How To Feed Dogs in Minecraft: A Complete Guide (Easy)

Feeding dogs isn’t that much difficult in Minecraft but it has some rules and procedures to follow. Want to know all these? Then hold tight and read our whole write-up which will help you to know about how to feed dogs in Minecraft.

Dogs are the most reliable and steadfast animals in real life as well as in the Minecraft world. It is something that will help you on the battlefield as well as it is also an excellent guard. Like all other animals, you have to feed the dog and for this, you should tame it first.

It also has other steps and procedures. To know all these things – how to use dogs, Its importance, how to breed them, how to feed dogs in Minecraft, and many more than keep your eyes on our article.


Dogs in Minecraft

Like our real-life experience, the dog is exactly the same animal in Minecraft. Dogs in Minecraft are made from wolves which are tamed. Normally wolves are found in the wild and can be tamed and turned into pet dogs which will help you to protect from the attacks of hostile mobs.


It is also the most reliable and steadfast animal. The dog was added to Minecraft in 2011 for Beta Version 1.4. It is also an excellent safeguard in the battlefield as well as the man’s best friend. In Minecraft, the dogs are actually the tamed wolves.

How To Feed Dogs in Minecraft

Feeding dogs in Minecraft is important for their breeding. It will help them to gain good health as well as turn them into love mode after feeding. While you are done with taming the wolf it becomes a pet dog and follows your instructions. But the feeding process is different for different versions of Minecraft. Some of them are listed below –

First thing is to select the tamed dog and then –

  • Right-click and hold – for Java Edition (PC/Mac).
  • Tap and hold – for pocket edition (PE).
  • You have to press and hold the LT button on the Xbox controller – for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • Similarly, press and hold the L2 button on the PS controller – for PS3 and PS4.


How to Feed Multiple Dogs at Once in Minecraft?

It is a tough task to feed multiple dogs at once in Minecraft. But the challenge can be overcome by following some regular methods. I am going to show you here a process through which you can feed multiple dogs in the gameplay. Let’s check it out.

1. Enough Food Stocks

You are working here with multiple dogs. Before going into the feeding stage, it is essential for you to make sure that you have enough food for all your dogs. You can choose any raw meat as dog food. Beef, pork, chicken, and mutton are some of the popular options.

2. Gather The Dogs In One Place

It is time to start feeding the dogs. Bring all your dogs in a circle and place the food in the middle. Think of it like a dining table for the Minecraft dogs.

If you are dealing with too many dogs then you can also go with the row system too. Pick the right feeding arrangement according to your need.

3. Let The Dog Eat

You have already brought all the dogs together and also placed the food in front of them. The dogs in Minecraft start eating when they see food in front of them.

So, you just need to wait until the dogs finish their meals. Check out the health bars and make sure it is increasing as they are eating their raw meats. Keep on placing meats until they are good to feed for the service.

4. Repeat The Process

You have successfully fed multiple dogs at once in Minecraft. But if you have a large number of dogs, then you can go for the batch system.

Repeat the same feeding cycle for the dogs as stated above. It is that easy to feed a large batch of dogs in this survival game.

Why a Feeding Dog is Important in Minecraft

Feeding dogs is important in Minecraft as it gives good health to the dogs as well as helps to breed the dogs. Puppies are born with 8 health but their maximum level of health is similar to an adult dog which is about 20×10 and this health can be gained by feeding them properly.


The Importance of Keeping Your Dogs Healthy in Minecraft

You are getting here the opportunity to tame wild wolves and turn them into your pet dogs. They can bring lots of benefits for you and help you to get a better Minecraft experience. Some of the key benefits of keeping your dogs healthy are bullet pointed down below.

  • Dogs will always be with you as a pet. They are your companion on the dangerous road of Minecraft.
  • Hostile mobs are common in the gameplay. Minecraft dogs can assist you by attacking them.
  • Tamed dogs can also breed many other dogs. These friendly dogs can also join you on the journey.
  • Dogs have the ability to kill skeletons and it will add more experience to your avatar.

How To Prevent Your Dogs from Getting Poisoned in Minecraft?

You need to take some responsibility when you have dogs by your side. Dogs often die by eating poisonous things. They are not programmed to avoid them. Some points are shared below which you can follow and save your dogs from getting poisoned.

  • Keep your dogs far from the kitchen, bathroom, and garage. Those places may have poisonous chemicals out there.
  • If you have any poisonous chemicals at your place, then make sure all of them are safe and out of reach from the dogs.
  • Always remove poisonous trees around your home.
  • Go outside with your dog but also try to keep the dogs away from poisonous plants.

How To Avoid Overfeeding Your Dogs in Minecraft?

You need to stop overfeeding your dogs in Minecraft. Otherwise, your pets may face digestive issues. Minecraft developers always try to keep the gaming world realistic. Just like in the real world, dogs are not meant to get too much food at once.

Try feeding them in small portions multiple times. It will help you to keep the overfeeding concern in check. Besides, you can also take note of their eating pattern. You can arrange their meal portion based on their age and daily activity. It will keep your Minecraft companion healthy and active on the quest.


What Types of Food Do Dogs Need?

Dogs can eat both raw and cooked food. It doesn’t matter if the food is raw or cooked. The food will heal the health of the dog. The chart of food and healing point is listed below –

Food Healing point
Raw beef steak 2
Rotten flesh 2
Raw mutton, cooked mutton 2
Raw rabbit, cooked rabbit 2

List of Food Items That Dogs Should Not Eat in Minecraft

Dogs in Minecraft are not like the real world. They are known to be good at eating anything. You can feed them any food you like without any health consequences. But for some of us, Minecraft is not just a game.

If you are in a real-life role-play mood in Minecraft then you need to avoid some specific foods for the dogs. You can cut off foods that are not so good for dogs in real life. It will give you a new sense of play and excitement inside the gameplay. So, there is no list of food items that dogs should don’t eat in Minecraft.

The Effects of Feeding Dogs The Wrong Food in Minecraft

You already know that dogs can eat almost anything. You can tame a dog with a bone at the initial stage but later on, it will need meat to restore the health faster. You can go with any raw or cooked meat. There is no problem with that.

Based on gaming stack exchange forum data, it is advised to give your dogs meat only. As far as I know, there is no negative impact of food on your dogs. The main difference you will see on the health bar refill. Feed the dogs meat and restore the hearts quicker.

Why can’t I Feed The Dogs in Minecraft?

It happens pretty often that dogs in Minecraft don’t eat. There are several reasons why you are facing trouble feeding your dogs. I am going to share here some of the common methods that you can use and solve the issue immediately.

  • Wrong Food Item:

Dogs in Minecraft are not so comfortable with all types of foods. Make sure are feeding them raw or cooked meat. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to feed your dogs in the Minecraft gameplay.

  • Not Tamed:

You can only feed a tamed dog. Wild dogs need to be tamed in order to feed them from your inventory. Make sure you are feeding a tamed dog here. Offer them bones and add them to your pet list. After that, you can feed start feeding them.

  • Full Health:

Your dog health bar is already full. It indicates that the dog is not hungry. Check the health bar and you will find there are 20 health points. You can also check the tail and see if it is fully up or not. Dogs with maximum health with have no effect on excess feeding.

  • No Weapon in Hand:

Dogs are your companion in the game. They switch their state of mind based on your activity. If you are holding a weapon in hand, then it means you are in attack mode. Your pet will follow you and stay in attack mode. You need to hold the food in your hand before feeding them.


How Many Times a Day Should I Feed My Dogs in Minecraft?

There are no specific numbers of meals for your dogs in Minecraft. You just feed them in the game to heal or show love. It shows how much you care for your pets. You have the freedom to feed the dog whenever you want.

The best practice is to feed them when they need healing. They have no nutrition cycle here but a health bar with 20 points. You can also check it and choose when to feed your dogs. So, the frequency of feeding your dogs in Minecraft is a personal choice.

What Happens If My Dogs Don’t Eat in Minecraft?

Dogs refuse to eat when you offer them the wrong food items. Minecraft pets love to eat raw meats and cooked meat. There is no other specification on what type of meats they like. You can get them any kind of meat and they will eat it without any question.

If your dogs refuse to eat, then it will not have any negative consequences. It just means that the dog might be full and need no more energy. So, there is nothing much to worry about when your Minecraft dogs refuse to eat raw or cooked meats.

How To Tame Dogs

As we know, there are some rules and steps which one should follow for taming dogs. Mainly wolves are aggressive and wild but they can turn into loyal pet dogs when it is tamed. So the process and steps of taming the dogs/wolves are listed below  –

Step 1

First, find a wolf that you want to tame and turn into a pet dog after taming. You can find them in the biomes like – Forest, Taiga, Cold Taiga, Mega Taiga.

Step 2

After choosing this, you have to collect bones and then take out all the bones you have collected from the skeletons or the chests.

Step 3

When you are done with collecting the bones, the next step is to drag them to your inventory. After doing this, you should select the bones and for this, you need to click on the exact button ( i.e left and right shoulder button on the controller) to highlight the toolbar slot with bones > to give bones to the dog click on the left trigger button on the controller.

Step 4

After finishing all these steps, there will be a signal which will appear suddenly to understand that the dog is tamed and the signal is red The color of the collar will turn red, as well as a heart will also appear above the dog.

But you have to keep in mind that you may not succeed on the first try. It may take several attempts sometimes. Once it is tamed, it will follow your instructions.

How To Tame Dogs

How Many Bones Does it Take To Tame a Dog in Minecraft?

Bones are very important for taming the dog. You need at least 10 bones which will give you about a 98% chance of success. Then approach the dog/wolf to eat it. You have to hold the bone in your hand and feed it to the dog/wolf for taming it. After taming, it will change its looks and will get a collar.

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Where Do You Get Dog Bones in Minecraft?

You can get bones from the skeletons and wither skeletons. They will drop bones when they are defeated. You can also gather them from a jungle temple or desert’s chest.

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Breeding Dogs with Food

For breeding dogs, you have to just pick two different types of dogs and choose the food (i.e at least two pieces of meat). Then bring them to your dogs but make sure that your dogs aren’t in a sitting position because they won’t breed if they are in a sitting position.

how to feed pets in minecraft

So, you have to make them stand by clicking on the secondary action button as well as you can feed the food to the dogs with the same button. For this, you need to keep the chosen food in your hand and the dog will eat it. After eating the food, the dog will go into love mode.

When the red hearts will appear it means the dogs are ready for breeding. For a few moments, they will rotate around each other which finally produces a baby dog.

Tips for Breeding Dogs Successfully

Breeding dogs is important in Minecraft. More dogs mean more loyal friends by your side. Once you have tamed one dog then it is time to look for the second one. Some tips to breed two dogs are shared down below.

  • There is gender on Minecraft dogs so you just need two dogs of any type.
  • Your sole goal is to turn them into love mode and they will breed by themselves.
  • Find meat and feed them and they will turn into love mode.
  • Feed your new pup meat to make it grow faster.


Here we have tried to give you all the information about how to feed dogs in Minecraft. I hope you find this article helpful. Thereafter we have another FAQ segment in which we will try to clear the confusion more about this topic.

The FAQs about How To Feed Dogs in Minecraft

To clear the confusion and queries of you, here are some questions and answers which may meet up to your desire and can satisfy you.

Do Minecraft dogs get hungry?

Minecraft dogs have a simulation-hungry system. You will find a health bar with 20 points. As the health points burn, they need more food to stay active in the game. So, you can say that the dogs do get hungry in the Minecraft gameplay.

Can my dogs die from overfeeding in Minecraft?

No, dogs in Minecraft cannot die from overfeeding. But you should not waste your pet food with unnecessary overfeeding. Feed them when they need to breed or heal. Check into the health point bar and feed them whenever needed.

Can I feed my dog raw meat in Minecraft?

Your dog in Minecraft loves meat. They are ready to eat any kind of meat that you offer. You can also offer them rotten flesh and they will eat it too. Raw meat is their favorite food rather than fish. You can feed dogs raw meats like chicken, pork, beef, and many others.

How often do you need to feed dogs in Minecraft?

There is no fixed value or schedule for it. You can feed your dog whenever you want. But when they get injured, you have to feed them for healing.

How can I understand if my dog is hungry?

You can understand when your dog is hungry from its tail. If Its tail is up, that means it does not need any food. And if it is not, that means your dog is hungry.

Why is my dog crying in Minecraft?

The dog in Minecraft will cry when they are in low health. Which is below 10 hearts. The newborn puppy only has 8 hearts which you can increase up to 20×10 by feeding them.

What’s the best way to feed a dog a bone?

The best way to feed a bone to a dog is to boil it. As some of the dogs don’t want to chew on bones.

Is there a way to Untame a dog?

No. There is no way to untamed the dog. If you are desperate about it, then the only way is to kill the dog.

What can you feed a dog in Minecraft Bedrock?

Like all other Minecraft editions, you can feed the dog raw or cooked meats in the Bedrock edition. But one special item in this edition is raw or cooked cod/salmon.

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