How To Find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft (6 Easy Steps)

To find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft, gather resources, trade with a Cartographer Villager for a Woodland Explorer Map, activate the map to locate the mansion in the Roofed Forest biome, navigate carefully, use torches for lighting, and explore for loot.

Finding a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft can be a challenging task, but with the right approach, you can locate one. Here are some steps to help you find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft:

  • Gathering Resources and Equipment
  • Exploring the Minecraft World
  • Identifying the Right Biomes
  • Dark Forests
  • Obtain a woodland explorer map
  • Follow the map
  • Explore and enjoy the loot

Keep reading the article to know deeply how to find a woodland mansion in Minecraft. In this guide, I share advanced tips and tricks on getting a woodland mansion.

how to find a woodland mansion in minecraft

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What Exactly Are Woodland Mansions?

As we said before, woodland mansions in Minecraft are one of the rarest things but abundantly produced mainly in dark forest biomes and this biome is rare to find. This woodland mansion is brown in color because they are made primarily from dark oak planks and contains good loot.

They can be easily visible or spotted because of their size. All the woodland mansions look the same from the outside but the number of rooms inside the mansions varies from each other. There is also a chance to have a secret room.

How To Find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

There are a few steps that you have to go through to find a woodland mansion. These steps are –

Step 1: Gathering Resources and Equipment

Collect enough food, weapons, and armor to sustain yourself during the journey.

Step 2: Exploring the Minecraft World

Start exploring the world, covering vast areas to increase your chances of finding a woodland mansion.

Step 3: Identifying the Right Biomes

Look for biomes such as Dark Forest, Roofed Forest, or Mega Taiga, which have a higher likelihood of containing a woodland mansion.

Step 4: Dark Forests

As players know that woodland mansions lie in dark forest biomes. So, if a player sees any dark forest biome nearby, they have the chance of getting that woodland mansion from it.

  • But the chances of getting it from the dark forest biome are very low as this biome is very rare in Minecraft.

Step 5: Obtain a woodland explorer map

To obtain maps,

  • the first thing players have to do is to find the Journeyman-level cartographer villagers who sell the maps like tier 4 trade.
  • Then you just need to repeatedly trade with the villagers until tier 4 is unlocked and the map is available in the menu.
  • When the tier will unlock, colorful particles will enclose the villagers each time.
  • This map gives you 14 emeralds and a compass.

Like the treasure map, the woodland mansion’s map also has marks on it that indicate the place where players can get the mansions.

But it doesn’t always give you the location near you, so you may have to go for a long journey. As dark forest biomes are very rare and woodland mansions lie in them, it may take 20k blocks far away from the point of initial spawn.

Step 6: Follow the map

In woodland mansions maps, there will be dots that inform you of the location of the mansion where it exactly is.

  • Hold the map in your hand and see it very carefully.
  • In these maps, there are rough and raw sketches of the world in which there are white dots that indicate your location, a house.

This map also has the exact direction of north-south-east and west so that you can follow it easily and find your mansion with its help of it.

Step 7: Explore and enjoy the loot

After reaching the place where the mansion lies, collect your reward as woodland mansions contain dungeon-type loot, including diamond armor. In the hidden room, players can also get diamond blocks too.

Why Woodland Mansions are valuable?

Woodland Mansions are towering structures.

  • They are nestled deep within the dark forests of Minecraft.
  • The sheer size of these structures is awe-inspiring.
  • The complex designs and sprawling layouts offer a new challenge to gamers.

Besides, it also contains reliable ways to find the coveted Totem of Undying.  It is a rare and powerful item that can save you from certain death. But perhaps the biggest draw of these mansions is the valuable loot that lies within. A treasure trove of armor and exotic items are waiting to be discovered here.

Importance of Finding a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

Minecraft is all about an adventurous journey. Woodland Mansion in Minecraft can give you a really incredible Minecraft adventure. Once you find the mansion, the payoff is also worth it. Let’s check out the important points of finding the Woodland Mansion.

  • Woodland Mansions offer valuable loot and rare items.
  • Totem of Undying can be found in Woodland Mansions.
  • Finding a Woodland Mansion offers a challenge for skilled players.

Understand Woodland Mansions

Woodland Mansion hunt in Minecraft can be a thrilling experience for players seeking adventure and rare treasures. It is important to understand what you will find inside these massive structures to make the most out of your journey. Let’s take a closer look:

Rooms in a Woodland Mansion

Woodland Mansions have a variety of different rooms on display. Each one of them has its own purpose. These can include Flower Room, Office, X Room, Spider Room, Small Library, Small Storage Room, Triple Bed Bedroom, Master Bedroom, Large Jail, and more. It is important to explore each room thoroughly to maximize your chances of finding valuable loot.

Types of Rooms in a Woodland Mansion

You may encounter many unique rooms in a Woodland Mansion. There are around 50 rooms with lots of other secret rooms. Some of them can only be accessed by pulling on a specific bookshelf, or the jail cells. You need to face hostile mobs to reach these rooms.

Mob Spawners and Chests in Woodland Mansions

You will come across mob spawners throughout the Woodland Mansion. Besides, there will also be chests that contain valuable loot. Be prepared to fight off any mobs that spawn and thoroughly search each chest to find the best loot.

How to Prepare for the Hunt?

It is important to come prepared for your hunt for a Woodland Mansion. Collect the best armor and weapons possible. Add food, torches, and other supplies also on the list. Altogether, they will keep you going on the Woodland Mansions hunt.

Woodland Mansion Loot

You will find rare and valuable items inside the Woodland Mansion. They include enchanted weapons and armor, totems of undying, and rare materials like diamonds and emeralds. One of the most coveted items found inside a Woodland Mansion is the powerful Evoker Totem. You need to defeat the mansion’s resident Evoker in order to obtain it.

What is Woodland Mansions

Strategies for Surviving and Thriving in a Woodland Mansions

Surviving and thriving in a Woodland Mansion requires a combination of preparation, skill, and strategy. I am going to share here some key ways to deal with hostile mobs, collect loot, manage resources, and many other things. Let’s check them out.

1. Dealing with Hostile Mobs

One of the biggest challenges of a Woodland Mansion is dealing with the hostile mobs that lurk around every corner. Be prepared with the best weapons and armor possible and stay alert at all times. Use torches to light up dark areas and avoid getting cornered by mobs.

2. Exploring the Rooms and Collecting Loot

You are in the Woodland Mansion and you need to explore each room thoroughly and collect any valuable loot you come across. Don’t forget to check hidden areas like behind bookshelves and under carpets for secret rooms and chests.

3. Managing Limited Resources

Surviving in a Woodland Mansion requires careful management of your resources. Be sure to bring plenty of food, torches, and other supplies to keep you going. You may also want to consider bringing a crafting table and furnace to craft new tools and cook food on the go.

4. Tips for Efficiently Cleaning the Mansion

Cleaning out a Woodland Mansion is a hard task. But there are ways to make it more efficient. Consider starting at the top of the mansion and searching your way down. Make sure you clear out each room as you go.

Advanced Techniques For Finding Woodland

There are many different advanced techniques that you can use for finding woodland. I am going to share here some of the common techniques with you. Both experienced and new players can rely on them to find Woodland Mansion faster.

1. Using Cartography Table to Locate Mansions

A cartography table is a useful tool for locating Woodland Mansions in the Minecraft game. A cartography table can create a map that highlights potential locations. You can just obtain a blank map and then use the cartography table to zoom in on specific regions. It can help you to narrow down the possible locations of Woodland Mansions.

2. Utilizing Exploration Maps

Exploration maps are another useful tool to locate Woodland Mansions in Minecraft. These maps can be obtained by trading with cartographer villagers. They will provide a visual guide to the location of the nearest mansion. Simply follow the marker on the map, and that will lead you closer and closer to the mansion.

3. Strategies for Speedrunning to Find Mansions

Speedrunning to find Woodland Mansions in Minecraft requires careful planning. One common approach is to immediately gather resources and tools, before setting out in search of a village. Besides, optimizing parkour and sprint jumping techniques can save valuable seconds and minutes in the search for Woodland Mansions.

4. Leveraging Coordinates and Seed Generation

Players can use the seed generation feature to create a world with a specific set of parameters. It can also include the location of the Mansions. Alternatively, players can also explore the world and use tools such as a compass and maps to keep track of their coordinates. Later, it can be used to guide them to the Mansions they have located in the past.

Techniques For Finding Woodland

Troubleshooting and Common Challenges

Finding the woodland mansion is one of the hardest challenges in the Minecraft game. There are many challenges that you might face when looking for a woodland mansion. I am going to share here some of the common ones and ways to troubleshoot them.

What to do if you can’t find a Woodland Mansion

If you have tried everything and still can’t find the Woodland Mansion, then you need to acquire a Woodland Explorer Map. Look for the Cartographer villager and trade with them 14 Emeralds and a compass for the map. Now, you no longer need to rely on luck to find the Woodland Mansion.

Dealing with difficulties in navigating the Biomes

You need to go for the Dark Forest biome in order to find the Woodland Mansion. But the bad news is that it is one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft gameplay. Look for dark dense leaf canopies where light can’t enter. Here, you have the best chance of finding the Woodland Mansion.

Overcoming Challenges in Surviving the Mansions

You need to be well prepared to overcome the challenges in Woodland Mansion. Collect an iron sword, a bow, arrows, iron armor, an iron axe, a bed, and stacks of torches before you want for the tough quest. These tools will help you to overcome hostile mob and other challenges inside the mansion.

Strategies for handling rare occurrences    

One of the rare occurrences in Woodland Mansion is the build-up of secret rooms on each floor. You may encounter a secret ‘X’ room, fake and portal room, obsidian room, lava room, and many others. Be prepared to face these rare occurrences and keep your character safe.

How to Find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft without a map?

It is possible to find Woodland Mansion in Minecraft without a map. The key here is to locate the dark forest. You can just locate a dark forest biome, and you are well on your way to uncovering a Woodland Mansion.

Look for any sign of a structure hidden amongst the trees. You can also look for gaps in the foliage, and paths leading through the forest. Woodland Mansion’s mob tends to make a strange noise. Keep your ear out and it will become easier for you to find the Woodland Mansion in Minecraft without a map.

What do Woodland Mansions Contain?

Woodland mansions contain loot such as dungeon types, and diamond armor. Also in the hidden room of the mansion, there may be diamond blocks too. There are also villagers mobs inside the mansions. When it is killed it can drop emeralds and Totems of Undying and can raise you from death when you carry it in your hands.

What are The Demerits of Woodland Mansions?

We all know that Minecraft is a survival game and it always doesn’t allow you to have a smooth journey. There are also some dangers and demerits of woodland mansions besides their facilities. Sometimes It contains hostile mobs such as vindicator, evoker, and vex or skeleton which can cause you death or harm.

Protectors of  Woodland Mansion

There are three types of mobs that protect the woodland mansion and this is why these mobs are hostile and may attack or harm you which will decrease your heart level. These three types of mobs are –

  • Vindicator: These mobs will run toward you and wield iron axes which will cause a lot of damage. This mob is also known as a strong illager mob.
  • Evoker: This is known as a boss mob in a woodland mansion and is highly dangerous and more powerful than the vindicator. It can attack you by either summoning vexes or performing a fang attack.
  • Vex: This is a small winged mob that is invited by the evoker. As this mob has wings, it can attack you by flying toward you with its iron sword. It also can fly through solid objects such as walls in the mansion.

The vindicator and evoker mobs are called an illager.

Protectors of  Woodland Mansion

The command for Finding Woodland Mansions

If players don’t want to go through all these lengthy processes, they also have the option of finding the mansions quickly by using the /locate command in the chat. But there are a few steps to enable this, which are –

  • First, enable cheats on the server.
  • Then type the command in chat which is /locate.
  • Type mansion after which you will be given coordinates. They may be in XYZ forms. Click on this and teleport to the mansions.

How to Find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft PC

These woodland mansions can be located with the help of explorer maps. This map has a dot on it that indicates the location of the mansions and players have to purchase it from the Journeyman-level cartographer villagers. These maps will also give you 14 emeralds and a compass.

how to find a woodland mansion in minecraft pc

Also, one can use the located command instead of using this map. As this map may not always point to the nearest location.

How to Find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft PE

The process of finding woodland mansions in Minecraft is quite similar in every edition. The steps of finding it as like before,

  • Finding the dark forest where woodland mansions spawn.
  • Using the maps which you have to buy from the Journeyman-level cartographer villagers. And this map has a mark on it that indicates the location of the mansions.
  • Or you can use the /locate command in the chat instead of doing all these lengthy processes.

How to Find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft Xbox One

There is nothing special in this edition of Minecraft, the finding process of woodland mansions in Minecraft is exactly the same as what we have discussed before.

What Is The Seed for Woodland Mansion?

There is no specific seed for the Woodland Mansion in Minecraft. The structure is generated randomly in selected biomes. However, players can use seed finders or explore areas with high potential for Mansion spawns, such as dark forest biomes.

What are The Secrets Rooms in Woodland Mansion Minecraft?

Woodland Mansions in Minecraft contain several secret rooms that are hidden throughout the structure. These rooms often hold valuable loot like Totem of Undying or Enchanted Golden Apples. Some of the secret rooms are the ‘X’ room, birch pillar room, clean chest room, lava room, attic room, and many others.

Why are Woodland Mansions So Rare?

Woodland Mansions are rare in Minecraft because they have a low chance of spawning. They are large in size and have a complex structure which is difficult to locate in the Minecraft world. This rarity makes finding one a rewarding experience.

Why are Woodland Mansions So Rare

How do You Beat Woodland Mansions?

Beating a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft requires careful planning and preparation. Players should time their hits against the mobs inside and use a shield to block incoming attacks. Additionally, bringing powerful weapons and armor can also help in the fight.


That’s all about how to find a woodland mansion in Minecraft. Hope this write-up helps you to know all the details regarding this topic. Still, if you have any queries? We have arranged our next FAQ segment for you which may meet up to your satisfaction.

The FAQs about Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

Read out these questions and answers and gather more knowledge.

How far away are Woodland Mansions?

Woodland Mansions are mainly spawning in the dark forest biome which is very rare in Minecraft. So the mansions in Minecraft are very far away which may be over 10k blocks away.

Do illager like Evokers and Vindicators respawn?

No. They don’t respawn. They only spawn when the mansion is created.

How many mobs are there in Minecraft woodland mansions?

In Minecraft woodland mansions, there are two types of mobs which are –

  • Vindicator: This is known as a strong illager mob. It governs iron axes and causes lots of damage.
  • Evoker: This is known as a boss mob in woodland mansions. It is highly dangerous and causes a lot of damage.

Is there any way to spawn near a woodland mansion?

Yes. There is a way by which you can spawn near a woodland mansion. And this process is to use a seed. With the help of seed, you can create a world where you can spawn near a woodland mansion.

Are there any protectors available in a woodland mansion?

Yes. There are three types of protector available in Minecraft woodland mansions which are –

  • Vindicator, Evoker, and Vex.

Vindicator and Evoker mobs are known as illager.

How do you teleport to the Woodland Mansion in Minecraft?

Players can easily teleport to a nearby Woodland Mansion in Minecraft using the ‘/locate mansion’ command. This command locates the nearest Mansion and provides the coordinates. You can use the command ‘/tp (coordinates)’ and teleport to the Woodland Mansion in Minecraft.

What are the chances of finding two Woodland Mansions in one seed in Minecraft?

The chances of finding two Woodland Mansions in one seed in Minecraft are extremely rare. It is technically possible but the probability of it happening is so low. Players are more likely to find one Mansion per seed.

Is there a Woodland Mansion in every Minecraft world?

Woodland Mansion is a very rare Minecraft structure. You are not going to find them in every Minecraft World. They are generally generated only in the Dark Forest biomes. You are most probably not going to find them in any other biomes.

How rare is it to find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft?

Woodland Mansions are considered to be one of the rarest generated structures in Minecraft. They only appear in selected biomes and there is only a small chance of one spawning in a world. Players may need to search for a while or generate multiple worlds before finding one.

Where is the jail in the Woodland Mansion?

You will find jail deep within the Woodland Mansion. It is a heavily guarded area that holds prisoners captive. The jail is typically made of cobblestone and is nearly impossible to escape. There are around three types of jail cells in Minecraft.

Do Woodland Mansions spawn in peaceful?

Woodland Mansions can’t spawn in the peaceful mode in Minecraft. The spawning of structures like the Woodland Mansion is affected by the peaceful mode. Players will not encounter them when playing in peaceful mode.

Why can’t I find Woodland Mansion?

There could be several reasons why a player is unable to find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft. The structures are rare and only generated in selected biomes. Players may need to search for a while before finding a Woodland Mansion.

Can Woodland Mansion be underground?

A Woodland Mansion can be partially or entirely underground in Minecraft. This can occur when the Mansion is generated on the side of a hill or a cliff. However, this is a rare occurrence and players are more likely to find the Mansion above ground in a dark forest biome.

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