How To Edit Minecraft Textures Pack [ps4, pe, mac, bedrock]

Do you ever get bored of the same types of blocks and want to change the textures of them but don’t know how? Then this write-up is something where we are describing all the things about how to edit Minecraft textures, what is texture, and many more of this.

The Minecraft textures were developed primarily by JAPPA (Jasper Boerstra). Textures are something that helps you to change the Minecraft blocks visually. It’s actually a pack of collections that contains files.

What is Minecraft Texture? 

Minecraft texture is a collection of files that allow its player to change and design their blocks as they wish. As a result, the blocks will look different visually. For this, texture packs are most popular among the players, and the players can also create and customize their own personal packs and can design them according to their wishes.

How To Edit Minecraft Textures

How To Edit Minecraft Textures

There are a few steps that you have to follow step by step for editing the Minecraft texture. Which are –

Step – 1: Open .minecraft folder

For editing or changing the textures, the first step you should take is – opening the Minecraft directory. For windows, you have to type %appdata% in the start menu. Then open the. Minecraft folder by pressing the enter button.

Step – 2: Extract texture pack files

Before opening the versions folder, you need to open the. Minecraft directory and then you can select the folder which you want to edit the textures pack. You have to open the folder with the help of the name of the Minecraft server. A file named jar will be found and you just have to copy this file by pressing the button.

After copying this file, you need to paste it inside the new folder which you have just made in the main Minecraft directory. You can name the file whatever you want and paste the jar file into it. Then, you should open the file and click on the ‘extract to’ option.

Step – 3: Open textures folder 

For this, you have to go through the following steps –

  • assets -> minecraft -> textures.

And from this texture folder, you can choose the textures which you would like to edit.

Step – 4: Editing the texture packs

To edit the textures, you should just click the image file and you can open the image file with the help of any image editing software. After completing the edit according to their wish, the players have to make sure that their changes of the texture must be saved.

Step – 5: Create pack.mcmeta file

With the help of the base directory of the recently unzipped content, you have to recheck inside the folder. By following these ( right-clicking inside directory -> New -> Text Document) steps inside this folder, you have to make a new file. There is also a pack format number which you need to keep in 7 for version 1.17, 6 for 1.16, 5 for 1.15, and many more.

Step – 6: Save pack.mcmeta file

Now, name the file which you have just made and you should name it pack.mcmeta

Step – 7: Compile the resource pack 

After naming and saving the ‘pack.mcmeta’ file, the final step is to compile the file which can be done by these steps –

  • Holding the ‘ctrl’ key
  • Then press on the ‘assets’ folder
  • And finally, click the mcmeta file.

Using the zipping tool of Minecraft players need to click on the other file and press “add to archive”. That’s all. Now the players will be able to download the newly edited files of texture.

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How to Add Textures to Minecraft 

To add the texture to Minecraft, you should install the texture packs first. To do so, you should go through some serial steps which are stated below –

  • Download the pack as a. zip file
  • Press on the ‘options’ button > texture pack > open the pack > drag the texture pack in the folder.
  • And then finally, in the list of usable add-ons, the texture pack will be visible.

How to Edit Minecraft Textures MAC

It’s exactly the same process which is explained in the details above. But for the Mac version, the opening process of the Minecraft directory folder is quite different. For opening this, you just have to –

  • Open the search bar
  • Press on the Go button in the menu.
  • Hold Option and click Library > then press on the “Application Support” folder.
  • And then finally press on the Minecraft

How to Edit Minecraft Textures Bedrock

For bedrock –

  • First, you have to select the texture pack that you want to edit. Also, you need to check the file location.
  • By following the way of finding the file location you can open the texture folder.
  • After opening this, you will be able to edit the textures finally.

How to Change the Minecraft Texture Pack Back to Original PS4

It’s so simple. For this, you should go to the Addons, resource packs. Then you will find the restore button when you scroll to the marketplace. That’s it. By pressing the button, you will be able to change the Minecraft texture pack back to the original ps4.

how to change minecraft texture

How to Edit Minecraft Textures PE

For this, you should follow these steps –

Finder>Library>Application Support>minecraft>Texture Packs serially. Then drag yours. zip file to this and you will be able to select the texture packs which you want to edit from the main menu of Minecraft by clicking on the “mods and texture packs button.


These are all the details about how to edit Minecraft textures which we have explained above. Hope this will help you to meet your desired questions and queries. Still, want to know more about the texture pack or have any questions?  Then rent out our question answers segment.

The FAQs about Minecraft Texture

Readout this and clear your doubts and confusion. Hope this will help.

Where do I find the textures folder in Minecraft?

Following steps should follow by a player to find the textures folder in Minecraft –

  • Double-tap on the ‘Minecraft’ There will be a folder named assets folder. You will find the Minecraft folder in the middle of this folder.
  • Then you will find a texture folder in the middle of the Minecraft folder and double press on the texture folder. That’s it.

How many texture packs can you have in Minecraft?

You will have an infinite amount of texture packs in Minecraft. And also you can change them according to your wish.

Can I get back to my original texture packs in Minecraft?

Yes. You can get back to your original texture packs in Minecraft.

How do I reset my Minecraft texture pack?

You can reset your texture pack in Minecraft by pressing F3 + t. That’s all. It will reload the Minecraft texture packs.

Are texture packs com safe?

Yes. The texture packs are safe because it normally contains images and audio files.

Are there any free Minecraft texture packs?

Yes, there are free texture packs available in Minecraft. Which are Pastel Craft and made for Minecraft bedrock edition.

What does pastel craft feature? 

Pastel Craft is mainly for Minecraft bedrock edition and it features a soft color palette with pastel-inspired colors.

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