How To Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft: 7 Untold (Easy Ways)

Buried treasure in Minecraft is something that comes with lucrative rewards but finding it sometimes is very difficult. If you are a noob and don’t know how to find buried treasure in Minecraft then take 5 minutes in hand with a cup of tea and go through the article.

The Minecraft game is updating day by day and the feature of this buried treasure is added to Minecraft Minecraft as part of 1.13 – The Update Aquatic. It is something that players can’t craft, so the only option is to find it. Here in this write-up, we are going to tell all the details of buried treasure.

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What Is Actually Buried Treasure?

As we can guess from Its name, buried treasure in Minecraft is something that lies under the ground and gives you many rewards. In this buried treasure, the loot chest is produced without any type of structure around it. However, the treasure will help you to gain all the advantages while exploring the Minecraft world. This buried treasure feature was added in the 1.13 Update Aquatic in Minecraft.

how to find buried treasure in minecraft

From this buried treasure chest players can get rewards like gold, iron, and diamonds,  as well as emeralds. Also, they have one Heart of the Sea, which you only find in this treasure chest and it is the rarest thing you will find in it.

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft [5 Steps]

For finding buried treasure in Minecraft you have to go through some steps which will lead you to find buried treasure. These are –

1. Searching in structures

There are several structures where treasure chests can be found. You can explore these structures and look for hidden rooms or corridors where the chests might be hidden. However, be aware that these structures can be dangerous, as they may be guarded by hostile mobs or booby traps. So, players should approach with caution and be prepared for a battle.

  1. Village: This structure can be found in the Overworld. You will find houses, farms, wells, and blacksmiths in a village. Villagers live in the structure and it can appear in any biome. Players can also create their own villages too.
  2. Desert Temples: You will find them on desert biomes, and known for their unique appearance and booby traps. These temples contain hidden treasure chests. To access the treasure, players must solve puzzles and avoid traps.
  3. Jungle Temples: You will find them in jungle biomes. These temples are typically hidden and are often partially buried underground. They contain several rooms with various booby traps. You will find here valuable treasure chest items like emeralds, diamonds, enchanted books, and rare minerals.
  4. Mineshafts: They can be found underground. They consist of long corridors and tunnels that contain wooden support beams, and cobwebs. Spiders and Zombies are the main dangers here. Be cautious and come prepared with weapons, armor, and torches for your mineshaft treasure chests search.
  5. Bastions: It was introduced during the Nether Update. They are massive fortresses made up of several interconnected rooms, bridges, and walkways. Piglins and Hoglins guard the treasure chests. You will find here valuable loot items, like gold blocks, ancient debris, enchanted books, and Netherite scraps.

2. Searching Through Chests

Searching through chests can be a great way to find valuable items and resources. Chests can be found in various structures, such as dungeons, desert temples, and abandoned mineshafts. Player-built structures like houses and storage rooms can also hold treasure chests.

To search through a chest, you simply need to interact with it by right-clicking, and then you can view the contents of the chest. Chests can contain a variety of items, from common to rear. Gather the resources in this fashion and complete your goals or objectives in Minecraft.

3. Finding Oceans

Buried treasure that is covered with gravel or sand blocks is normally spawned on the surface of the ocean’s floor. That is why there is a chance of getting this treasure from the ocean. Try to find your nearest oceans though it will take more time to dig as the ocean is very large.

4. From shipwrecks and ocean ruins

A shipwreck is a part of a ship that is sunken and destroyed. This shipwreck has three chests among them you will be able to get a treasure map which will give you direction and instructions. The chances of finding a map from a shipwreck are 100%.

Mincraft diamond

On the other hand, you can find the map from ocean ruins and the chances of getting a map from it are 5%. This ocean ruin is a structure that is made of sandstone or stone bricks. If you want to increase the possibility of getting maps from ocean ruins, you need to explore more ruins.

5. Follow the map

As maps have red cross X marks on them which indicates the location of the treasure where it lies. Also, it has white dots which will show your location on the map. So follow the direction, when the white dots overlap the red one, it means you have reached the location of the treasure.

6. Dig

Once you have reached the location of the red X mark, you should start digging. As it lies underground in the sand, you need a high-quality shovel to do this task more quickly. Maybe you need to dig around the red X mark as treasure always doesn’t lie exactly under the mark. Make sure that you are not drowning while digging underwater. Otherwise, all attempts will go in vain.

7. Enjoy the loot

After finishing all the processes explained above, now you can enjoy the loot of this buried treasure which contains lots of valuable things such as – diamonds, emeralds, etc. You also have the chance to get both from the same loot. It also consists of TNT and most importantly the heart of the sea which is very rare and important. You can not get it from another treasure chest.

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft with Command

As the digging process is so lengthy and time-consuming and players also don’t have the chance of getting a chest on their first attempt, they can use a command to locate the buried treasure instead of digging. The command for finding buried treasure in Minecraft is – “/locate hidden_treasure”.  This command will help the players to find the treasure chest quickly.

What Does Buried Treasure Consist Of?

The most valuable and important thing which buried treasure consists of is the heart of the sea. You can not get it from another chest and the chance of getting this from the buried treasure is 100%.

It has also more valuable sources like diamond, emerald, cooked cod, iron and gold ingots, leather tunics, iron swords, TNT, prismarine crystals, etc. Players can have both diamonds and emeralds from one chest.

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How Deep Is Buried Treasure in Minecraft?

Buried treasure in Minecraft test your digging skill in the gameplay. You are ready to go for the hunt and wondering how deep to dig to find the buried treasure. Well, there is no specific answer to the question.

Buried treasure can be found anywhere from just below the surface to several blocks deep. However, buried treasure chests are most commonly found at a depth of 5-10 blocks below the sand or gravel. So, keep your eyes peeled for suspicious-looking areas on beaches, as these may indicate buried treasure.

Chances of Rewards That Players Can Get from the Buried Treasure

Here are the list of rewards as well as the chances which players can get from the buried treasure –

  • Book and Quill: 18.9%
  • Bottle o’ Enchanting: 11.8%
  • Cake: 4.1%
  • Chainmail Boots: 57.2%
  • Chainmail Chestplate: 57.2%
  • Diamond: 46.9%
  • Chainmail Helmet: 57.2%
  • Chainmail Leggings: 57.2%
  • Gold Ingot: 34.3%
  • Heart of The Sea: 100%
  • Iron Ingot: 57.2%
  • Lead: 34.3%
  • Music Disc (Mellohi): 18.9%
  • Music Disc (Wait): 18.9%
  • Name Tag: 34.3%
  • Potion of Regeneration: 34.3%
  • Potion of Water Breathing: 46.9%
  • Prismarine Crystals: 18.9%
  • TNT: 34.3%

Mincraft diamond

Advantages of Finding Buried Treasure

  • As buried treasure consists of loot and from each loot, you will get any rewards.
  • If you don’t find any diamond, emerald, or TNT, don’t worry. At least you will get a heart of ocean as it has a 100% chance of getting it from treasure loots.
  • It means you will not go empty-handed thus this treasure becomes more valuable because all your attempts, effort, and time are worth it.
  • You can obtain one heart of the sea which is one of the most precious things in Minecraft.
  • Can also find out the biomes in which the treasure has spawned.

Uses of Treasure Chest in Minecraft

You need a lot of resources in order to survive in Minecraft. Treasure Chests are filled with rare and valuable resources. It will also assist you to get a more immersive gaming experience. Some of the common uses of treasure chests in Minecraft are shared below.

  • Storage: Players can store items they have gathered or looted in a treasure chest.
  • Exploration: Players can explore different biomes, dungeons, and temples to discover treasure chests and the rare items they contain.
  • Crafting: Some treasure chests may contain valuable resources such as diamonds, gold, and enchanted items that can be used to craft tools, weapons, and armor.
  • Trading: A thriving economy of the Minecraft community grows with the Treasure Chests trading among players.

Tips and Tricks for Finding Treasure Chests

It is not always easy to find treasure chests in Minecraft. You need to have a few tips and tricks on your inventory. I am going to share some Minecraft-related advice and techniques right here for you. Let’s check them out.

1. Understanding the terrain and topography

Understanding the game’s topography can provide hidden locations for loot chests. By paying attention to the terrain and topography, you can develop a sense of where to look for treasure. It will save you time and resources in the search for treasure chests.

2. Utilizing tools

Utilizing tools for finding treasure chests can help players save time. It can also increase their chances of finding loot, improve safety, and enhance their overall gameplay experience. Tools like a diamond pickaxe can help players mine through blocks and uncover hidden loot chests. Enchanted fishing rods can also increase the chances of catching a treasure chest while fishing.

3. Searching during different times of day

Day-time treasure search can increase the chances of finding loot. By searching during different times of day, players can uncover new locations and increase their chances of finding valuable treasure chests. Exploring at night can also be beneficial. The gameplay has glow-in-the-dark caves and spider spawners which are easier to locate during the night-time.

4. Working with others to increase chances of finding treasure chests

Working with others is important for finding treasure chests in Minecraft. By exploring the game world with other players, you can cover more ground and search more efficiently. Additionally, different players may have different skills and tools that can be combined to overcome challenges and find hidden loot chests.

Why can’t I Find the Treasure Chest in Minecraft?

Most of the new players have trouble finding the treasure chest in Minecraft. If you are facing the same problem then there are several reasons for this.

  • First, treasure chests are often buried in sand or gravel, making them difficult to spot.
  • Treasure chests are generated randomly and can be located in various locations.
  • It’s also possible that someone else may have already found and looted the treasure chest before you arrived.

But don’t give up hope! Keep exploring and digging until you stumble upon a hidden treasure chest.

Buried Treasure in Sand

Where to Look for a Buried Treasure Map

Before using the map, players need to get it first. Players can get it from shipwrecks or from the ocean ruins. The chances of getting a map from ocean ruins are less than the shipwrecks which are 43.5%. On the other hand, the chances of getting a map from a shipwreck are 100% as it contains a map chest and this map chest contains a buried treasure map.

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft with a Map

The buried treasure map helps to find where the treasure has spawned. For using this treasure map, you should collect this from the shipwrecks or from the ocean ruins. After collecting this, follow the instructions and the marks on it which will lead you to the location where the buried treasure lies.

  • Once you have the map, activate it by holding it in your hand and right-clicking. This will display the map on your screen.
  • The map will show a small island with a red ‘X’ marking the spot where the treasure is buried. Your (player) location will be marked with a white arrow.
  • Navigate towards the island using the map, and pay attention to the terrain features and landmarks shown on the map.
  • Once you arrive at the island, use a shovel to dig down and uncover the buried treasure chest.
  • Loot the chest to claim your rewards. It could include rare or valuable items.-

How Do I Find a Treasure Chest Without a Map?

Finding a treasure chest without a map in Minecraft can be challenging, but not impossible. One way to find treasure chests is by exploring different structures in the game. I have already discussed above different Minecraft structures where you can find treasure chests.

Another way to find treasure chests is by mining in certain biomes, such as Mesa and Jungle biomes. These biomes have a higher chance of containing loot chests. Lastly, you can also try fishing using an enchanted fishing rod for treasure chests.

Available platforms

Here are the list in which buried treasure is available –

Edition Platform Availability
Java Edition Windows, Mac & Linux PCs. Yes
Bedrock Edition Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Fire OS, Windows 10 PC. Yes
Education Edition Mac, iOs 12, Windows 10 PC. Yes
PlayStation Edition PlayStation 3 & 4. Yes

How to Find Buried Treasure Minecraft Bedrock

  • The first thing you have to do is – find a treasure chest in Minecraft for collecting the treasure map from the chests such as shipwrecks and ocean ruins. After collecting the map, players need to focus on the red cross mark under which the buried treasure chest lies.
  • Then go to the red cross mark and start digging as this buried treasure is produced under the ground, sand or gravel, but sometimes they can also be found under stone or sandstone blocks. Players can use shovels for faster digging as it takes a long time and maybe need more attempts to find the treasure. If you are lucky, you may get it on the first attempt.

find buried treasure minecraft command                                                   

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft Ps4

Finding buried treasure in Minecraft ps4 is exactly the same as the other. Just take the treasure map in your hand, open it and it will have red marks as well as white marks on it. The red marks indicate the location of the treasure where it is hidden whereas the white marks indicate your location.

When the white marks overlap the red marks, it means you are exactly at the location. That’s it. You can start digging to get the treasure. If you are lucky, you may have this buried treasure at the very first attempt, otherwise, you have to try more and more.

How to Find Buried Treasure Minecraft Pe [2 Techniques]

There are two different ways of finding buried treasure in Minecraft. One is – with the help of dolphins and the other one is – using the map. Here are some explanations of these types –

●    Trick No. 1: With the help of dolphins

We all know that dolphins are the most friendly animals. In Minecraft, it is also the most friendly mob which will lead you to the nearest buried treasure chest location as well as to the ocean ruins or shipwrecks when you feed the dolphins raw salmon or raw cod. This shipwreck and ocean ruins may have treasure maps.

●   Trick No. 2: Using buried treasure maps

Collect the treasure map from shipwreck or ocean ruins and open it. The chances of getting a map from a shipwreck are 100% and the chances of getting a map from ocean ruins are 5%. You will see some red cross marks on it as well as white dots.

These white dots apprise the location of you and the red cross marks apprise the location of buried treasure. Follow the direction of the maps and reach the place. When you reach the location, the white dots will overlap the red cross marks. Then start to dig to get the buried treasure from the ground.

How to Always Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft Java

In the Java Edition of Minecraft, there is a little bit of change in buried treasure. The white dots which indicate the player’s position, lie under the red cross (X) marks. And the treasure in the java edition contains the highest amount of diamonds per chest which is very rare and it has about 1.25 diamonds per chest on average.         

And the finding process is the same. Follow the instructions and directions on the map which will lead you to the treasure.find buried treasure minecraft bedrock

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft Using F3

Using f3 in Minecraft is the easiest and fastest way to get buried treasure. By using this, you can find the chunk coordinates and this treasure spawns always at chunk coordinates 9 ~ 9. To go directly over the treasure, just click on f3 next to the chunk. That’s it, then you will be over the X red cross mark on the map. Start digging until you find the treasure.


We have tried to gather all the information in one frame about how to find buried treasure in Minecraft. Hope this information helps you to learn more and guide you to the right path. However, we are also arranging another FAQ segment which will help you to learn more and meet your desire and expectation up to mark.

Frequently Asked Questions about Buried Treasure in Minecraft

Here are some answers to an important question regarding this write-up. Hope you will find it useful.

How do you find the exact location of a treasure in Minecraft?

You will need to use a treasure map to find the exact location of a treasure in Minecraft. Once you have obtained the map, you can open it to view the location of the treasure. Follow the ‘X’ mark where the treasure chests are buried.

As you get closer to the treasure, the concentric circles on the map will become smaller. It indicates that you are getting closer. Once you have reached the ‘X’ location on the map, use a shovel to dig down and uncover the treasure.

In Minecraft, how deep should I dig to find buried treasure?

You have to dig about 3 to 6 blocks ( usually the number does not exist 10) to find the treasure. The red cross X marks don’t exactly indicate the location of the buried treasure. It’s just a suggestion. You have to dig around it to find the treasure.

How many maps are there in Minecraft? 

There are three types of maps in Minecraft. They are – The ocean, the woods, and hidden treasure maps.

How does a buried treasure appear?

The treasure will be covered by a sand or gravel block if it is buried in a beach biome. It will be covered by a stone block if the treasure generates on the side of an underwater hill.

Can I stop spawning buried treasure? 

Yes. You can stop the spawning of buried treasure. For this, you have to go to settings and turn off the “generate structures”.

How to get the underwater buried treasure in Minecraft?

To get the underwater buried treasure, you have to go underwater and remove the sand blocks which covered the treasure. But in this process, you should check your oxygen level.

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