How To Find a Jungle in Minecraft Biome/Temple (All Version)

Want to know how to find a jungle in Minecraft which is considered one of the hardest things in Minecraft? Then stay with us. We are describing all the details to you.

Jungles in Minecraft are very rare things that are mostly covered with a large number of tall trees. So, finding jungles in Minecraft is really one of the hardest things.

But there are some specific biomes where the chance of getting it is very high and easy. To know all these and many more details, stay with our article which will describe and explain all the details about how to find a jungle in Minecraft and will also teach some tricks and techniques which also will help you a lot.

What Are Jungles in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, jungles are one of the rarest, longest occurrences which contain a large number of tall trees which makes it noticeable. This jungle was added in Minecraft Adventure Update in 2012.

How To Find a Jungle in Minecraft

As it is a rare occurrence, there is no fixed location for it. But the higher chance of spawning jungles in Minecraft is – near Savannas, Mesas, and Desert biomes. The tall trees of the jungle-covered it from top to bottom with their leaves.

Types of Trees in Minecraft

Trees are the main attraction of the Minecraft jungle. You can identify a jungle with its long trees which can grow up to about 30 blocks and players can climb up to it. Trees are covered in vines. These jungle trees are very useful which are used in making ideal bases for treehouses.

Types of Jungle in Minecraft

There are various types of jungle in Minecraft. There are three types of variants in jungle biomes which are –

  • jungle
  • sparse jungle
  • bamboo jungle

And also four removed variants of jungle in Minecraft which are –

  • jungle hills,
  • modified jungle,
  • modified jungle edge
  • and bamboo jungle hills

How to Find a Jungle in Minecraft

Finding a jungle is quite difficult in Minecraft. But there are two methods that will help you to find jungles in Minecraft. These are –

Method 1: Use Different Commands

In Java Edition of Minecraft, players can use the console command to find the jungle so easily. Players can also use cheats for this purpose.

In Java Edition, players have to put the command which is: /locatesome. After typing this command, a window will come which has various options from which you will be able to choose the nearest biome to you. After choosing the biome, you have to press the Enter button. Then you can walk, teleport, or normally run there and by traveling the biome you can find your jungle from this.

Method 2: Use Jungle Finder

There are also other ways of finding jungle biomes in Minecraft as console commands or cheaters but these are not aren’t for everyone. So the other way to find biomes in Minecraft jungle map or online biome finding tools such as chunk base.

You can choose your jungle biome according to your wish and then can enter the seed. For choosing your desired jungle biome, you have to collect the coordinates of the biome by searching them. After gathering the coordinates, you can go back and select your jungle according to the coordinates.

Chances of getting jungles

There is a high chance of getting jungle in Minecraft is – Mega Taiga biome. To find this biome, first, you need to find the Spruce trees which are much larger in size than the normal one. After finding this, players have to explore all around the biome, especially by the edges of the biome as it has the highest chance of being attached to the jungle.

What Is a Jungle Temple in Minecraft?

The jungle temple in Minecraft is one of the rare structures which is naturally generated in the jungles. It conceals among the intense bamboo forests, rolling hills, and a large canopy.

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How to Find the Jungle Temple in Minecraft

As we all know, jungles in Minecraft are quite difficult to find. Similarly, a jungle temple in Minecraft is also difficult to find because it is randomly bestowed in the large jungle biomes. Here are some techniques we describe for finding the jungle temple in Minecraft.

Technique 1: Using fire

As the jungle in Minecraft is very dense, you can use fire to find or identify temples from this densely covered jungle. Fire spreads out so fast in the jungle that you can quickly identify the temple from the jungle. But the huge portion of the jungle will be burned if you fire up the jungle.

So before doing this, please make sure that you want to burn your huge portion of the jungle or full portion of the jungle for one or two temples. This technique of using fire is very useful because most of the time you won’t be able to see the jungle temple if you are near to this and the reason for this is – the jungle is very densely covered.

Technique 2: Flying contraption

This one is also known as the elytra technique. For finding the jungles, players have to make a simple flying contraption that will fly above the jungle biomes. And this method is performed by the elytra which is very fast to find the jungle temple in Minecraft.

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How to Find a Jungle in Minecraft Bedrock

There is nothing different in finding jungle biomes in Minecraft. All the processes are quite the same for all the versions of Minecraft. You can use one of them which was explained before.       

how to find a jungle biome in minecraft

How to Find a Jungle in Minecraft Ps4 

To find a jungle in Minecraft ps4, you can use the /locatebiome command to find the biome. Once you find the biome It will be very easy to find the jungles by traveling or walking to the edges of the biome which will also be the fastest process for Minecraft ps4.

How to Find a Jungle in Minecraft Command

To find a jungle easily, there is only one command which is: /locatesomething. Then there will appear a window from which you can select your biome according to your wish. Then walk all around the edges of the biomes to find the jungle.                                                                                                      

How to Find a Jungle in Minecraft Xbox One

The finding process of biomes is quite similar to all the editions of Minecraft. Either you can use the command to find biomes or you can use the jungle finder.

How to Find a Jungle in Minecraft PE

In Minecraft PE, you can find the jungle biome by using the jungle finder. But before using this, you have to gather the proper MCPE seed number.


Here we tried to explain everything about how to find a jungle in Minecraft. If you go through our whole write-up, it will help you to know more about Minecraft jungles, what is it, how to find them, and what to do in the different versions of Minecraft. But still, we have our FAQ segment, which will help you to know more.

The FAQs about how to find a jungle in Minecraft

Readout these question answers and help yourself to learn more.

Why can’t I find a jungle in Minecraft?

As jungles are rare things in Minecraft so it is very difficult to find one. All you have to do for finding this is to explore the whole Minecraft world, especially on the edges of the biomes or near to the Deserts, Mesas, and Savanas.

What is the rarest biome in Minecraft?

The rarest biome in Minecraft is – The Mushroom Fields Biome.

Do jungle villages exist in Minecraft?

No. Normally jungle villages don’t exist in Minecraft.

Is it possible to make a jungle biome? And what is the procedure of making it?

Yes. It is possible to make a jungle biome in Minecraft. For making the jungle biome, gamers just need to plant the jungle grass seeds in Mud blocks.

In which biome has the highest chance of having jungle beside it?

Mega Taiga biome has the highest chance of having jungle beside it.

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