How To Find a Spawner in Minecraft (Uncovered Top 6 Ways!)

In Minecraft‘s survival mode, a spawner is a block that generates mobs, such as zombies or skeletons, in a specific area. These mobs can then be harvested for resources or used to defend the player‘s base. Finding and obtaining a spawner can be a valuable asset in survival mode, as it provides a constant source of mobs and resources. In this article, we will discuss various techniques on How To Find a Spawner in Minecraft.

What Is Spawner

A spawner in Minecraft is a thing that consists of a little mob inside itself. It is like a cage and helps to spawn when players get close to it. In fact, you can spawn various kinds of things by the spawner without much effort.

How To Find a Spawner in Minecraft

How To Find a Spawner in Minecraft

There are so many ways in Minecraft where you can find a spawner. They are generally growing in any place of the world but you can not collect them by breaking them. The places where you can find spawns are –

1. Abandoned Mineshaft

To find a spawner in an abandoned mineshaft in Minecraft, you will need to explore the mineshaft and look for a room with a mob spawner. Mob spawners are cage-like blocks that spawn mobs when a player is within a certain range.

Here are some steps you can follow to find a spawner in an abandoned mineshaft:

  • Search for abandoned mineshafts. These structures can be found in any Overworld biome in Minecraft, but are more easily visible at surface level in badlands biomes.
  • Look for abandoned passageways within the mineshaft. These are accessory corridors branching off from the main tunnels and are filled with cobwebs.
  • Search for a mob spawner within the abandoned passageway. These spawners are partially obscured by cobwebs, so keep an eye out for cobweb-filled rooms.
  • Listen for the sound of mobs spawning. Mob spawners emit a distinctive sound when they spawn mobs, which can help you locate them.
  • Enable subtitles to help you locate the spawner. The sound of mobs spawning will appear as a subtitle, making it easier to find the spawner.

Remember, mob spawners can be dangerous as they will continuously spawn mobs as long as you are within range. Be sure to be well-equipped and prepared for combat before attempting to approach a spawner.

2. Dungeons

Dungeons are mainly a room that is made of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone. In this room, you will find a spawner that consists of 1-2 chests.

Steps to Find a Dungeon Spawn Block in Minecraft:

  • Find a naturally-generated cave. Dungeons will appear next to them or in a similar hollow structure.
  • Begin exploring the cave and pay attention to hostile mobs, like zombie groans, the clank of skeletons, or the hiss of spiders. Activate subtitles in the settings to receive a visual indicator of mob noises.
  • Look for cobblestone or mossy cobblestone blocks, as these indicate the presence of a dungeon structure. Avoid locations that lack a solid floor or ceiling, as dungeons won’t spawn there.
  • Look for an opening or dig through the wall to find the dungeon entrance.
  • At the center of the dungeon, players can find the spawner block, which generates at the center of the dungeon’s floor-level surface area.

3. Nether Fortress

You will find Nether Fortress in the nether realm in all biomes where you will also be able to find the blaze spawner. This blaze spawner is spawned by the Blaze which is an exclusive mob. There are also blaze farms that are made by the spawners and produce blaze rods.

Finding a blaze spawn block in a Nether fortress can be tricky. However, these steps will make it simpler.

  • Pay attention to the outside walkways and look for stairways that are about three blocks tall.
  • In case the stairs lead to a platform surrounded by Nether brick, then the blaze spawner must be in the center.
  • Remember that the platform is always raised, indicating that the stairs will go up.
  • Listen for the specific sound of the blaze spawner, which is a metallic “breathing” sound effect, and the sound of flames. This will make it easier to spot them both by ear and in the Minecraft subtitles.

4. Woodland Mansions

You can find it by following these steps.

  • Start by looking at the windows of the second and third floors of the mansion. Try to spot the “spider room” which houses the spawner. It should be easy to recognize as it will be full of cobweb blocks.
  • If you can’t find the room, enter the mansion and look for gaps between the normal rooms on the second or third floors.
  • If that doesn’t work, you can break apart the roof of the mansion and search for the spawner room.
  • Remember that woodland mansions only generate spider spawners. You can tell which room they’re in by listening to the sound of spiders hissing.

5. Bastion Remnant

This is a large Castle type structure that you can find anywhere in the biomes of the Nether world but you won’t be able to find it in the basalt delta.

In this Bastion Remnant, you will find a treasure room that consists of gold and magma spawner blocks in the center.

Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Look for the treasure room, which is a room with bridges over lava.
  • Once you have found the room, go to the bottom of it.
  • Look for the magma cube spawner block, which is suspended from the roof.
  • Listen for a “squish” sound, which will be the sound of the magma cubes and their spawner block.

By following these steps, you should be able to find the spawn block in a bastion remnant with ease.

6. Strongholds

It is a structure in the overworld in which it has several rooms such as – portal rooms where you will find a spawner.

Finding a spawn block in strongholds can be difficult, but there are a few steps you can take to help you find it.

  • The End portal room is always adjacent to the mob spawner, but it is never located within five rooms of the main staircase. To find it, search deep into the back rooms.
  • Listen for the popping and flowing sound of lava, which marks the portal room, or listen for the hissing and squirming sound of silverfish.
  • To keep track of your progress, place a block near the entranceway of each room.
  • If all else fails, you can mine through the walls of the stronghold, but be careful as infested blocks may be present.

Benefits of Spawner in Minecraft

1. Increased Performance: Spawners can significantly reduce server load and lag, as they are designed to spawn mobs in an efficient manner. This can help reduce lag and improve server performance.

2. Reduced Grinding: A spawner can drastically reduce the amount of time spent grinding for resources. This can allow players to focus more of their time on building and exploring, rather than constantly having to scavenge for resources.

3. Increased Mob Interaction: Spawners can help increase the amount of mob interaction players experience. The presence of a spawner can help create a more dynamic and interactive gaming experience for players.

4. Reduced Chunk Loading: Spawners are designed to spawn mobs without having to load an entire chunk. This can help reduce the amount of time spent loading chunks, which can help improve server performance.

The Uses of Spawner in Minecraft

1. Create Mobs: Spawners can be used to create any type of mob in Minecraft. From passive mobs like cows, chickens, and pigs to hostile mobs like zombies, spiders, and skeletons.

2. Spawn Bosses: Spawners can also be used to spawn bosses and rare mobs, such as the Ender Dragon and Wither. As well as powerful enemies like the Wither Skeleton and Blaze.

3. Automate Farming: They can be used to automate farming, by spawning animals like cows or sheep to provide a source of food or resources.

4. Create Structures: They can also be used to create structures, such as dungeons, towers, and mines. This can provide an extra challenge or reward for players.

5. Decoration: You can also use them for decoration, such as creating a mob farm or an area populated with hostile mobs.

How To Find a Mob Spawner in Minecraft 

Mob spawners are also cage-like blocks and if you come close to them, it will spawn mobs. You can find the various places in Minecraft such as –

Woodland Mansions

This woodland mansion is quite difficult to find as it is very rare.

  • You will find it in dark forests or far away from the spawning point.

Evokers and Vindicators are two things that occupied these mansions.

  • There is a possibility of finding a spider spawner in a rare secret room that is created from cobwebs.

This rare room can be seen from the window and it is generally on the 2-3 floor.


It is a structure of tunnels and cobwebs where

  • you can find mob spawners in tunnels that are hideaways behind the cobwebs.
  • In the Mineshaft, you can find cave spider spawners.
  • Also, you can find the mob spawner in dungeons, nether fortresses, bastion remnants, and strongholds as before.

How To Get a Zombie Spawner in Minecraft

Dungeons are the most common thing in which you can find zombie spawners. These dungeons are small rooms that consist of a mob spawner and 1-2 chests.

This room is made of cobblestone and this room is situated in a cave, ravine, or randomly underground in the world.

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How To Find a Mob Spawner in Minecraft PS4

To get the mob spawner in Minecraft ps4, you can use the cheats. Or you can pick them up with a silk touch.

In Minecraft on the PS4, you can find mob spawners by exploring caves and abandoned mineshafts. These structures often contain mob spawners in them, which can be used to spawn mobs such as zombies, skeletons, and cave spiders.

How To Get a Spawner in Minecraft Creative

You can regain your spawner from the creative inventory by using the pick blocks. It generally takes place in areas like Dungeons, spider caverns, and woods.

how to find a mob spawner in minecraft

How To Find a Monster Spawner in Minecraft

Monster spawner is available both in Minecraft creative and survival mode.

In survival mode, you can find a monster spawner in the dungeons, strongholds, and abandoned mineshafts.

  • Dungeons: It is mainly a small room that consists of spiders, skeletons, and creeper spawners.
  • Stronghold: This contains Silverfish spawners.
  • Abandoned Mineshafts: This typically contains spider spawners.

On the other hand, in creative mode, you can place the monster spawner in the ground and then place a spawner egg on it by hitting or tapping on it and this phenomenon will set a small spinning image of the egg type in the spawner which will produce exactly the same type of egg of the spawner.

To stop this spawning, you have to deactivate it. The process of deactivating it is to place a torch on top of it or break it.

How To Find a Skeleton Spawner in Minecraft

Dungeons, you can find a skeleton spawner in Minecraft in dungeons. It is a small room which is made of cobblestone and situated underground in the Minecraft world or in the caves and ravines.

How To Find a Spawner in Minecraft Bedrock

In Minecraft bedrock, you have the chance of getting them from a creative inventory or you can pick empty spawners. For picking, you will need to pick blocks.


This is all about how to find a spawner in Minecraft. In this article, we tried to give you all the important and necessary information which is very essential to know for a beginner who is new to the Minecraft world.

Still, if you want to know more then we also have another FAQ segment that will help you to meet your desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we tried to sum up some questions which are related to this article. Hope you will get more important updates from this question-answer segment. Let’s read out these questions about – how to find a spawner in Minecraft.

How many mobs can a monster spawner spawn?

A monster spawner can spawn four mobs at once.

How dark does it have to be for mobs to spawn?

For spawning, mobs need an optimum light level that helps them to spawn and this optimum light level is – above 7.

What is the command for Minecraft Java Edition for getting spawns? 

There is a command in Minecraft Java Edition that will help you to get the spawns and this command is: “/give”.

Can a player craft the spawner?

No. Players can not craft the spawner but you will find a monster spawner in the creative inventory menu of the Minecraft Bedrock Edition (PE, Win10, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch).

Can you make custom spawners in Minecraft?

Yes. You can make custom spawners in Minecraft which can have weapons, armor, enchantments, and effects.

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