How To Find Bamboo in Minecraft (ps4, pe, Xbox, bedrock)

To achieve the facilities of any feature in Minecraft, the first thing you should do is to find it and know more details of it. Bamboo in Minecraft is used in a furnace to cook items, craft items, and also this is a food of Panda as a result it helps to breed them. If you are ignorant of this feature and want to know more about what bamboo is, how it works, where we can use it, and more especially how to find bamboo in Minecraft then stay with us. We are arranging a whole write-up about this.

What Exactly Is Bamboo in Minecraft

As we all know that we can relate the Minecraft game with our real-life experience, so bamboo is exactly the same as what we see in real life. Though it is not as effective and strong as other features but It is used in the furnace for cooking, also used in crafting items.

how to find bamboo in minecraft

As pandas eat bamboo, it is very useful for breeding pandas, which are rare mobs in Minecraft. It generally grows naturally in the jungle biome which is very rare to find. Minecraft bamboo grows so fast than any other plant in Minecraft. You should also keep in mind that, in Minecraft, it is not craftable. All you have to do is to find it.

How to Find Bamboo in Minecraft [5 Steps]

Finding bamboo in Minecraft is quite difficult because it produces in the jungle biome which is very rare and difficult to find. Also, bamboo is not craftable. So for finding the bamboo players need to follow some steps or look for some areas in which bamboo is produced. They are –

Step – 1: Natural origin (jungle)

Bamboos can be found in the jungle as they produce naturally in the jungle biome. But finding these jungle biomes is difficult as it is very rare. For this, players can use the biome finder on com or they can use the command which is located biome.

Jungles are normally yielded beside the Taiga biome or near extreme hill biomes and sometimes beside the desert biomes. Though the jungle biome is a rare thing in Minecraft, it is still easy to spot because of its long trees and dangling vines.

Step – 2: Fishing for it

Another way to find or collect bamboo is fishing. Players can do it from the rivers from the jungle biome because the biome has many bamboos.

But for fishing, players need a fishing rod which they have to make from the crafting table. They have to open a crafting table of 3×3 order of crafting grid. While fishing in Minecraft players also can use the enchantment which is called Luck of the Sea enchantment. The reason for using this enchantment (while fishing) is, players can get better loot as well as bamboos.

Players can fish as they wish. Whether they may fish on the boat, outside of the water, or by standing in the water. They can collect the bamboo as a ‘junk item while fishing. The process of fishing from the water is exactly the same as our real life. You just need to throw the fishing line into the water, wait until something is attached to it then pull it back.

Step – 3: From Panda

We all know that pandas eat bamboo and so it is also found in the jungle biomes as it has a huge number of bamboos lying in it. Pandas are the rarest animal in Minecraft and they drop 1-2 pieces of bamboo in the ground while they are killed. Then you can gather all these bamboo from the ground.

how to find bamboo forest in minecraft pe

Step – 4: From Shipwrecks

You can find bamboo inside the chest of a shipwreck as bamboo can spawn in it.

In Minecraft, Shipwreck is a kind of ruined sunken ship which spawns naturally and is found in oceans, rivers,s and beach biomes. It contains lots of useful items including bamboo which players can collect and place in the inventory.

Step – 5: From Jungle temples

In Minecraft, jungle temples are structures made of stones such as cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, etc. They are generally produced in the jungle biome. It is also called the Jungle Pyramid.

This jungle temple consists of a chest inside which players can find the bamboo which maybe 1-3 sticks in number.

Uses of Bamboo in Minecraft

In Minecraft, bamboo is used in many ways. These are –

  • Used as a fuel:

They are used in a furnace for cooking which is a very important thing. They are able to melt 50% of the object if it is a bamboo stick.

Otherwise, it will melt 25% of the object if it is in a natural state. They have a high heating value and produce less smoke which is as efficient as fuel in Minecraft as well as environmentally friendly.

They are the easiest fuels to use because they are the fastest-growing.

  • Decorative uses:

Bamboo is also used in decoration. Or you can put them in a pot and raise them like a tree in your own garden.

  • To tame and breed pandas:

As we know that pandas love to eat bamboo, so it helps to grow them faster. For breeding, you should plant 8 units of bamboo which is divided into two units per plant around the pandas.

Bamboo can not be planted in more than 5 blocks because if someone plants more than 5 blocks, the breeding of pandas will not happen. Each panda will reproduce and have a baby only when each of them is given bamboo.

  • Other uses:

Bamboos are able to break up sand. So they are used to breaking the sand the same way the sword breaks the bamboo.

Supported Platforms

Platform Supported Version
Java Edition (Pc/Mac) Yes (1.14)
Pocket Edition (PE) Yes (1.8.0)
Xbox 360 No
Xbox One Yes (1.8.0)
PS3 No
PS4 Yes (1.83)
Wii U No
Nintendo Switch Yes (1.8.0)
Windows 10 Edition Yes (1.8.0)
Education Edition Yes (1.9.0)

 How to Find Bamboo in Minecraft Java

  • In Minecraft Java Edition, you can find the bamboo from the jungle temple which is produced in the bamboo jungles or hills. The jungle temple consists of a chest and to get this you have to solve the puzzle.
  • As solving puzzles is a lengthy and time-consuming process, players also can break the blocks instead of solving this process which will save their time and energy also.
  • After solving the puzzle, you will get the chest on the second layer of the temple. There is also another chest that players can find from down a hallway behind two traps.
  • From these two chests, players will be able to get 1-3 pieces of bamboo. The chances of getting bamboo from these two chests are 51%.

There is also a command for Java Edition (pc/mac) which are used for bamboo which is – /give @p bamboo 

How to Find a Bamboo Forest in Minecraft PE

The bamboo forest in Minecraft PE is easy to identify as it has large trees and dangling vines. They normally generate next to the Taiga biome or near extreme hill biomes or sometimes near to the desert biomes.

How to Find a Bamboo Forest in Minecraft PS4

To find a bamboo forest in Minecraft, they have added a new command which was introduced to the Nether Update. Players can use the /locatebiome command to find the bamboo forest biome in Minecraft PS4.

How to Find a Bamboo Forest in Minecraft Bedrock

Bedrock Edition includes Pocket Edition (PE), Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows 10 Edition.

Though bamboo forests are rare in Minecraft, they are still noticeable because they consist of large trees which are about 16 blocks high and mostly spawn near the Taiga biomes or near extreme hill biomes.

how to find bamboo forest in minecraft ps4

How to Find Bamboo in Minecraft Nintendo Switch

Follow the four steps to find bamboo in Minecraft which are explained before. These steps are –

  • Step -1: Natural origin (from the jungle)
  • Step -2: Fishing for it.
  • Step -3: From Panda and
  • Step -4: From Jungle Temple

How to Find Bamboo in Minecraft on Xbox One

  • Search the bamboo in the jungle biome as it generally grows in the biomes.
  • Or you can get the bamboo as a junk item by fishing.

Also, pandas will give you 1-2 pieces of bamboo if you kill it. The jungle temple consists of a chest that is also able to give you 1-3 sticks of bamboo.                                                          

How to Find Bamboo in Minecraft Mac

There is a command for Minecraft Mac Edition which is exactly the same as Java Edition. The command is – /give @p bamboo


I hope this write-up will guide you correctly and help you to gain more information about how to find bamboo in Minecraft, what it is, its uses, and many more things. If you want to know more then stay with us. We are arranging another segment that will help you to know your question answers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bamboo in Minecraft

Read out the question-answer. Hope you will get your desired answer.

Why is my bamboo not growing Minecraft?

The growth of bamboo requires light. And the level of this light is 7. If your light level is under 7, the bamboo will not grow.

How quickly does bamboo grow?

Bamboo grows very quickly. Normally every year, it grows 30-60 cm (1-2 feet).

Is bamboo a good fuel?

Yes. Bamboo is a good fuel because it has a high heating value. It makes less waste and smoke which also makes it an environmentally friendly fuel.

Can bamboo regrow automatically? 

Yes. Bamboo can regrow automatically. For this, you have to keep in mind that, whenever you harvest the bamboo, you should leave the first plant planted so that the bamboo can regrow from it.

Can you use bamboo to make paper in Minecraft?

Yes. Bamboo can be used to make paper in Minecraft.  But it is more useful in fuel or making sticks.

How many types of bamboo farms are there in Minecraft?

There are two types of bamboo farms in Minecraft. Which are –

  • Redstone farming and
  • Regular bamboo farm.

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