is a condition of the village where players can find cats which is – there must be at least one villager in the village as well as four beds. As cats spawn in each bed.

how to get a cat in minecraft

How to Find Cats in Minecraft Xbox

To get the cats in Minecraft Xbox, players need to tame the ocelots which will turn into cats after taming. As we know, in the older version of Minecraft, there is no cat. To get this, players have to tame ocelots. The taming process is the same as before. Keep foods like raw fish in your hand until the ocelots become friendly.

Where to Find Cats in Minecraft Bedrock

In the bedrock edition, cats are found in the villages, especially there are unseen quotes in the village that spawn the cat at the same rate as one cat spawns in each bed. As the quote is not high enough, it spawns more cats to recompense.

On the other hand, in the Bedrock edition of Minecraft, the black one is in the witch hunts. This black cat spawns in the village or huts when there is a time of the full moon.

How to Find a Cartoon Cat in Minecraft

There is a mod in Minecraft that adds a cartoon cat which is a creature by Trevor Henderson. This cat spawns at night and it is very fast, strong, and has good health so it is better if you have a shelter.

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Supported Platforms

Here is the list of which cats are available –

Platform Supported versions
Java Edition (PC/Mac) Yes (1.14)
Pocket Edition (PE) Yes (1.8.0)
Xbox 360 No
Xbox one Yes (1.8.0)
PS3 No
PS4 Yes (1.83)
Wii U No
Nintendo Switch Yes (1.8.0)
Windows 10 Edition Yes (1.9.0)
Education Edition Yes (1.8.0)

In Minecraft How to Spawn a Black Cat

Black cats in Minecraft are normally found in the witch hunts in swamp biomes. But the spawning system of this black cat is quite different. It will spawn in the village or huts when there is a time for the full moon.                                   

How to Identify a Cat

In Minecraft, there are 11 types of cats available and you may get confused if they are the same in color. So there is one option for identifying them which is – to name the cat. As a result, the cat will get an identifying tag but there is a matter of sorrow that you can not craft them.

Where To Find Cats

You can find the identification tag from the loots such as Dungeons, Mineshafts, Buried Treasure, or Woodland Mansions. Then attach a title to it by taking them to an Anvil and then finally apply it to your cat. That’s it. Now your cat has a unique identity.


I think there is enough information about how to find cats in Minecraft. Hope this article helps you to learn more about it.

But still, as usual, we are arranging our next FAQ segment to satisfy you more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Minecraft Cats

This segment is especially for those people who are still not satisfied. Read out our question answers.

How to attract cats in Minecraft?

You need raw fish to attract cats. Besides, you also need to make sure that you are in a safe place to attract a cat. Stay calm and offer raw salmon or cod to the cat. You need to kill or trade fish for your cats. Also, try to avoid loud noise and don’t run when taming a cat in Minecraft.

How do you find a lost cat in Minecraft Java?

You can use a command to find a lost cat in Minecraft Java. Type ‘tp @e[name=Mike] @self’ in the command bar and press enter. Change the name ‘Mike’ according to your cat’s name. ‘@self’ state that you are looking for your own cat here. If everything goes right, your cat will be right in front of you.

How many health points does a cat have in Minecraft? 

in Minecraft, there are 5 hearts available for a cat which yields 10 health points. If you want to kill a cat, you have to damage these 10 health points.

Is a cat in Minecraft hostile and carrying a weapon?

No. Cats are not hostile in Minecraft and don’t attack players. Also, it has no weapon itself.

What does a cat drop when it is killed? 

The string is dropped when a cat is killed. You can keep this in your inventory as every dropped item is useful.        

How many experience points does a player get when they kill the cat? 

A player can get experience points only when they kill the cat. They can get about 1-3 experience points by killing a cat.

Why isn’t my ocelot turning into a cat in Minecraft?

In the new edition of Minecraft, ocelots, and cats are now separated. But in the older version, to gain a regular cat, players have to tame an ocelot. So, if you are playing in the new version which supports cats, try to tame them instead of taming ocelots.

What is the rarest cat in Minecraft? 

 Siamese is the rarest cat in Minecraft.

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